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    The other night I was watching the features small documentary on the making of the film The Rendlesham UFO Incident. Well, the director was a certain Daniel Simpson. I sort of wondered about him as throughout his very basic, home-made documentary, the man never smiled once! Also his interest in the subject matter was so intense, he somehow seemed to project an idea that his audience would be equally intense too. It did cross my mind Daniel may have been on the spectrum although this is really a long-shot. It could well be a lot of UFO enthusiasts are indeed on the spectrum as we already know the famous case of Gary Mckinnon whose interest in UFO's led him to hack into NASA databases. Whether the director is on the spectrum or not, one thing I can say is he definitely illustrates this topic of smiling (or not, as the case may be). Anyway, this seems to have been a very low budget film a bit like The Blair Witch Project. The team go off to film in Rendlesham Forest where they then witness UFOs (as based on the famous case). In the documentary, Daniel Simpson is simply filmed in the forest and talking about how he made the film. All through not a single smile or even change in expression. It was just hyper, intense interest in the subject. His pic below.
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    @Miss Chief it only shows 3 so as not to clutter your homepage too much - it goes by the last activity, so the 3 you were last active in.
  6. Clubs

    This is totally unrelated to my last post but @Nesf I just had a look at your Languages club and I have to say you have done an outstanding job on it, it looks great and you've really set it up well! I think I will be taking a closer look and pinching some of your ideas there
  7. Clubs

    I agree with @Miss Chief, a short cut would be very helpful.
  8. Clubs

    @Willow I have a quick question... on the forum homepage, beneath 'Announcements' and above 'Forums' I have a section called 'My Clubs' and all the clubs I am a member of are there but the club I manage (Fantasy) is not there. Is there a reason it isn't included? Is it perhaps somewhere else that I've missed? Could it be added or could there be a new section for 'Clubs you manage/moderate'? This isn't a huge problem but it would be easier if I had a shortcut on the homepage to get to the club when I want to work on it or do some checks/moderation (especially if I or presumably others were to manage more than one club). Perhaps a shortcut up by the Notifications and Messages shortcuts at the top of the page... I do understand if it isn't available on the forum software there is not much you can do about it but perhaps you could have a look and see if there is an option for it to go somewhere that can be enabled? I don't really mind where I was just trying to think of where is might be and would look good. Like I said it isn't a huge issue... I currently just open a second tab for that club but it would be easier if there was a shortcut I've included a screenshot of the section I'm talking about and you can see that the Fantasy Club isn't there... EDIT: I do know there is a shortcut to the Clubs section but even in there the Fantasy club doesn't get any prominence (I don't mean for everyone I mean just for me as the owner) so I have to scroll down to it and while that's no biggie at the moment if there are an awful lot of clubs in the future it could be a problem. Also on a different but related note, why aren't the clubs sorted alphanumerically in the Club Directory (All Clubs section) they seem to be sorted by creation date, which again is fine at the moment with only so many but will get confusing as the number of clubs increases?
  9. You may also know the card game 'Sollitaire'. That means 'solitary' in French. -ary becomes -aire in French. By the way -ic/-ical becomes -ico in Spanish and Italian.
  10. A Foreign word for each letter

    Tomber (French) = to fall
  11. Conspiracy Site for the Autitistic.

    This site if for Autistic People who like Conspiracy or Technology and don't want to deal with the bad atmosphere some of these websites. Weather you are a debunker or TinFoilhatter this is for you! http://s15.zetaboards.com/FoxDen/index/
  12. http://s15.zetaboards.com/FoxDen/index/ The Fox Den weather you want to discuss 9/11 or Raspberry Pi is the perfect place to set your feet down and relax and have good cup of Knowledge!
  13. Is This Bullying At Work?

    Not responding to mocking or abusive comments can be seen as a sign of strength which deters bullies but it can also be seen as a sign of weakness which encourages more of the same. Ignoring comments is best done from a position of strength and confidence or where the person making the comments lacks credibility and influence. If you have already been upset by such comments it's very difficult to adopt a more confident attitude towards them. Bullies are very skilled in reading the responses of victims. Even if a victim tries to appear strong and confident they will often spot non-verbal signs of frustration and upset which encourage them to carry on. Whatever the response it's important not to let matters persist. Bullying becomes much more difficult to overcome if it is not tackled promptly and too often victims have suffered in silence for long periods, even years. Reporting the comments to the manager at an early point is a very good step and it is important the manager takes decisive action. Hopefully she will have the desired impact.
  14. Is This Bullying At Work?

