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    Hi Guys Now this isn’t criticizing anyone, it’s to make you all aware of concerns that we have as Willow’s parent/step-parent. Willow has been put under a lot of pressure lately regarding the forum, and we think some of the expectations have been far higher than could be reasonably expected. Please remember that Willow is only 21 years old, also has Aspergers and has to deal with many of the issues associated with it. Willow ISN’T a counsellor, psychologist or carer. I know she is a very approachable person and she does sometimes find it difficult to say no when it comes to helping people. If you are really worried about someone, message that person. Remember that Willow is not their primary care giver and as such cannot really be expected to determine someone’s state of mind, and can do little more than message them herself. It’ a positive thing when someone is worried about another person, but we are asking you to think before messaging Willow – What can you do to help, rather than passing the responsibility to Willow. She ISN’T a referee, and shouldn’t be required to sort out disagreements between mature adults, if you have a disagreement please be adult enough to sort it out yourselves and if that doesn’t work, use the block feature. This will stop you getting any abusive messages or seeing certain posts. If this doesn’t work then certainly report them, and Willow will act. Please don’t go to Willow at the first sign of a disagreement. We are immensely proud of all Willow has achieved here, and wouldn’t want it all to be lost because it’s being taken for granted and Willow has been put under too much pressure to be all things to all people. Willow had no idea we are doing this, if you have an issue with this thread feel free to contact either of us. Spiderman0_2 Spiderwoman0_2
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    So, as the title says, I managed to get over a massive fear yesterday (or even a small handful); namely, being in a room full of people I barely know, and loud music... all in aid of being at my aunt's vow renewal with my uncle. It was a wonderful day, and I met more of my father's side of the family... and I seem to prefer them to most of my mother's side already. I'm really damn proud of myself, and I did it all for my aunt - I'm rather close with my dad and aunts. EDIT: I have a feeling I may have posted this in the wrong area.
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    Hey everyone! I hope you're all well. I felt like I should make this little update today because, as you may have noticed, I've not been very active for a little while. Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you, I'm basically starting over. Rebuilding myself from scratch, brick by brick. It's a new beginning for me. For the members who don't know me, here's a little bit of trivia: My name is Alex (obviously), I've been on Asperclick since January 2013, and during those 3 years, I've been through a lot of both bad and good stuff. A lot has been going on on the forum since the beginning too, and generally I've tried to be supportive, but of course I've also made mistakes, and said and done some real dumb stuff. It really doesn't matter though, because it's all part of the process of learning and improving; basically shaping yourself. I've been active sometimes, inactive other times, but I've always enjoyed the place. I've made friends here too, some I still have contact with, and met some lovely people overall. So what's happening? I'll tell you, I've just started at this school for people with anxiety and other such issues. And my experience has been nothing but positive! I've just met sooo many lovely people lately, received more hugs than I can count, and it's just been awesome in general. It's like a sort of sanctuary. The best learning place I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Currently I am getting guitar lessons (finally!), doing martial arts and fitness, plus some sound studio work. After the summer holiday I'll be doing "normal" school subjects, like Danish, Math, English, etc. to get my higher exams done. I'm also strongly considering taking up singing, playing piano/keyboards, heck maybe even drumming if I have time! (Yeah, I'm a music lover!) Why am I telling you all this? Well, because I'm starting to focus my attention on "real life" now. I've been living in a shell, a prison I built for myself, for too long. I want to break free! That doesn't mean I'm leaving the forum or anything though! Hah! No sirree, but I probably won't be as active here as I used to be. I still want to be good at checking in to see what you guys are up to on the forum. Right now I'm just going through a lot of new experiences, and I'm improving and evolving and turning my life around faster than I could have ever imagined. And it takes time. To wrap this whole shebang up, I want to say THANK YOU! from the bottom of my heart to EVERYONE here. Even those I've never talked to. You're all awesome and I'm sending you all good vibes and e-hugs. I hope you will all achieve your dreams and aspirations. Right, I've walked ~9 kilometers today (it's therapeutic), plus an intense workout session, so my body is aching and I'm pretty damn tired... I should probably chill a bit... It was molto bene though! (I was waiting for a moment to use that expression hahaha!) Take care of yourself everyone And see you around! Ciao!
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    Ribbons & Puzzles Mama always knew I really belonged on a rainbow of sorts.She worked tirelessly on my multi-coloured puzzle.Sometimes, she lost pieces, and sometimes the puzzle fell apart altogether when it was nearly complete.But mama would never give up on my puzzle. Mama took me to ballet class once (or maybe tried a few times),Whilst all the other little girls danced elegantly in tutus and perfect buns in their hair,I spun around and around with the red ribbons,Watching the red swirl and twist around me,Mama saw the beauty in the red patterns too; she didn’t just see my difference like everyone did. Mama was not only my mama,She was my mother, my father, my teacher, my tour guide,Most times, my only true friend and companion,And surely, the only one who really understood why I spun around red ribbons. I’ll always be missing a puzzle piece now,I think mama kept that piece, so she will always be a part of me. http://rainbowhfangel.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/ribbons-puzzles-memory-for-my-mum.html
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    Thank you to everyone who replied. I really really appreciate this. For some reason I was shaking during and after posting this thread, but was able to pull through with it. As it turns out, I'm not leaving the forum because well, it's April Fools! This was supposed to be a joke, but to be honest, I ended up April fooling myself. I think If I ever do leave the forum it will most likely be without notice, as I've mentioned it to some members. I hope I didn't make anyone too upset, stressed. *hugs*
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    Foreword:- "In 2013 it began; two of the forums largest commodities locked horns and went into battle. Since that time, Ben and Alex have continued to rage war over various parts of the forum - driving several of the most significant threads completely off topic, into what can only be described as a virtual bar fight. Tables, chairs, and bar stools flew, as Ben and Alex reduced the forum to a Saturday night out in a 1980's Brixton. Since the return of Asperclick's wildcard Ben, the tremor of chaos has threatened to present itself yet again. And so, at 10pm on Thursday the 19th of March, Ben declared war. Alex accepted; and so we have it. The official Ben vs Alex thread is now officially here, after much confrontation and controversy on both sides, spanning over two long years. This war is for you - the people of Asperclick. No more will your threads be turned into Ben and Alex's battle ground. The war is on, and it's going to happen right here, and only here. The road to the Most Troublesome of the Year Award 2015 has now stated. Pour yourself a dram, get comfortable and enjoy the journey, as we find out which one of us is the better man..." *Puffs a Rocky Patel cigar, as he leans back into his chair nonchalantly.* Alex... Let's have it then son! Come on out you coward!
