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  2. Myrtonos


    Okay, accounts on this very site are free, not just free of charge (except for V.I.P "Asperclicker" members) but they are free in the sense that anyone can create an account on any computer, all they need is an internet connection and a web browser that supports cookies, they can also log in on any computer with an internet connection and a web browser that supports logins. Because there were many way of connecting to networks, direct links between computers, or even using a modem to connect to a specific service (this would not be included in the term dial-up that was specifically about dialing into an ISP to connect the the internet). Before commercial public use of the internet, there were dial-up connections to servers called Bulletin Board Systems. But the term I meant wasn't just 'dial-up' but 'dial-up internet', which were originally the only way for a household computer to connect to the internet. I think I stand partly corrected, I suppose the first webmail users did not have a constant non-free personal email address. No further comment on your school nor on changing dial-up service providers. Certainly, teenagers used it, and the first time I had heard of internet chatting was when I heard some then-teenager was chatting on the internet, but I have known of email for much longer, maybe as long as I have heard of the internet. And what about lossless image compression? With JEPG and GIF, the decoded image differs from the original, with any lossless compression, the decompressed file is identical. I did that because of your knowledge about this, yes I was hoping you would look for something to say after reading through posts. You do need to specify an email address to create an account here, and it needs to be valid to activate that account. I have never played any online game that was not in browsers. I am not a big gamer.
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  4. HalfFull

    Classroom Incentives

    I was first in my class to learn my 12 times table when I was 7. I don't remember getting a prize but I may have got one. That same year I won a group prize for making the best 'litter monster' and we got to plant our own tree and a day out in the Lake District instead of going to school that day.
  5. Dr-David-Banner

    TEFL (some thoughts)

    Probably about the best language to learn I think is Spanish. I can't really think of anywhere else where I tried to teach TEFL that was comparable. I did try Estonia, Latvia as well as Russia but, all in all, the money was awful and I felt my language skills were not appreciated. Spanish is really pretty easy to learn except (1) in the South it's spoken jet-fast due to the syllables. Compare two sentences, for example: "Pancha plancha con cuatro planchas. ¿Con cuántas planchas plancha Pancha?" The first sentence has 9 syllables but "irons with four irons" has less syllables. (2) The "rr" has always been impossible for me to roll. (3) Some people would find subjunctives difficult. They don't exist in Russian. O.K. in Russian you can say "I want that she will go to the market" but there is no special subjunctive verb to go with it. In Latin, the subjunctives are richer than in Spanish which is maybe why many of the ancient languages are more difficult. Other than that, Spanish is fairly easy to pick up. It's also spoken slower in South America. For EFL it offers not just mainland Spain but also the Andes, Mexico, Argentina, A pretty massive area to seek out a small school or academy. The students tend to be not particularly brilliant at English but they tend to be friendly and (above all) appreciate a teacher having learned their language. This is a relief as it always gets up my nose when my efforts to speak a language are met with chauvinism or rivalry.
  6. Dr-David-Banner

    TEFL (some thoughts)

    Valentin Falin wrote a very interesting chapter on Stalinism that I found useful. The article was very anti Stalin but the comments on incentives to labour I found useful. Under Stalin the motive to work was based on targets, ideology, fear of being charged with sabotage. With capitalism the motive to labour has always been personal gain, wages, wealth. The snag, as you can see, is this tends to erode science and education. Sure, there was a state system of class based schools from the 1950s to the early 1970s but, as Sanctuary pointed out, access to all of this was rooted in class, privilege, family name and "strings pulled". So, even when times were better this system was flawed. Einstein repeatedly stated science is "science" and is motivated by the desire to explore and understand and not profit. Now, we see things have taken a turn for the worse too, since education is hugely declining. Not only that but the incentives to work have shifted from wages and wealth to survival on minimum wage. I still think the big turning point in history was Gorbachev's failure to reform communism. This is what needed to be done. I mean, Gorbachev's whole idea was to allow marketing and trade and create a more liberal, socialist society. When it all went in the wrong direction, the world turned to capitalism. Yet, whether the penny will drop now or in another decade, it seems to me capitalism is leading us all to a one-way path to ecological ruin, over-population, inequality, chaos and lack of democracy. The weird thing is capitalism is in the same crisis as communism with similar causes of decline.
  7. I feel I am okay at making sense of others' body language although it's hard to judge. My big weakness is in how I communicate non-verbally - my own body language. While I can try to control my words (spoken and even more so in written form) and do my best to create a strong verbal impression I don't feel I make a good impression in terms of body language and am often judged as unconfident, uninterested / unmotivated, lacking enthusiasm, etc. I suspect others with ASD have had similar responses or - try as they might to seem positive, confident and enthusiastic - they are still judged as lacking in those qualities.
  8. I was replying to the post above mine made by you. I meant that I understand better when a message is stated directly to me by speaking, than I do if the person just uses body language.
  9. Peridot


