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  1. Another aspie vlogger from the same country as the owner of this forum. But she only has one video about asperger's, embedded right below.   Most of her others are make-up tutorials. Another aspie who breaks the mould by being into beauty, but I wonder if it is a special interest of hers. Does she go on and on about make-up? It seems likely that only those who know her personally would currently know. She does have a few other psychology related videos, including one about anxiety and even something called emetophobia. I have sent her an email, using an email address found on her about page, mentioning this site, but so far no reply from her.:(
  2. Singing to self soothe and feel better

    Hello, As some of you know I'm an adult with Aspergers. I have always loved singing to self soothe. I'm self taught and have not had any singing lessons.  I literally fall in love with songs and they get stuck in my head to the point where I can't do much else but hyper focus on the song. It plays in my head 24/7 and the only way to get it out of my head is to learn it and sing it and once I feel satisfied with the recording, it goes away.  I love this song from Beauty and the Beast. Hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as I've enjoyed learning and recording it.     It would mean a great deal to me if you could spare a few minutes to support me with this hobby by visiting my youtube channel which is very much in its infancy, only started recently to have one place to store all my recordings, like it or share it if you find it any good. Sorry about the funny faces i pull whilst concentrating on the notes   Hopefully this link will work for my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPAIYdY6xr0uasCSBkynT3Q Thank you x
  3. Open Source Autism?

    http://homepage.cs.uiowa.edu/~hourcade/projects/asd/ Here is my own website to talk about Aspergers Technology http://aspergerstech.freeforums.net/
  4. Could I have Aspergers?

    Hello there,   I was chatting to my friends recently when we were all filling in a quesionare for something. One question was "what makes you different to your friends?" And a few of mine wrote "I have autism" (Aspergers or similar), and we were all surprised when they said this, as none of us knew that anyone in our group was autistic. Now, this was a very convenient way of me learning all this, but it led me to do some research, as I knew very little about Autism and Aspergers at the time, and wanted to make sure that I made the right approach and didn't worry them, now that they knew that I knew this about them.   So, I looked up what having Aspergers affected, and what the symptoms were. It wasnt long before I realised that I too had quite a few of these symptoms. I took a few online tests, and they all came up as in the range of someone who had Aspergers. I thought to myself "it can't provide a real diagnosis" but it has been bothering me since.   The traits I can relate with (from the list at http://www.webmd.com/brain/autism/tc/aspergers-syndrome-symptoms and other sources) include: difficulty to make and maintain friendships; random finger or hand tapping; strangely formal language; strict(ish) routine (on weekdays); one sided conversations about one obsessive topic (Theatre); domination of conversations (difficult for others to get words in edgeways); heightened sensitivity (especially to sound); difficulty to fit in with others; being bullied for being who I am (which is different to others) and not putting any emphasis on being "cool".   I'm not sure really what to do and haven't told my parents about this yet as I'm not sure what to say or how they'll react! If, however, my suspicions grow, then I will definitely talk to them, but I thought I'd try on here first and see whether there is anyone here who can help me at all by saying "yes, you might have Aspergers" or "no, you're just being silly".   Thank you!
  5. So what the heck is synesthesia? A combining of senses, basically. So for me it's for every sense that isn't sight there is a color association. I hear more intensely then I smell or taste, and I feel just as much as I see. For me letters, shapes, time, distances, all of that jazz can be a color range or just a color or like having subtitles always in your vision. WHAT? Right? That is not neurotypical. Most people, at least for me, when they see an object it is just that object. There's a puppy. Yes I see the puppy, but if the puppy is in my lap and panting the sensation of puppy in lap is lavender and yellow and then the sound the puppy makes (chilled panting) is plumish-red and true blue. Then if someone is talking to me I see their words as subtitles based upon how intensely they are speaking.  Every letter has a color and every word has a color combination. Ok so I'm sitting there with the puppy and someone just said "HEY Kim!" H is orange-gold, E is red/pink Y is white, K is light blue, i is white, and m is a faded red.  So along with seeing the image of puppy in my lap and some one from behind me saying "HEY Kim!" The colors I experience are lavender, yellow, plumish-red, orange-gold, red/pink, white, light blue, white again, and then faded red all in a span of a moment. 3 seconds. For me, I didn't know this was not how people experienced the world until high school when I asked my best friend "Doesn't a letter have a color?" And she said no. What was I talking about. My poor Trig teacher had to read my notes in color because I couldn't organize mathematics without some color. Geometry was hell because with numbers, words, and shapes I was supposed to figure out an angle and to me an angle on an obtuse triangle is light blue only because O from Obtuse is aqua. -_-? Now imagine triangles as green because 3 is green and oh triangles are yellow green because they're small and big triangles are multicolored for whatever reason. The logic is either there or it's not there at all. G is green. Makes sense right? But then why is T light brown or S white or light green sometimes? It's a weird experience I had no idea was weird.   I even remember times before I knew my native language all because people made sounds and sounds had colors. Other than that personal fact I know to be true, I can't explain why. I would love for a neurologist just to ask "What the heck is up with her brain and lets see a visual as to why."  There are many reports saying that synesthesia is caused by head trauma and I would agree with that. The colors became more intense after I would hurt my head in many ways that I would. I've landed on the back of my head more times than most kids I knew.  Point of all of this is I was currently diagnosed with Autism and that I'm somewhere on the range but it's unknown where I stand. Well...I feel that's inaccurate and needs to be addressed. Because my brother is considered Aspergers (though still in denial but everyone says that he is) and he thinks I'm nuts for experiencing soooooo many colors in just one point in time. I mean I can roll a dice and visualize my goal just by the color combinations of what a dice feels like. If I want a 6 you can bet 5/6 times I'll get my 6. I feel like this difference is not what every Aspie feels and that if I want benefits to help with college or help in career choices identifying as autistic is unfair for others. Because for me if there is truly one sense I have it's color. If I were to go blind I feel I'd be fine because I already have 100000000000000+ color combinations for the world.  So, everyone, you tell me. Should this be within the branch of autism or a separate disorder? If you read all of that, bless ya, please share your opinion. 
  6. Parents won't Believe I'm Autistic?

    I've read ten books on autism. I've done five courses on autism. I've talked to people...but my parents won't believe me. My mom said it's because I don't look autistic. They're not allowing me to get a diagnosis because "That's not how it works." Help??
  7. I'm not planning to tell my employers about my condition. I was just wondering what people thought about this question. Should you disclose your Aspergers to an employer. In my case, I probably should, having Aspergers weakens my ability to do my job in certain aspects, such as communication, social skills and often competency, I have a feeling they're already aware of my disability (or at least know I'm different), but I haven't said anything, and neither have they.   Also, when applying for jobs, I tend to fiddle with the 'Do you consider yourself to have a disability' check box, with some applications, I tick it and others, I don't, because I believe I have a higher chance of getting the job if I say I don't. When I say applying for jobs, these are only retail jobs, and I've been in retail for 3 years, so I can handle whatever they may throw at me (I'd like to think I could).