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    So earlier today, I talked to my school's counselor. And it went pretty well, she was very polite about it and everything. Actually, when I came out to her, I showed her the forum post where I came out to you guys. Haha After we talked about it for a little bit we got to know each other, I had a good time in there with her. It feels like a big weight just fell off my shoulders. Phew. It felt great to talk to someone else about it.
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    Just wanted to tell you all that, after a very long, hard road, my book is finally complete! It's release date is the 2nd April (World Autism Awareness Day). It's around 70,000 words long (376 pages). The foreword is written by the lovely Liane Holliday Willey, EdD and I am very honored that she was able to do this for me! Also, to run alongside the book, there will be an interactive timeline, which will consist of various videos, photographs, letters and artwork that fit with each chapter. This will be available within the next week. http://www.willowhope.com/products/the-other-side-living-with-aspergers-syndrome I wrote this book to try and help other people with Asperger Syndrome, and their families. I hope that my experiences and the way I have dealt with situations will guide others so that they can further understand themselves, feel less alone, and hopefully go about getting the help they need – whether that’s a diagnosis, or just ways to cope as a person on the spectrum, in a world full of people who see things differently. I talk about my childhood and how that fits into place and makes sense to me now that I am diagnosed. I also speak about my struggles through school and my teenage years, and how this was the most difficult time in my life, but was also when I found out I was on the spectrum. I then go on to talk about my partner and my new life with him; my various projects on raising awareness of the Autistic Spectrum and how I have learnt to cope with being an Aspie living in a normal world. “WillowHope, like many people on the autism spectrum, is a visual thinker. She can peek back to her earliest memories and bring them to life with detail and elaboration as fresh and vivid as a sharply taken photograph. WillowHope’s story is like her name, filled with hope. She expresses her memories with articulate thoughts that bring the reader into the world of Asperger syndrome and autism.” – from the foreword by Liane Holliday Willey Publish Date: 2nd April 2014 (Autism Awareness Day) Category: Self Help | Asperger Syndrome | Autobiography ISBN: 978-0-9927847-5-1 Pages: 376 Author: WillowHope Foreword: Liane Holliday Willey
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    So I was officially diagnosed yesterday My psychologist said I ticked pretty much all of the boxes for Aspergers Syndrome and that they already knew I had it from my initial assessment. She is sending the final report to me and my GP at the end of this week (I've already seen the draft copy though) and she is also writing me a mini report for my boss outlining that I struggle on the phones and stuff. They've referred me to an occupational therapist who is looking forward to meeting me, as she specialises in the sensory side of AS and apparently I am very sensory. I think I'm feeling every emotion at the moment. But mainly I'm happy and relieved that I finally have my diagnosis
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    THANK YOU I'M FINE (it's in capitals to make it clear, not in anger) *Nobody loves me anymore - No but it's okay, people on Asperclick like me *I don't enjoy any of my interests anymore nearly not at all and they were the only things I really liked - I will enjoy them again more at some point in the future, maybe not soon *I can't be on my own because I'm njust not able - It's okay that i can't be on my own, at least I get the right help to live *I am just in a number - I am not just a number to my friends, they like me *I can't have a boyfriend - I will be able to have one, one day when someone responsible tells me it's okay to and I know I'll be able to get one when the time comes. It stresses me out. I think I've got an obsession with getting a boyfriend that I've inonly just realised. *I feel like nothing - I will have feelings again soon at some point, it's normal
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    Have you never thought that people might not have checked your profile? or even realised that you'd filled it in previously if they had seen it recently? Is that the case? I recall seeing posts from you that would indicate otherwise. Where has anyone blamed their diagnosis for what is happening to them? I see this as a place where people can be supportive of each other, and just like anyone else out there in the world we sometimes have good days and bad days. If people can't post how they feel what is the point of having a forum? Maybe you are better off away from here if that is how you think, because let's put it bluntly, we don't need people being on a downer with us all when we're out here actually trying to make the best of it. You're nothing like us lot? Wasn't it you that wanted to be an ambassador for autism just recently? Why would you want to do that if you're nothing like us!? I am truly shocked by your post. Fair play you want to leave, that's up to you but to be so downright rude to people on a forum who've done nothing but be welcoming and supportive of you, well that's just downright disgusting and you should well and truly be ashamed of yourself. I see myself as pretty high functioning. I didn't know about my diagnosis until September last year so I've never had any reason to understand fully why I thought I was 'weird' compared to others I knew throughout my life. Now I have an answer... but that answer has started to ruin my life, for what has happened to me now since divulging the information after being given advice on 'how it would help' to do so. So, I've never sat around and 'whined' about my diagnosis... in fact I was kind of happy to know there was a reason for why I felt the way I had all my life, but now, now that it's being used against me... well it gets me VERY angry. I believe it's you that sits and plays video games for most of the day is it not? So how is that getting up off your arse and doing something with your life? Since I was 16 I've had a job and have gone to it every day that was possible... I've worked in some pretty horrible places, places where someone like me might not be best suited but hey, guess what, I made the most of it and I have come out the other end. I believe you've received some very helpful advice in the past as well, to questions or problems you may have had at any given time, so I would also say DO NOT be so rude and ungrateful. People have given you the benefit of their experiences, and whether you wished to read them all, they took time out of their lives to help you. Some people have faced more difficulties than others, that is evident and it is also pretty damn obvious, as people fall at differing places on the spectrum. It's also very important to remember the differences in help and support people have received since getting their diagnosis, at what age they received it etc. Life isn't always rosy, but all I see here are people trying to make the most of it, suck it up so to speak, and get on with it. There are people here who give absolutely fantastic advice, and if you're willing to turn your back on that, then that's your loss. We certainly don't need people here being so disrespectful to those that have so warmly welcomed them. I hope I'm not speaking out of turn, but I'm sure that's how a lot of people will feel about the situation. I wish you all the best in life, and hope that you find whatever it is you are looking for.
