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  2. Maturity And A.S.

    Doesn't surprise me. All year round I've been working on my boat as a means to literally drop dependency on society. I am not willing to work anywhere without employment rights. So, I acted. My last job was so bad I just decided to take a new direction. Life this way is tough but I want to run my own show. People around me now noticed how far my project has come and now they're kind of surprised.
  3. Maturity And A.S.

    Speaking for myself if there a chance of a debate I walk the other way. I'm not a debate fan at all ... I prefer more tangible real life stuff. I'm not posting much because of very corrupt managers, directors and chief executive at work who are sucking the life out of me by refusing normal contact ... They have rehearsed scripts they mostly resort to inbetween nasty warped comments. I've been suspended (with pay) for 7 months now (done nothing wrong) which has majorly messed up my life ... they are abusing the grievance and disciplinary and complaints policies and ignoring all the others. The sociopathic HR execs literally laugh at and mock me. Can't be sure of anything with these professional abusers, but Its not unlikely that this may become a national news case in the future as its a major disability charity. Their unregulated corrupt abusive nature is at a saturation point ... they have been like this so long they are desensitised to it. I just keep collecting the evidence which is actually astounding.
  4. Maturity And A.S.

    The kind of debates you refer to are ones which people could have in many other places, not just on an AS forum, and this may explain why few members join in - not because of lack of interest but because they are covered elsewhere. I also feel that debates often don't get very far because opinions are frequently quite firmly set. Although I'm very interested in a lot of topics, particularly related to politics, the chief reason I come to Asperclick is to find out more about AS, share experiences, get advice and so on and this may be true for other members as well. As regards threads about specialised interests these may also often be covered elsewhere and therefore not attract much interest here. I wouldn't bemoan that there might not be much discussion of "highbrow" topics. In some cases, as just mentioned, these may be discussed elsewhere but I think it's fine for people to come here to discuss "lighter" issues. Leisure time is precious and while some may happily fill that time with high culture, science or technical pursuits others may prefer light relief - and of course many do both. As regards Asperclick I've been a member for almost nine months. I check in every day and I'm sure I will do for as long as it's around which I hope is a very long time. It's an excellent site and I wish I'd discovered it sooner. Most of my time is spent exploring threads before I joined where there is a huge amount of fascinating discussion, experiences and advice. For me only reading the latest topics would be like only reading the newest items in an encyclopaedia. I appreciate that some members have been here far longer so are much more familiar with those past topics but they can still be worth re-exploration even for very experienced members. It is true that there doesn't seem to be so much activity recently on the site and not many new members - or at least ones who post often. I'd like to see more activity but even if there were no new posts the site would still be an excellent resource in terms of its archive. Going through those threads it is striking to see some members who still post regularly but I do feel a tinge of sadness (if that's not too strong a word) at seeing some once-regular voices who seem to have disappeared, at least in terms of posting messages. I often wonder why those members don't post any more and hope it isn't for any negative reasons. I suppose often members stop posting for fairly mundane reasons such as other interests or commitments taking over. Perhaps this is just the norm and those members of a forum who continue to post regularly for many years are a small - but very important and valued - minority.
  5. Maturity And A.S.

    Glad to hear you are recovering, Nesf. That's good news your life is getting back to normal. For me, I don't often post in the AS sections as I endlessy discussed already OCD, diagnosis and so on. Therefore, I normally gravitate to debates or special interests which is a desert land here. I agree with you about new members and I personally gave up trying to join a site yesterday as it was too complicated. The Russian sites take ages to get back to you if at all. For some time I've been on one tech site I imagine is full of NT's. I simply can't figure out why they seem to have this idea I'm some sort of a "novice". I never get touchy about these days or react but I suspect the fact I make a lot of questions makes them feel that is synonymous with being some sort of rank beginner. If I delve into theoretical matter they get defensive. What does stand out is my solitary profile and being a bit on the sidelines. I keep being recommended more modern books and I'm too polite to spell out I prefer my old books. So often I"m seen as rude and stubborn. NT's feel you should be affiliated "somewhere". Bruce Lee said he experienced this problem that he was supposed to have a style or a school but he just did his thing. Nesf, keep an eye on my ancient language thread as later I want to ask you about ancient Greek.
  6. Maturity And A.S.

