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Trying to understand

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My grandson is 13 his siblings are 7,5, i have been raising them for the past 5 years. His parents are not around at all. I have alot of questios. So ive been reading to try and understand what my grandkids are going through. The oldest has been going to counselling for a long time with little progress. Im  at my wits end. He is disruptive as soon as he walks into a room. His behavior is affecting the way his siblings act. He was dx with add,ocd,mood disorder, but i have never been satisfied with these dx there is clearly something else going on. In the last year I've been told atleast 3 times he may have Asperger's. So here i am trying to understand the complexity of this disorder. 

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Hello, and welcome to the forum. I hope you find some information and read experiences here that will be useful to you in understanding ASD.

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