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    Great news, I received an email to say that my application had been approved and I have an interview two weeks from today! This is such a relief. The thought of just staying at home or doing some other course I have no interest in was really getting me down lately. Tomorrow will also be my last full day of school. They're asking that I come in for another two days aside from exams next week, but they've changed their plans on me too many times now, and all of my coursework will be finished by tomorrow, so I'd no doubt be doing pointless busy work anyway. Screw that place. Only a matter of hours to go.
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    I guess this is more aimed at those who don't have a diagnosis. And really, my first question would be, how did you come to the conclusion that you have Aspergers? Then from that, are you getting a formal diagnosis? And if so, what will happen if they say you don't have Aspergers? But for those of you with a diagnosis, do you ever worry that it is a mis diagnosis? Either because you just feel it doesn't fit, or because you sometimes look at how other people are and worry that you're coping better so maybe you don't have it? I sometimes think that I've 'grown out' of Aspergers, until I realise that I've just learnt to cope better as I've gotten older. Though, mostly that's due to isolating myself in my home with Chris, or just on my own when he's at work. And as for going out, I rarely get out of my car unless it's somewhere I know won't be busy, or I'm familiar with it.
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    ... At a time! Despite the name of the thread, this is not about the song "One Little Victory" by Rush. No, this is much more serious (and not about music.) I realise that I've never formally introduced myself on the forum. And I also don't think I've ever posted the story of how I was diagnosed, at least not publicly. I won't go too much into either. And I won't talk about how the Danish education system works either, even though it's a part of this story. I will however, talk about what has happened to me in my life these past 5 years. The good and the bad. I'm posting this (even though it might be utter rubbish, or you might not care) because I feel that it might give some of you hope. Or at least something to read when you're bored... In fact, you may want to grab a snack, as it's going to be a long one! Going back to my childhood, I've always known I was different in some way. I couldn't understand some of the things that happened around me, and I didn't feel that I fitted in. I also remember clear signs of anxiety in my childhood. But not knowing I had Asperger's was the worst part. My parents divorced when I was 5 or 6, and I guess that left a scar on me as well. Let's have a look at my life about 5 years ago in 2010. I was 15 years old, I had just had a mental breakdown, and I stopped going to school. This was mainly because of bullying and being completely fed up with sitting in a noisy classroom with 30 other students. So I quit. Bad decision? Maybe. Maybe not. But one thing's for sure: I couldn't take another day, let alone stay another minute. I was severely depressed and anxious all the time, suicidal, and half a year later I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, Social- and Generalised Anxiety Disorder, plus severe depression. I was basically scraping the bottom of the poo barrel (not literally though!) I was offered meds for anxiety and depression, which I gladly accepted. I tried a few different ones, and eventually settled on a combination of meds that helped me, even though they had heavy side-effects. A year passed where I stayed home, being miserable and close to a psychosis. I was terrified of leaving my mother's apartment. I was basically a hermit. Leaving my home was literally painful, not to mention just living in general. Think a constant 10 on the anxiety scale, when I was outside. Now, don't ask me how, but somehow I found one little glimpse of hope in the distance. It only took a whole year. That little speckle of hope and will to fight, led me to start at a new school in a class with only a couple of students, in order to finish my exams. They all had either Asperger's or anxiety, or both. Starting at a new place in my condition.. Well, it wasn't easy. Far from it. This was actually one of the toughest periods of my life. But soon I discovered that the teachers there, were the kindest and most understanding teachers I've ever had. Not to mention the students who were all lovely too. That helped me through a lot, knowing that no matter how much I hated being there, there were people who I cared about, and who cared about me. I only needed 1 more year before my exams, but it took me 2. But despite all the challenges, I managed to complete the exams at last, and with good grades! It's now been almost 2 years since then. So what have I been doing in this time? I've been working on bettering myself. I try to challenge myself, as often as possible, while not overdoing it and burning out. Baby steps, they say! One little victory at a time. I've come so far compared to 2 years ago, and especially 5 years ago. It took lots of time, and A LOT of hard work, but it has definitely paid off. I'm not depressed anymore. My anxiety levels are much more tolerable and I'm feeling better and better all the time, with only the occasional anxiety attack. I go out much more often than I used to now. And the meds I'm taking are working much better than what I used to take. Eventually, I may get off of them I'm also seeing a psychiatrist who specialises in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and she has helped me loads, I have my own mentor who I train various things with, like going various places, etc. I will also *hopefully* start studying again soon. I'm thinking this summer/autumn. So yeah, I'm in a much better (less terrifying) place now, things are finally looking good for me, I have the will to live, and I'm positive about the future (most of the time.) This might not seem so amazing to everyone else, but what I've gone through and how far I've come, really is an achievement to me. But this is only the beginning, and I have so far to go. The battle is never over. So what is the point of this story? Well, my point is really that there is always hope out there. No matter how far down you are, who you are, or where you are from. There's always hope, even if you can't immediately see it. Some people say that "time heals all wounds", and while I think that's true, I also think that you have to work for it. It does get easier with time though. And as much as I hate this saying "No pain, no gain" it's actually true to some extend, in my opinion at least. A wise man once said, that there are people out there who loves you, even if they don't know you yet. Just because you're human. Thanks for reading! ~Alex P.S. If I can do it, then YOU can do it too!
