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My daughter is failing the grade

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  I warned about this a thousand times!!!!!!!!!!


  OK, I don't want to rant because rants go on separate rant thread as per forum rules... but dam.... I've been fighting custody for my daughter for over 18 months now and.. I've saying the court that the same disaster that happened with my son, was going to happen with my daughter (who is younger).


  Grade reports are in... same amounts of F's and D's as my son few years ago.  Dam!!! If I'm good as something on this earth is this: I'm good a recognizing pasterns!!!!


  I know most people reading this have no idea what I'm talking about because the back story is not there.  And I Grr!!! because I can'tre is able and willingreally give up the details of something that's currently being discussed in court... but GRR!!!!!!!!!!!!    


  it is the parents responsibility to keep track of their child's progress in school.  If you are not gonna keep track... then move.. get out of the way.. cuz super aspie dad over here is able and willing to deal with the kids education.  Just like I did the boy... I can do with the girl.. GRRRR!!!!


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you know i graduated with c's and d's if there is a problum with your kid get in there and deal with it!!

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