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    got shouted at today

    I'm sorry to hear this rainbow. A lot of us have this problem with noise at parties and as you explained why you were moving places there shouldn't have been a problem. Was it your friend who later rang you? If so I would expect them to have a more supportive approach as they know your situation.
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  4. i went to my friends 23rd birthday dinner, there was 4 of us there. while I was at the dinner, there was a lot of talking going on back and forth across the table and I find it hard to keep up. And there was loud music going off as well. I was feeling a bit down and angry inside. so I got up and said I am moving to the other end of the table to due to the noise and how it was making me feel. I was ok after that. Then later on in the day I got a phone call saying that was wrong of me to walk up and move, and also she told not to talk about my Asperger's. it as made me feel like I am a bad person and saying that I ruined my friends birthday which I did not.
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  6. I dont want to work. Life is so hard. Why should I get a job and have monies? You dont need to work in order to breathe but you need to work for rent and food. Why is things like that? I hate it but I cant change it. Some people may say if you don't work you dont contribute and you dont deserve to eat or sometI hing like that or just saying this is selfish. We dont need work to get air and light but we need to work to buy food clothes bus rent etc . I believe those things should be free / provided by govt. If I want designer brands and nice food I am willing to work and get money to buy them. I can buy luxury myself. There are sometimes I am in a bit of downtime buy not necessary ill. But it is impossible to take a week or 2 or even longer holiday to do something I like when I am in a downtime and then return to work. I dont want to work if I am a bad mood that day or that few days. I am not motivated and probably not focused at all. But it is impossible to say i am not happy and than I want to take a rest from work. Slavery still exist in modern days, but just in a different form. We are slaves because we are forced to work to live. Rant over
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    Not sure if I have time or if it's worth the effort to make a website purely based on Asperger's work. It does differ though from modern psychology. The emphasis was on how the autistic symptoms were making school impossible. A heck of a lot is wrapped around processing information and Asperger tries to improve social interaction. The symptoms that come up most are learning difficulties and poor motor co-ordination. As well as conflict and withdrawel. Asperger often compares to schizophrenia.
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    For me there is a change of direction ahead. I have plans for an information site on Asperger Syndrome based on the original studies. It may be similar to what Paul Cooijman was doing. Not sure how long it will take me to make the site but it should be a challenge.
  9. I took part in the first series of "Employable Me". However my contribution was reduced to a short film on BBC3. I admit to feeling quite envious when I watched the second series (shown late 2017) and saw how the format had changed. If only I could have benefitted from assistance with creative job searching techniques; maybe if I had the programme makers wouldn't have needed to fake a happy ending. Contrary to what the video implies, what I was actually offered was a temporary job as an agency worker at National Grid, earning less than a graduate trainee. Less than a year later I was told that I hadn't displayed sufficient analytical ability to be upgraded to a permanent role, and out I went. So much for Aspies and their special talents!
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    Grunya Sukhareva that is. Today Russian psychologists mailed me articles on this Russian Jewish female psychologist who beat Hans Asperger to the punch. She discovered high functioning autism before Hans Asperger. Now personally I don't buy into this sudden declaration Asperger was a bad guy but understandably many people feel upset. So Grunya Sukhareva did it all before in the twenties and developed the full autism diagnosis. Meantime they ask me to read her work which is even more time buried in books.
  11. Luke

    Diet changes

    It's a tough subject and I feel that no one really knows what we should be eating. Scientists can't grab a bunch of humans and do whatever they want with them, and that makes the whole process very slow. Ethics, eh? You can find studies that support almost any claim in nutrition, and it's going to take scientists a long time to figure out what's good or bad. Let's say we have some studies that say sausages are bad for us, but it's not conclusive. So the scientists go "Great, let's tell 200 humans to eat sausages everyday and see if it's true... oh wait". You see the problem? xD And then there's studies that you might want to take with a grain of salt... "Cheese lowers your bad cholesterol by 30%, according to study, funded by the WeLoveCheese foundation" It's a mess, really. There's only a few dietary-recommendations that have solid evidence behind them, such as avoiding trans-fats. There's a book called "The Bad Food Bible" by Aaron Carroll (a researcher), and he covers some controversial subjects (butter, MSG, eggs, salt and diet-soda), and gives some solid rules for healthy-eating. He also goes into the problems of studies in nutrition. The general "eat a varied diet" recommendation is kinda like: "we don't really know what you should be eating, so eat different foods and hope for the best". It doesn't sit well with me, but I guess it's not a bad recommendation given the problems in nutrition. You can lose weight on any diet where you consume less calories than you burn, but as for what's "healthy", that's a much more difficult problem. I don't think carbs are a problem; some people do well without them, some people do well on them. It's something you need to experiment with and see how you respond, but that can have problems too (placebo). I would personally stick to whole or minimally processed foods, exercise, and roughly follow the recommended carb/protein/fat/fibre intakes. Cronometer is a useful tool for this, and even shows what micronutrients are covered by the foods you eat. It's a great way to create a balanced diet: https://cronometer.com/
  12. Miss Chief

