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  2. Elegante (Spanish) = Elegant
  3. Dach (German) = roof.
  4. Cenizas (Spanish) = Ashes
  5. Buch (German) = book
  6. Ambiente (Spanish) = Environment
  7. HalfFull

    A Foreign word for each letter

    Zimmer (German) = Room
  8. Thank you @Joie6. Let's please get this back on topic. Yeux (French) = eyes.
  9. Joie6

    A Foreign word for each letter

    @Nesf @RiRi I meant "das Werden" which is a noun and which means "the will". So yes I've made a mistake, but it was because I've forgotten to uppercase the first letter : in german, the first letter of a noun is always uppercased. @Nesf I've wroten the article in order to show that it's a noun (a noun is always preceded by an article). @RiRi That will be is "das wird sein" in german. I've thought that this topic was meant to share words in different languages, whether we master them or not. Yet, I understand that you've noticed the mistake and want to follow correctly the rules. But you could say it to me directly.
  10. You misread my comment and misinterpreted it as well. I was merely asking you why you had placed that letter instead of an F. I didn't accuse you, okay? If you're not going to apologize then fine but don't say I accused you when I didn't.
  11. If you read back my post, I did not accuse you. I just found it odd that you would write that after my clearly stated word that starts with an E, so I made a comment about people breaking the rules, I didn't say anyone broke the rules until you blatantly and deliberately accused me, so I should be more offended than you are. I was also trying to be nice in my post, you, on the other hand, were outright rude.
  12. Just as I was 'kind of offended' when you pointed out that I was breaking the rules, when really I hadn't. I didn't appreciate that, either. You should have addressed that to @Joie6, not me. If I am accused of something, or if someone writes something about me or concerning my posts that I think is unfair or incorrect, I can and will defend myself and put the record straight. It is my right to do so. Anyway, back to topic. I'm not going to further derail the thread by arguing about this further.
  13. Actually, das werden is not French, it's German (I knew that when I googled it but was preoccupied by something else that I still thought to write it was French). And I see why she might have made the mistake because she's not fluent in it. Either way, she did not follow the rules by stating a word, if she wrote the article, it means she stated two words. With that said, she's the one who broke the alphabetical order, and in this case, the rules. @Nesf Even though you realized there might have been a confusion with das werden, because she wrote das. It's unfortunate that you were not tolerant of me.
  14. Yeah, it did seem like an X what you put. I see what you were trying to do. It wasn't me the one who broke it though, it was @Joie6 and I don't appreciate you telling me it was me. I'm one to always try to stick to the rules and I believe I understood them correctly, which was to write a foreign word, following the alphabet. Throughout the thread, people had been writing the wrong word, not followed the alphabet and I noticed @HalfFull said to just continue from the previous letter so that's what I did, after previous instances where I tried to continue with the alphabet by skipping what people wrote. @Joie6 wrote das werden, which I just now googled and on google translate it says it means "that will be". When I first read your comment, I thought, I'm speaking to the language guru so I didn't question it. But when you said that das is an article and werden is not an noun, only nouns go with articles, so that automatically was a red flag for me and I had to research what it meant. I also felt bad that it was me who broke the alphabetical order but now I realize maybe it wasn't me. I believe @Joie6 is French, so she must be fluent in it and couldn't have made a beginner mistake like that to pair an article with a word that's not a noun. Also, I do know more languages than just Spanish and English but I don't put it up because 1)I want to keep it private. 2) I'm only putting languages I'm fluent in, so as to not make mistakes like this. Regardless of whether @Joie6 wrote the article with a non-noun, she still broke the rules because in the rules it says you write the word (I assume the word can be a verb, anything) and just one word that follows the alphabet. In this case, she did not follow the rules. I actually thought das werden was together and meant one word (will) and she started with d, so she broke the rules and didn't go in alphabetical order. I'm kind of offended you thought it was me who broke the alphabetical order when I was going with what I saw previously.
  15. No, it was suppoded to be an X letter. The game was going U, V, W - you are the one that broke it... @Joie6 needed to write Werden without the article das in front to avoid confusion, I guess, though werden is actually a verb, not a noun.
  16. @Nesf Was that supposed to be for an F letter. I think a lot of people forgot that it's supposed to be alphabetical. It doesn't bother me, just thought I'd mention it. Gato (Spanish) = Male cat
  17. Ξένος (pronounced xenos) = foreigner or stranger (Greek).
  18. Ensalada (Spanish) = Salad.
  19. In fact, some mass nouns in English can be given plurals too, with the same sort of meaning change, we can say that crude oil consists of multiple oils. We can say that copper, aluminium, tin and iron are different metals. But not all mass nouns in English can meaningfully be given a plural if you think about it. Although we do have the expression 'the woods' we must say 'a piece of wood'. And although we have the expression 'hot coals' we must say 'a piece of coal'.
  20. This is true, and native speakers can make mistakes. I think that they can be given a plural, but would their meaning in the plural. Ulei (oil) is also neuter, and has a plural form 'uleiuri'. Uleiuri would mean in English 'types of oil'.
  21. But the plural forms of nouns are the only difference between masculine and neuter nouns and the singular forms are the only difference between masculine and feminine nouns. Therefore there is no way to tell neuter nouns that don't have singular or plural forms from both masculine and feminine nouns. Note to @RiRi, it is as if some nouns in Spanish that can have el in front of them in the singular got las instead of los in the plural. Imagine something like el nombre, las nombres.
  22. Why would it be impossible? A noun's gender is not determined by it's plural form. It's plural form is a consequence of its gender, not its gender a consequence of its plural form.
  23. But you said there is no difference between masculine and neuter nouns in the singular, and no difference between feminine and neuter nouns in the plural, and if so, it is impossible for a noun that doesn't have a plural form to be neuter. Exactly, their meaning changes to a countable one, and in that case, it is a countable noun. Looking at English, there are plenty of mass nouns that simply do not have a plural form, they can come right after 'much' but never right after a number. If such nouns exist in Romanian, they would have to be masculine or feminine.
  24. No, they don't depend on anything, they just are masculine, feminine or neuter, regardless whether they get used in the plural form or not. Many uncountable or mass nouns can be used in the plural, but their meaning changes, as in your coal example.
  25. But whether neuter nouns are the same as masculine or the same as feminine does depend on number, and mass nouns are not, and cannot be marked for number. Therefore the distinction between neuter nouns and others depends on marking for number, and mass nouns cannot be marked for number. For examples in English, we cannot say one coal or two coals, for example. What we say is 'one piece of coal' or 'two pieces of coal'. But 'much coal' does work.
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