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  1. Pull Up A Chair

    1. Introductions

      If you're a newbie stop by here first to say hi!

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    2. Back After A Break

      Been away for a while? Check back in here to let us know what you've been up to!

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    3. Wait, Who Is That?!

      Changed your username and/or photo? Let us know so we don't get confused!

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    4. Meeting In Real Life

      If you're interesting in meeting up you can arrange it in here - please first read the sticky thread.

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  2. Asperger's Help & Advice

    1. Symptoms, Issues and Oddities

      Discussions about symptoms of Asperger's, and issues which you've been having and anything that seems odd and you're not sure about it's relation to AS.

    2. Diagnosis Stories & Progress

      Let us know how your diagnosis happened, and keep us up to date with how you're getting on with your current diagnosis.

    3. Tips & Work Arounds

      Anything you've found to help any aspect of Asperger's or other similar issues.

    4. Meltdowns & Panic Attacks

      If you're currently struggling, or you would like to post stories or advice, do that here.

    5. Resources

      Useful websites, books, films, articles etc. that you think may be of use to the community.

    6. Ask An Aspie

      If you know someone with Asperger's and you need some advice from an Aspie, post here.

  3. Living With Asperger Syndrome

    1. Making and Keeping Friends

      Any posts to do with help and advice about friendships.

    2. Romantic Relationships

      Anything to do with dating, marriage, sexuality or sexual orientation etc.

    3. Family

      Issues relating to parents and relatives.

    4. Education & Working Life

      Troubles with school and work, ideas and helpful advice to cope with the struggles of either environment.

    5. Medication and Therapy

      Talk about meds and therapy methods here.

    6. General Talk About Asperger's

      Put it here if it's to do with Asperger's but it won't fit above!

  4. General Chatter

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    1. Forum Games

      Fun little games to pass the time!

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    2. Random Chit Chat

      If you want to say something but it doesn't fit or warrant it's own thread, pop it in here!

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  5. Polls & Questions

    1. Aspie Related

      Questions and polls specifically related to Asperger Syndrome or related issues.

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    2. Random Nosiness

      Sometimes it's nice to be nosy! Post random questions and polls here.

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    3. Debates

      Anything which will cause a heated, opinionated discussion; religion, politics etc.

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  6. Forum Announcements

    1. Updates and Rules

      Please at least check out the pinned topics!

    2. Asperclick Feedback

      Suggestions, questions, tech related issues and feedback.

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    3. WillowHope News

      Latest blogs and videos from WillowHope, please also post and questions for Q&A videos in here as well as any other ideas for products etc.

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