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  2. Miss Chief

    Club Ownership

    What on earth makes you think this has anything to do with you?
  3. Asgardian

    Brexit Meltdown

    What a mess. Parliament is effectively split into three now. The camp that wants Brexit at any costs, so no deal if necessary; the camp that wants Brexit but through a softer route, the deal Theresa May has cobbled together; and finally the camp that wants another referendum or no Brexit at all. Personally I hope that Brexit doesn't happen but who knows what is going to happen
  4. Max000

    Worst subjects at school - relationship to AS?

    I had a lot of worst subjects. My typical grades in school were like this. Art: A PE: C Everything else: D or F My reading ability was terrible, and didn't improve until I got some Special Ed classes in the 7th grade. Since in Elementary School I couldn't even read the material to study it, even the classes I liked, like History and Science, were a complete disaster. When my reading ability improved enough I started to read a lot. So I could read the text books. But my writing ability was still bad. Even if I learned the material, my teachers didn't try to decipher my bad English and spelling, so they just marked it all wrong. In High School, I loaded up my schedule with as many Art and PE classes as I could take. Because at least I knew I could pass Art and PE. I was not great at PE, but I enjoyed it. Everybody got at least a C, just for showing up for PE. My problems in High School started when I started to run out of Art and PE classes to take, and had to take harder subjects. Then I just gave up and dropped out. Eventually I enrolled in an Adult High School where I had more basic skills classes, which made me a lot more literate, and I was able to graduate. My typical grades in school were
  5. Dr-David-Banner

    Differences: Autism/Schizoid Type

    Quite complex really. The modern definition of schizoid personality I think changed from its more dated use. I have my own conception of schizoid type simply based on the term itself. My guess is "schizoid" is borderline schizophrenia and a form of high functioning autism. I knew a teenager in Spain who was identical to myself but his autism manifested itself by his unwillingness to communicate with others. He always wandered about reading grammar books (English) but ignored others and refused to chat. His parents sent him to a psychologist. My autism is different altogether. I do communicate with others, even joke and show signs opposite to being shy. However I cannot genuinely connect with others on a deeper emotional level. There is like a glass partition. I don't like being with people all the time and need my own space. I hate working with other people unless it's those I know well. Sometimes I notice I can swing towards schizoid symptoms and become moody, more anti social but overall I don't see myself as schizoid type. Ultimately I am very inward but will still often talk to people quite freely. I am not very good at this though and come across as plain odd and one-sided in conversation. I also don't smile hardly or get included by groups (they talk as if I'm not there). Autism though may differ in how you interpret it.
  6. Ben

    Feedback So Far

    Oh, wow, that's going back a while. I'd forgotten all about that.
  7. StarlessEclipse

    Feedback So Far

    The same social media company that bought Aspies Censored a few years ago also more recently bought Aspergic, and merged the two sites. It's weird, there are still pinned announcement threads from Willow even though she's never been an admin there. https://www.autismforums.com/threads/just-to-start-things-off.6073/ Still, who has time for basic forum maintenance when you're busy micromanaging your users' posts down to the very last word, waiting to pounce on absolutely anything that someone, somewhere could conceivably choose to be offended by?
  8. Ben

    Brexit Meltdown

    That would actually suit me down to the ground. I've got a friend in New York whose wife is an estate agent and I know their subway system like back of my hand , so that one would be easy - the only issue is that their government is as bad as ours, so I might be inclined to go somewhere in China after a year in Japan (I've only been to Hong Kong so far.) The Netherlands is already a second home because my sister lives out there, so I'd go for Germany. And then probably Oymyakon for a bit of extreme living... Er... Yes, I can feel an itinerary forming... I've enjoyed being a farmer, but I'm 29 this year, and I want my 30's to be legendary.
  9. You don't. I mean, why would you need to, since you aren't going to use it in the plural, and since it ends in a consonent, you know it's not going to be feminine. Since masculine and neuter nouns have the same forms in the singular, it really doesn't matter - it only really matters if you want to form the plural, which for a mass noun, you're not going to do.
  10. Nesf

