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  2. I used to not like the slang "What's up?" People seemed to always say this to me through text when a conversation was starting I think both when I was in high school and uni. I didn't even know what exactly this meant and I think I even searched it up or maybe just got the hang of it and understood it as just meaning what are you doing? or something like that. So I learned what to say in response but it always seemed weird to me. Looking at it right now, what's up? could just be like what's up in the sky. I wonder how people came up with it.
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  4. I think you are right and that a real friend wouldn't create drama. By drama I assume you mean gossip about people and being mean to the other person for no reason and that sort of thing. I think I have had these kinds of drama free friendships before but it was with family members so I don't know if that still counts. I feel like a real friendship is one where you could tell the person anything and you wouldn't feel judged by them. Also, being allowed to be stressed or frustrated when it does happen and receiving support for it rather than being judged. I feel like people on this thread have different definitions as to what a friend is. For instance, a friend for me is someone that you hangout with whether that is from time to time or quite often. That's why I've felt like I haven't had any real life friends. I did have this one acquaintance once whom I hung out with a couple of times but I felt this person wasn't as supportive as I was to them. Like, I felt judged sometimes rather than supported. I know if I text her again, she'd probably want to catch up but I haven't felt up to it in years. While I did feel like I could tell her about anything, I did feel judged sometimes. A real friend probably wouldn't make you feel this way.
  5. PandaPrincess

    Friendship for females on the spectrum

    I have a few real life friends and a few online friends. I don't get together with my irl friends very much because everyone is busy now. I've also noticed that once your friends get boyfriends, they just wanna hang out with them. And when I get to hang out with my friends, their boyfriend always comes along, and I become the third wheel. Honestly though, I have more friends now than I had in the past, thanks to social media.
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  7. Myrtonos

    Can't edit a post

    Does that have something to do with it?
  8. Tylermc

    Chit Chat

    @Willow hi Willow thank you so much for your asmr sensory videos I really enjoyed them they were very realaxing sending posstive vibes and energy your way x
  9. Tylermc

    pets photography

    This my favourite picture of my dog Elsa shes a dashund aka a winer dog
  10. Tylermc

    pets photography

    What your favourite photography that you have took of your dog or cat or any other pets that you have
  11. Tylermc

    Is there any soccer fans on the forum

    I think super Leeds super Leeds are going too come up this year and go in the bpl next season
  12. Tylermc


    where I live in Canada today feels like a nice 

    sunny spring day outside the snow is melting outside 

    today that's awesome but I had a awesome time snowshoesing 

    this winter I'm so looking forward next year snowshoesing 

    season 😊

  13. HalfFull

    Mildly depressed, need encouragement

    I just pick up the major new stories from my MSN homepage so I can find out the stories that are on every front page without becoming depressed. I just skim read those big stories for the jist. I know generally what's going on with Brexit. It'd be easier to solve a rubix cube than understand all that! The only problem is that nearly every time I click on to the Internet I see a photo of someone or other looking healthy but who has been taken away from us too soon! Its really not what I want to see as I navigate between my most visited sites.
  14. StarlessEclipse

    Can't edit a post

    How long did you leave the page without reloading?
  15. Heather

    Mildly depressed, need encouragement

    I agree, there are so many bad things happening in the world. Also as others here have said, so many good things in the world. I occasionally have waves of mild depression wash over me. The depression I feel comes more from my immediate environment when I feel overwhelmed or say something that got a reaction that made me feel it might have been the wrong thing to say. I get a bit depressed watching the news, or thinking about how everywhere seems to be getting some kind of disaster and soon it could be happening in front of my eyes or happen to my parents or siblings or partner. I guess I am fortunate in the sense that praying helps me calm down a bit, focusing on the fact that I believe in a higher power (God) being in control, despite the chaos around us. Helping give me peace in the middle of chaos. Sometimes it is more difficult to calm down than other times though. And while in the middle of any depression, I know it is difficult to break free of the negativity. A favourite TV show or book or movie or music could help, like others have alluded to? Something positive hopefully.
  16. Sanctuary