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    Me and Chris just received a card through the mail from all of you lovely people! Can't even begin to say how lovely it was to open it and read through all your comments You guys are great - which is why the forum is great! Don't forget that We might 'run' it, but you're the heart and soul of it Thank you to Sofi (I assume - it was your handwriting, anyway!) for putting it all together and sending it to us xxx
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    Got married a few weeks ago. I have to say, I feel a heck of a lot more "secure", now that this is an official thing and not just another live-in relationship. Looking back, I had a lot of anxiety and crankiness during the few months before the wedding. I don't know if it was the stress of the event, or probably just fear that she would back-out. Either way, it's all gone now. The best part was just a few minutes before the ceremony... the judge asked if any of our friends or family were going to serve as witnesses. My bride had already chosen her mother to sign as witness, but we didn't ask anybody else. The judge noticed my daughter jumping around and told me: "you know, if your daughter knows how to sign her name, she can be your second witness". I thought a witness had to be a legal adult, my little girl is just 10. "She can??? Oh hell yeah!!". And my daughter's signature is now forever immortalized in my marriage papers. :D
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    Okay, this has taken a lot of courage to do because I'm not confident at all with how I look. One of the pictures is with make-up on, the other one is without, which is usually what I look like.
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    I would like to thank Willow for creating this forum and for helping the autistic community by putting herself out there. Had I not found her video on youtube and then joined the forum, I don't know if I would have ever come to terms with my self diagnosis, understand myself the way I do, or met any of the people I have met here. I'm really happy to share this with everyone, especially those of you who helped me closely, thank you so much. I'm proud to say that I am now officially diagnosed with ASD. I hope that this forum continues to help others as it has helped me and as I've seen it has helped many others.
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    I put a thread up last year about NT hating and why we do it. I might make a few enemies on here for putting this up but I think it's necessary. Please stop blaming NT's for all of your problems. Yes NT's make it hard for us, trust me I know this. I have been bullied my entire life by them and humiliated time and time again. But it is NOT ALL NT's. By writing off people because they aren't an aspie is discrimintation and stereotyping (that's what they all supposedly do to us right?). My point is, yes SOME NT's treat us like shit, but most of them don't know they are doing it and a lot of them are lovable, approachable, friendly, compassionate people who want to understand us and help us. My boyfriend is an NT and he is the most understanding person I have literally ever met in terms of my Aspergers. My mum is NT, my sister is NT as well as a few others and guess what? (You will never believe this!) they are actual decent human beings with the same insecurities we have! Crazy right? *sarcasm* I'm sorry for being like this, I very rarely have rants like this and preach to others, but I'm getting tired of it and I'm getting tired of being public enemy no 1 because I "stick up for the enemy" Keep in mind that a lot of discrimination from their side comes from lack of awareness on Aspergers. Ridiculing them because they are not an aspie is down right ridiculous and treating them badly isn't going to improve their opinion of us. I know what you're thinking, "who the hell is she to tell us what to do?". I'm no one really, I'm just trying to make you stop and think before you encourage hate. If you want to hate anyone, hate me for attempting to be a good person and for getting you to be one too. We are all on the same spectrum people Note: I am not doing this in reference to anything one particular person has said, it is something that I have noticed over time over many discussions and over the course of my lifetime.
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    Willow, I just wanted to say that I am so sorry that there are such horrible people in the world that they would take the wonderful thing you are trying to do and use it to give you abuse... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2pCEh4tOhw&list=UU2OdMVzzL6SaOKyP0dTcllQ&feature=share&index=7 It is absolutely despicable that people say and act in such a rude and nasty manner to their fellow human beings. And now I want to say Thank You for sticking with it as long as you have, it can't be easy letting the whole world in, I spend almost as much effort keeping it out, I learnt a lot about myself from your videos and when you consider you're more than ten years younger than me that is no small feat and I learnt a lot more coming here to this wonderful haven you provide all of us. So please don't be too disheartened by these ignorant people, what you are doing really does make a difference and help people, perhaps we should speak up more often and drown out those others!
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    It's my birthday today. So I just turned 20 I've been listening to lots of awemazing music, eaten delicious Danish cake and rolls with Jarlsberg cheese, and later I'm going to a sushi restaurant with my mother. I'm sure I'm gonna get a few beers in me too. Nothing too much though. Don't want to end up all borked and emotional. I wish I could invite the whole of Asperclick over for cake, but that seems a little unfeasible haha!... Especially since so many of you live in England... Anywho! Cheers everyone, to a good Thursday!
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    Hey everyone Just thought I'd come and say hello, Its been ages since I've talked to most of you! Have missed talking to you all, especially Lacey, Heather, Willow, Sofi, Kerry, Sean, Alex, Ben, ect.. I could go on but everyone I used to talk to I guess! So its been a while huh? How is everyone? Have I missed much? Anything exciting going on at the moment? I guess I haven't been on here as I haven't really had the time. My life has been so chaotic this year if I'm honest, I won't go into detail on here but happy to talk about it privately with those of you I know I'd like to say things are looking up but if I'm honest there not really.. still got loads going on! Anyway I'm hoping to get back into using the forum again and look forward to hopefully catching up with everyone and chatting again
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    Thank you everyone for the kind comments. i wish that when people have long winded, cross-thread arguments and insult people and then immediately ask to be 'deleted', 'unlike' my page, 'unfriend' me on facebook, unsubscribe from my newsletter, post shitty comment(s) on my video(s) about my forum/elsewhere, take the stance that i'm milking my disability, and in general continue to fuck my day up long after they're done fucking your day up on the forum. i feel shit for saying it out loud, hence the small. but i really hate it, it really bothers me, and it makes me feel like it was pointless trying to help in the first place. and these are usually people who have either won competitions or awards, i send them prizes, i also spend a lot of time PM'ing them when they do cause an uproar on the forum and usually let it go several times. i wish i didn't go over and above what is expected of me to cheer people up, because before i know it, they're busy throwing things in my face like i'm the worst person they've ever met. it's happened to this extent about 5 or 6 times in the past year, so it's not a lot, but it hurts. i definitely do appreciate the hundreds of people who don't behave like this and are very nice to me, i just don't understand the thought process people go through when they 'turn' on me for no reason and why their comments are always the same, like there's a 'go to' list of things to say to me when you're done being my friend. what kills me is that the people who do it are usually people who know a bit more about me than most, so they know just how long i spend on things and just how little money i get back from it etc etc. which makes it even more confusing that they would try and say i'm just scamming people blah blah blah fake blah blah nasty. please don't hold this against me. i just don't like waking up and seeing comments on my videos about how this forum is unsafe and gangs up on vulnerable people etc.
