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Are any of you savants?

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On 6/28/2016 at 11:39 AM, CCninja86 said:

I actually am as far as I'm aware. I have Asperger's Syndrome and a Photographic Memory (Eidetic Memory). I still remember lots of small details of a reception room I sat in for 5 minutes months ago, like how many parcels were sitting on the floor behind the counter, which position the light switches were in inside the room on the left, the colour and first two letters of the car parked on the opposite side of the street, and more. I also remember some details from some pictures of paintings I saw at about the same time, and a license plate number I saw at least a month or two ago. I can sort of just visualise these details, they kind of just 'flash' in my mind when I try to recall them.

Yeah - I have the eidetic mind. Thats whats so frustrating at times. I can see whats gonna happen a few moments before it does happen just by looking inwards... So I will see an NT about to make a big mistake, try to warn them, they don't get it and then bang! Like watching a car crash and being able to stop it but the passengers don't want you to help them stay alive. :(

Its like a holographic virtual reality that I can refer to to get answers about up and coming tasks. 


I guess you could say that - Passing is a Savant ability?? Being Autistic all your life but nobody notices, not even yourself. ??


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I think the big guy John Caffrey in The Green Mile was supposed to be a savant. Some savants appear simple but have unusual insight. Take Muhammad Ali the former heavyweight champion. He'd failed his basic school exams and was an academic failure. Yet really he struck me as exceptionally intelligent and principled. For a start he boxed in a way the experts had sworn was totally wrong, with his hands low. He boxed in retreat with his legs doing much of the speed work. Then there was that rope-a-dope when he was older - laying on the ropes and letting George Foreman exhaust himself. Add to that his stance on Vietnam and the courage to refuse induction into the armed forces. Even his religion was genuine in the way he developed it rather than just following scriptures. He was a muslim who had Jewish and Christian friends, black and white friends too. The film with Will Smith is well worth seeing.

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I am an autistic artistic savant.

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I am good at fucking up my life?

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