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  2. When I was a kid, my dad used to play Supertramp and Manfred Mann's Earth Band in the car on our road trips to, for example Norway. I really liked the music back then, and for years and years, Blinded By the Light (by Manfred Mann's Earth Band) used to be my favourite song of all time. When I became a teenager I got heavily into heavy metal. I think my first band was either System of a Down or Rammstein, I loved it. I sort of didn't discover a lot of new music at the time though, for whatever reason, apart from Pendulum (an electronic Drum and Bass band), but then when I turned 17, I was exposed to a song by Rush on a TV show called Chuck. It was Tom Sawyer, and I loved it. I thought it was so interesting and different that I decided to look up the band on Youtube and Wikipedia, and I discovered that they were a Progressive Rock band, a genre I didn't really know what was at the time. At that time I also read about related bands and came across the name Dream Theater, which I found to be an interesting name, and it sort of made me think about Halloween and pumpkins for some reason. I didn't really check them out though until... Fast forward a year or so, I was 18, it was the year I joined Asperclick funnily enough (4 years ago now), I heard a song on an internet radio for metal on iTunes.. It was an obscure instrumental piece by Dream Theater called Raw Dog... It was almost as if the band wanted me to discover it! Sounds crazy, I know. I thought it was good, but I forgot about it again... Then at some point later that year, for some reason I decided to look up Dream Theater again, and I found The Spirit Carries On, which was soon to be my new favourite song of all time... I thought it was good too, but for some reason I still didn't look them up further... It wasn't until the summer of that same year, 2013, that I was in a record store and I saw Dream Theater's Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From a Memory, and I was thinking to myself that that was the band I had stumbled upon on several occasions, and I bought it. When I came home that day, I remember being all alone at home, and I decided to listen to my new mysterious CD... I put it on and lay in bed... and immediately, especially as I heard the opening to Overture 1928, I was blown away. My perception of music had changed forever. It was the most incredible-sounding music I had ever listened to... I even remember being in tears over the beauty of songs such as The Spirit Carries On and Through Her Eyes... I became a Dream Theater super-nerd. I even remember posting about it on this forum and Nesf (thanks by the way) told me that their genre were Progressive Metal. That band changed my life, I swear to god. Well, the rest is history, but basically my search for other prog rock and metal bands started from Dream Theater and it was because I wanted to find similar bands, and also bands that had inspired them, like the classics Yes, King Crimson, Genesis... Even though I didn't realise the genre of the music until my late teens, Progressive Rock and Metal music has become my go-to music, that I never get tired of, even though I love other kinds of music like the electronic chill out stuff such as Zero 7, and other completely different types of music. Oh dear, that became a long post! But I think that covers my story pretty well Thanks to anyone who reads. Cheers and prog on!
  3. I started listening to Queen (early proggy Queen) and Yes with my siblings when I was around 5 (and probably other prog bands like Genesis from time to time, but those memories are foggy). That's how I got into it. I've always liked it without thinking about the genre.
  4. Hey! I was so happy to see that there is a prog rock club on the forum. I didn't know. I'm glad to be a member I'm a big big fan of Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson's solo work and I just found this song today, which is an outtake of his newest album, To The Bone, and it sounds like old Porcupine Tree. Enjoy!
  5. Do guys only think about sex?

    Those are actually two of Europe's greatest artist RiRi. Sex is actually a very interesting subject once you put away your taboos. Dali and lot of Surrealist explored it daily!
  6. I basically am a Aspie Extravert and I always feel Psychotic when I am in the group home just listening to the staff yell at the other individuals. But when I am at work or Church I feel like I belong ad want to do something with my life and don't get that many suicidal thoughts?
  7. I am not so sure this isn't just stress in reality?
  8. Aspergers In Russia

    Erm just so people know there is a difference between Psychotics and Psychopaths . A Psychotic does bad things because he or she is delusional. A psychopath does bad things because they enjoy them!
  9. NT's

    NTs happen to be crazy in my opinion? And I love how all you NTs reading will say how bad I am without noticing that due to I am part of a oppressed minority with the right to hate it's oppressor?
  10. Problems With Black- and- White Thinking at Work

    The problem is in schools these days there is a very strict idea of what is and what is not bad behavior.
  11. Jealousy / othello syndrome

    @fairytattgirl Interesting question. It had me thinking there. I feel like I could get jealous if guy I'm dating gives me reason to feel jealous. Like, if he treats his (girl) friends the way he treats me, then I would get jealous. Otherwise, I wouldn't. I don't think (girl) friends and a girlfriend should be treated the same, as an example. I think the girlfriend deserves more attention. But, I'm not sure if this situation would only trigger a jealous person? Like, is there are person who wouldn't get jealous at that situation? I feel there are levels of jealously, from very jealous to lesser jealous to maybe not jealous at all? Like the really jealous person would probably be someone who has you on check, even checks your cell phone, has your social medias passwords, what not. Then there's the lesser jealous person who gets jealous within reason? like the aforementioned situation where the guy treats his friends the same way he treats her. Then, I assume there's the absolute not jealous person who just doesn't get jealous all? lol I put question mark because I don't know if that's how it is. I just know there are very jealous people and people who are lesser jealous than that. I guess I am a jealous person, but not extreme. I wonder if it's an aspie trait or just varies from person to person.
  12. Uno (Spanish) = One.
  13. I don't have a particular favourite instrument, but I like the guitar (most of the fusion I won is guitar-driven), but also wind instuments like the flute. I particularly like the Canterbury style of jazz fusion - some are more rock-orientated than jazz, but all have been influenced by jazz or jazz fusion to some degree. I like and listen to bands like Caravan (they are my favourite Canterbury band), Earth, Wind and Fire, Frank Zappa, and French TV... French TV are great. Also folky fusion, like Arco Iris or Lot Lorien / Theodossi Spassov https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Goc-JGpYDLU
  14. Triste (Spanish) = sad
  15. A Foreign word for each letter