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    Hello everyone! Some members might not recognise me, as I've barely been active here for quite a while, and some of you may. Anyway, I'm Alex, one of the first members to join the site, nice to meet any new members! And to those who know me, hello again, it's great to be back. What have I been up to these past months? Last year I met my best friend and soulmate @Prism - the love of my life - and I traveled to Bogota, Colombia (from Copenhagen, Denmark(basically at the other end of the world)) to meet her in person for the first time. It was the best experience of my life, something I'll never forget. Fast forward to 2017, more specifically 7 months ago, and we got married. Now we live in Sweden and we are slowly but surely sorting out our situation, what with family reunification and everything. That was all thanks to this forum, and @Willow's work, whom we owe a great deal. I am so happy with my life, something I can say that I've never felt before. For many years, I didn't know what was gonna happen with me. I thought my future was going to be bad. I felt like I had nothing in life. I was severely anxious, depressed, with bad self esteem, a bit of Aspieness, and even suicidal at times. But out of the blue, in a dark-looking hour, I met my guiding light. Now I feel SO loved, all the time, and I feel like the luckiest man on earth. Literally. She saved my life, and I saved hers. Never. Give. Up. Fight for what you have in life. Good things will come your way, I promise. It just takes time sometimes.
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    I came across this recently, you might have seen it. I must admit it gave me a pick me up http://everydayaspergers.com/2013/09/08/10-reasons-to-embrace-your-aspergers/
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    I did it. I'm over all bad stuff that had happened in the past. I was in therapy for more than one year but I finally with it. 2012: I started an education in the health service. I didn't cope at all so I ended up in therapy. I got diagnosed with Aspergers and stopped my career in health service, so I went back to university where I had already studied during one year. It took me a whole year to realize that I can use my strengths better in a different area. When I started university again it was a really tough time. As I was still exhausted from the year before I had a lot of meltdowns and anxiety. But the better I settled in the more my past closed in on me. All kind of memories started to came up. All kind of horrible memories. They made me depressive so I was put on medication for that. They worked, they gave my energy back so my fight with the memories had to continue. It was a very hard time. It was horrible as well and as my energy went down again I decided to postpone my studies a bit so I did no academical work last term. It payed off. It was really hard work but I did it. I have to say I'm proud. And very grateful. I'm fine with my past now. I'm happy again with my parents and siblings. I'm looking forward to my future. I'm thanking to all people who helped me trough that time. And I need to mention this forums as well. Especially Alex's topic (called something like "my little victory" if I remember right) encouraged me a lot. I'm a very impatient person. His story showed me that I need to be patient and take baby steps but that I can put all my energy in those baby steps. Thanks a million Alex. Maybe I can encourage others as well: "You can do it!" Even if your situation fells like it will never ever improve, it can if you put a lot of hard work in it. But don't only work hard, make sure you work clever as well.
  30. 14 points
    She has a obsession with rings lol.
  31. 14 points
    I had my diagnosis done and I've got aspergers. I am still the same person. I am just different from others I know.
  32. 14 points
    I'll let Chris add to it below Here are some of mine: Cook and bake more from scratchGet fitter/healthier, and hopefully that will improve my asthmaRelease 'The Other Side' in MarchGet married in SeptemberBuy a housePay credit card debt off completelyArrange successful Asperclick meetupLaunch new business which will hopefully enable me and Chris to spend all of our time togetherGet more achievements in World of Warcraft (definately want the Merry Maker title next Christmas).
  33. 14 points
    Please READ this because the more awareness for this the better. I know it's long to read (took me longer to type!) but it's for a good cause: Aspergers falls on the Autistic Spectrum. The current statistic for Autism is 1 in 100 and that's only the people who have received an official diagnosis. I was only diagnosed a couple of months ago and some people don't get noticed until much later in life. It took 9 months for me to get assessed and diagnosed, others as long as a couple of years, some not at all. That should give you an idea on the lack of funding that causes these waiting lists and also the lack of awareness out there. A lot of GP's still don't spot it and misdiagnose us with depression and anxiety disorders without noticing the underlying cause. People with Aspergers are usually very good at hiding it because we try to fit in over the years and mimic others behaviour, however trying to understand other people exhausts us on a social level and usually leads to us isolating ourselves once in a while. Many of us can't hold down jobs due to anxiety. Those that can are often misunderstood in the workplace or struggle with social pressures and sensory issues. I personally struggle maintaining friendships/relationships due to my brain not understanding body language or expression well. I also have sensory issues (bright lights and loud noises) and have been bullied my whole life for being "a bit odd". I find talking about things that don't interest me hard work and can become very obsessed with my own personal interests. I struggle empathising with others which makes it look like I don't care and can often upset people with brutal honesty. These are only a FEW of my traits. PLEASE read this and share. It's suprising how many people don't know what ASD is and as a result, make us feel worthless, stupid and even invisible at times (sometimes unintentionally). So please respect us. Remember, we automatically hide our traits to make your lives easier. We shouldn't have to do this so please be more understanding and accept us for who we are. Thanks. http://www.autism.org.uk/about-autism/autism-and-asperger-syndrome-an-introduction/what-is-asperger-syndrome.aspx
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    I wish we could just all get along. Asperclick has been very tense recently Can we not just be happy? Halloween is on it's way so that's an excuse to dress up silly and eat lots of goodies! Then there is Christmas. It's very exciting Also winter will be here soon so we should be looking forward to cosy evenings and comfy baggy clothes! Not to mention...hot chocolate!
  35. 14 points
    The Doctor was really wonderful. She said I obviously have Asperger's. She said it sounds like my children do too, and she suggested hippo therapy! She said that our insurance (Tricare) will pay for it, and there's a therapist who lives really close to us. So we'll all get to go meet horses together! Of course it will take some time for the paperwork to go through, but YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so giddy right now. Today's appointment was really helpful.
  36. 14 points
    I am officialy done with high school and all my exams.