    Feedback So Far

    I haven't heard of this forum. Perhaps the members came from there.
  11. Heather

    crisis period and school

    I agree with @Willow and @Nesf about making a list. I remember when I got overwhelmed at university, it was so helpful to make a list of everything I had to do and break it down into when things are due and assess the priority level of each item and then assign something to each of you for each week or each part of the project. When I did a group project at university, it was really helpful to have a shared 'google document' where we could work together from our own homes. We still had to sometimes get together outside of class to work on aspects of the project, depending on the particular project.
  12. Myrtonos

    Feedback So Far

    Before this forum started, Willow apparently ran another one, which I never got to see as far as I can remember, but I have heard about it, called Aspergic.
  13. Myrtonos

    • Myrtonos
    • willowtree

    What is this account?

  14. So how do you test the gender of a mass noun then? Where this all started is with a way to test the gender of a count noun, to see which form of the word for two can go directly in front of it. Obviously the test only works for nouns that can come right after a number. So in order for nouns that never come right after a number to be any gender, there must be another test for mass nouns.
  15. Is this different from masculine nouns, whether count nouns or mass ones?
  16. The genitive of all neuter nouns, including mass nouns, is formed by adding -ului to the noun. For example, lemn - lemnului. Calitatea lemnului - quality of the wood.
  17. Nesf

    crisis period and school

    @Willow has excellent advice - meet your partner and make a list, put the high priority items at the top of the list, start with those and tick them off as you do them. Plan who is going to do which tasks. I often do this to help me with daily living, so I don't become overwhelmed by the many tasks I need to get through in a day. It also gives a tremendous feeling of satisfaction and progress when you tick things off the list.
  18. In that case, what about the genitive of neuter mass nouns?
  19. Well, you can say 'mult lemn', and lemn is neuter, so it must be possible. They can't, or not usually have one. So in the case of the feminine count words, it's not a plural, but the genitive form. But for words that do have a plural, that's how you form the genitive - take the plural form and add -i.
  20. Ben

    Post a Picture of Yourself

    Yeah, I've changed a lot in 11 years... *Edit, someone go back to 2007 and tell me to fix my hair.
  21. But since the difference between masculine and neuter nouns is in the plural and the difference between masculine and feminine nouns is in the singular, it doesn't seem possible for nouns that don't have plurals to be neuter. A count noun is a noun that can have a number right before it. Mass nouns are nouns that can have 'much' directly in front of them. Certainly in English, 'wood' is always a mass noun, and we say 'some pieces of wood', not 'some woods' and 'a piece of wood' not just 'a wood'. I thought count nouns did not have a plural form. Certainly 'water' in English is normally a mass noun.
  22. Nesf

    The Asperclick Scrap Book.

    I felt that many of your complaints about the educational system were justified. I had a bad time at school, too.
  23. Nesf

    Feedback So Far

    Thank you, that means a lot to me What I really meant, is that when I first came to Asperclick about a month after it had started, there were a few core members of about the same age already there who appeared to already know each other, either from another forum, from the YouTube channel or from real life, I came from elsewhere and I was not part of that group and also quite a bit older, so I felt a bit different but not in a bad way - I have always felt welcome an at ease here (or i would have left pretty quickly)
  24. Willow

    Feedback So Far

    Yeah. I only added it because people wanted it but then no one used it so I think it’s probably a pointless option.
  25. There is no contradiction, or any reason why an uncountable noun can be neuter. For example, lemn, meaning wood (the material). Whether or not it has a plural does not affect its gender. Some nouns can be either a count noun or an uncountable noun. Take 'lemn' (wood) for example. When referring to a material, it is a count noun. But it does have a plural form, lemne. Lemne means 'pieces of wood' rather than material; it has a slightly different meaning. Feminine nouns must also have a plural form, regardless whether they are cound nouns or not. For example, apă (water). Apă is normally a count noun and doesn't have a plural form. However, it does have a genitive form: the genitive of feminine nouns is formed by taking the plural for of the noun and adding -i, so ape (plural form) + i = apei.
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