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  1. Today
  2. Tylermc

    Today I'm feeling very happy and excited for tonight for my mum and dad's 

    surprise birthday party 😊 Have awesome weekend Willow and all my 

    friends on asperclick 😊

  3. Collecting DVD's

    Interesting... I tend not to want to watch videos or TV shows more than a couple of times, but there again, they are not really my 'thing' - music is my thing and I tend to listen to favourite albums or even individual songs over and over again. I did this a lot when I was a child.
  4. Dutch

    Yes, that does sound similar to German.
  5. Collecting DVD's

    I also have many DVDs and spend a lot of time watching them. My two main other "collections" are music and books and I think people with AS often have at least one collection of some sort. My DVDs are predominantly of TV series - I haven't got the concentration span for films Some of my favourite episodes I've watched dozens of times but then there are some discs that I haven't watched for many years. I do try to offload some of the latter from time to time but don't find it easy as I so often think "I might watch that later" and then another few years pass Perhaps it's almost like having a library where most items are only used a little but they're good to have around for "reference" when the time arises. Music obviously lends itself to repeated listening. It would seem odd to really like a CD then not listen to it again for years. I suppose most people (neurotypicals) have a different attitude to TV and films - they don't mind watching a favourite film or episode again very occasionally but it's not something that greatly appeals to them. They might watch a lot of TV and film but mostly new things or older things they haven't seen before. I like to watch things again though and the DVD format lends itself to that. It's good to replay scenes, check dialogue, pause on the credits and just re-experience favourite episodes. I think this type of repeat watching / listening and analysis is likely to be much more common with AS but it was much more difficult before videos and DVDs came along and often you could only see something once and maybe hope it would be shown again. What I also like about DVDs is just the opportunity to watch at our own pace and convenience. We can stop after a few minutes if we have other things to do or aren't quite in the mood or watch an entire series in one go if we want, all in the convenience of our own home. Modern TV set-top boxes do allow us to do this to some degree but it's not the same as having the physical disc and there are still lots of things on DVD that aren't on television today.
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      Never have a known a forum so bad

    2. Sofi


      Leave then. 

    3. Peridot


      Never have a seen a grammar so bad lol!

  6. Teeth clicking/grinding?

    I probably grin my teeth at night and I don't even know it. As far as stimming, I play with my teeth a lot and I think it's because they're crooked.
  7. ADHD

    @Miss Chief I might have ADHD inattentive type then. Thanks for the info. How's your diagnoses process going so far?
  8. Such a nasty behavior of hers. I certainly don't think she's fit for her job. Is there a way which you can report her? @DavidTheWitch
  9. Tylermc

    Good night everybody and have a great day tomorrow and a awesome 

    weekend 😊

  10. Yesterday
  11. Oh, Eye-Contact

    I am really bad at making eye contact. I know it makes me look awkward and perhaps ill mannered, but it makes me so uncomfortable I just cannot do it most of the time.
  12. Dutch

    Harstikke leuk.
  13. Dutch

    Ik had een Nederlands fraseboek
  14. Ελληνικά

    Θα ήθελα να συμμετάσχω αλλά δεν μιλάω ελληνικά.
  15. Tylermc

    Right now I'm playing uncharted the lost 

    legacy for the PS4 😊 It's awesome 

  16. Dutch

    Also when you address someone using "u" often times someone might say "Zeg maar je hoor" which translates to something like "It's fine if you say je". Right away someone will try to take the (initial) tension away by saying that.
  17. Dutch

    En I think also mean in or at in French. But I'm not sure. I think there's a few German and French words that have become part of the Dutch language but other than that it's phonetic, yeah. In the past people told me I was overly polite and stiff. The Dutch are kind of relaxed...in that people are friendly in general. At least when you meet people in public. You sooner get a polite, helpful response than you get something distant. But people like being approached in a respectful manner and one way to do that is to use "u" at first. lol People get irritated when you use it all the time though. People like a relaxed way of communicating. No constant tension...or hesitation.
  18. Dutch

    In this case it has to be, yeah. An example of "kan" (which means can) being after the verb would be "Is het zo dat ik jou iets vragen kan?" which means "Is it so that I can ask you a question?" which is an odd question but it gives you an idea of the grammar. I don't speak German. So I'm not sure. I spreek geen Duits. Dus ik zou het niet kunnen zeggen.
  19. Paul Cooijman

    Is possible Jewish Households just normally have a household more supportive to Asperger's. I mean I have heard your statement about Jews and Aspergers reminds me of Conspiracy Theories about Jews having invented AS for political gain.
  20. Do guys only think about sex?

    Be honest most of you guys think about a lot. But is it all men think about. No? Then we would have no Einsteins, Telsas, Abraham Lincolns, or other such men and even if your favorite subject is sex you could do this Or maybe this
  21. Suicide is dumb thing people with chemical imbalances do due to they are not able to fight the fake feelings they have. Unless you think you could make some type of statement don't. Living is hard but the hard path leads to the sweat fruits. I have suicidal thoughts all the time and I fight through em.
  22. Collecting DVD's

    Omg - even more than me!! 😳
  23. Collecting DVD's

    My unhealthy obsession is with CDs - I have over 10,000 music albums in various formats. I don't have many DVDs.
  24. Anyone else have an unhealthy obsession with DVD's, games etc? I think I have over 600 DVDs LOL
  25. If I were you I would certainly carry on with this role, at least for the time being. It's certainly good that the manager is very supportive and it would be good to reward her faith in you by carrying on. Dropping out is a risky thing to do because it may make getting and keeping another role more difficult - not necessarily because anyone will hold it against you but because dropping out can become a habit. Clarifying your role would certainly be helpful to you and to them - they should want you doing the things you are most effective at doing. While accepting that social contact and work can be causes of stress I feel that overall they help in dealing with depression, if only because they take your mind off other worries and keep you busy. Clearly there are occasions when the social contact or work makes things worse and in those cases pulling out makes sense but even then it's best to find some other role. Hopefully your current volunteering will be successful once the problems you've mentioned are ironed out and you can use it as a platform for further development.
  26. I think the more I push myself to improve, the more hurt I get.. like it is hard to explain but imagine you have nobody, no friends, no partner, no family close by and you are really trying hard to make friends and be part of a team.. but you find it difficult as you feel lost (no idea on how to achieve this). My way of dealing with my depression and issues is to shut off from the World, and I know that isn't healthy, but I can just about cope and don't get hurt like when I "put myself out there" and out my comfort zone. Maybe this makes me a coward I don't know? =( So any little criticism would upset me. Yes I'm sensitive but I think anyone would be in my position, NT or not.. atleast I'm trying ! Like you said, the manager is really making the effort and likes me, so do I owe it to her to continue? she's probably putting her neck on the line to find me a role, she told her manager how well I'm doing etc.. I e-mailed the place I work, with only her to read in the title (the other staff probably have read it but don't care) and said how I feel and that maybe I could do a job (testing the electrical/gadget equipment for example) that doesn't require me to constantly ask for help or have to interact with certain snappy staff (and if she or other staff need my help they can come get me).. I'll suggest this as a compromise as atleast I'm helping, getting out and still available to do other jobs (when I'm needed to) but I have a job I'm confident doing, I don't have to interact with certain staff, and I'm helping. I'm going to talk about that option as a compromise. The manager e-mailed me back to say to go in for a chat (I'm trying to see if we can chat about it on the phone instead as don't feel confident going in) to see her and she would be sad to lose me. Thanks for your kind words I appreciate them
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