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  2. Being held

    Signs of what? Maybe you can share your current AS (or other issues) so we have an idea of your situation, against your background. If you're new maybe give some personal background. The question on its own is too complex without our knowing your current diagnosis.
  3. ADHD

    Well when I went to my GP I just printed off the NHS page about ADHD (in adults) and I just marked all the bits that applied to me (including all the co-morbid conditions I already have). I did a bit more for the Psychologist... I wrote a report, possibly because I have ADHD, I tend to fixate on one or two things and forget to mention all the others so to stop that happening I just write it all out and give examples, fortunately he wasn't surprised about it since he spoke to the other Psychologist who diagnosed my AS and so he knew I do this, I always worry they will be annoyed that I do this  He went through a HUGE form with me (took well over an hour even with him kind of moving me on) and now I am being referred to the ADHD expert to make a decision on it  I will of course update this post with the result of that but I don't know how long that will be. It does say on the ADHD symptoms lists that usually the issues decrease as we get older because we find coping mechanisms, however, I told the Psych Dr that if anything I feel like it has MORE impact on me as an adult than when I was young because when I was young my parents/teachers had much more control so I wasn't late so much etc. Where as now I am grown up there is no one to get me up and get me going so I don't have that safety net anymore, he said it is not unusual for that to be the case, as we get older the support we had as children/young adults disappears and we have more responsibilities like work, partners, kids, etc and no one to help so we can feel like we cope LESS instead of better.
  4. ADHD

    Oh yes, I do drive fast. Also, I used to like to climb things when I was a child - trees, rock climbing. I suppose that could be considered risk taking. I'm not scared of heights and I once really scared my partner by getting really close to a cliff, but I would never do a bungee jump or skydive. But other than that, in other areas, I don't take risks - I guess that's the Asperger's kicking in, or just my personality, I don't know if I could ever get assessed. I mentioned once to my GP when I was in the UK that I have ADHD traits, but she told me that adults don't get diagnosed with this! Here they have the same attitude - that it's only for children.
  5. ADHD

    @Nesf You don't need to have all three categories to have ADHD there are different kinds/combinations, so you could still have it, another consideration is that I didn't think that I was a risk taker but then they asked me some quite specific questions, driving fast for example and I realised that they would consider me to be one, so perhaps someone else can do a better assessment of you for some things. As a non-medical professional it does sound like you check a lot of the boxes so might be worth getting checked
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  7. A lot has happened lately...

    I'm glad that you got a positive response from your school and your mum, though it's regrettable that it had to happen in that way. I hope it means that you can now get support.
  8. ADHD

    Thank you for posting this. I do have difficulties with focusing - I find it hard to keep my attention on things like conversations and then I have to ask people to repeat, or videos - I can never watch a video straight through, I keep stopping it, getting up, looking at something else, or I have to replay because I missed a part of it. I also find it hard to settle down to work, it takes me all morning, and this is one of the reasons why I could never make a living from translations, because I could never stay focused on it for the duration of a 8 hour working day. The most I do is three or 4 hours. As a child I daydreamed a lot and was in my own world, extremely absent-minded, untidy and badly-organized. I was always losing or forgetting things. I can also relate to needing stimulation and getting bored easily - this is certainly true with me. New music, new foods, new ideas - but as long as I'm in control of it. I am also restless, edgy, fidget non-stop and impatient. I also avoid tasks with sustained mental effort, or procrastinate over them, I'm easily distracted. I wouldn't say that I was particularly impulsive though - at least not now, more so when I was younger. Perhaps I just found coping strategies as I got older? Also, I'm not particularly talkative, though I do interrupt people, mainly through impatience and not waiting for them to finish, but sometimes I don't realize that they haven't finished. But other people do this to me, too. Also, I'm not careless (not any more than the average person) and have good attention to detail, I can hyperfocus on things, but only when really interested. So I can relate to a lot of all of the inattention and hyperactivity symptoms, but not so much the impulsivity. I've thought in the past that I might have ADHD, but I know that people with Asperger's also have difficulty with 'executive functioning' so it's unclear to me whether these symptoms are another aspect of the Asperger's diagnosis, or a separate diagnosis of ADHD. I think that perhaps I wouldn't be diagnosed with ADHD because I don't have so many impulsivity traits.
  9. A lot has happened lately...

