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  2. Maths

    Reading the following, it does look like he had DM and not hip-dysplasia. What the poster below states definitely ties in with his condition - that he definitely didn't seem to be in pain around his hips and had definitely been dragging his paw pads. "Swaying hips" - definitely! "HD tends to be something quite painful. I feel like if this was just HD, the pain of it would be more obvious. Where as DM has been know as a pain free condition in general. Tend to get scuff marks on their feet and their nails drag to the point of bleeding on occasions because they drag their feet around. Swaying hips. Hard time getting up, etc. They do make wheelchairs for dogs with DM, gives them more freedom to run around and be mobile and have more life. So its not a death sentence in my mind, it just sucks for everyone, but i personally believe a dog can still be extremely happy and have great quality of life." The latter comment I think shows some of us do try to see a ray of hope while generally most vets take a very dim view of DM. Then also, I always felt animals are just as important as humans and I know a fair few humans who would rather walk with crutches than be stone dead. Whereas, some of us may well prefer the opposite. What upset me was when he was put to sleep he didn't seem to me to have given up. He was still wagging his tail and squeaking his toys when I was around. The point where the condition would have caused undue suffering was drawing closer, of course. I think when that point arrived, I'd have felt at ease with euthanasia and would have been with him.
  3. Maths

    I recall ages ago I had posted a pic of my dog on this site so I had a look in the archives just in case. Here is his photo probably taken 4 years ago.
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  5. Maths

    "Maybe you could find another dog for company?" I don't think it was because he was a dog but just happened to be a dog but over time you learn there's a personality. People noticed I acted with him as if he was a person. I saw him as a soul mate. To answer your question though I grew up with dogs most of my life but this one was special. I don't know why. What complicated my life is the dog I loved most was not my dog -- I was his carer. So I was in a situation where I loved him to pieces but had limited control over his life. Maybe that was bound to have hurt me in the end. Despite the hurt we shared treaured moments together and he made it to 13 years. To get that far he must have felt he had a reason to live. I don't know if there will ever be another dog and for now I'd rather just reflect on the happy times we had.
  6. Maths

    I appreciate the support. I am sorry to say this situation developed in the worst direction. My best friend was put to sleep today in the evening. As I understand it, he was left on his own with just the vets so nobody familiar with him. Clearly the situation was chaotic as he was evidently muzzled so must have been stressed and afraid. I had had no idea this is how it would turn out. I assumed his owner and her son would at least have been with him and the situation managed. Instead they just walked out and left him. All I can say is he deserved better. Relations with the family I occasionaly contacted have been strained for a while but this has made me see things differently. They all encouraged this premature ending that turned out to be a far cry from how pets are normally put to rest. There is now nothing I can do and he's gone but I want nothing more to do with that family. I think this incident just exposed the reality of it. The last 2 weeks they've gone on about my dad being ill and blaming me for not chasing after him. The reality is my dad was an abusive parent and I ceased contact with him years ago. Sorry to sound so dramatic or maybe if it's coming over as a meltdown. It's not just the loss of a special friend but they way he was dumped and left alone. I wish he could have stayed with me to be cared for. He might even have started to walk better given better care. My plan now is to try and pick up the pieces and somehow I have to keep my head above the water. It's not as if I can just cry and cry and not take care of myself. Thanks to all for letting me vent. I spent much of the day crying but now it's more anger.
  7. Maths

    Sorry you lost your companion. It will take time to adjust. Maybe you could find another dog for company?
  8. Maths

    The weird thing about my autism is I've never properly connected to another person. I always felt apart. Also I've always been ignored as if I wasn't good enough. It was always a case of being told I'm not good enough. Yet when I first met my German Shep, there was a total connection. I found he loved being with me. To others he was just a dog but he sensed with me we were both somehow not noticed by those around. So we found each other and it made a huge difference to me. Our bond was one where we came to love and accept each other just as we were. The days I'd been ignored or left out would be made much easier because I could just hang out with my canine soul mate. Plus we had our routine. Months ago I shared an experience on Asperclick where I'd been out walking with my dog. It was very hot and he sat down and didn't want to walk. I now know that was the gradual onset of his present condition. So, I sat down beside him. My ears are really super so I finally picked up a conversation by two women about me and the dog. The woman was saying she figured the dog wasn't too well and that his handler had seemed strange and unwell too. She then told her friend maybe she should go up and offer a glass of water. So, when she came up to us I was well aware of what she'd got on her mind. I tried to put her mind at rest. Not too long ago I was able to walk him to my uncle's house but gradually he struggled to make the distance. He then rapidly decreased the distance he could walk. I don't think though that to date he gave up. I couldn't go to the vets today and be seen to be throwing in the towel. I couldn't risk his passing away with the final thought I'd given up and no longer wanted him. I'd rather he never lose sight of the reality I'd never give up hope unless he'd himself given up first. I ought to be there with him today but it just doesn't feel right. Neither do I know how his loss will affect me or if I'll accept it and pick up the pieces. Reason tells me I've a duty to be strong and to press ahead and emotions at the same time make me feel a part of me will die. Of course the way he came to me was through a tragedy that made the BBC head news in 2OO8. His former owner and 3 passengers died in a light aircraft accident. The dog had lost his owner so I was asked to take him walks while the family picked up the pieces. Till then my life felt empty but the arrival of a new special friend did wonders for me. I'd no idea dogs can be so therapeutic.
  9. Maths

