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  2. Transitioning to Adulthood

    Yes, and no. I moved away from my parents at 18 to study at university, but had social issues, emotional immaturity, social anxiety and general axiety, depression and at one point I nearly quit, and had to seek treatment. I still have anxiety and mental health issues. I didn't have a proper adult relationship until a lot later than my peers, and when I didn,t I never wanted kids because I never thought I could cope. However, I have always been financially independent. No, that was not possible, though I did have a job during the summer holidays. I went to study at university, and then found a job and lost it, became very engrossed in studying Greek and decided I wanted to move to Greece, so found a post teaching English in Greece. I had employment, but didn't manage to hold down a job for long, and burned out/got fired/couldn't cope and quit. At the time, the government gave grants to students whose parents couldn't afford to pay for university education. Then, after university, I started to earn my own money. In my late 20s, I also inherited some money and so was able to buy my own house without a mortgage.
  3. Yes, I think this is certainly true, it happens to me quite a bit.
  4. Transitioning to Adulthood

    For the topic at hand I would say that being an adult means being able to support yourself with some kind of stability. If part of a couple, then it's the couple's ability to support themselves. I know people in their 30's who still live with their parents, but do pay rent for the room, pay for their car insurance, buy their on groceries, etc. That's as valid as college roommates who keep being roommates after graduating, sharing the cost of the rent. And lots of people achieve this by getting some government help like low income housing, food stamps, etc. That's legit too. Stories of people to got there are gold, as they give others ideas on what might work. Stories of failed attempts are also gold because they warn about things that have been tried and failed... things we might want to avoid. DC1346's story, specially the part about having little or no retirement savings, touched home base with me. I'm in the same boat, albeit about a decade behind. His story is a wake up call for me to start saving for my old age. There's always something to learn in every story.
  5. Yeah I think this is probably a fair comment - I'm the same with headaches. I try and get better myself before going to the doctors, but I do have an ongoing monthly appointment with my doctor so my usual policy is if I'm still ill when I see her, I'll bring it up haha.
  6. Yes, I often feel that could be the case.
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  8. I think this is true. I had been struggling with depression and other mental health problems for years and only recently have, finally, been able to see a therapist. I have ongoing problems that have been ongoing but I don't go to the doctor often enough to address them. It doesn't mean I don't struggle with them (as the disability agency has implied).
  9. @Willow Its good you was able to get better from self care I think since its a chest infection people tend to usually feel ill and feel pain with it, but to me it was nothing i had a fever of 38.5 aswell but didnt feel hot or anything the only symptom i could feel was a pounding heart, i just thought it was one of my SVT episodes again thats why i mentioned it to my doctor, i tend to seek help for my heart symptoms I could be a little hyposensative to certain types of pain these days maybe thats what she meant, i usually would seek help from my doctors
  10. I wonder, because of ASD, we get anxious more which puts us at risk of anxiety-related illnesses? I know if I get tension headaches, my anxiety has hit the roof...
  11. I'm quite the opposite - I know when I'm not very well, like with a temperature or something. A couple of weeks ago I had a fever of 40 degrees and a cough etc., though I didn't go to the doctors, I just kept cool and drank plenty and took cough medicine regularly. I'm not too sure on what the logic could be behind relating not realising you're ill, to having an ASD. Maybe a more likely scenario is just not thinking to seek help. I do tend to get ill a lot though because I'm permanently run down from my other health issues, so I guess I'm more aware of it and used to spotting symptoms early on.
  12. Banned from two gay forums for spam!

    I profess to not understand humour very well so perhaps your humour is wasted on your gay forums....? Were you a regular poster on them?
  13. Tylermc

    I love this drawing that I did of Disneys Pluto ūüźĺ I used Japanese brush pens and copic markers¬†


  14. Transitioning to Adulthood

    @MrGrey I am offended by the topic but it looks like people have different ways of defining what it means to be an adult. I practically have all the milestones of becoming an adult, I just don't feel like one.
  15. Transitioning to Adulthood

