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All things Fantasy; books, games, films, series, etc.

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  2. Fantasy Games

    I played Ever Quest years back, like I said I try to avoid MMO's these days
  3. Fantasy Books

    Sorry guys, as I've said elsewhere I have been super busy for a few weeks, I have been keeping an eye on the club but haven't been posting so I will make up for it now... @Nesf I have to be honest I am not a big Tolkien fan, I like the Hobbit but found LotR very slow going, I have read Jordan's WoT but as with most long series it had some slow books, I do really like Feist but again it did go on a bit in places (my favourites are probably the trilogy he did with Janny Wurts) I do like Pratchett a lot, if you are familiar with any of my list you will know I like my books quite dark so Pratchett is always a nice light change of pace, I have Aldiss' Helliconia trilogy in my too read pile, I've never read Herbert and I love Moorcock but he fits right into my love of dark and grim stuff @Tylermc I was a bit old for J. K. Rowling by the time she came along and I don't tend to go for the books aimed at younger audience now, I have tried a few times but just can't get into it. I do love Martin's SoIaF/GoT though Again being as I was a girl I was always pushed away from comics growing up (they were considered a boy thing when I was young) so I only really got into them as a grown up and tend to be more inclined towards adult ones like Preacher and V for Vendetta type thing, I kind of missed the whole Marvel and DC thing, although I am definitely more in the Marvel camp rather than the DC camp if you have to pick one over the other @Joie6 I do have Paolini's Inheritance Cycle to read although I have to be honest it doesn't appeal so much, again it feels like it is aimed at a younger audience which is really not my thing but I do keep getting him recommended so he is still in my to be read pile, I haven't read Piers Anthony either but I will add him to be recommendation list thank you
  4. Fantasy Books

    @Miss Chief You've forgotten Christopher Paolini. The tetralogy The Legacy is so captivating ! And do you know Piers Anthony ? He has written Xanth series. I loved the first book. I'm reading the second one.
  5. Fantasy Books

    I can't wait for marvels inhuman's I'm a huge fan of the comic book and I can't wait to see lockjaw ? What marvel superhero that you like that should become a tv show ?
  6. Fantasy Books

    George r r Martin is one my favourite fantasy authors and jk rolling ?
  7. Fantasy Games

    I don't really play them but I saw this recently: And I thought it was kinda cool. Sitting there playing that in the dark with headphones on seems kinda cozy. lmao
  8. Fantasy Books

    J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert Jordan, Raymond E. Feist, Terry Pratchett, Brian Aldiss, Frank Herbert, Michael Moorcock. TBH I'm more into sci fi, but do read fantasy too, though my knowledge of the genre isn't anywhere near as extensive as yours. My favourite trilogy is the Helliconia trilogy by Brian Aldiss.
  9. Fantasy Games

    What are your favourite Fantasy Games? For me I think I would have to go with: Dark Souls Series Dragon Age Series Legend of Grimrock Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC) (MMO) Rift (MMO) Where the MMO's are concerned I am not longer playing them, I played DAoC back in the late 90's/early 2000's and Rift I played more recently but I am trying to avoid MMO's these days... I find they take up way too much of my time and attention
  10. Fantasy Books

    Hi all and welcome to the Fantasy Club, while I figure this club is for all things Fantasy I thought I would get the ball rolling with a thread about books Here are some of my favourite fantasy authors: Robin Hobb Jennifer Fallon Karen Miller Fiona McIntosh Trudi Canavan James Barclay Adrian Tchaikovsky Brent Weeks James Clemens Peter V. Brett Joe Abercrombie Scott Lynch Brandon Sanderson Glenda Larke Rowena Cory Daniells Richard Morgan (technically Cyberpunk) Steven Erikson George R. R. Martin N. K. Jemisin Celia Friedman Juliete E. McKenna Daniel Polansky Anthony Ryan Mark Lawrence Brian McClellan Michael J. Sullivan Michael McClung Courtney Schafer Paul Hoffman Davis Ashura Richard Ford John Gwynne Paul Kearney Graham Austin-King Luke Scull Pierce Brown (technically Cyberpunk) Neil Gaiman Do you guys like any of them? Who do you like that isn't on the list? What are your favourite books, trilogies, series? Do you think I would like someone I haven't listed? I will also link to my Recommended Reading list for those who are interested, I keep this up to date