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  2. I don't hate them but I also have nothing to do with them, we don't talk and we're not friends on social media, if I bumped into them I would be polite but I have zero interest in talking to them or catching up, they're in the past.
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    Have awesome day everybody 😊

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      Thank you, same to you.

  4. Heartbreak over losing a friend

    It's all part of the process. Nothing is an accident and everything is happening as it's meant to. You'll meet many people like this, I collect them like Pokemon cards. The more people you accumulate, the more you realise it's all YOU. Not them.
  5. I saw my ex on the train, back in November - for the first time in six years? Anyway, when I saw her again, it was like looking at an old photo album. The person I was when I last saw her is a million miles from the person I am now, so it was surreal to look at her and not really feel anything beyond a slight sense of nostalgia. She had a great big rock on her ring finger too - I didn't ask, because it's obvious. And I didn't want to draw attention to it because it would have been an arranged marriage. (Our love was forbidden in her culture.) I hope she had some say in it though, if not making the sovereign choice. She's a nice girl. A real peace lover who taught me a great deal. I've been single since 2011 - I knew I just wasn't emotionally mature enough to pursue anyone after her. So I've been on a mission for self- improvement everyday since. And when you build on that for enough years, you end up with nothing else to do but to aggressively tick off the bucket list and get shit done - that then gives you satiety and fulfillment. More than any partner can offer. So I've been perfectly happy. I don't want to sound like 'that guy' but I have pretty much ticked everything off my bucket list - bar a couple of things which I'm actively working on. I just haven't had a girlfriend for six years, but d.i.l.l.i.g.a.f. I wouldn't be as happy as I am now if I got back into a relationship after her. That bucket list is due for a review though. It never ends, it just changes.
  6. I feel fine about most of my exes. I have a few on facebook still. Is like just old friends from high-school. Two of them were bitter about the past so I let them go. There is ONE though, that's a constant fight every time. But it's an entire new category when you have kids with said ex. It's like, whatever you do, your ex tries to one-up. Like it's a competition or something.
  7. Wanna Date Me? ;)

    I had ONE attempt at having a relationship with an aspie girl. In between my aspieness not being able to read her emotions and her aspiness sending the wrong signals, it ended up in disaster. Feelings were hurt, drama ensued. Years long friendships were lost because they side up with one or the other. It was bad. I guess relationships doesn't get any easier just because both people have the same syndrome.
  8. @RiRi I understand the feeling. Though remember that every part of our past, good and bad, shape who we are today. I know at the very least my ex showed me what I did NOT want in a boyfriend/partner which is still useful even if the lesson came with pain. Despite that there are times I wish I never dated my ex but then am reminded that I learned from that experience and that made me a better person even if I wish it didn't happen at the same time. I hope that did not confuse you. Just wanted to share in case it helps you in any way. Otherwise, I am sorry.
  9. Last week
  10. Wanna Date Me? ;)

    I'm partially responsible for this. I feel bad because I should have never interfered and just let people be but I have learned that the hard way.
  11. Heartbreak over losing a friend

    There isn't really anything you can do. You can still talk to her after she has moved away. I realise it won't be the same but unfortunately she has to live her own life. If you have feelings for her have you told her? Also, do you know if she feels the same way? I don't really know what else to say. I can understand why you think you are being selfish and I guess some people would say you are, but personally I would disagree with that. I think you have to ask yourself something. If there is nothing you can do about her leaving then is putting yourself through all this emotional turmoil really worth it? In the end it will only hurt her and you as well.
  12. Heartbreak over losing a friend

    Yes I said it because I meant it And it's complicated but I'll always try.
  13. Heartbreak over losing a friend

    You told me something like this in the past. That I'm not like anyone else and that out of everyone you've met only me and someone else were two very unique people. Does that still stand?
  14. Heartbreak over losing a friend

    You can communicate with this person after they move. It doesn't have to be that you can no longer be there for each other. There are phones, computers, applications through which you both can communicate and be there for each other.
  15. I don't hate my exes but I don't talk to them. I wish I would have never dated them.
  16. I do not hate them but barely talk to them. Initially it was because I was hurt and I had to heal. Now it is because I do not want to get too close to them. I like the occasional message back and forth because it is nice for me to hear what they are up to but I keep it more distant and professional and have to maintain clear boundaries of things we can talk about and things off limits because I have to protect myself from getting dragged down again.
  17. I'm not sure what to do, I really need some advice. I've come to care for someone a lot. Someone that always gets me though dark places and has giving me their everything these last few months. Now its not romantic or even a relationship, I think if I really wanted it can be and and a part of my would like to try. But she's not like anyone else and I know in myself I'm not good enough. And I'm fine with that. But she's going away possibly to start her new life and where she's going I'm scared for her, I want everything to workout for her more then anything. But a part of me also feels heartbroken that we won't be there for each other everyday anymore. Is that selfish, because my only goal is for her to find her happiness. How do I accept this chapter of my life with her will end now possibly? When it hurts so much?
  18. To those of you who have dated/had a girlfriend/boyfriend/etc., do you still talk to your ex? Do you have a good relationship with them? Why? Or do you no longer talk to them? Do you hate them? Why?
  19. Anger

    I struggle with anger too. It's interesting that it's like an aspie trait. I think what @Nesf has said about becoming aware of when you feel a meltdown coming is good. Being aware of how you're feeing when it's coming and when it's happening can help with how you deal with a situation when you're angry. Sometimes when I'm angry I notice myself getting really angry and I do think to myself, "Will I regret this later?" Of course and sometimes that's what stops me but other times, it doesn't. I have admitted that I need to work on my anger management and I want to be proactive about what I can do to better manage it. I think one of the steps to getting better is admitting that there's a problem and wanting to get better then working towards getting better.
  20. I try to fix things myself if I can or if it's not like an emergency thing, so I haven't had many people come in to fix things. Just internet modem installation. I've had that happen a couple of times but that's because the internet company that I have doesn't allow to do self installation. I don't really see the point in finding out what they're doing. Like going outside the pole where the cables are, I probably wouldn't be able to do that anyway. The reason why I don't like when they over explain things is because I have to interact with them. I just want to let them be and me to be out of sight and only talk to me to tell me things that are necessary or essential like how long the procedure's going to take, whether I need to do anything else afterward, etc. Otherwise, I'm like that too. I want to know everything and full explanation about things. Some people get bugged by this even because I'm always asking questions.
  21. Wanna Date Me? ;)

    what happened?
  22. People being glued to their mobile phones is a sign of the times. Whether it be texting or a spoken conversation it just seems that everyone is incapable of being out and about without being on their phone. I definitely understand your point, it is very annoying.
  23. Wanna Date Me? ;)

    I mean no harm with my comment just think its better to laugh at myself thought id say now
  24. Wanna Date Me? ;)

    I think id avoid people on this site after the failure, guy would probably finish with me again 😂
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