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    • I thought it would be good to make a list of all the good autism videos and documentaries out there. I find them so helpful as I'm a very visual person but also just seeing more people like me has so helpful personally, and it helps me understand the breadth and diversity of the autism spectrum. Its useful when others have insights into their own experience and really good to see those who have managed to find a supportive niche for themselves in the world or some kind of success as per their own definition of success.

      I personally prefer ones focused on autistic individuals rather than just informational or explanatory ones, Ive also stayed away from personal vlogs, more chatty-style vids and pseudoscience/'cures'. Also these are mostly focused on adults on the 'higher functioning' end of the spectrum but thats just because thats what I watch but feel free to post other kinds just the ones you would recommend.

      I was looking through my youtube history looking for a specific autism documentary and realised I have seen hundreds - and a lot of them were really good and others might benefit









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    • I truly do love caffeine, I wouldn't call it an addiction, but I do feel a need for it. Nicotine? I can give or take. I smoke the occasional cigar, I chew a bit of tobacco and I've even dabbled with snuff. But I can have cigars sitting in my humidor for months at a time, and I won't feel an urge to reach for them unless I'm in the mood. 

      Alcohol - despite my affinity for my whisky collection and craft beer stash, I rarely (if ever) actually drink with the intention of getting drunk. Some of the strong stouts I drink (say 15 to 20% abv) might have me feeling a bit awry, but again, I don't chase the 'buzz'. 

      But caffeine? It just does it for me, and I think I know why. It produces oxytocin - the social hormone. And as someone on the spectrum, I truly do notice an enormous improvement within myself socially after only one can of (pick your brand - just not Red Bull. Yuk) energy drink. This isn't exactly a new thing I've noticed, but until recently I just assumed it was the energy kick, but now I believe differently. I think there's something in this oxytocin thing. 

      Perhaps moderate to high doses may have a long term therapeutic benefit for those on the spectrum? (Just playing the devil's advocate.) 
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    • I don't do this but I was visiting my Autistic friend a few days ago and they hit themselves on the head (not hard; mostly as a symbolic thing) when they do something stupid or dumb. They didn't say why they did this but I think that this might be some kind of self-punishment. I'm just asking if anyone else does this as I don't know if this is common Autistic behaviour?
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