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This club talks about retro gaming such as N64, Atari 2600, Atari Jagaur, etc.

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  2. DOOM

    What does that have to do with Doom?
  3. DOOM

    Did anybody else have a sega geniss I did I loved playing earth worm Jim and sonic the hedgehog and enturnail champions it was a fighting game kind like street fighter and I still have it in a couple of years it will be worth a lot of money 💰 😊 And playing Disney Aladdin was really fun as well 😊
  4. DOOM

    I remember kids in my computer class playing Doom III? They also played Counter Strike!
  5. DOOM

    Doom was later for me. My first experience in this genre was with Quake Lol I remember playing Quake on a school computer when I should've been learning typing.
  6. DOOM

    Doom is one of the funnest games out there. What is the problem?
  7. DOOM

    Whether there is such a link or not is not the point, the point is how unfortunate that money and rescources were put into violent games instead of less violent ones.
  8. DOOM

    So your like all about the evils of violent video games? Fact there is no link between video games and real life violence.
  9. DOOM

    I haven't played Doom but I do find it pretty cool that it's now open-source and has been (or can be) ported to run on pretty much anything (well not quite...).
  10. DOOM

    I have played DOOM. I have the DOOM 2 for Windows 95/98. I have also played DOOM on a Sega 32X emulator called Kega. I have also played DOOM on line as well. Have any of you on DOOM heard of the BFG gun (Big Fucking Gun) ? I have also seen videos of DOOM for the 32x and the SNES. I have also seen bits and parts of Brutal DOOM mod as well on Facebook.
  11. DOOM

    I remember playing DOOM 2 as a young child. It's very unfortunate that a lot of money has been wasted over the years on games with a lot of violent content, which could have been spent on games with a lot less violent content. Most such games have come out of a country also know for loose gun laws.
  12. DOOM

    The game which created the First Person Shooter. Although Wolfenstien came first. Doom was the superior experience. With a strong modding community it still creates interest today. The game has horrified wimpy normies due to ultra-violent content which was furthered by the Brutal Doom Mod a few years ago. Only the maddened play this game on hard mode and further the game is perhaps infamous for starting the super gory first person shooter. Does anyone play the game!