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  2. NT's

    I must admit not all NTs fit the stereotype of being shallow. But a lot of them do fit the stereotype of being afraid of people who are different?
  3. I basically will use jokes about how other people in the thread are spergs and autist as a way of seeking out a response. I also use the term retard in order to stupid or idiotic. Further more I made a comic implying that Trump had fetal alcohol syndrome as well was Hitler and Stalin's butt baby?
  4. Feeling Psychotic when not Socailizing?

    I do actually feel out of touch with reality and like a I want to kill myself!
  5. Today
  6. A Foreign word for each letter

    Verrichten (Dutch) = Perform (a task)
  7. NT's

    I don't want to wind up being bitter and blaming NTs or looking down on "normal people". My gripe is with the current state of NT World which has become wholly based on capital. NT World promotes money-making and commerce above all other more rational values. Over population and destruction of the environment is a short fused time bomb. I have to ask the question what are people trying to do? So many millions labouring daily for what objective? More children, cars, cities, factories and economics as some sort of Holy Grail. It may well be NT World will at some point figure out technology will destroy industrial labour and jobs as a source of income. Clearly you can't just ignore how technology has replaced industrial labour over 30 years. The achilles heel of NT World is people can't seem to unite and make big decisions to avert a crisis. They just keep pushing ahead and hope maybe other generations will act. It's far from being the case NTs are stupid but sadly it's often the stupid ones that get into power.
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  9. Diagnosis

    I don't think anyone would label themselves with Aspergers if they didn't really have it. Finding out is a relief, but it's also a shock and not the most fun realization. If you've done your research and know you have it, own it. Besides, doctors like to label people 'depressed' and then put them on meds. Easy fix, big money. Ditto. Reading my teacher's notes on my kindergarten report cards is very telling.
  10. A Foreign word for each letter

    unterrichten (German) = teaching
  11. Ben

    Be the kind of person that you'd be afraid to lose - and be unashamedly autentic and straight talking. Shoot from the heart, you won't go wrong.

  12. Diagnosis

    This isn't about self-diagnosis... this is his doctor telling him that he cannot have AS/ASD because he suspects he has it, that is not right at all, almost all adult diagnoses are done because the adult knows they have something different about themselves and requests assessment (not necessarily an AS assessment but certainly a psychiatric assessment to find out why they don't fit in/are different). If I was a child now I strongly believe I would have been diagnosed before reaching school even but as I was born in '81 there was no AS diagnosis (or ADHD for that matter) back then and by the time people were being diagnosed with those conditions I was about to leave school. I was 30 when I was diagnosed with AS and I got diagnosed with ADHD last week at 36, I wouldn't have been diagnosed with either if I hadn't suggested it to my doctor (granted I did write up a load of evidence to support my claim) which resulted in my being referred and assessed. I didn't self-diagnose I suspected and got a referral to be formally assessed by a doctor. You cannot get a formal diagnosis if your GP/family doctor won't refer you to be assessed.
  13. Diagnosis

    I've heard that Self-Diagnosis is not recommended, and may well be anecdotal.
  14. Diagnosis

    The statement made by the doctor is very worrying - that she could have such a view and then be involved in the diagnosis process. Is she your GP or a specialist of some kind? Even if she is your GP rather than a specialist in AS she should know better or at the very least refrain from taking a view and refer you to someone more informed. GPs are the gatekeepers to more expert analysis and diagnosis and they need to be very careful about ruling out AS (or any other condition) unless they are certain of their facts. Unfortunately I think these sorts of views and other misleading ones about AS can deter many people from seeking a diagnosis. As others have mentioned many who have AS have had years of feeling different - and other people often making it clear they are "different". They have often tried very hard not to be different and found they cannot do so. There may be a small number of Aspies who genuinely don't feel themselves to be different but I imagine the great majority are only too aware that they "don't fit in". It's certainly a case of getting a second - hopefully more genuinely expert - opinion.
  15. τέλειος (telios, Greek) = perfect
  16. Diagnosis

    Not, not true - People with Asperger's without a diagnosis grow up feeling that they don't fit in, can't relate or connect, or feel that others treat them differently. We can see that we are being treated differently, we can see that we are different. We might not know that it is Asperger's specifically, but we usually know that we are different. I would see a different doctor and get a second opinion from someone who is better informed about autism.
  17. Last week
  18. Diagnosis