    They say that when you think you can't take anymore you're only at 50% of your total capacity. Now having to be at 50% is bad enough but I'm just saying you are stronger than you may think!
  10. StarlessEclipse


    Will be away from the forum for a while. Nothing to worry about, I just need a break.
  11. Tylermc


    Good morring everybody and have a great day today 😊

  12. Tylermc


    what are your favourite games that you have played in 2019 this year I really enjoyed playing reddead remption 2 for PS4 and I really enjoyed playing overcooked for the switch
  13. Tylermc

    Disablity on tv

    I'm sorry I got confused it's about disability as portrayed on tv shows
  14. Shortly after I left university, they introduced a loan system... so you get money from the government in the form of a loan that you are expected to pay back when you start work. I don't know whether cancelling unpayable debt would make such a difference to inflation.... probably not that much. I know that in some cases, people can declare themselves bankrupt and have their debt written off, but this is always a last resort and not encouraged, otherwise it would be exploited and everyone would want to do it, and obviously that can't happen. It also means that it's just about impossible to get credit for anything in the future, and can cause a lot of hardship in itself.
  15. I'm better at READING non-verbal because people talk so much bullshit. Body language never lies.
  16. Nesf

    Disablity on tv

    I'm confused. Thread title does not match opening post. Is this thread about disability as portrayed on TV, or about what we like to watch on TV in general?
  17. StarlessEclipse


    As time goes by, the less and less likely it seems that I will ever have a remotely fulfilling life. This year so far is already shaping up to be one of the worst of my life, and I mean almost as bad 2012 and 2013. Now only sleeping every second night due to PTSD symptoms. Not sure I can take much more.
  18. Last week
  19. By this, are you referring to body language directed to you or are you referring to my post above yours right now? Just asking for clarification before I assume that you meant something else.
  20. I understand better when its stated directly to me. With body language I'm never quite sure. If someone 'has words' with me I tend to have had an inkling that I may have bugged them, but I guess don't like to believe it, and I think I've thought that someone was unhappy with me when they weren't. I can understand some body language, but certainly don't always get it right.
  21. They have always been financially comfortable but definitely not wealthy.
  22. You had/have wealthy/not poor parents? Money can always be found as long as the person either is a good high school student or if they have good credit, I suppose. Because if you have good credit, you can always take out loans. And depending on how high your credit is, the bigger the loan you can take. But taking loans is not a smart thing to do unless you know you will have a high paying job in the future to pay it off.
  23. I meant non-verbal communication as in body language. Are you better at reading people by their body language or better at verbal communication?
  24. I think the Government at that time felt that there were so many people going to University that they couldn't continue to provide it for free. I remember being shocked but also relieved as it would have been my parents paying. They must have paid for my youngest brother since I can't see how else he could go. I had thought that fewer people would attend but this has not been the case. Money is found somehow.
  25. What changed? Why is university no longer free in the UK (England)?
  26. What I meant by non-verbal communication is what comes up on a google search if you search "non-verbal communication." It is body language. So are you better at reading people by their body language or are you better at spoken communication? I see you answered for both (thank you ). You were probably not asking me what I meant but I will leave this here in case people wonder.
  27. I'm definetly better at non-verbal and it shows in my writing having co-written books etc, and love using email in the workplace. I need instructions written down. As for verbal communication, I struggle with verbal instructions, but as for being the speaker, I'm silent if lots of other people are chatting. Put me on the spot, and I'll get flustered, but when I'm in control I can appear fairly confident like in my current customer service job, but yes my verbal confidence can range from 2 to 8 out of 10 depending on situation.
  28. Tylermc

    Disablity on tv

    What we like too see on tv and what we don't want to see on tv
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