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  2. I would never voluntarily give up anything that brings me happiness on account of my age. It may be inevitable that some activities which require a certain level of physical fitness will become less feasibile over time, but I intend to stick with my hobbies and interests for as long as they continue to satisfy me.
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  4. HalfFull

    Anyone chatted online with strangers?

    When I first used the internet I chatted with strangers in MSN chat. I don't think I gave much thought to if they were white or not, but its good to know people who may have different backgrounds to your own. In fact, I did briefly seek out French speakers to chat with and in fact may have stumbled on a Quebec-based Aspie chat. In more recent years I joined a Twitch channel and made a few online friends on there. The channel is no longer active but we keep in touch via another site.
  5. there was a news story where I live about a woman that turned 100 yrs old and she still goes bowling despite her age I will never give up playing golf and soccer and swimming and paddle boarding and painting and drawing ‘and playing the drums
  6. I don't really take Greta that seriously so I got a laugh out of this: lmao
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  8. ancus


    I wish I had the option of not driving. At least I can stay on the ground. I don't plan on skydiving at any time in the future. I used to miss climbing somewhat, but I could never get a partner and that limited me to bouldering. Plus I don't go out to the crags I used to know any more. They are a pretty long drive away.
  9. ancus

    I can't wait for the summer

    We don't get a real fall any more around here, which means the turning of the weather is kind of pointless. No leaves changing beautiful colors, just dying and falling off. Snow is also increasingly rare, so winter time is basically just cold winds and dead-looking trees. The cold-weather months used to be my favorite time, but now there is nothing left of them except dull chilly temperatures. At least we're getting some rain, so we might not have a repeat of a few years ago when half the eastern part of the state caught on fire. It was pretty bad. A lot of our native trees are dying too, but nobody's talking about that because it's politically inconvenient for the ruling party in our state to acknowledge it. It's a tragedy that we can live in such close proximity to some of America's best natural landscapes and there's no political will to take care of them. At least in summer I can plant crops in the limited space I've got. Also I can dress more lightly, which is nice since I've been experimenting with skimpier clothes. I don't really have anything feminine for cold weather. Bought a very feminine jacket once, but the sleeves are too short. So it's just regular boy jackets for now.
  10. Has she actually said you're too clingy?
  11. Sanctuary

    "Taking everything literally"

    I think you're right on this one. Literal-mindedness or lack of ability to detect irony / sarcasm is greatly exaggerated. All of us - including neurotypicals - occasionally fail to detect irony or hidden meanings but this is often the fault of the communicator, not the receiver, e.g. an ironic or sarcastic comment may be delivered so subtly or dryly that it is misinterpreted as being that person's actual belief. Occasionally the communicator actually wants their words to be interpreted ambiguously with only some who know them very well grasping their real meaning. This can be the basis of "subversive humour" where it might be risky for someone to make their irony too clear. I feel all too often in outlines of autistic characteristics too much attention is given to how autistic people understand the world and not enough on how they project or communicate with others. If there are issues with sarcasm or irony the problem may be more when those with autism communicate. Due to problems with tone of voice, facial expression, etc, autistic individuals are more likely to have their meaning misinterpreted. Sincere, honest comments may be wrongly seen as insincere, half-hearted and even sarcastic while ironic and sarcastic comments are wrongly seen as being expressions of true belief. I'm sure everyone here has had such experiences of being misinterpreted and negatively judged, David also raised a good point about possible issues with using what are seen as inappropriate responses. Due to issues with communication individuals with ASD may seem too serious in light-hearted situations, too casual, flippant or good-humoured in serious situations or otherwise "not matching the mood" or "speaking out of place". The world of interaction can seem a minefield and often the tempting option is to keep out of it, to stay silent or otherwise maintain a low profile. However that raises its own risks of being seen as unresponsive. In all these situations the autistic person is often very able to understand the meanings of others but finds it difficult to respond in the ways others are looking for..
  12. Aspergolfer

    What are you listening to right now?

    3ABN Radio is my favorite.
  13. ancus

    More or less autistic at differnt times

    Nah I'm pretty much the same amount of autistic at all times. People generally wear me out a lot less when I actually like them and they are cool.
  14. Sanctuary

    More or less autistic at differnt times

    I think this may be a common experience for those with ASD. In terms of relationships we tend to be "slow burners" and it takes a while for others to appreciate us and for us to relax into a situation. We are much less likely to be viewed well on first impressions and this is a problem in activities where contact is more fleeting or where others are reluctant to let go of any negative first impressions they have - fortunately your army colleague was willing to move on from his initial views.
  15. ancus

    What are you listening to right now?

    listening to my air conditioning (it's set to heat but it's the same unit--the "proper" term escapes me at the moment)
  16. I love being beautiful. It's rad as hell.
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  18. Sandi

    Cheek Chewing/Biting, is it stimming?