    I got diagnosed because I thought I had AS so we can definitely know about it. Here is a quote from the National Autistic Society: "It's quite common for people to have gone through life without an autism diagnosis, feeling that somehow they don't quite fit in." Link here: http://www.autism.org.uk/about/diagnosis/adults.aspx
  19. Diagnosis

    Yeah I was thinking so too, she thinks I have depression but my mood is always triggered by little things that only come from my thoughts and people I rely on
  20. Diagnosis

    I don't believe thats true. It may be for some, but aspies tend to be observant. I think most will know they are different ...
  21. Diagnosis

    The doctor doesnt think I have aspergers, because most aspies are not aware of whats wrong with them other people see it, is that true?
  22. NT's

    I do find many NTs are superficial in their relationships whilst aspies like deep, meaningful relationships
  23. A Foreign word for each letter

    Verdad (Spanish) =true/truth
  24. Feeling Psychotic when not Socailizing?

    Psychotic is a delusional state of mind where you imagine things and lose touch with reality. I read psychotics feel they have special powers which is also assumed to be part of the disorder. However I believe mental illness can trigger ESP phenomena or Savant symptoms.
  25. Chris Packham subject of TV documentary on 17 October

    I can relate to it, but not sure what to make of it as it was necessarily made for TV and fairly superficial ... looking forward to part two next week though as it just seemed to end hanging / incomplete. I wonder how the NT community found it?
  26. Jealousy / othello syndrome

    @RiRi makes a good point I suppose if I had reason to be jealous like someone was behaving suspiciously then I might then but personally I would just talk to my partner in that situation and find out what is going on. We have been together over 11 years so we know each other pretty well and I know he wouldn't cheat so I don't worry about it. Also as I said before I once went out with someone very jealous, possessive and controlling for a few years and it was hell so I wouldn't want to put someone else through that or go through it again. I categorically wouldn't let someone check my phone/accounts nor would I do that to someone else, there needs to be trust in a relationship.
  27. It was better than other documentaries I've seen on autism, perhaps because it was narrated from an insider's perspective, that of an autistic person, rather than from an outsider's point of view. I could relate a lot to what he said, especially how he had to find coping mechanisms to deal with academic life and to get by in a job or environment that demands a lot of interaction. I feel that I'm in a similar situation, though I don't have the added pressure of having to appear on TV. I can relate to what he says about his mind wandering and jumping from topic to topic and not being able to focus on what a person is saying. This is a huge issue for me - my mind just wants to go off on its own tangent. I also struggle with processing and catching up when a person changes subject. I agree that people need to try to understand autistic people rather than trying to 'cure' them. I liked that he conducted an interview with someone who was saying how valuable autistic people are to society.
  28. I don't know that you mean you feel psychotic when you are at the group home listening to shouting - don't you just mean you feel angry/annoyed/scared/upset? Psychotic is an actual state in an illness, it wouldn't just come and go like that depending on your environment. It sounds like the group home isn't a good place for you nevertheless, or anyone else if staff yell at service users You should talk to whoever is in charge of your care.
  29. NT's

    Sadly I was ridiculed by the majority on electrical engineering forums. Banned by two. I can now see more clearly that I learn more slowly and more analytically plus far more theoretically (less practical activity). I do still think that to scoff at autistic students (as I encountered) and ridicule those who need to use different approaches is arrogant and totally the wrong attitude. I agree though self-tuition especially with autism can be harder. I still have elements of dyscalculia and had to increase time spent to every day. I now see NTs as competition. It's my way vs the collective and the hierarchy, the pretence and reluctance to ever admit to not knowing something. To up the stakes I started not long ago to specialise in modulation and transmitter systems. I figure if you know how to design a transmitter, you will get better insight into the more generalised repair they discuss on those forums. I don't have a natural talent for electrics and physics but I do have good associative horizon and eye for detail. What I notice about NTs is they won't go in any new direction. They will learn as much systematic, mechanical proceedure as possible (over fifty years maybe), but lack imagination. The main problem as I see it is their boasting and assumption what was discovered between the twenties and sixties was a monopoly owned by experts. In fact it was evolution. Many discoveries are made by chance and even accidents. Even the principles of transistors were known long before they were invented.
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