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A club for computing and tech-related discussions. Geeks only. All Linux users welcome. Share and talk about your computing projects, discuss ideas, and so on. This is not the place to ask for general computer help or talk about the latest smartphone models.

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  2. http://s15.zetaboards.com/FoxDen/index/ The Fox Den weather you want to discuss 9/11 or Raspberry Pi is the perfect place to set your feet down and relax and have good cup of Knowledge!
  3. DavidTheWitch

    MATLABBERS on Asperclick

    Okay you are talking about the programing language. I looked at it and it appears to require pay to download. Have you ever thought of using the Free Alternatives?
  4. Jonnielovely

    MATLABBERS on Asperclick

    Anyone who use matlab, I may need it for later this year on my uni course. It will be great if I can know other who also use matlab and we can share experience
  5. Learn to Program Basic was an interplay game to help kids learn programing. Could anyone point me to a modern version of this for Python?
  6. DavidTheWitch

    Series: Halt and Catch Fire

    My dad used to work at digital. A lot of things in the computer industry were unfair!
  7. aspieguy

    Series: Halt and Catch Fire

    I haven't heard of that one. Also check out The IT Crowd.
  8. Don't know if anyone is watching this but it is a really good geeky series I'm sure anyone in here would enjoy it IMDB: GHalt and Catch Fire



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