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New Forum: Debates

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Hi all :)

I've made a new forum called 'Debates' which will be for 'Anything which will cause a heated, opinionated discussion; religion, politics etc.'


I will be gradually moving threads over to this new forum which will hopefully make it more clear what kind of thing I would like to be posted there in future.

Posts made in this forum do NOT count towards post count. Reason being that these threads usually get into an out of hand argument and I don't think people should be increasing their post count through an argument!

I'll be honest, I do dislike having to moderate the kinds of threads which I've made this forum for; a lot of the time it's about a topic I don't fully understand or am not personally interested in and so it's harder for me to read through everything and decide who's fault the argument is etc.

A lot of the time in these threads, people tend to end up launching personal attacks, which is beyond what I would like to see: a healthy debate or discussion, but keeping in mind that opinions differ and that's fine, that's life. You can't then be angry with that person elsewhere on the forum, it's not fair on everyone else for something to be dragged across the forum into unrelated discussions, because you had a different opinion to them about whatever topic you were arguing about. 


So, this new forum is going to be mostly unmoderated. I expect you to be mature enough to keep what goes on in this forum, in this forum, and if you really want to make it personal and continue arguing/falling out, then there's a place for that too: personal messages. Please, and I'm asking as nice as I can, don't bring unrelated anger into other threads. If something is becoming a debate in a thread elsewhere, then stop and make a thread in here about it to continue.


Thank you :)


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Thats a really good idea I think it makes perfect sense and hope it does make your life a bit easier willow.

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Elsewhere I use such places as 'Debates' is called the sauna, but a good idea and an interesting experiment.

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