    I find that highly unlikely, because the people who actually do this are the people who hate me and get into trouble because of me the most.
  10. ADHD

    Those were fun videos to watch.  I am glad you have found another way to describe some of the things you struggle with @Miss Chief ! It was good you posted here in case others, especially older members who maybe might fit the diagnosis but when they were younger it wasn't around. However, this only highlighted how much I don't have ADHD.  Sure, some of the things I could relate to, but the vast majority of the videos I  was like "nope, not me!" But the videos were still fun to watch.  I started thinking about some other people I know in life and maybe they have ADHD but I couldn't concentrate on thinking of their answers for everyone when I was thinking of my answer.    Let us know how your diagnosis process goes, it would be great if this answers some of your problems so you can cope better with life.  
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  12. A lot has happened lately...

    Well they don't have to mention you at all, they could just talk about AS/ASD in general then those who know about you will link it up but those that don't won't make the leap... it's almost always a good thing for people to know more about AS, there are a lot of general opinions about it in society, people think they know what it is but they don't really know or they have assumptions etc. Don't assume it is a sarcastic cheer, perhaps people just like you, there are benefits to having AS (not limited to the following but in this situation), if you're on the spectrum, you are probably quite logical and analytical so you probably give good advice also you've probably learned to listen to others rather than talk (cause we struggle more with the latter) people like a good listener. You're also probably very observant, cause we have to learn about body language and so on by watching others; we often notice things that others don't, this can lead to us being more perceptive than some people in some ways (although we also sometimes struggle with perception in other ways). All of this can lead to people turning to you when they have an issue and considering you a friend. Being 15 is tough for everyone irrelevant of what you have going on, being on the spectrum just makes it harder but being 15 will pass in no time  on the up side all those people at your school are just as hung up on their own issues as you are, they aren't constantly thinking about or even talking about you, they are mostly thinking about and talking about themselves
  13. A lot has happened lately...

    They have spoken to me about possibly addressing the whole year group about me (which may possibly mentioned AS) which I'm not too keen on (especially as whenever my name is mentioned in assembly there's a massive sarcastic - I can only assume - cheer) so having one entirely about me may be a problem. They did say though that they'd never do anything like that without asking me first though.
  14. A lot has happened lately...

    It also sounds like you have a very supportive school who have hands on experience of dealing with AS, while you might have preferred them to not know, and given you are 15 you might not be there for much longer anyway (you planning on 6th form or college?) but given they do now know and they seem to be good with this kind of situation I don't think it's really something to get hung up about, of course students are a different issue altogether but I imagine the school will be able to help you with that too, they might decide to do an assembly about AS and while you might think that would be awful as you might feel like everyone will know it's about you, another way of looking at it is, your year already know about it and this way they might get a more positive or at the very least a more accurate understanding of what AS is and how it effects people, this could result in your year being a lot kinder to you. It sounds like your school is aware of the realities of AS as opposed to the stereotypical notions that exist. Anyway I think you're going to be ok, you have a supportive parent and a supportive school and hopefully some good friends who are a bit more mature than 'Paul', you're also very close to the age where you leave school  
  15. A lot has happened lately...

    The teacher organised a talk with myself and my mum the day after this all happened where we talked about everything and she was talking about how they have a great team of people who deal with this kind of thing and how they could give support in school - should I get a diagnosis.
  16. A lot has happened lately...