  37. 14 points
    In case anyone was wondering, it is legal for us to share these without Terry's consent, we just thought we'd ask out of courtesy. I don't like discussing this kind of thing and this definitely isn't an attempt to drag someone's name through the mud. We just think it's important that people understand why our 14-month ban-free streak had to come to an end with Terry. As you'll gather from the emails, it was impossible to talk reasonably with him. We can't ensure that he doesn't return to the site under a different guise (it's trivial to circumvent any kind of bans that an individual site can impose... though I expect it may be quite obvious if he does, from his writing style) but I see no reason why he'd want to come back, having made his feelings clear (apparently we lost the right to talk to him anyway ( )). I just can't believe some of the stuff he came out with... Seeking 'professional help' to get an NT to 'monitor every post on the site'. Credit card authorization to use the site. It feels cruel to be amused by some of his ideas, since deep-down he probably does mean well. But the manner and attitude in which he conveyed them nearly made me lose my shit. Any efforts to vet or censor the site would be detrimental to the site's purpose. I don't think I can say much more without being mean... I think I'm just failing to understand how someone can go from being well-respected to actively-despised in such a short space of time.
  38. 14 points
    I just want to say a massive thank you too everyone on here for making me feel so at home here and just for being so friendly! Also thank you to Willow for this forum and both Willow and Chris for running it! This place already feels like the best place on the internet for me. I feel like I fit in for once and its really amazing to be able to speak about things I struggle to speak about usually, I don't really have anywhere else I can be me like I can here, and I want to thank each and every one of you for making me feel completely welcome and I don't feel like a newbie or anything! You are all so lovely here and I think you're all awesome!! (I don't normally do stuff like this so you should all feel super awesome and lucky!) hehehe kidding you don't need to feel lucky!
  39. 13 points
    Have things on here calmed down sufficiently for me to think about returning?
  40. 13 points
    So, after searching for a while (obsessively I must say) about how the traits can be different for girls, I wrote down what I believe can be a lot of my traits/characteristics related to Aspergers. Although I don't have a formal diagnosis and I'm still not 100% sure if I'm truly an Aspie, in my heart I feel I am most of the times for a lot of different reasons when I look at it both emotionally and rationally. My Aspie Traits - social awkwardness (not knowing what is adequate and ok to say or when to say it, not knowing how to carry/to end a conversation, although I've learned to adapt and can do it now, but it can be still really awkward many times) - bluntness (being too direct and not being aware when coming across as rude, arrogant or too blunt - or being aware only afterwards or even days later) - perceiving, understanding and communicating very black and white - being too intense and obsessive with especific interests (spending many hours searching, reading, learning everything that is to know about the same subject. For instance: Languages, Asperger's Syndrome, fully raw diet, parenting, education) - social hangover (feeling extremely tired mentaly and emotionaly after long periods of social interaction) - Not having the need or the urge to socialize or go out much, except with very close ones (if I go out twice a week that's probably enough social interaction and I don't need or feel like wanting more stimuly) - strongly dislike of light touch - quick temper (exploding or feeling an intense rage out of a sudden and without a warning, and cooling down just as quickly) - not having energy and hating small talk, superficial empty tedious talks especialy with people I don't know or don't feel connected to - overthinking and overanalysing everything all the time - being really annoyed by some sort of noises or when there's too much background noise (for example, in crowded places when everybody just talks loud at the same time, it's just too much stimuly to process and I tend to feel really irritated and willing to leave) - having a hard time keeping a job (it can be quite hard having to leave the house every single day at the same time, dealing with the same people constantly which can seem like a contradiction because I feel I like an need a routine, but just having to leave the house when there are days I don't feel like leaving the bed, can be really hard) - enjoying and needing a routine and familiar places that I feel comfortable at - not having too many friends or actually having friends, but only 3 that I trust 100% that they'll let me just be and respect my quirky unique different introvert way of being, the real me (which very few people actually have seen and truly know) - prefering one on one interactions (that way I can really connect with them and we get to know each other, to have deep intelligent badass talks) - dislike going out in groups or engaging conversation with a lot of people at the same time (which I find confusing, superficial, pointless, uninteresting and a waste of time. If I'm with a group of friends I really like and have a connection with, I can enjoy it. But otherwise, I'd prefer to just watch and be quiet and I will enjoy it unless I feel like I have to participate, talk or answer questions) - very creative and imaginative. I have my own world and reality inside my head and life is so much better inside my world than reality (Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't wanna live there.) - I tend to to everything I can by myself. I love self learning, to taught myself things and I'm good at it. For example: English, French, crafts, learning ideas/concepts and how to dos and succeeding when I try to do it like cutting my hair just by watching videos and such - extremely loyal with strong inner principles that are very important and serious to me - high sensitivity and picking up on others emotions and energies like a sponge - picking up details everyone misses, hidden meanings, abstract ideas - thinking outside the box, coming up with creative solutions - feeling different my whole life, not being able to fit in anywhere (not feeling truly comfortable to be me or really accepted) - although I'm not picky when it comes to food, I can eat the same thing everyday without a problem (like pasta, or like when I was in the hostel in Guarapari. I ate omelete (always prepared the same way: eggs, cheese, tomato, pimenta calabresa and I would eat it with mostarda. I did it for 2 weeks every single day, not noticing it until now) - doing things in a certain order like showering, or the way I walk the stairs when arriving home (taking 2 steps at a time even when tired), doing certain things in a certain