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Asperclick trusts its members to apply common sense when posting something, so we don’t want to enforce a ridiculous list of rules - no one really reads them anyway and it's usually insulting reading through things which most of us find obvious.

However, in the interest of everyone here and anyone still to join, let’s just mention a few things, which we hope you will take on board, and explain a few things which might otherwise seem confusing. WillowHope is the forum founder, her and her Dad Spiderman0_2 are the only admins here, which for as long as possible, will be how it remains.

So, on with the guidelines and tips, and explanations; bear with me, this is all important, and I have taken the time to write this from scratch, not used the template ones!

Guidelines and Tips

From time to time, things get edited (threads locked, posts drastically changed, posts/threads merged, warning points given etc.) but it is at the moderators discretion as to whether they provide an explanation. 

We want everyone to be able to post freely, so we are very relaxed about most things, especially for the first time which you happen to post something that might be considered to be offensive. Of course there are occasions where something is just too much,  in these instances, you will probably get a mouthful from the members of the forum, which will give you a good idea that you’ll shortly be receiving a PM from Willow or Spiderman0_2!

But don’t worry too much, the only accounts that get a straight ban, without any warning, are spammers (ie, the ones who are advertising).Sometimes spammers prefer to PM a lot of people, which is something that isn't caught by our spam filters, so just just be vigilant and remember that you shouldn’t give out and information about yourself, or any photos, if someone you’ve never spoken to just asks you for it. 

As with most forums for people with Asperger’s, every now and then things can get a bit heated, and arguments can break out. Often, things can be misinterpreted online because no tone of voice can be heard and isn’t often implied, so we can tend to read it negatively and begin an argument, when in reality, it wasn’t meant that way. Where possible, try to take some time to re-read a post that has made you angry, read it in a more positive tone, and if you are still angry, just take some time out to calm down, then write a reply later. Ideally, things that have gotten out of hand should be continued via PM and not on the public forum, where people often tend to regret their posts which were submitted in anger.

If someone is persistently offensive then yes, of course we will do something about it - but recognising that an out of character 'meltdown' and an offensive comment in a long line of other offensive comments are two different things, is something we all need to keep in mind.

Okay, onto warnings…

Warnings and Their Meanings

Warnings are points which are given out when you do something wrong (‘something wrong’ will be explained below) and the number of points mean different things, which can stack up and equal certain amounts of things being disabled from your account.

What Will I Get Points For?

Cooldown | 1 Point | Temporary Ban (decided by staff) | Removed After 1 Day
This is used to prevent or stop arguments or public meltdowns from happening, used to limit the damage you may cause to yourself or others.

Signature or Profile Violation | 5 Points |Removed After 2 Days
No rude images depicting anything of a sexual nature. No GIFS.

General Warning | 3 Points | Removed After 1 Day
This can cover any number of small wrong doings.

Excessive Advertising | 5 Points | Removed After 2 Days
If all or most of your posts are advertising yourself in some way, expect to get this warning.

Inappropriate Language | 5 Points | Removed After 1 Day
This covers anything from swear words being used in an offensive nature towards others, to language which is purposely meant to insult another member(s).

Spamming/Baiting/Arguing | 7 Points | Removed After 2 Days
Repeated posting on purpose, backhanded comments, passive aggressiveness, arguing, flaming, etc.

Continued Misconduct | 10 Points | Removed After 5 Days
If you have been warning already about language, profile or signature violations etc., you will be given this warning.

Abusive Behaviour | 15 Points | Removed After 7 Days
If you have been previously warned about your behaviour towards another member(s) and you continue, you will be given this warning.

Bullying | 20 Points | Never Removed (staff discretion)
Extensive and continued abuse toward a member(s) after being warned more than once.

What Do The Points Mean?

10 Points | Content Moderated For 1 Day

15 Points | Content Moderated For 2 Days | Restricted from Posting for 1 Day

20 Points | Content Moderated For 3 Days | Temporary Ban for 1 Day  

25 Points | Ban

Any number of warnings can be given, and can stack up pretty quickly if you’re on some kind of rampage, so just bear that in mind.

A few other things to note…

·       [sensitive] is a tag the moderators can attach to any thread which could cause certain members upset; sex, death, suicide, abuse – that kind of thing. If they miss one which could really do with having it, PM them and point them to it.

