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  3. Wanna Date Me? ;)

    what happened?
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  5. People being glued to their mobile phones is a sign of the times. Whether it be texting or a spoken conversation it just seems that everyone is incapable of being out and about without being on their phone. I definitely understand your point, it is very annoying.
  6. Wanna Date Me? ;)

    I mean no harm with my comment just think its better to laugh at myself thought id say now
  7. Wanna Date Me? ;)

    I think id avoid people on this site after the failure, guy would probably finish with me again 😂
  8. Butterfly88

    Happy Birthday Hans Asperger!

  9. I would also like to know - as much as anything as I might be able to fix the same thing in the future rather than call them out, although of course some jobs are not safe or too complex for the ordinary resident. I suppose some workers doing maintenance or repairs may feel it distracts them or slows them down if they are having to show or explain exactly how they are doing a job. There may also be cases where they might be concerned that if the resident knows how to do the job themselves they won't get called out again and will miss out on work! Generally in these situations I'm interested in watching but would avoid asking a lot of questions because of the distraction issue; also if it's a long job the worker might feel uncomfortable being watched all the time. I suppose the best thing is to play it by ear - some workers will be happy to work and chat throughout while others give the impression they need more "space". What I certainly don't like are personal questions - just ones related to the job being done.
  10. This is why I don't talk to people about having Asperger's. I don't like to be prejudged. Actually, I like to know what's going on when someone comes to fix something in my house. I want to learn and to understand. I'm likely to ask loads of questions in this situation. It frustrates me when a techie only gives me miminal details, or assumes that I don't need to know something, or doesn't want/can't be bothered to explain... I want to know!
  11. It's rude and anti-social to talk on a phone during a movie, so you had every right to ask her to stop, and she had no right to be angry with you.
  12. Wanna Date Me? ;)

    But you brought it back from the dead I am taken so I can't participate. But I fully encourage single people to keep looking for that special someone. One you find yours, it will all be worth it. Beware tho, you might need to go trough a few fakes before you learn to identify the real stuff. It comes with the territory. Still worth it tho.
  13. Smiling at strangers

    I can't smile on purpose. It comes out weird and creepy.
  14. A ha ha ha ha... That is so on the spot with house techies. Cable techie, Phone techie, Audio techie, the AC repair guy, The electrician, the Plumber, all of us techies. We are alone all day driving the van around, we like to talk. So so true. I tried not to tho, unless people ask. The phone thing is a different issue. I'm guessing that was the internet techie... he will tell you to test on the computer because on the phone, through wifi, you might not see the full speed. And he was trying to avoid having to explain that wifi is slower because bla bla bla bla... Trying to hook up tho, IDK. I'm a married techie and I make sure my clients know. Sometimes clients keep getting flirty... I just ignore it, do my job and get out. Giving out a personal phone number is a big no no. Even giving out the work phone number is a big no no.
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  16. I don't know what it is that you fix, seems like internet routers/modems/whatever they're called. I couldn't really relate to anything you said. Maybe it's because I'm an aspie, but from the customer point of view, the dude who comes in is the one who's always wanting to talk to me. I just let them do their job because that's what they're here for. Otherwise, I would have done it myself if I was allowed or if I could. Sometimes the dude even explains I'm going to blah blah blah because blah blah blah. I did this blah blah blah because it's blah blah blah. And I just acknowledge them and thank them multiple times throughout. I feel like they want to even know more about my personal life sometimes. It's quite annoying. Once, I was going to test my internet with my phone and then he's like do you have a computer instead? Afterward, I realized he just wanted to know more about me. It didn't matter if I checked with the phone. Then by me checking my computer, he found out my name and then he even gave me his number.
  17. No it seemed very clear to me that it was this... When you don't want to stipulate the gender the only available pronouns in English are they/them, and in this situation at no point did I think @Roxy meant multiple persons. I don't think it was a typo either.
  18. @MrGrey Regarding the use of "them" and "they" I would assume that the OP for presumably personal reasons has decided not to specify the gender of their friend, rather than it being more than one person.
  19. I don't think anyone in here is going to have an issue with the gender. The confusing part was this: Given that "they" have kids around, it could be a couple, as in a man and a woman, with kids... which makes it kind of a trio scenario. Or maybe the op wrote fast and meant to say that there's a roommate there that's providing opinions on the other side but is not really part of the kissing event. It's confusing. PS: I'm not against the trio thing tho... I have nothing against it. I think it was a typo but I'm no saying I hope it's a typo. I'm OK either way. It just changes what kind of advice should be given.
  20. I want to say I'm sorry I got confused and I thought Roxy was a girl because Roxy in my world is a female name. Also, I do tend to struggle with pronouns sometimes.
  21. I agree, that is completely irrelevant to this situation.
  22. To be fair at no point did @Roxy say he or she, I kind of assumed it was a woman because there are kids and single mothers are more common than single fathers, I did assume said person was single since having a significant other involved would definitely be a complication worth mentioning, I suppose it could be someone who has joint custody (male or female) but I got the impression the kids were a constant fixture (again I was making assumptions) but I don't really see that it matters whether it's a man or a woman?
  23. @Angry Primeape I think it could be read wrong from how the OP described the situation on the original post. She describe the person as "them." Which could be to try to keep the gender of that person anonymous. Also, I just realized that @Roxy never said it was a he. So you might be right and Roxy might be a he and the "them" might be a girl or a boy. Wow.
  24. @MrGrey I think the guy took it the wrong way. I think @Roxy was trying to tell him that she doesn't care that he has kids or that he has bipolar disorder. It was basically like a compliment to him but he took it the wrong way. Honestly, I'd be scared of this guy from how the OP is describing him. She's even scared that he might kill her but that could also stem from the OP's anxiety. And kissing in front of the kids I think would be okay? I'm more concerned with the missing details. So they kissed and then what? Did she leave and not speak to him until he texted her days later? I feel like something's missing.
  25. Yep, looks like Mr Genius Grey didnt read properly
  26. Surely it was just the OP and their friend. Who else was there?
  27. Well, I'm cool with that. I'm not so much confused about the genders involved but rather the amount of people involved during the kissing, the type of kissing, quality of it. I do have something to add about one of their reactions tho: The part where it was said that not many people are OK with kids... I know what the OP was trying to say. But yeah, that usually get's understood as "I don't like your kids". I already had kids when I met my wife. Its just not a good idea to mention somebody's kids in any way.
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