    Disablity on tv

    We could look at how disabled people are shown in dramas and comedies on TV or in news and documentaries. Whatever we look at though the coverage tends to be very narrow and "issue-based". Often the intentions of programme-makers are good ones - to highlight the achievements of disabled people, the problems they face and to criticise their poor treatment. However this tends to lead to them being portrayed as "heroes" triumphing against the odds or as "victims" who are either suffering because of their disability or because of discrimination. While all these things are relevant it's still rare to have disabled people shown simply as people who are not defined by their disability. As Nesf said it's refreshing when a presenter or reporter who happens to be disabled is able to do their job without attention being drawn to their disability. The same is true if a character in a TV drama or comedy has a disability but attention isn't drawn to it, e.g. a shopkeeper who serves people but also happens to be in a wheelchair. It is difficult because quite rightly TV producers want to highlight issues facing disabled people but it's also frustrating when it seems all they can be is "an issue". Often these programmes are made by people who aren't disabled and that might be why they tend to see disability so narrowly. The same thing happened in the past with ethnic minorities in TV programmes - if they were included it was almost always because the story was about ethnicity in some way. This doesn't happen so much now and so we see many people on TV who are from ethnic minorities but their ethnicity isn't focused on. Sexuality still tends to be covered much like disability so if a character in a TV programme is gay or lesbian a lot of attention is paid to their sexuality and rarely is it a minor detail. Maybe eventually this will change and it is a sign of greater inclusion when a person's gender, ethnicity, ability, disability or sexuality isn't an issue.
  17. Aeolienne

    Mildly depressed, need encouragement

    Alternatively, if you fancy a longer read, I can recommend Enlightenment Now: The case for reason, science, humanism and progress by Steven Pinker. Among the many graphs it contains is one plotting the negativity of US news reporting over the last century or so. There's been a noticeable decline in the positivity of news reports since the 1960s, bar a blip in the 80s.
  18. RiRi

    Chit Chat

    @Willow Thank you for doing your livestream. I finished watching your latest livestream and I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry you are struggling with depression and anxiety. Sending positive energy your way. x
  19. Nesf

    Mildly depressed, need encouragement

    I generally want to know what's going on in the world, but find the the mass media portrayal is unnecessarily sensational and overdramatised. I don't appreciate the way they seek to manipulate my emotions - I'll have my own emotions and don't need them provided for me. There is sadness, cruelty and injustice in the world - I see it all around me, and I don't need a magnified version of it on TV. There is also kindness and happiness, so as much as I dislike the sadness I wouldn't want to wipe out the planet with an asteroid - that strikes me as extreme and unnecessary. An evil act to end all evil acts, that will also wipe out all that is good in the world as a side effect.
  20. Myrtonos

    Mildly depressed, need encouragement

    I don't like the news, but my problem is not war or destruction, it is other changes that I resist. Could it be that even libertarians do often believe in authority over children, but not over adults?
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  22. Willow

