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  2. Yes vs. Genesis

    Hmmm, 80's prog... the 80s aren't exactly renowned for their prog output, but you could try some of the neo-progressive bands such as Marillion, or Eloy, Rush (in particular Permanent waves), Asia Minor, Solaris - Marsbeli Kronikak, Bacamarte - Depois do Fim, King Crimson - Discipline, P.L.J band - Armagheddon, Celelalte Cuvinte's first self-titled album.
  3. This is Genesis all right, but I don't think that it is progressive rock - Genesis ceased to be a prog rock band after Peter Gabriel left.
  4. Yes vs. Genesis

    I am into the 70s however my focus is more around the 80s!
  5. Yes vs. Genesis

    Have you listened to any of the 70s material? This is the prog forum, after all...
  6. Yes vs. Genesis

    I am getting into Yes but I still prefer Genesis.. Especially since I saw this .
  7. Pink Floyd after Roger Waters?

    The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1967 album) resonated strongly with me when younger ... Bike ... Gnome etc... classics. Never felt like investigating their future stuff ... found it non-stimulating. I'm the only person I know who's not keen
  8. Yes vs. Genesis

    I also choose Yes. I love both bands equally during their classic eras, but it's what Yes have done in the years since that gives them the edge. Whereas Genesis went into permanent decline after 1977 and had completely disowned the imagination and beauty of their early masterpieces by the mid-80s, Yes did a much better job of retaining their identity and have since produced a lot of material ranging from good to excellent, the orchestral album Magnification from 2001 being a particular favourite of mine. Even at their most accessible, Yes were still pretty inventive and unique, while Genesis just got more boring and generic with each successive release. They had the ideal opportunity to fix that when Phil Collins left, but instead carried on chasing trends to quench their thirst for commercial success, resulting in an album even worse than what gone before and packed it in the moment it became clear that the mainstream American audience was no longer interested. They also can’t seem to stop downplaying the brilliance of their early material at every available opportunity, and have pretty much written the contributions of Steve Hackett (the only one who actually gives a shit about the legacy) out of their history over some 40-year-old grudge. Meanwhile, two separate versions of Yes continue to tour, performing fan favourite material to a high standard, both with new music in the works. On the quantity of enjoyable music and the way they've handled their legacy, Yes is the clear winner.
  9. Pink Floyd after Roger Waters?

    I'm not fond of A Momentary Lapse of Reason, but The Division Bell and The Endless River have some beautiful moments. Waters' presence would undoubtedly have given them more focus and emotional intensity, but they're certainly not bad albums on their own terms.
  10. Yes vs. Genesis

    I choose Yes, mainly because of what happened in the 80s... Genesis completely sold out after Peter Gabriel left, Yes became more commercial and 'poppy' in nature too, but there were at least some attempts to reintroduce some proggier elements in The Ladder, which is more than what Genesis ever did. Genesis became a completely different band after Gabriel left. I would say that over the whole of their career Yes has produced more good albums and overall comes out on top.
  11. Yes vs. Genesis

    Genesis were a much tighter unit, but I identified more with Yes. At the time I felt Genesis were too posh and sterile ... apart from the odd tune I didn't enjoy what they produced, though it was technically of good quality. Yes took me to a different realm ... they did some stuff which I found abrasive, but overall were vastly more captivating. I found it easier to 'let myself go' with Yes Down at the end, round by the corner Close to the edge, just by a river Seasons will pass you by I get up, I get down
  12. Extraterrestrial invaders have decided to punish humanity by completely erasing one of these two classic prog bands from history. As an act of mercy, they've allowed you to decide which one will remain. Which will you choose and for what reason?
  13. Posted this in the non-prog version of this thread as well... The wife and I love this band!
  14. How did you first get into prog?

    Oh yes I love that track. I'll find my way home is a perfect song about Gnosticism. Oh and the first Pink Floyd CD that ended up in my home was Dark Side of the Moon?
  15. What other prog bands are you into? Which Pink Floyd CD dis your dad have? Did the Jon and Vangelis CD include this track? This was the first single I ever bought as a kid when it came out with my pocket money
  16. Pink Floyd after Roger Waters?

    Division Bell isn't my favourite PF album, but it's still a decent album, not as bad as some make out. When I first heard it, I was drawn to the lyrical content more than the music itself. When a key band member leaves and is replaced by another, the band often changes direction, thus alienating its fans. It doesn't mean that what the band then produces is bad, just different and not to the taste of the fans. Such a division occcured when Peter Gabriel left Genesis, or Fish left Marillion to be repaced by Hogarth. Far Side of the Moon and Animals are my favourite albums. Oh, and I love The Wall.
  17. A trip through the Dark Side of the 90s with Pink Floyd. Rampant destruction of the environment. Covered. Zionism and other Nationalism Violently heading out of control. Got it. The break up with Roger Waters very aware of the problems on both sides of the dispute. The things this one talks about are deep and without much preaching but simple observations.
  18. A song which describes me!
  19. How did you first get into prog?

    My father had a Pink Floyd CD and my mother had a Jon and Vangilis CD and it grew from there. Also I love my moms 80s music!
  20. Division Bell seems to be an underrated album!
  21. @Nesf Oooh! I discovered Talk Talk recently, and also heard at least some of Spirit of Eden. It sounds great, guess I have to explore their music a bit more. Thanks for reminding me
  22. @Alex I like Wilson's solo albums, though I didn't like Raw to the Bone as much as his previous ones. The Raven that Refused to Sing and Han. Cannot. Erase. are both good albums. I like Porcupine Tree a lot. @Prism Good track. I also really like Scheherazade And Other Stories, that is my favourite album. Turn of the Cards is also good. I heard a small clip of this album on a documentary, just a small clip but enough to recognise the album and to remind me of it and bring certain memories flooding back.