    Thank you. I have nearly finished my treatment and soon will be able to get back to my normal life. Firstly, there always is a dip in forum activity during the summer months when people go on holiday or find other things to do. But the biggest problem is the fact that no new members are posting. Whenever a new member posts, there is a surge of interest and the forum becomes active again, for a while. Members come and go, and that has always been the case. But having new members means that a moderator must approve their post and this should ideally be done within 24 hours, or the person will lose interest and move on. Having new members is entirely dependent on @Willow @spiderwoman0_2 or @Spiderman0_2 approving the new members posts quickly. Another thing that would increase interest in the forum would be a name change. The forum name refers specifically to Asperger's, but in many areas of the world, this is no longer used as a diagnosis and people might not relate to it or think that it doesn't relate to them. If the name had ASD or autism in the title, it might generate more interest.
  7. Last week
  8. Maturity And A.S.

    Last night I was having an interesting conversation with H about ancient languages. She's only 21 and just passed her teaching exams. We are simply superficial friends and joke about. Funnily enough she doesn't have AS but does get panic attacks. For 21 she's very mature in conversatiin.
  9. Maturity And A.S.

    Well, 2 points. Firstly I had been unaware you had been unwell, Nesf, so I take the opportunity to express support and my hope you are now better in health. I hope all is well with you at this time and sorry I was unaware earlier. Second point. To be fair, Asperclick isn't alone and there's been a bit of decline in forums overall. The electronics forum I'm on is pretty similar to Asperclick and has lots of members but not many posts. I must say I always found your posts well put together and different (teaching in Greece) so maybe you can suggest ideas? I suspect there are some good members here who lurk but don't post much.
  10. Maturity And A.S.

    It's not specifically the debates section that is dead, the whole forum is dead in general. The debates section isn't getting any posts because people are no longer visiting the forum. No new members are joining (their introductory posts await moderator approval to appear and that can take weeks) and the old ones are drifting away. Whether a thread gets posts or not doesn't depend on whether its a NT or ASD forum, it depends on the number of active members it has. At the moment, this forum has very few active members, and no new ones. The future doesn't look good for the forum.
  11. Maturity And A.S.

    The above post got one like and one response. It's hard to accurately respond to it but I have noticed for ages now the Debates section of the forum has always been pretty dead. OK there was a fair amount of interest in the Brexit threads but otherwise interest in global politics, history, archeology and even travel or music just seems to not exist. And weirdly, on some NT websites a thread on, say, the economy in China will draw about 20 responses in the first few hours. Or technical interest threads like the decline of Panasonic may get hot. So, the big two questions: Has anyone else noticed the scarceness of mature debate? Is AS now no longer stereotyped by ornithologists or stamp collectors but more so by chit chat and everyday social media? Could there be any Joans who study Paterphysical science in the home? Or has AS lost its nerdiness that made it a breath of fresh air?
  12. Maturity And A.S.

    I found this in the asperclick archives while Googling and will, therefore, make the first post to date that isn't mine. Below I will comment: "I know several aspie friends who are in their early twenties but whose level of emotional and social intelligence and awareness is about the age of a thirteen year old.  They constantly talk about the desire for a fiinding a romantic partner but unfortunately because of their immaturity, their chances are slim. Some older aspies can be immature as well. I can think of one person in the fifties whose acts like someone aged about seveteen. The disparity between biological age and behaviour age can be striking. I don't recall meeting any aspie who appeared older or paricularly mature for their age."
  13. Invisible Man Syndrome

    Well exactly - Infinitely many ways    Thats the whole point - WHOLE = Wholy/Holy   
  14. Invisible Man Syndrome