    LiveStream - Ask Me Anything

  23. Dr-David-Banner

    Teaching children coding is a waste of time, OECD chief says

    He's right, more or less. We've been sort of led astray by the whole internet education phenomenon. Imagine if there was some huge, cataclysmic disaster and all that we had was wiped out. Population-wise there are a few survivors and their knowledge is required to re-build civilization. What use would coding or HTML be in such a situation compared with actual engineering, maths and science? This is why I figure there is this ever widening gap between generations of today and yesterday. The early telecommunications pioneers were often mostly American whiz kids who constructed their own transmitters and receivers and broadcasted on licensed shortwaves. To do this they had to be really clued up on electrical theory and maths and, at the end of the day, could do more or less the same thing as we do today on the internet. Web design I have done a bit of myself (limited) and, of course, it's handy. It may even earn a bit of money. Yes, it's a good idea to learn it anyway but ultimately the core skills of yesterday are being sadly neglected. Sometimes I wonder if any schools teach electrical/electronics skills today and, if not, doesn't that make people reliant on far East-Asian digital mass-production which delegates them to consumer status? I was pretty much raised in the very old fashioned world of CRT TV sets (5 channels max), vinyl stereo players, cassette players and, of course, the shortwave private bands for global communication. I think all of that tended not to isolate the population from technology and even employment was created as a result of stuff needing to be fixed.
  24. I have never been very good with friendships either. I was fortunate in school that there were girls who took the initiative to approach me and be my friend. I don't remember there being too much conflict or emotional games, though it has been many years since we were close friends and seeing each other all the time so I might just forget some of the things. Although I think we were NOT very stereotypical for a girls friend group, we were not that girly, none of us dated in high school. We haven't gotten together much in many years. Currently I don't have many friends. I count my partner as my closest friend, and would count our siblings as friends, especially our younger siblings as we have spent more time with them in the past couple years. I find it difficult to make friends at work because I get anxious to be too vulnerable around my coworkers. My coworkers are very nice and I try to let a few personal details out, but I am hesitant to be too vulnerable with them. Also I feel like I don't have enough time outside of work to spend with friends. During the weekdays after work, I eat and spend time with my partner and watch something on Netflix and go to sleep, and on the weekends I either catch up on chores or spend time with family or just relax and recover my energy. Sometimes I wish I had a closer friend group but in reality I don't think I could handle it. Like others here have said, I am an introvert and so it is exhausting to be too social and I need time alone at times. I do have a few friends I have made online over the years, although I haven't kept up with them very well but I still consider them friends for my part. There are a few people from old work places who I have considered friends while we worked together, but I haven't really ever gotten together with a coworker outside of work so I don't know we were really friends.
  25. Jovenshire


    What game do you recommend to watch as I am going to watch cutscenes of several games but I don’t know which film is fascinating
  26. Jovenshire

    Is there any soccer fans on the forum

    Awwww I really got emotional from your post, you won’t be satisfied from me, I ain’t that tightly-bounded but i can be one, since I’m reading sports magazines. Ur latest coach goes well, he probably will be allowed to remain there for the next season and i have some kits from different clubs too, they are ajax, barca, inter, gala(once i was supporting them), goztepe. I recommend going 1.&2. Bundesliga matches, the fans are absolute nutz sometimes. And osnabruck fsw if you interested(+15 k supporters / match although they are in 3rd league)
  27. Myrtonos

    Can't edit a post

    I have made another post soon enough that the edit button is still at the bottom of that post but I can't edit it!
  28. Myrtonos


    Indeed it seems that 'free' is most commonly understood to mean 'free of change'. You may have heard the expression 'free as in speech' which does mean something other than free of charge. I understood work-based email to be non-free because they come with one's occupation and can only be accessed from one's workplace, likewise with University-based email. While it is obvious that things that get discovered or invented need a name, I can't find where you explained that already, what I did explain is that there were the same sort of connections to BBSs even before commercial public use of the internet. Another use of modems, other than a connection over phone lines, was for something called Packet radio. I know you are in your 30s, but so am I, so it's not hard to forget how old you are, I had to look back at your introduction. Note that my parents were in their 40s at that time and they did send and receive emails, they never used chatrooms. My question was "what about lossless image compression" and about before the advent of JPEG, I wasn't asking about JPEG or GIF. I know the resolution of an uncompressed image does affect how long it takes to load. But if the image is losslessly compressed, image resolution has much less of an impact. If you understand how (lossless) file compression works, you'll see why. The software that runs this site is Invision Community (see link at the bottom of each page) and I believe that software itself, not just this particular installation, has been configured to require all accounts to have a valid email address specified. On many sites, there is the option of the site remembering you so that you, if you log out, don't have to type the password again to log in again on the same computer, and the option of remaining logged in on the same computer. For logging in on a different computer to the one where the account was created, there is the option of saving the password to removable storage. Also, I have heard of Passwordless Login. On a related note, I did mention earlier that logins to websites, as far as I know, used to be quite rare. Even now, those commenting on blogs may let others know who they are simply by typing their username in one field and their email address in another. I understand that email-based authentication came about at a time when non-free email addresses (given the definition above) were more common and webmail less common.
  29. It seems I’m flooding here but i couldn’t find where the edit button is, if not that’d be good.
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