    I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your dog
  10. Maths

    He goes to the vet tomorrow evening. I understand the owner's decision. She feels his condition is worsening and his quality of life deteriorated. I still can't be there at the vet's and allow him to die knowing I gave up. I spent time with him today and there are two aspects to the condition. The very bad news is he can barely walk as his legs tend to flop sideways in a turning motion. He can manage a few paces along the grass verge. Then he prefers to go back and end the walk. So, his owner has a point that it's looking hopeless. However, when I sat with him today he ate very well. I mean, he loved his meal. Then, he happily played a game of tug of war, almost laughing in the process, eyes very alert as we tugged a toy. All the time I acted very normal as if all was as usual. Then as I started to leave I was getting tearful and he seemed to pick up on it and sense I was not myself. He really seemed to just know I was upset. I think it would have been a kinder ending for him to have come to stay with me. It's what I've been feeling over the weeks that he knows his time is short and wants his last weeks with his soul mate. I mean over the years I've groomed him, fed him, walked him every day and he's always come first. My only hope is that the vet may remark how well the dog is if you take the lameness out of the equation. There are injections, for example (a bit like cortisone and steroid). However it does look as if my soul mate will be leaving my life tomorrow. I can't describe the extent to which such a dog can support someone who's autistic and how deep the bond is. Fact is some autists who can't connect to people or empathise that well are left with lots of open space inside. Dogs are often more than happy to move into that space. Remember dogs feel misunderstood because most people are too busy with their people-filled lives to share their lives with a dog. Many dogs will also know you're somehow different and a dog will love you unconditionally. So, this is going to be tough. Thanks to all for the support - I got a bit off-topic.
  11. Dyscalculia Online Test

    I am good at math, I know I don't have dyscalculia which I have always understood to be a numerical form of dyslexia, so instead of struggling with letters, words and language you struggle with numbers and math. I did the test to give you a point of comparison, my results are below: Pass - 4 minutes - You scored well and the time taken suggests that your skills are fluent. Unless you have serious concerns that your mathematical skills are significantly lower than other skills, you have no need for a diagnostic assessment of your number skills. I will admit I was also watching something while I did the test so I probably could have done it faster, I got one answer 'incorrect' although that isn't really right since the question was 'Do you have difficulty managing money?' and that issue is as a result of ADHD
  12. Dyscalculia Online Test

    Screenshot of Access
  13. Dyscalculia Online Test

    I don't know what that even looks like. I know databases have a lot of numbers though. For the dyscalculia test did you know any of the conversions? I failed all of those, but truthfully, if I were to take a math test and I had time to study for it, I don't think I'd do too bad in it. I don't know why that test based themselves on whether people know what unit is equal to another.
  14. Dyscalculia Online Test

    Access is a database program from Microsoft in the Microsoft Office suite.
  15. Dyscalculia Online Test

    I don't know what access is, is it a program? Sorry, I'm clueless with programming/computer stuff of that sort. I wonder if @Miss Chief is good at math. I read that she's also good with computer stuff (don't know what to call it).
  16. Dyscalculia Online Test

    You know what I didn't even think about with the math and computer connection. For example, in Access you can have a calculated field in database tables and queries. I am also a Microsoft Office Specialist in Access 2016. I got certified in Access about a month ago.
  17. Dyscalculia Online Test

    Yes, just curious if being good at math is related to being good at programming or if it helps. And if being good at math is related to not having dyscalculia. I probably need to research more.
  18. Dyscalculia Online Test

    @RiRi Why? Just curious, RiRi?
  19. Dyscalculia Online Test

    Yes, I am good at computer and IT stuff/and SQL, and HTML with PHP programming. I am okay in math. Some of the questions I took random shots in the dark I got some of the right.
  20. Dyscalculia Online Test

    @Catman2018 That's interesting. Truthfully, I don't know what dyscalculia entails. I've researched it before and what the person said resonated with me. Like having difficulty reading analog clocks. I do struggle with it, but I am able to read them. Also mental math, I suck at that. I couldn't do a problem in my head. If having dyscalculia basically means that a person isn't good at math, then I definitely have dyscalculia. I think I read somewhere that you're good with computer stuff/computer programming. Are you good at math?
  21. Dyscalculia Online Test