    Diet changes

    I think the key to a healthier diet is low carb and high protein/fibre. As I have ADHD cutting gluten out of my diet makes a HUGE difference to me, I have more energy I sleep better and my mood improves. I have the Curves book (that's an Amazon UK link but if you search locally you will find it with that info, check ebay I got my cousin a new copy of it for a couple of quid on there recently) and I find if I loosely follow the low carb diet in that book within 10 days I see a huge improvement in my physical and mental well being, once you are feeling better physically and mentally then you can start adding in exercise which again will give you a big boost mentally (once your past your medical stuff of course). Also it doesn't have to be a lot of exercise, start small and manageable, like 10 minutes and build it up slow. As others have said it is about your whole lifestyle rather than a quick fix diet
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  14. Joie6

    Some more programmes / articles (females with ASD)

    I haven't access to the BBC I-Player. But I think the other video and the article are very interesting 😊
  15. Myrtonos

    Explaining Grammatical terms: verb

    Another difference between verbs and other words that can also have 'to' in front of them is that those other words can also have 'for' or 'towards' in front of them.
  16. Mimo

    Diet changes

    Totally agree. I'm looking for long term life style changes and trying to take it slow. I'm just so frustrated with my emotional food issues and if I try to resist some of the stimmy foods I love so much (all processed junk) I end up either stress eating everything in sight or having a meltdown. I've tried limiting choices, limiting servings, looking for healthier alternatives but they all eventually backfired.
  17. Dr-David-Banner

    What Is Aspergers Syndrome? by WillowHope

    Still reading. I am looking for something in these studies made by Asperger and his team. I now know the reason Asperger often equated the autism he observed with "grim sadism" is as follows. Some of the children could become aggressive and attack others when pressured to follow rules. Or Asperger felt the children enjoyed it if the teachers got angry. His team learned to apply patience and to bond with these children. Much of the emphasis is on learning. These kids weren't surviving in normal schools. Scrawly hand-writing was noticed as part of the motor issues. So my impression so far is the origen of AS lies in education. Schizophrenia is included in the autism diagnosis. Asperger refers to withdrawel and isolation from reality but realises specialised education can be successful. The children are graded as to the severity of the autism they have.
  18. Dr-David-Banner