    Do you mind if I ask how old you are? Since you are talking about school and given they way you talk I am assuming you are at secondary school so I'm guessing between 11 and 16? Probably the higher end of that? I'm just wondering given you aren't really an adult yet, I know I hated hearing that at your age and I don't mean you aren't mature or anything like that! I just mean from a medical, academic and legal perspective your parents (and even teachers) are still going to be heavily involved in your life (whether you need them to be or not)  so assuming you wanted a diagnosis how were you hoping to go through that without your parents being involved? I don't mean this in a negative way or anything... perhaps you were planning on waiting until you were 16 or 18 and pursuing it then?  I actually think that maybe it was a good way for your mum to find out... teachers are probably one of the few groups who have a really good understanding of AS and it's real life impacts, so they would have been able to reassure your mum about any worries she might have had and made the situation a lot less stressful for her (not because she would have an issue with you having AS but because she would be worried about you and how it would effect your life, because she loves and cares about you and your future, the teachers will have been able to reassure her somewhat that you can live a perfectly normal life with AS), also while they aren't medical professionals teachers are also pretty good at spotting things like AS/ADHD in students so when you raised it, they probably did a bit of an assessment on what they know about you (that might be why she spoke to other teachers) to see if they thought it fit and then phoned your mum to say they thought it was worthwhile getting assessed, having the support of your teachers can be very helpful not just with getting a diagnosis but also with school in general and I don't just mean school work, there are all the social issues you go through at school too  For example the betrayals by friends (I imagine 'Paul's' behaviour feel like that), bullying, falling out with people, etc. that is all part of the school experience but it can pose additional issues for those of us on the spectrum, if your teachers know you have AS then they can help you, even if it's just talking through things with you, being a kind of mentor  
  17. So, an awful lot has happened very recently which has led to me now posting in this particular sub-section of the forum. My parents now know that I believe I may have Aspergers, but to be honest, it didn't really come out in the way I was hoping it to. (This is a long one, so buckle up...) Back in January, when I was first researching the possibilities of having AS, I sent a text to one of my very close friends (let's call him Paul) asking him about it. I immediately regretted it at the time but soon forgot about it. Last week though, there was a bit of an incident when my year were changing for double PE. Basically Paul accidentally got the whole year singing Happy Birthday to me. There were only two problems: this was incredibly overwhelming, and also the fact that it wasn't my Birthday. Anyway, one of the teachers overheard this (I mean, who wouldn't?) and so reported it to the Senior Staff team, who investigated. The people involved got into some trouble, but Paul only got a verbal warning (which makes me so mad about what he did next). Anyway, Paul began to act really strange around me, and we were moving classrooms one day when I saw him showing a few other people something on his phone. When I came over, they all hid it and said things like "it's him" and "hide it". I didn't really think much of it until I saw it happening again and suddenly remembered this text I had sent over six months ago. I was getting so anxious about this but didn't want to confront him about it. A few days later, there was a separate incident involving someone completely different. The subject isn't really important, but it involved myself, this other person, and someone at my school who has ASD. The person involved got into trouble and was talking to Paul about it (within my earshot). Paul then said "oh, you're gonna want to see this then" and proceeded to show something on his phone. This time I saw that it was a really long text - although I couldn't read the contents. I was almost sure that it was about me, and was planning to speak to a teacher about it the next day. Anyway, as I'm getting changed back from double PE (it happened to be on the same day in the timetable as the first incident) someone comes over to me and says that he's just been shown a text by Paul from myself talking about AS. With all the evidence I needed, I went to the teacher the next morning to try to get Paul into trouble for this. I didn't tell her the subject of the text, and this didn't really help. She said "unfortunately, there's nothing we can do" and I thought that was that. It's a few days later when a more Senior member of staff comes to me and says that she's been passed on the message that there's a text and she says that she wants to investigate further. Sure enough, I'm pulled out of the next lesson by a teacher. Once we were walking to the office, she said "we've been dealing with Paul, and we've seen the text". Well, that was one way of causing me to panic and almost have a meltdown or something. She led me to the office and Paul was already there. The hard part was when I was forced to tell Paul how this had all made me feel, and how people had been talking about me. Once they sanctioned him and got him out of the way, the teachers asked me whether what I wrote in the text was how I felt, and how I thought I may have AS. I didn't really know what to say apart from yes. The whole conversation was so awkward. When I got home, my mum was just getting off the phone from the teacher and had a chat with me. She took it so much better than I had hoped and said that she would support me in what I wanted to do about it. I kind of knew this would be how she would respond, but I never could find a moment to tell her. Anyway, she called my GP and I have a chat with them tomorrow. Not really sure what to expect from it though - does anyone have any experience with this? I've noticed that over the past few days, the teacher who dealt with this all has been talking to lots of the SEN staff around me and trying to inconspicuously point me out to them. Well, that kind of brings everything up to present. It's been a hell of a time lately, but hopefully, everything will improve soon!
  18. ADHD