    Oops, I forgot it should be alphabetical. Sappig (Dutch) = Juicy
  16. The endings -are, -ire and -ore are really the same as -ir, -ar and -or in Spanish. All three groups of verbs seem to be common to all Romance languages. As noted above, one can find a large number of a-class (ending in -er in French and -ar(e) in most other Romance languages) verbs in any Romance language simply by cutting off the -ation and replacing it with the ending common to all regular a-class verbs. The verb meaning 'to possess' (In Spanish and Portuguese) and 'to hold/keep' in other Romance languages is an irregular i-class verb, with a -u ending in Romanian. As noted above, talking an English verb ending in -tain and replacing it with a form of that verb gives a form of a verb in that Romance language, often with the same meaning.
  17. Autism test "How Autistic Are You?"

    This business about not being perceived by chatting NT groups has had me puzzled for a while. Neither do I think it's over exaggeration on my part. My female friends I've known for ages have also not altered their conversation if I appear. It sometimes pissed me off so I would often leave and go home without saying goodbye. They would then tell me later it was rude to just up and leave. This week 2 NT's told me I'd startled and almost upset them. They said they'd assumed they were alone, had looked to the side and just saw me right by them. They told me it felt like being crept upon stealthily but the truth is I just had strolled past on my way and paused to say "hello". There was no concept of creeping or tip-toeing. In fact my dog in such a case would just come up and make a fuss. One thing that intrigues me is the subconscious. Communication doesn't just happen in the conscious sense. I used to think I got ignored due to lack of eye contact and poor feedback but I found that not to be true.
  18. Autism test "How Autistic Are You?"

    I've not so much though of my autism as having backardness related till recently. Now, though, I can recall how a teacher once had to tie my shoe laces at school. There were severe ongoing problems with my learning processes except reading. I was a little slow learning to read but picked up thanks to comic books. The rest of it from woodwork to geography and especially maths was a non starter. Sports even worse. Many psychologists feel Asperger Syndrome per se has no impact on early education. Others state Hans Asperger himself didn't make that distinction. I definitely feel NT's easily recognise my autism yet not quite understanding that they do. One amazing feat I can pull off is to approach 3 or 2 NT's who are chatting and they don't notice my presence. Not a word is said or any pause in the conversation. I can then leave that group and still no reaction. I even have a theory on this because in all usual social interaction there is a reaction to "interlopers". Yet if, for example, a cat wanders up to a group of NT's who are talking,, do they respond, react, pet the cat? Why not? On the theme of animals I relate to them (and they to me) much more than NT's. Lots of people on the spectrum love cats but for me I guess it's dogs I relate to (more so the wolf type breeds)
  19. Time Management issues!

    For time management, I use the alarms on my phone a LOT. I have my wakeup alarms (as well as one on a louder non-phone alarm clock that I have to get up to turn off) and I have 3 alarms that go off prior to having to leave that remind me of the time so that I can get ready. Though you need to be honest with yourself on how much time it takes you to do certain tasks, it sounds like you are budgeting less time than you need. You either need to find out quicker ways to do tasks or budget more time... I like the phone alarms for time management throughout the day so I don't have to worry about missing something. And I like google calendar or other calendar apps or a regular diary/agenda to remind me of things in the future. I think currently, my phone calendar is best used for this (google because I am an android user) because I don't have too many things to keep track of. But I like writing down to-do lists when I feel overwhelmed because it helps me feel like there is a plan, and I don't have to do everything at once.
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  21. Prism


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  22. shutdowns and adversity

    I'm just coming out of the isolation box. Less Than is a terrible mindset to get stuck in. Then I make it worse by playing hurtful conversations over and over in my head. Please don't self-harm as medicine; it only makes things worse and in the end, you'll feel even worse about yourself. Try self-compassion instead; remind yourself it will pass.
  23. shutdowns and adversity

    First, you gotta understand that you aren't 'defective' and grasp that concept. Everyone reacts in different ways to conflict and rough times. Aspies usually struggle with emotion regulation (they feel too much and have meltdowns, they feel too numb/overwhelmed and shut down, or even both), so it's understandable you react that way when facing obstacles or when something goes wrong. It's part of the condition and it's not a 'wrong' way of reacting, just different. You will meet people who won't understand this. Those are ignorant or seriously lack empathy. Luckily, some will at least sympathize if you explain what affects you and why. Once you understand this, develop tolerance and patience towards yourself. How I cope now? I go to a nice corner, the bed or the couch, I listen to music, put on comfy clothes and socks and wait for my body to process what's happening at its own pace. Maybe you can have a calming playlist or a coloring book on your devices, or watch your favorite movie? Self-care comes first. If you're outside, make sure you can leave the place, go to a green area with a bench, breathe. I repeat: self-care comes first. You can also avoid the temptation of self-harming by getting away from dangerous objects and engaging in a activity that keeps your mind busy, text a friend/acquaintance and ask for help. Post on places like this forum. Once you start texting or posting, the urge to harm yourself will gradually fade away. I hope it works for you as it has for me. Stay safe.
  24. shutdowns and adversity

    I used to feel wrong and defective but came to the conclusion years ago to just accept who I am. I can't change the fact I have AS and if other people don't like it - it's their problem Sometimes, shutting down and doing a "reset" helps a lot
  25. Soledad (Spanish) = Loneliness.
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