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  2. Lenses

    I think wideangle lenses create quite a nice effect (when used tastefully and appropriately, that is - don't go shooting everything with a wideangle lens!) but I don't have one. I do have some lenses from mom's older camera though and on a 1.6x crop sensor I find that 70mm and 90mm give quite a nice telephoto effect. I once used the 300mm zoom but it was really out of practicality rather than choice, meaning that there was simply no other way to get the subject large enough - I would never specifically choose to use such a long lens if I had another option, you have to be really careful with composition to stop everything from looking flat and at longer focal lengths depth of field starts becoming a problem as well (I was in evening light as well so having to step up from f/8.0 to f/11.0 just made things worse). The two lenses I would buy would be a wideangle and a 50mm prime. Wideangle because I like the effect and sometimes I want to go wider than the 18mm kit lens and 50mm prime because I like the narrow depth of field from the larger aperture.
  3. Abstract

    I find that the pictures that work best in black and white are those with interesting shapes or texture, where colour is not important and may actually detract from the picture. One such example is a picture that I took of a building that was 90% brown stone, 5% blue sky, and 5% grey metal (percentages are approximations) - this picture works a lot better in black and white because viewer's attention is drawn to the repetitive vertical lines in the architecture and the texture in the lighting variation among the stones rather than the (irrelevant) brown colour of the stones. Another example is a picture where I was low down to the ground with a short focal length (wide angle) looking through an archway, and again the viewer is drawn to the transition from dark to light towards the exit of the archway and the texture of the cobblestone path. A similar picture was looking through a small window up at a larger wall and here the important part was again the transition from dark to light and the distorted lines of the window through which the viewer is looking. I've also played around with colour toning a fair bit, where dark areas of the picture are tinted one colour and light areas are tinted another colour. This has a similar effect to black and white (by removing the original colour from the scene) but can be more interesting for the viewer as it still has some colour and the colour emphasises the changes in lightness across the scene. EDIT: Also worth mentioning that you can still convert photos to black and white even if you don't shoot in raw, although there are numerous reasons why I would recommend that a serious digital photographer shoots in raw.
  4. Lenses

    For anyone who uses a dSLR, what is your favourite lens?
  5. Abstract

    I shoot RAW digital so comes out in colour, but I could convert any picture to black and white. Probably a dull, moody grainy shot would look good converted to black and white
  6. Abstract

    What has been your favourite black and white picture that you have taken
  7. Abstract

    My favourite part about fall is that you get some amazing sunset ? like this one here as well this was taken at a lake in Manitoba Canada
  8. Abstract

    heh, I've adjusted colour balance before to bring out the "warmth" in an evening shot (I shoot digital).
  9. Abstract

    It was 5pm near mid winter but I cheated slightly by using an 85 filter
  10. Abstract

    That's really nice, I want to try taking some sunrise/sunset pictures (especially by the sea, like that) but I can't because I can never get out at that time of day.
  11. Abstract

    Here's a sunset pic I took a few years ago
  12. Abstract

    Nice picture, what warm filter did you use - 81 or 85 series?
  13. Abstract

    Here's a fall sunset ? picture at my family's cottage in manotba Canada ?? i used a warm filler for this picture
  14. Abstract

    I should post some of my more abstract stuff here...
  15. Photography licences

    No, no licence, just permission from people or land owners etc., depending on where you are.
  16. Photography licences

    No license required in the UK.. that applies pretty much anywhere. Even in places like swimming pools the law still allows no licence although 'site specific' rules may say no filming the actual law doesn't say that.
  17. Photography licences

    I'm not quite sure what you mean by all this. I have never heard of a country where a licence is required for all photography in public places or all professional photography. Suppose one had to go through a photography course and then pass a test to get that licence and then pay an annual licence fee.
  18. Photography licences

    or are they also needed for personal use? Sorry for double posting, I thought they would merge.
  19. Photography licences

    I'm assuming photography licenses are only needed if the pictures will be used for commercial use/potential money making?
  20. Photography licences

    I think different countries have different laws about shooting in public and whether you need permission or not etc. I have my public liability insurance which enables me to shoot at events from a better angle if I apply for a media pass before hand.
  21. Photography licences

    I'm still an aspiring videographer and a long time ago I actually spoke to people from the government about needing a license or not and they immediately got all tense and said "At all times!". But honestly I feel that if I ever go out with a video camera I should just be able to do so without the government giving me a hard time.
  22. Imagine if one needed a licence to take photos in public, or even carry a camera in public places, and for all professional photography.
  23. What Camera Do You Use?

    GoPro Session 5 and iPhone6s ??
  24. What Camera Do You Use?

    I have a Canon 1300D. I shoot in raw and process using RawTherapee.
  25. What Camera Do You Use?

    I used to love Olympus until I "went digital" and have stuck with Canon ever since
  26. What Camera Do You Use?

    Canon Powershot ELPH 180