·       Post count is the number of posts you have made across Asperclick, and it’s an indication of how involved you are etc. and can be perceived by some as your reputation. For this reason, any posts you make in ‘Off Topic > Forum Games’ or ‘Off Topic > Random Chit Chat’, do not get tagged onto your post count.

·       ‘Reputation’ is what happens when someone ‘like’s your post. You can like a post by clicking ‘Like This’ at the bottom right of a person’s post. It is not connected in any way to Facebook, so don’t worry! A person gets 1 rep point for every like. The more like’s they get, the more ‘helpful’ that person is. It helps members, especially new ones, to see who might be a good person to ask advice etc.

This is how reputation works:

0 points – Red
500 points – Orange
1500 points – Yellow
3000 points – Green
6000 points – Blue
10000 points – Indigo

You have an icon to go with each and get a new piece of the rainbow each time you move up a level.

And here are the member groups:

Finding My Feet - anyone with under 100 posts

Members – users with over 100 posts

Know My Way Around - members are promoted into this group when they have over 1000 posts

Asperclicker - paid subscribers

Administrator – (We only have one admin) Spiderman0_2

Founder – Willow

Gone But Never Forgotten – members that we know have sadly passed away
Banned – sometimes members get banned, usually because they are just spammers, but sometimes because they aren't a safe addition to the forum (offensive people etc)
Guest - anyone who's browsing without an account or isn't signed it (bots like Google, Bing etc)*
Inactive – inactive members that were once every day posters, that the moderators know have taken a break.

*Bots are nothing to worry about, they are here crawling through our content so we can be listed in a more helpful way in search engines. They’re here so often because threads are so frequently updated.

Regular Mistakes or FAQ’s

When making a new thread, please be careful with the way you title it. Try not to be too ambiguous with it and don’t type all in capitals because mostly that’s just ‘angry’. A lot of the time people struggle with thinking of a good title, and end up posting it with something like ‘Can Anyone Help?’, which doesn’t tell the rest of the forum what you want help with, but if instead you put 'Need Help With Math Homework', or instead of 'Is This Normal?' it could be 'Does Anyone Else Have Constantly Itchy Eyes?', then more people will look at it and you will get help faster.

Whilst reading through a topic with a lot of replies, to save time (and to make it flow better) you can use the 'multi-quote' feature. When you see a post you want to quote and reply to, look to the right hand side and you'll see a tab saying 'MultiQuote' - click that on every post you want to reply to. In the bottom right of your screen, it will show you in a green box how many you have clicked. When you've read through everything, look back to the bottom right of your screen and click 'reply to X quoted post(s)' and it will put all of the quotes into your reply box for you to write out your replies to, all in one neat post!

If you have started to get really off topic in someone else’s thread, think about whether your ‘off topic’ topic is serious enough to open another thread to continue your discussion in, rather than taking everyone’s attention of someone else’s thread, where they might have actually needed help. If you’re all going off topic onto something silly, then maybe just try and get back on topic!

The most important thing here is that you PM Willow, or Spiderman0_2 if you're worried about anything, they won't bite and will always try and help – but they are busy, so please respect that it may take a while to reply (same day usually). They do their best to resolve issues on the forum, but please remember that they’re not here to try and patch things up between members that don't get along; as with all communities, not everyone can be the best of friends. We expect that you would be able to come to an amicable agreement via PM, and not on the public forum, because that just leads to a negative atmosphere if it ends up spread across several threads.

We have a block function and you can choose to not see anything from a certain member. Please use that rather than PM'ing Willow or Spiderman0_2 to say that you’ve fallen out with someone. More often than not, it will end in an argument which means that you're both likely going to end up with warning points from taking stabs at each other; just take a step back and think about blocking them before it gets out of hand!

As a final note, if you decide that you want to leave here for whatever reason that's entirely up to you, but we know from experience that a lot of people with AS make rash decisions with this kind of thing and later regret it and as such, we will not usually delete accounts. It will always be here for you, as will everyone on Asperclick. You have the ability to take away all of your personal information, which you're welcome to do should you want to leave but deleting your account isn't going to achieve a whole lot more than that - your posts would remain here even if we deleted your account.

Well that’s it for now. We hope that isn’t too much and that you are able to appreciate why we’ve listed these things down for your reference. If anything is unclear, always check the 'News and Announcements' section at the bottom, and have a look through the topics there, which are all posted by staff, and especially look at the pinned ones, there's some FAQ's there and some 'How To's' etc.


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