way and never changing it, like it feels safe/familiar/predictable - feeling anxious when knowing I'll have to socialize with people I don't know very well or/and in new places I've never been too. Having to prepare myself psychologicaly for that and still feel very anxious, afraid, not comfortable - expressing myself and my thoughts way better on writing, rather than talking - losing track of my thoughts while I'm talking or trying to explain something and forgetting what I was just saying and taking too long getting back to it or not remembering it at all (which difficults a lot talking to unknown people, because of the awkward silences and not being able to have a natural flow on the conversation) - having a really complex mind with thoughts, sub thoughts, sub sub sub thoughts. Constantly making connections and spoting patters in everything and everyone - having a brain that doesn't shut up, is always active, that take in a lot of information/details/subtleties at the same time and can't help to analyse everything all the time (both internaly and externaly). Sees a puzzle in everything and collect the pieces together with time until it makes clear sense - I feel like I adapted so well sometimes that it is actually quite common for me to hear "you, an introvert? But you're such an extrovert!" (No, I'm not, trust me.) That's just an example of how I fake it so well, and how I managed to adapt socially (although I can still be very awkward sometimes) - I prepare myself before going somewhere like I ponder first what I might need/always think ahead (for example, if I know I'll stay out for long, I bring water, think about where I can buy something to eat near where I will be - I hardly ever forget anything from keys to phone, charger, some paper or anything I know I will need that day. I have all planed out so I dont have to worry about it later. It actually saves a lot of energy and it prevents anxiety which is good, because Im already too anxious - having a hard time learning and remembering subjetcs in school that are taught oraly like History and Geografy So, that was HUGE and I apologize for that. I would really like to know how much can you all relate to what I believe are my traits and do you think they all can be related to being an Aspie or maybe not. Thank you for being lovely and welcoming to the forum on my first post. I already like it here a lot <3
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    Hello everyone, I'm just making this thread to let you know that I won't be active on Asperclick for the foreseeable future. No single bad thing has happened, but I've been feeling trapped and apathetic about my life for a while now, and I am entirely responsible for that. I've allowed myself to get caught in a cycle of self-detrimental behaviour, always thinking of making radical changes to my life but never puting my plans into action. Certain corners of the Internet are simply enabling my procrastination, and it's important that I dedicate most of my time to spiritual and emotional healing. I also want to begin some new hobbies and explore new avenues to meet people on my wavelength. I will return, but not before I've put a sufficient amount of effort into crafting a better life for myself. Peace, Kuribo
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    Wow, I didn't realise I would create such a hornet's nest. Firstly, I apologise, it was not my intention for this to become yet another debate. Secondly, I am truly thankful to all of you who have said such kind words. It really does mean a lot to me, so thank you. As for invisible, I am sorry but this needs to be said. You are rude. Not only are you rude but you are stubborn, meaning that you don't listen when people try to give you advice. I and many other members have tried to help you in the past, yet you always seem ungrateful. Was I in the wrong this time? To an extent I guess I was. But it was born out of exasperation at your unwillingness to listen. The idea of a hiatus is a good one. I feel a couple of weeks or months away will allow me to clear my head. I must say the show of support nearly made me change my mind, but I still feel some time away would be beneficial. Once again, thank you for your support.
  43. 13 points
    1. My YouTube account is currently set to private, nothing has been deleted. 2. I have not grown out of AS, I have merely put myself in a position where I have so much control of my life that I am rarely affected. 3. Asperclick will remain live and it will always be mine. 4. I have no issue with it being public that I have AS and offer my help and support to the community. I do however have issues with the fact that some of my videos are genuinely painful for me to watch and think about other people watching. Until I decide which videos I am happy with, they are all unavailable. 5. I have not stopped doing videos but they will always focus mainly on my past because that's the only advice I gave to offer. Videos may be remade rather than just being made public again. But hopefully all the topics I covered will still be covered by the time I'm done. 6. I thought I was clear in my statement and had already said most of this. 7. This is part of why I'm stepping back a bit, because everything I do is analysed and it's very draining and it's not how I want my life to be. 8. Comments on my videos will probably be disabled. I don't deserve to be judged the way I am for trying to help.
  44. 13 points
    Because living a normal life without any challenges would be bloody boring. And as humans, we do the majority of our learning and character developing during the most difficult of times - and that, depending on how you look at it, is the greatest gift we can be given. We just don't see it that way at the time. Now if you're tired of being depressed, and you want to be happy, then it is YOUR responsibility to actively do something about it. A few may sympathise, but most aren't going to care. And as harsh as that sounds, that's just life. Which is why you need to have your own back, and to not blame outside forces for your circumstances. The reason why certain people rise to the top whilst others plummet, is because the people at the top are never passive. They're active people, and take full responsibility for themselves and everything they do. They don't fear failure, because they know failure waits for success. They don't beat themselves up for making mistakes, because mistakes are part of the defining process. And they don't fear the future, for they are far too focused on the here and now to even notice. It can be a cruel world, yes, but you can put up a fight and assert yourself above that mindset. You just have to want to. And if you're waiting for someone else to do the work, then you're going to be waiting for a very long time. Probably not what you wanted to hear when you put this thread up, but I don't ever see the point in mollycoddling people at times like this.
  45. 13 points
    I got my diagnosis yesterday. Moderate ASD with anxiety and depression, but no learning disability.