    I got the risk of dyscaliculia too . I spend 5 minutes and 23 seconds on it.
  22. Maths

    He's with me now. He just wolfed down his food. One snag is when his owner feeds him, he won't eat till I arrive. That, in the past, led to ill-feeling as she thought I'd trained him to only take food off me. Yet, this is untrue. In many ways, it's a bit like how I will save my chocolate to eat over a dvd film. He's rigidly following his routine and also feeding time is shared as I eat too. After wolfing down his food, he then started to play with a toy, eyes lit-up. He's playing now with the odd grunt thrown out to tell me to play. This dog isn't ready to die yet. He's surprisingly healthy. His main issue is hip dysplasia so he may flop in a semicircle at the back legs. Then he will sort of walk ahead and take his time. He can't walk far but he can at least walk. I had him on glucosamine a while and had planned actual physio. Walking on carpet is one avenue. His owner I think isn't seeing the positive side. I mean he's nearly 13 and so far no lumps or signs of heart trouble. So, that's a great age for him to reach. Added to that I know he's still happy. If he were miserable and suffering I'd want him to pass peacefully but he's still plodding on. I hope the vet sees what I can see now and persuades the owner to explore physio and treatment. He's given me so much stability and peace I figure I owe him all my support and faith.
  23. Maths

    I'm sorry to hear David that the dog you care for has been unwell. He is clearly very special to you. Nesf is right that you need to prepare yourself for him passing on but hopefully he will be well enough to be around a little longer.
  24. Maths

    It probably won't help with the symptoms, but it might give you peace of mind. 13 is a very, very good age for this breed of dog - usually their lifespan doesn't last much beyond 10. I think you need to prepare yourself mentally for what is ineveitably going to happen. Don't think of it as betrayal, but as a kindness, not allowing him to suffer. Perhaps you could say goodbye to the him and then have the owner take him to the vet, when the time comes.
  25. Maths

    At the moment I face a serious, destabilising crisis. I never mentioned that fundamental to my gradual successes in managing autism was a German Shepherd dog. I'm not his owner but I've been his carer since 2OO7. I discovered the GSD is a very special dog for autists. I became very bonded and the bond coming from him strengthened now he's old. The crisis is he's now not far off 13 and has hip dysplasia. There's a rift as his owner wants him put to sleep. I'm not in agreement as I think (despite his arthritis) he still plays with toys and is eating with appetite. Beyond that, when he looks at me his eyes still seem lively and he seems to want to fight ahead. I've offered to take him with me so he gets more care but this offer hasn't been accepted. I was asked to go with him to the vets to be there when he's put to sleep and I answered that to me would be like betrayal. I don't think he's ready and most dog owners shared their pets had had cancer or been off their food. I can only hope the vet suggests alternatives. I was talking to one lady who told me her vet persuaded her to postpone. Still when I lose my soul mate it will be a big blow. The evenings spent with him were part of my routine for years. He's gotten very clingy too. It's as if he feels all those around him lost the will and vision to see him as just the same dog as always (just slower and less able). I see human beings propped up with crutches or interventions and people say that's different. I also heard of dog owners who used acupuncture, massage and physio on their pets. I guess I'm off topic here but much of the maths I picked up was in the serenity of being with my soul mate. He would chew a ball happily while I messed with a calculator. Last night I took his old collar with me in case I will need it as a reminder. It's the one he wore most of his life. Without him my life may become hollow as if I lost part of my self.
  26. Maths

    For some reason at school I was just placed in the bottom ranks, with the assumed dunces. The only strong area was my reading as I read a lot of superhero comics. The school existed for struggling working class families. They didn't delve into why the dullards were slow but just assumed to shift the emphasis to woodwork or metalwork. I had a major breakdown in the eighties and serious anxiety state. I was sent as an outpatient for consultations with a psychologist. At that time there was no actual diagnosis of Aspergers to apply. A serious rift developed between the psychology department and a GP but I won't go into that. I didn't forget "depersonalisation" was listed. I pieced it together a few years ago. More recently I became interested in the area where I don't seem to correspond to AS. The principal factor was I concluded my very limited personal interaction had impacted on my learning processes. This includes difficulties with verbal explanations. I have major difficulties with performing tasks quickly. Areas where I do fit AS are motor clumsiness, noise sensitivity, prosopagnosia, rigid routine, special interests, non verbal language deficit, temper outbursts, OCD. I'm not sure a formal diagnosis would help. Only perhaps by way of employment support. I never discuss any of it with people who know me so it's kept very quiet.
  27. Dyscalculia Online Test

    I took less than 11 minutes to complete it, but I put I would be guessing for a lot of them. :/ I got risk of dyscalculia. I took it a second time with 2 minutes to complete it, but I still got risk of dyscalculia. I took it a third time and still got risk of dyscalculia. I think I actually may have dyscalculia......
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