    I'm sticking this in here as it's one of the co-morbid conditions that many people on the spectrum have. I'm currently going through the err... assessment? process to see if I have ADHD I must admit I didn't really know what ADHD was... I knew what it stood for and what all the words meant but I think that doesn't really cover the impact it has on people and I had no idea it could effect so very much. Basically I was browsing YouTube when I saw a kind of funny video about ADHD (I'll link it below) and as I was watching, it was amusing of course but I was startled by how much I identified with all the stuff they were saying. So I went off to more reputable medical sources to find out more, and the more I learned the more shocked I was that I really think I have this and it has perhaps been one of the biggest impacts on my life (perhaps far more so than ASD), so I went to my GP and requested that I get assessed and I am now going through that process.  I'm actually really hopeful that I have it, now I know that sounds weird to say since no one wants to be ill or even just different if it has a negative impact, but the reason I am hopeful is that unlike ASD there is actually a treatment for ADHD and if I have it and the treatment helps then I could perhaps get my life back on track.  What do others on here who have ADHD think? Do you take meds for it? Do they help? Do you feel like it has at least as much impact on your life as AS?  If you don't have ADHD and like me you just thought it meant that people struggled to maintain their focus (it actually means an awful lot more) there are some links below but at the top are two YouTube videos that got me looking into it in the first place  I watched this first although it's not so funny it led me to the next on below which is: This is the funny one which I really identified with Ok and now some grown up links for people who want to get a better idea of what ADHD really is: ADDitude Adult Test NHS Info on ADHD AADD-UK Info ADHD Institude NICE ADHD Info Royal College of Psychiatrists ADHD Info There are others but I figure that is enough to sate your curiosity. If you're not from the UK, the NHS site is still nicely laid out and easy to use and get basic info from but the NICE and the Royal College of Psychiatrists is probably two you want to avoid (NICE is the organisation who decides what medications are and aren't available on the NHS in the UK and the Royal College stuff is designed for Psychiatrists not patients so it uses a lot of jargon etc). I do think that most younger people get this picked up very early these days so this (getting a diagnosis later in life) probably only applies to the members who like me got an AS diagnosis later in life, if you are younger you probably either have a diagnosis or you don't have it, I think when I was in my teens lots of younger kids were already getting ADD (as it was then called) diagnoses, I'm not saying it's impossible but just that it is less likely, I suppose it also depends on the health care system where you come from, my experience is of course UK based  
  19. Old Hag Returns

    "The brain reacts to the paralysis by expanding the pupils, making a darkened room look as bright as day, and is often associated with terrifying visions such as intruders. In ancient times these were interpreted as visitations by angels, but in contemporary western culture the angels have been substituted by aliens " While on the topic of things that go bump in the night, only once in my life did I see an apparition. This happened in broad daylight. I was at work back then around 2005. It was a bank holiday and I'd been told no employees would be in to work. Gates were locked. I was walking back to the canteen and from a distance saw clearly a man in overalls. He was standing there looking at the canteen building and it just came into my head this was someone remembering. Also I was feeling he was thinking how things had changed. I then made a call to say someone was at work but was told nobody should be there. I turned a bend, lost sight of the man for 10 seconds and then he'd gone. Then I saw the gate was locked. No car. I started to check the fence but nothing. Not a trace. And yet what I saw was a solid person who looked totally normal. Like most psychic experiences it happened before I had any chance to even guess it was not normal.
  20. Old Hag Returns

    From what I read, opinion is split as to whether the night hag is simply a nightmare or a paranormal experience. What I do know is the trigger for me is sensed negativity. I've always found I often meet people who become envious or jealous for reasons I can't fathom. Once I was sharing a house with someone who gave off certain feelings of resentment and jealousy and I was picking it up. When I fell asleep that night, the old hag syndrome was triggered. I dreamed I was fast asleep but could hear this person had risen to go to the bathroom. Then I heard footsteps and was feeling something wasn't right and an onset of unease. The footsteps then ceased at my door so then I was filled with alarm and an urgent need to wake up. I could feel pure hatred towards me and malice as if the person who'd gone to the bathroom was plotting his next move. I put all my efforts into trying to make a noise or show I was waking up but with OHS you can't shake off the deep sleep. I then sort of dreamed I was shouting out, except little did I know, I'd had success. The following morning I found others in the house had been raised in the dead of night by a blood curdling, "Noooooo! Get Awaaay!!" This had caused them to bolt their doors and every night after that. It's very typical of the Night Hag to become someone you know personally. I will make one comment though. The malice that caused the attack was real. I mean, I don't simply imagine resentment or jealousy. In cases where I sense it, later it's been shown what I'd picked up was genuine (ie via a third party or subsequent disclosure). Spooky isn't it? Is the old hag a projection of negativity created in a dream to represent the ill-feeling? Or is the old hag an actual entity that feeds on negativity like a parasite? Why also did my friend get an attack when she'd never had one before? I did ask her to tell me exactly what had happened but she won't say.
  21. Old Hag Returns