    One of my first memories is of being taken to the family doctor and scolded for cheek biting. I was about 3. As much as I tried to “be a good girl”, I could not control the constant biting. I am now in my 50’s and the cheek biting became so uncontrollable that 2 years ago I decided to get liners on my teeth. It has worked, but if I don’t wear the liners, the biting returns. In my generation (X) we did not get diagnosed with anything as children. I failed miserably at academics, mainly because the environment at the huge high school I went to was ”off” for me. I spent more energy just trying to fit in with kids and I would often skip classes to just go sit outside. As a female, I have managed to slip through cracks my entire life. Now, as a near senior, the medical system does not recognize any need to diagnose an older adult. I have struggled my entire life and although I’m supposed to retire in 10 years or so, I still don’t have basic stability in my life.
  19. Another aspect is someone on the same spectrum as me still getting intimidated my behaviour of mine much like neurotypicals are.
  20. I never said that she should smile or anything, when I said she should memorize instead of reading it, I said it because she would look more professional doing that, rather than her sentences being choppy and seeming as if she's exaggerating her facial expressions. I know it's possible to talk calmly about something and that was my suggestion. She seems to be forcing her facial expression. I've yet to see how she looks normally not doing the speeches, to see if she's permanently with that exaggerated angry facial expression. I suspect she doesn't always look like this. I know some people are capable of having a more neutral facial expression (see, not smiling) when they know enough about the subject. I don't know who Kodi is but I assume he's also autistic and is more accepted by society, I can't comment on him/her because I don't know what's the situation with him. I guess it might actually be a cultural thing, @Alice I seem to agree with you that some autistic traits just can't be controlled. I seemed a while ago that the administrator thought the opposite. Also, I've learned that changing doesn't happen over night, it takes time. And I've actually encountered autistic people, I saw them in flesh, in person, and it looks like some forget things they are told and continue to do certain things even though they've been told to not go there (metaphorically). What I don't agree with is with abiding to society, we have to abide to some extent, you know this as it seems like you have abided as well.
  21. Excellent post. I agree entirely. Greta should be no more expected to fake her body language than a wheelchair-bound person would be to crawl up a flight of stairs. Besides, when it comes to the subject of large corporations wilfully destroying the natural environment for a profit, bribing elected officials to let them get away with it, and bankrolling misinformation campaigns intended to keep the public scientifically ignorant, what is there to smile about? Why shouldn't she be angry?
  22. EccentricChemist

    More or less autistic at differnt times

    Hi Peridot, Yeah, I think I know what you mean. When I was younger, I was in the Army, and a guy once told me that I looked like an a**hole when he first saw me, but I was actually pretty cool when he got to know me. I didn't know what he meant back then, but I think I do now. I really don't show much emotion on my face either, but have tried to copy other people since then.
  23. I really disagree with this - this is autism discrimination. Plenty of autistic people have difficulty controlling facial expressions, have facial tics, or just dont conform to the socially accepted facial expressions, especially when getting sensory overwhelm (like when giving global speeches..) - they should still be accepted just as they are by people/society and able to pursue their dreams and goals without hatred, bullying, and discrimination. People know shes autistic, and need to get over it and understand she doesnt mean what those expressions 'normally' mean. Saying she should try harder misses the point - its just the same as telling someone to suppress their stims. The high pressure to always be conforming to NT standards, to be perfectly 'masking' (imitating a neurotypical) - is doing double the work, effort and stress and is exactly what leads to autism burnout. Its also why there is such a high unemployment rate, university dropout, and suicide rate - a lack of accepting autistic people for how they are. But no-one tells Kodi Lee that he should change his face and expressions to be accepted and able to follow his dreams, so its either bias/lack of understanding around some autistic symptoms and not others or just a sexist thing - or that Greta is challenging those in power benefiting from the current toxically capitalistic economy. "Noone is more hated than he who speaks the truth" - Plato.
  24. You've just got to consistently try to make the best of things!
  25. Aspergolfer


    Who is familiar with the 2300 day prophecy in Daniel 8:13 &14?
  26. So can it seem inconsistent to be happy in some ways but not others?
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