    Diet changes

    Don't diet as diets don't work. Instead try to eat good food with less salt. Processed foods seem to be linked to weight gain. If you can exercise that will help.
  19. I've been trying for several years to change my diet in order to improve my health and weight. My goals have been simple, more veggies, less processed foods, nutritional journaling, etc. But nothing ever works for long. Between food stims and emotional issues from my diabetes diagnosis 20+ years ago it seems impossible to move beyond some of my bad habits. Anybody here have similar issues or tips? I really want to lose weight and it may be a while before I can exersice regularly (1 hand surgery this week, 1 more to go).
  20. If you have access to the BBC I-Player you may want to watch a documentary called "The Asperger Moneysaver" about a young woman with ASD who is an expert on saving money. There are some insights into how autism affects females and how it can affect generations of the same family: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p05vvc8q/radio-1-stories-the-aspergers-moneysaver One of the things that I found most interesting in the programme was an interview with a university student called Rosie. I'm pretty sure this is the same person who was featured a few years ago in a very good documentary for children called "My Autism and Me": http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/15655232 Finally there is an extended article focusing on six women with ASD: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/women_late_diagnosis_autism
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    Do we get any notification anywhere about any new threads posted in our clubs, like in the newly posted threads bit on the side? It's just, I posted a new thread in Girls club last week and I don't think anyone has seen it as I've had no replies.
  23. In this very important thread, I'm going to address difficulties with mandatory teaching of foreign languages, these difficulties do not apply to mandating teaching of other subjects. I've never heard of these being acknowledged, but I have long noticed them. As far as I know, even those opposed to this mandation don't acknowledge them. First of all, if someone is required to learn at least one foreign language at school, which language are they to learn? Also, this in fact means that schoolchildren are required to learn at least one officially licensed foreign language, whether or not they learn any other. If they attend a school in the public school system, they are required to learn one of the languages taught at that school, and usually this is one of the biggest Berlitz languages, most often French, German, Spanish or Italian. Chinese and Japanese are also commonly taught. There are also serious flaws in the reasoning given in favour of requiring all schoolchildren to learn at least one foreign language. One reason given is job opportunities; Learning different foreign languages opens up different job opportunities, there is no job opportunity that can be opened up simply by learning at least one foreign language. The worst one is that learning a second language improves one's communication skills or makes one smarter. First of all, does learning another languages really improve one's skills at communicating to other native speakers of one's own language. Also, the belief that learning a second language makes you smarter assumes that we think in language, but if that were the case, than anything that can't be said couldn't be thought. Indeed the more words one learns in one's native language, the more thoughts one can transcribe. And when is the last time you have heard of someone learning another language just to get smarter or improve one's skills at communicating with native speakers of one's own language. If so, which language?
  24. Check out this new initiative from Aston University (in Birmingham)... • National centre set up to promote learning all kinds of subjects in a foreign language • Year 10s at one school make a grade-and-a-half more progress after learning their usual school subjects in French A national centre dedicated to the teaching of school subjects in a foreign language has been launched. The scheme, led by Aston University and Bordesley Green Girls’ School with input from Birmingham City Council, forms part of efforts to increase uptake of students deciding to continue studying modern languages, and to raise achievement levels across all subjects. Learning Through Languages UK will connect the existing community of teachers and lecturers that deliver lessons in a foreign language, known as CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). The ultimate aim is to develop a ‘golden thread’ of language learning from primary school through to university. Dr Emmanuelle Labeau, Co-Director of the Centre for Language Research (CLaRA) at Aston University and one of the lead academics, said: “Across the country there are pockets of activity in CLIL, but these remain fragmented and lack sustainability. Evidence of CLIL’s application in other countries has shown how a national centre can spread the word and use of CLIL and consequently the improvement in both language acquisition and achievement. We believe that language is a skill that can be accessed by all, and given the right approach, children from any context and at any level can achieve success.” Bordesley Green Girls’ School has seen a rise in all key stage three subjects thanks to the adoption of CLIL. 89% of students at the school study languages at GCSE and 81% of those girls said that they enjoy the subject. Judith Woodfield Head Teacher said: “Year 10 students who have studied geography, business and science in French in years 7 and 8 are making over a grade-and-a-half more progress in humanities subjects, a grade higher in French and two-thirds of a grade higher in other Ebacc subjects. “We believe that our international curriculum is developing the problem solving skills needed to access the more challenging GCSEs. Nationally modern foreign languages are not being taken up by all students as they are perceived as being harder. Our students enter the school well below the national average, but their tremendous motivation towards languages and learning subjects through languages is ensuring that that they have the best possible chance of reaching higher levels of attainment.” The centre was launched at the school on Friday April 27th, with representatives from the Department for Education, teachers’ associations and distinguished scholars due to attend. Original article
  25. Tylermc


    Wow my city's NHL hockey team made it too the western conference playoffs in the 2018 NHL Stanley cup playoffs last night go jets go 😊👍

  26. Dr-David-Banner

    What Is Aspergers Syndrome? by WillowHope

    On the other forum I came up with a simple question, triggered by these papers. Why is there hardly any research done by autistic people? It's been totally left to neurotypicals to decide how autism works and what defines it. Asperger as I read him doesn't come across as autistic himself (as was speculated). The children too aren't mature enough to speak for themselves. You get the odd maths genius on the spectrum but such people are too busy doing maths even to get diagnosed. I only know of one autistic researcher into Aspergers. Sure, a few of us here do research our situation but we are shy to take the bull by the horns and challenge so many misperceptions. Yes, Asperger did a great job but he seems kind of frustrated at times.
  27. Continental

    my ex cousellor on diagnosis

  28. Tylermc


    Have awesome day today I hope it's a nice sunny day for you guys 😊

  29. Dr-David-Banner

    What Is Aspergers Syndrome? by WillowHope

    Studying the case of Fritz who was a six year old boy sent to the Vienna clinic of Asperger. This boy was too disruptive to be taught in mainstream school. Reminded me of John Lennon who was problematic at school. Fritz banged on walls or jumped about when forced into group activity. He was poorly built and clumsy. He failed standard IQ tests but they found he had maths abilities. He needed no teacher. At age six Fritz instantly replied 80 when asked to state two thirds of 120. It became very clear the autistic children were very remote from reality, disconnected but very clever off the scale. Fritz lived in 1933 and the war started in 1939. The origen of AS is pretty old.
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