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  2. Aspergolfer

    Asperger's and autism memes

  3. Aspergolfer

    Rumours Of War

    And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars; see that ye be not troubled, for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. Matthew 24:6
  4. Aspergolfer

    Word association

  5. Today
  6. Ace


    Don't know how many other people will like this music but for whatever reason I have been really into this type music lately. Its kinda deep/chill electronic if I could describe it (which I feel isn't that close a description of it). Honestly it was a coincidence that a lot of these songs have lyrics that fit so well with me, and possibly others on this forum. One doesn't have lyrics at all. War Zone has explicit language so be warned. ooh cool the link allows you to play from soundcloud through asperclick. nice feature
  7. Ace

    Word association

  8. ancus

    Any audiophiles?

    I have neighbors with awful taste and huge speakers. Luckily they don't throw parties so often but I can hear it in my parents' house and it's usually not anything good like sabbath or priest. I don't know what the hell they listen to, but it's real cruddy.
  9. Ace

    Any audiophiles?

    haha I guess it depends on the community. I live in a college town so my neighbors sometimes blast their annoying music so I don't mind sometimes playing mine on some speakers. Yea I saw those graphs when buying mine. I always wondered if that was just inherant to the design of headphones or they purposely tune them to not be flat. I understand some people like more bass or treble but why not just have an equalizer on the computer/phone and leave the headphones flat? Always made me wonder how much different I was hearing the song compared to what the artist wrote it as.
  10. Ace

    Defending Hans Asperger

    I'll be honest, when I see a lot of reading like this I usually don't read it because I don't like reading that much (I have slight dyslexia). So when I saw this a few days ago, I didn't read it, but my boredom right now decided to start reading it and I actually find this very interesting. Considering only very recently I have tried to be a part of any community like this, I had no idea they were trying to discredit Asperger's work. but you make very good points. Is there specific articles that make these accusations? I might like to read them for myself to see how baseless they might be. I for one have a strong belief that just because someone is part of a specific group or movement doesn't mean you can discredit all of what they do. I don't want to get to much into this here but lets say hypothetically Asperger was a Nazi scientist. If he actually did some thorough, truthful, and solid research into autism (specifically Aspergers) I would not be able to (in my mind) discredit his research based on the fact he was a Nazi (which I agree based on what I read above, he wasn't). don't get me wrong, the Nazis were a despicable part of human history, but you can't say they had some really smart scientists that did a lot of scientific research, however inhumane it was.
  11. ancus


    here is a poem i've been trying to read for a few days. I've been feeling not good, my skin is super sensitive and I have this weird pressure on my eardrums so I can't focus on much of anything even with meds but it looks interesting https://www.thechainedmuse.com/single-post/2019/02/08/It
  12. Ace

    More or less autistic at differnt times

    This used to happen with me more. Like @Peridot said, I think I'm just better at the social skills than I used to be. I noticed that if it was something that I knew a lot about or could offer insight, I could go on for a while, almost in to much detail. This also happened more around people I was comfortable with. If someone caught me off guard I would probably revert to that short response, but if I happen to see that person walking up to me in the hall at school for say, I would expect they were going to strike up a conversation and not be as clammed up. Over the years I almost pretend that any random person that starts talking to me was someone I know well, even if its the random cashier making conversation. That's kinda weird to say but it seems to work decently. Of coarse I only do this if they start it first so I still avoid what I can. oddly enough I've noticed a lot of younger people (or at least ones similar in age to me) act like that is normal to act like friends to strangers.
  13. Peridot

    More or less autistic at differnt times

    I think it's normal for autistics but I guess plenty of neurotypical people can also relate to that. Social anxiety is pretty common but yeah, I can definately relate as someone who's basically been told he's autistic by two medical proffessionals. Things like that happen a lot less nowadays as I've improved my social skills over the years. I'm very relaxed now in general speaking to people. Partly though this is due to simply not talking to people who are on a different wavelength than me.
  14. I'm still undergoing formal evaluation, but I'll still use the term autistic even though I don't have a formal diagnosis yet. Sometimes when interacting with people especially if I feel comfortable around them I can carry on a conversation for a while, other times I get tired after a few minutes and sometimes stare at an object or somthiing and drop out of the conversation. In other words I can feel mostly "normal" at times talking to someone, and at other times someone might ask me something and all I can do is utter maybe a one syllable word, or nothiing at all, it's like I'm more autistic sometimes, and more neurotypical other times. Does this happen with anyone else, is it normal behavior for autisics?
  15. Yesterday
  16. Ace

    Last One To Post Here Wins!

    Nah, you got it all wrong, I win
  17. Dr-David-Banner

    Defending Hans Asperger

    Interestingly, because Asperger did have this highly positive attitude to autistic people, he gradually became a "personality cult". Pretty much most experts, psychiatrists and neurologists historically looked at autism as somehow "inferiority". Sure, autism is a deviation that can be destabilising and has many negative aspects. However Asperger alone tended to delve into its more positive message. You wonder if this fame around the Austrian psychiatrist rocked the boat somewhat.
  18. Dr-David-Banner

    Defending Hans Asperger

    Forums related to Asperger Syndrome or autism really appear to be "dead ducks". This is not the only one affected. I should say that autism study is about my third major interest but, sure, I do find it interesting. I definitely also have a goal to actually relaunch Asperger diagnosis but as it actually existed, in its original form. The stark conclusion is "only" those with autism can take a deeper look at Asperger and his biography. Why would someone with such a positive take on autism spectrum supposedly embrace the flawed, misguided ideas of Nazism?
  19. RiRi

    How Do You End a Phone Call?

    This has become easier to me, ending a phone call.
  20. RiRi

    Last One To Post Here Wins!

    Yeah, younger people will also age. Just when it's older age it will be a huge difference than now. I win
  21. RiRi

    How Was Your Day?

    My day was kind of boring.
  22. Last week
  23. Peridot

    Any audiophiles?

    That's cool. Hope you enjoy those. I have Sennheiser headphones which are meant for mixing music. They have a "flat frequency response" which enables you to hear what it is you're doing as a musician. No attenuating or boosting of particular frequencies like is in general the case with "consumer" headphones. For listening though I've just got some Sony earbuds… I couldn't enjoy a set of good speakers in my living room as I live in an apartment and it would drive my neighbours crazy also as I often listen to the same song over and over.
  24. Myrtonos

    I'm taking a break from the forum

    I would be happy to do it if only @Willow allowed subtitles to be added. If one's video has auto-generated subtitles, one should work form the auto-generated content oneself or allow others to work from it, or else the video might as well have no subs at all.
  25. Ace

    Last One To Post Here Wins!

    Lol I guess if you look at it that way. But there will always be younger people until the unfortunate but inevitable day this site goes down.
  26. RiRi

    Last One To Post Here Wins!

    You're right, it probably isn't. You are far younger than me and can defeat anyone on here. Plus, I'm not very active on the forum anymore.
  27. RiRi

    Reintroducing myself

    @ancus Oh okay, welcome to the forum. I see you never made any posts prior to this so welcome and it's good to know you decided to be part of the community textually.
  28. Ace

    Last One To Post Here Wins!

    I see what you are doing and its not going to work
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