    That can be interpreted in many different ways. 
  15. Invisible Man Syndrome

    Actually YOU are what you think is you doesn't exist. Just like a whirlpool - the whirlpool is only visible because the water is showing us where the whirling is..    Incidentally ever wondered why its called the World?? The Whirld
  16. Living In A World Of Robots

    Sleepers...... They need to wake up and feel alive.    Buzzing with Chi is the only way.. Of course chi don't care about us though. And its also behind sources of what is perceived as evil. Yin.  Get some Alan Watts in your ears boss - seriously. All you need to not know is not there  
  17. Alas, a lot of videos are gone from her channel.
  18. Living In A World Of Robots

    Very weird observations lately on the robots theme. I think there is really something to it. Why do people seem to function cognitively like the needle on a vinyl record, following a groove but stuck in one direction? It's like programming. I've noticed at the elite level (the high tech sites I visit), people are capable of highly advanced maths or analysis but are still stuck in one direction. Their equilibrium is rocked if something different is put forward (say, from a fresh source). They heap praise on physicists like Tesla yet the same mentality scoffed at the inventor when he lived. Only after reluctant acceptance by larger numbers did these individuals gain respect. So, like any computer software people can solve complex problems but only by following and learning the theories of the 0.000001 to the billion of the population. So, imagine people as functional computers, programmed by the odd supercomputer - the Einsteins, Darwins and so forth. People also easily suffer from viruses. Defective thought processes introduced to a population that become accepted due to peer pressure. I guess it works like trends. I recall times when the mop head hair cut and miniskirt were "in". Ways of thinking work the same way because everyone bows to the concept the majority must be right. I would be skeptical of the "robots" theory if people acted as individuals and didn't follow a set groove. These mass thought patterns also constantly change as the decades pass. Morality, for example, altered hugely between the 1950's and the present. Maybe the key is the connection between analytical thought process and social thought process. The social aspect seems to be the glue that drives people to follow teachers and leaders and groups. In fact, I often get told it's not polite or even downright rude not to simply accept what such and such said as gospel. Simply because such and such is a member of some revered society.
  19. Invisible Man Syndrome

    It's the same for me but it goes into phases of some connection and none at all. Yesterday I had a lengthy and interesting chat with a lady from South Africa. She was very friendly and talkative and the social interaction was quite normal. Other times I may suddenly feel totally disconnected like not being there somehow. Like you don't exist. For me the movie Carnival Of Souls is like no 9 was for John Lennon. It was eerily me. I read up on depersonalisation and maybe it's like that a bit.
  20. Invisible Man Syndrome

    I thought this topic was about something else that applies to me, the fact that I frequently feel that I'm invisible or just don't exist. People ignore me and exclude me all the time.
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  22. I have tons of friends in AAA that would love to argue otherwise. And the 300 copies I lost this week alone to piracy? You're saying that's not harmful?
  23. Wanna Date Me? ;)

    Im not sure, but I can get to know you, I'll send you a message. Thanks, its tomorrow in NZ time.
  24. Wanna Date Me? ;)

    Would you like to be friends? By the way happy birthday soon. Mine is actually this month. 
  25. my life

    Well, he's right, it is part of the aging process, birth and death are necessary parts of the circle of life. When I was growing up as a kid and we got a puppy, my parents told me right from the start that dogs don't have as long a life as people do, and after a few years the dog will pass away and that I needed to know and accept this if I were to have a puppy.  But  @DavidTheWitch even when you know this, as I'm sure @blacktiger911 does, the death of a pet can be hard to accept because they are companions and often seen as a member of the family and people become emotionally attached to their pets.
    • Catman2016
    • Willow

    Nice kitty. 

  26. my life

    Remind me to never seek sympathy from you for any reason  @blacktiger911 Sorry to hear about what you are going through right now.
  27. I don't think anyone here will be able to answer that. Based on everything you've posted, your roommate sounds like a very disturbed person whose actions defy rational explanation.
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