    Thanks for posting this. I work at a medical office with sarcastic and rude coworkers too. I've learned just to let it roll off. People say things and it's a reflection towards themselves. When they say something about your appearance, it says something more about them than you to be honest. I used to cry at work but if you smile and laugh along with them. Then, they have nothing to say. You shouldn't let them take advantage of you though. You're better than that. It's also not a bad thing that you're overly sensitive. Just do the best job you can and be nice to everyone. You don't have to like all your coworkers just be cordial. Focus on life outside of work too. If you have any questions, just message me. I'm dealing with similar issues. good luck!!
  15. Same here lately... ): tryna catch up, but idk.. I feel so alienated and going out feels too awkward these days/weeks/months. I'm thinkin' about joining a local aspie group, but I also want to move somewhere else, so I'm not sure. I was thinking about hiding in my little apartment and looking for online friends. Anyone in the same frame of mind?
  16. Is This Bullying At Work?

    Environmental factors are important with autism ... he's an environmental factor. I think its important not 'to have all our eggs in one basket' . The worst things I have been through are when I'm afraid to leave / let go of bad jobs ... though there's ups and downs, bad situations generally get harder to manage. Over commitment can lead to us being victim. I'd give it a go again, but don't feel guilty about leaving if you need to. I'm trying to teach myself not to invest too much of myself in employment ... coworkers can be difficult to understand
  17. Google Translate

    P.S. Just to clarify I don't mean we will fall out over this I mean I don't want it to continue in case that point eventually arises Nor am I suggesting others cannot continue if they wish to merely that I've clarified what I was trying to say and now I'm dropping it
  18. Google Translate

    It wouldn't because there is a comma there too, the comma separates the words... without it the following bold words in the original sentence are adverbs: "Trump betrayed his true colors as an old lunatic, mean trickster and human reject during his one night and two days stay in South Korea,” If they are not intended to be adverbs (which I think the word 'mean' is meant to be but the word old is not meant to be) then it should be written: "Trump betrayed his true colors as an old, lunatic, mean trickster and human reject during his one night and two days stay in South Korea,” The additional comma means that old is used as a verb in it's own right and not an adverb to modify the word 'lunatic'. Anyway this isn't really important it was just an off hand comment, I think I have clarified my reasoning/thinking here for any who didn't get what I meant, but I'm going to drop it now cause I don't want this to devolve into an argument/disagreement (particularly not with you @Nesf since I have never had a falling out with you)
  19. Google Translate

    I see, thanks for clarifying. In that case, lunatic would be an adjective to describe 'trickster', and not a noun. I still think that 'old lunatic' without the comma sounds ok, if you take 'old' to mean old in age, which is my interpretation of it.
  20. Google Translate

    I think there should be one after the word old so "...old, lunatic..." that way it means he is an old person who is also a lunatic, without the comma it means he has been a lunatic for a long time.
  21. You did the right thing, because the situation would probably wouldn't have improved. Hopefully she'll tell the person in a subtle way so as not to create problems and a bad atmosphere - NTs are good at that kind of thing. I would go in and see how it goes before making a decision to quit. It could be that the person genuinely didn't know that they were bothering you, and will regret it change their behaviour for the better.
  22. I told the manager, she said she will speak to the person today but now I've had panic attacks and don't want to go in today as they are there today.. think it would be too uncomfortable and awkward atmosphere. She reckons the person doesn't mean to be mean but to me it came across as personal put-downs masked as jokes which is what bullies use to do to me at school. I regret telling her now as it will probably lead to me quitting.. just reminds me so much at why I dropped out of school
  23. Yes vs. Genesis

    Hmmm, 80's prog... the 80s aren't exactly renowned for their prog output, but you could try some of the neo-progressive bands such as Marillion, or Eloy, Rush (in particular Permanent waves), Asia Minor, Solaris - Marsbeli Kronikak, Bacamarte - Depois do Fim, King Crimson - Discipline, P.L.J band - Armagheddon, Celelalte Cuvinte's first self-titled album.
  24. This is Genesis all right, but I don't think that it is progressive rock - Genesis ceased to be a prog rock band after Peter Gabriel left.
  25. Another ending that is the same in (written) French is -ance/-ence, just like -ant/-ent. It puzzles me that no one else is contributing to this list of conversion techniques. By the way, both -ic and -ical in English become -ique in French, like that of 'technique,' I believe that same word even means 'technical' in French.
  26. OCPD

    Does anyone have a deep understanding of OCPD and how it can link with aspergers?
  27. Breaking Down

    I hope you're doing better. Just wanted to give you an update--my game plan worked! I started the new group today, went in deciding to be 100% myself and was given a warm welcome. It's opened up a door to several options for volunteer work. I'm happy for the first time in months. I encourage you to make your own game plan for a fresh start, fairytattgirl. You deserve to be yourself and to be happy!
  28. MATLABBERS on Asperclick

    Okay you are talking about the programing language. I looked at it and it appears to require pay to download. Have you ever thought of using the Free Alternatives?
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