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Autism Card?

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Iv tirelessly tried to get an exact replacement for my old Autism card, this is what Iv been told I'm getting(Cool that its Purple, my favourite colour) hope its plastic, not paper... 






That's exactly what I wanted, it's plain and says what needs to be said with as few words as possible, and the acronym is Argh!.


Sorry Willow, but there are to many colors for me, I like the highlighted words, but only one color for all.

I like black and white, red highlights and maybe some simple color logo. 

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Where do you get the autism cards from? Please message me

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sarah allen

In my opinion I rather not have a autism / aspergers card because of how people would treat me differently I have high functioning aspergers so to me I don't have that struggle in that particular area in social or emotional I am able to talk to others if I do need the help. 

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