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Explaining Grammatical terms: adjective

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Adjectives and common nouns are both words that can have 'the' in front of them. So let's start with how to tell the difference between an adjective and a noun. Some nouns can have 'much' in front of them, other nouns can have 'a' or 'many' in front of them, and the latter nouns tend to have different forms where one can have 'a'/'an' in front and another that can have 'many' in front of it. Adjectives are words can have any of of the following in front of them: a(n), the, much, many. And they are in the same form. And with any of these words in front of them, adjectives must in general be directly in front of a noun or another adjective.

Nearly all adjectives can also have any of the following words in front of them: am, are, is, was, were.

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