    I have experienced something like this, but without the paralysis. And only briefly, before I fully woke up.
  22. Old Hag Returns

    So weird. Currently watching   but its night so may not finish it - I dont want to push my luck, but this is such a strange phenomenon.  I dont like that they title it 'the entity' from the outset, because I just think the more people believe in it, the more fear inducing it is. But they do go into some better explanations. That people have such similar experiences throughout time is bizarre, but Jung has talked about the 'collective unconscious' and many different archetypes that are natural to the human psyche, and natural things to fear in nightmares, like being chased, falling, demons are a persistant archetype throughout time.. but interesting that it is only this certain type of nightmare that has a habit of continuing when people are not fully awake/something has gone wrong with waking up
  23. Old Hag Returns

    @Nesf I figured it was a myth Edit adding: google provides - "The night hag is a generic name for a fantastical creature from the folklore of various peoples which is used to explain the phenomenon of sleep paralysis. A common description is that a person feels a presence of a supernatural malevolent being which immobilizes the person as if sitting on his/her chest."
  24. Old Hag Returns

    Why is this phenomenon called 'old hag'? I've had night terrors before, but they didn't have anything to do with old hags. It seems a really strange thing to call it.
  25. Getting Stuck

    I find that once I've made up my mind to do something, it's difficult for me to change it and this can be bad. The only thing I can suggest is not start it right away and make a compromise with yourself - do it, but  make a decision to do it the next day.
  26. Old Hag Returns

    Around the 1980's a new investigation started with the old hag phenomenon interpreted as extraterrestrial intervention. Back then, people used libraries a lot so I would find these books on the shelves. The books put forward the following: Subject of nightmares is hypnotised. Under hypnosis emerge memories of being frozen in sleep and somehow floated to a strange location. Sometimes a medical proceedure is recalled and large eyed ET "beings". So, what in mediaeval times was judged to be sorcery, becomes UFO terrain. The writer Whitley Streiber hit the big time with his book Communion, based on his nocturnal encounters with "the visitors". They made a film on the book. Suffice it to say, I got highly irritated when this guy wrote a couple of follow-ups. In one he claimed he'd lived as another incarnation as (wait for it) a right-hand man of the Roman emperor. Not a baker or pimp or has-been role but a sublime role in the heart of empire. Cobblers! I was surprised the media didn't pounce as, to me, that discredited Streiber as a fantasist. Yet we all swallowed Communion as a serious book and finally a cinema movie. Despite that, my opinion is there is something about the old hag or night hag phenomenon that is genuinely strange. We interpret the experience through cultural perspectives so in an age of Star Trek and Blue Book, old hags become "visitors". Possibly housewives who suffered severe attacks wind up under quack investigators. Under hypnosis they are maybe led into suitable ET contact scenarios recorded on tapes. From past experience I caution against American so-called investigators and researchers. As many have been exposed as there are also fake evangelicals who claimed to have been visited by Jesus. I think the stories of nocturnal greys with huge eyes have finally fallen out of fashion so we're back to the original old hag. Now the very scary bit. I will repeat my experience of some weeks ago as it was the first time I'd been physically harmed. I was asleep but had been disturbed by incidents during the week. I dreamed some personality had come through the door. I figured the figure was female and full of malice and ill-will. In my sleep I felt an urgent need to move or do something to make the figure realise I was aware but I couldn't budge. I tried to make some noise to scare it off. I could feel the figure coming closer. At the very point of a pair of hands drawing close to my neck, I suddenly took a real-life blow to the head. I looked up in shock and was lying on the floor on my back. Clearly I'd literally jumped in my sleep and tumbled off the bed. Yet it created the illusion of genuinely having been attacked. I was so alarmed I texted my friend at 4.00 am. Only a week ago she texted me so afraid she said she was going to leave on a night light. She said she felt it was an evil spirit. So that's two of us to date. I guess I'm not scared as I figure it only happens to me when I've been around strong negativity.
  27. Getting Stuck

    I find that I will sometimes do things even when I know its to my detriment ... I find I have to be careful what I get into as some things can be hard or seemingly impossible to back out of once committed. Its a tenacity thing ... hyper focusing ... committed to ones commitments etc...  It can be a blessing or a curse depending on circumstances
  28. Getting Stuck

    Welcome to the site. It might help if you specify your question a bit more. Not sure I quite relate to this but perhaps if you ask about meltdowns and solutions it might help to develop your thread. Thanks for sharing.
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