    @Sanctuary I think having the part time job during high school is something that's kind of "in the past". I remember back in the 80's it was rare to see anybody manning the cash register, that was not a high school kid. With the only real adults being in the management positions. Back then, people retired at a lot earlier age. Now is the other way around. It is rare to see high school kids working the cash registers at the grocery store. Now there's plenty of seniors over 60yo and most cashiers are adult people who have to support their families. In a way, I believe entry level jobs are now harder to get. You need to compete with people who actually need the paycheck to feed their families, hence they will do a lot of extra things that a high school student will not. @DC1346 Thanks for sharing your story. I too regret many of the choices I made because, have I known I had Asperger's, I would have done things very differently. I would have stayed in college a lot longer. With my interpersonal and social skills in the lacking department, its very difficult to convince employers that I know how to do the job. A degree, or a master's degree would have helped a lot, no doubt.
  16. Transitioning to Adulthood

    I would not have expected such an answer. My apologies if some people get offended. I do know, by reading comments on threads, that there are many people who have successfully transitioned to adulthood in one way or another. They are just not loud about it. But as a father of a teenage aspie boy, I do want to learn about every one who somehow found a way to succeed. See, I don't have any inheritance. My family doesn't have any wealth. When I'm gone, I'm gone. I don't want to have to re-invent the wheel when it comes to guiding my son to possible paths, other than the ones I took. He's already behind three years and I worry about what's gonna happen to him if he's not able to care for himself before I'm gone.
  17. Sounds like mine was severe i agree, i can understand why you didng go to doctor straight away since the symptoms of yours wasnt too bothersome:)
  18. Last week
  19. You musta had the severe symptoms. I had the constant burping and my tummy hurting and being relived until I ate, I don't know why I didn't think to go to the doctor to check and see what was up. I've no idea for how long I had it too but the doctor said it seemed I had it for a while.
  20. Ive had that h pylori thing too except that time i was vomiting alot and i couldnt hold food down Thanks for posting RiRi
  21. Yeah, I had H. Pylori in my system for years without me realizing I was ill. I'm sure there are other instances but I can't think of more right now.
  22. @Nesf yeah shes put me on antibiotics, they dont give them out often so i must of had it at least a few weeks
  23. Are you taking antibiotics? I hope you are well again soon! I think it's possible to have a chest infection and not be aware of it.
  24. Thats interesting, thank you nesf Its good you can feel when you have a fever, on monday i couldnt feel mine and my temp was 38.5 i i was telling my doctor i dont feel it, so she had to check where my infection is since i said i feel okay Turns out ive got chest infection
  25. I'm not diagnosed with ADHD, but I do have some traits. I can relate to the feeling of lethargy and lack of motivation, even for things I enjoy - I think that is due to depression rather than ADHD, but I may be wrong. I don't ever get everything done that needs to be done in a day, and some things I leave for months on end, like sorting clothes or the piles of books on my desk that aren't actually being used, but are just left there.
  26. Usually, when I have a temperature, I'm aware of it, because I feel unusually cold, or I feel dizzy and light-headed, but I think it is possible to not be aware of symptoms of illness because of ASD. Sometimes, I have been extremely anxious but not aware of it, then it all catches up with me and I suddenly become very sick and nauseous.
  27. Transitioning to Adulthood

    My (ongoing?) transition into adulthood was definitely later and slower than considered normal. Although, this was largely due to a breakdown in mental health as well as ASD though. When I left school at 17, I did do a course at college for life/work skills for people with additional support needs which was OK but not very useful. I got funded taxis to and from college and still wasn't confident to travel independently, couldn't cook or anything like that. After that, I did just stay at home for several years and that was when my mental health completely deteriorated. After a lot of treatment and hospital stays etc., I learnt a lot of life skills and can do a lot of basic things now but can't drive or work or any higher ability adult things. I lost my mum when I was 24 so I was unfortunately forced into coping on my own with services. I moved into my supported living flat last year at age 27 and I get 22 hours of social care support each week and still go to a transitional education group every day and go to Autism centre multiple times a week for social groups and other support, so I do need a lot of support and can't live independently as an adult and realistically I will probably never live completely independently. I can self travel now though and even travel further afield within the UK on my own for trips away which is really good.
  28. Tylermc

    I really enjoyed seeing Willows new vlog about the car show that she 

    whent to awesome 

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