  46. 13 points
    I just whant too say that I really love asperclick and thank you willow and Chris for makeing such a awesome forum for everybody everybody on the forum is so nice and friendly here enjoy your day everybody and willow and Chris as well and all my friends on my asperclick Paige
  47. 13 points
    Chris had an operation on his neck today, to remove a lump, he'll be recovering over the next two weeks - just wanted to let you all know since I doubt we'll be around as much especially over the next few days once he's home. Everything went well this morning from what I've been told and I'll be going to see him soon but he has to stay in overnight. I'm taking him his phone though so he'll be able to check in on the forum - he'll likely be bored so please send him some love and hugs and keep him company in here. Love from Willow
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    Hi everyone, I'd like to take a few minutes to talk about our future plans for Asperclick. We've been going for over 6 months now, with a lovely, friendly core base of users - things are going well. I've been a lot more active in the past couple of weeks and have really been enjoying it. I've made some great friends (and met a couple in real life ). It's also been great to hear what a difference this place has made for some people - that kind of feedback gives us a feeling we really can't describe, though if I had to try it'd be "warm and fuzzy". It makes everything worthwhile. So, the obvious question seems to us is... how can we help more people - and help those people more? Over the past few weeks, we've been drafting out some ideas on how to develop the site further. I think it only makes sense to share our initial ideas with you, in case anyone has suggestions or things they'd like to request. The Goal I guess this should really be our 'mission statement' - or at least some variation of this: Asperclick aims to be a large, friendly community for anyone with or anyone affected by somebody with Asperger's syndrome, high-functioning autism or similar autistic spectrum disorder. Asperclick also aims to make life easier for those that match the previous description in a number of other ways - in everyday-life, employment, love (should one desire ) and friendship. We're planning to build a number of additional 'modules' as well as to revamp the existing forum - which will all become what we're calling "Asperclick V2". The Plan Some 'features' or points that will apply to the entire site: - The new version will be fully-responsive, so you can interact with all Asperclick has to offer in FULL from desktop's, laptops, tablets, phones, etc. Currently the mobile theme we have leaves a lot to be desired and removes quite a lot of functionality and information from the interface. We don't think mobile-users should be lumbered with a sub-par user experience. - We aim to support internationalization (i18n) with the new version. This won't happen from the start (our English community is still only small), but software will be designed and built to be easily expandable into other languages. - We already take your privacy and data security extremely seriously. With the new version, we'll be taking that a step further. With the recent NSA/PRISM scandal in the US and similar schemes being protested in the UK, it's clear that the majority don't find this acceptable. We plan to host/store all user-data on servers in a country like Sweden or Iceland - both of those countries support internet freedom without censorship. We feel we'd be putting-off new users or doing our current users a disservice by continuing the host Asperclick in a country where the government can just 'take' YOUR personal information from our servers at the drop of a hat. - For those interested in technology, we're planning to use EmberJS for the majority of the frontend for the new version, with NodeJS or Ruby on Rails for the backend. More on that and the rest of the development stack later. The Forum Invision power board (what Asperclick currently runs on) is great forum software, but it's really quite old now - of course it's still in active development and constantly updated, but the format remains the same. I'm not discounting familiarity, but this is 2013 and we can do better. We're planning to build our own platform from scratch that is fully customized to our(your!) needs. I won't go in to too much detail here since I have WAY too many ideas to mention, but to summarize: - A reputation system. Having some way of showing a user's reputation is a good thing - it gives users (new ones in particular) an idea of somebody's status in the community - if someone has a high reputation, they should be someone you can trust. Currently, we have post count and 'reputation' - solely based on how many likes one's posts have accrued. I wouldn't say that was an accurate representation of reputation at all. We plan on having the primary stat next to users BEING 'reputation' (rep), and having an algorithm that takes more factors into account. Things like how much up/downvotes one's posts have had (more on that later), post count, active membership duration, infractions, etc. This is by no means perfect, but we can tweak it. So the reputation weights might look something like: New Thread +2 New Post +1 Upvote +2 Downvote -5 Visited for the day +5 Love-Post +10 Infract -x (100 default?) - Up/Downvotes for each post. Currently you can 'like' posts to show your support or agreement with what someone has said. It only makes sense to have the opposite be possible too - each post will have a counter with up/down arrows so you can easily and quickly show your (dis)agreement with a post. Up and downvotes will be anonymous. We were also thinking of letting people 'love' a post. Up/downvoting or 'love'ing someone's post would adjust their reputation by different amounts. Loving a post would award more reputation than an update and wouldn't be anonymous, but users would be limited to 'love'ing 2 (or there abouts) posts per day. The idea is, it would be an indication that the user *really* likes, values, supports or agrees with the post in question. - Anonymous posting. Lots of people might not want to create an account or login with facebook to post in the interests of privacy or hiding their identity. We shouldn't stop those individuals from posting, so we'd like to support anonymous/account-less posting. Obviously these users wouldn't benefit from private messaging or anything like that, and it would be policed quite heavily to keep a handle on spam. - New content. Currently, to find new content you can few the 'recent topics' list - works great whilst the forum is still small, but when it's busy (multiple threads/minute) you'll miss a lot - you can receive notifications of activity in threads you're subscribed to or manually go into each forum to look for new threads. We'd like to overhaul that, with more of the main UI being used to help you find both new content and content you're active or interested in. - Reputation-based moderation. This is definitely still at the idea stage, but I'd *really* like to have some kind of system in place where members gain moderating priveleges in line with the amount of reputation they have. The idea being, if you're reputation is high enough, you're probably a valued and respected member of the community - enough so to handle reports and so on. I don't like how 'authoriative' other forums can come across - members vs mods - to the extent where I considered changing the Administrator's group here to just be 'Member', so I didn't stand out. I didn't in the end for a few reasons - everybody already knows who I am, it might be confusing, etc. The point stands though. - No "Information Overload". There's quite a lot of unnecessary information on IPB's interface. We'd aim to massivley reduce that, whilst improving the design aesthetics, maintaing (and improving) functionality and focusing on readability. Here are a couple of examples of what we were thinking (desktop and mobile to show you how it would be responsive, too): - http://postimg.org/image/57nfn057b/ - http://postimg.org/image/pjeg0xbgh/ - Lots more features, user experience improvements, etc. Social Network We're going to build a social network. There, I said it. A social network built with aspies in mind - extremely configurable privacy-settings, away from the information-overload of facebook, fully integrated with the rest of the site and community. I don't have much more to say on this at the moment, just that I'd definitely like it to happen - and so would everyone else I've mentioned it to. Personal Dashboard The idea behind this section is to provide as many software-tools to aid aspies as possible. So for example, at the moment we have plans for; a calendar for aspie's to add appointments to (which they could be reminded about by email and/or SMS), a day-trip planner, budget-planner and other things of that nature. Another idea was an 'obsession-tracker', which pulls obsession-related articles from Google alerts or other sources, straight to your dashboard. Open to suggestions. Jobs Board This is a really important module, in our opinion. A jobs board with jobs that make special accomodation(s) for employees with ASD's. A lot of the unemployed members here aren't in their situation through choice - they just can't find a suitable working environment. We'd actively search for employers that make these accomodations to post their job openings. It's a win/win situation - unemployed aspies might find a job they're comfortable in and employers benefit from the intelligence, attention to detail and focus that (most ) aspies bring to the table. Dating A lot of aspies struggle with (romantic) relationships. I've thought a dating site for aspies would be a good idea for a while - I know Wrongplanet built one, which looks kind of dead/90's. The main problem with dating sites is trust - it's too easy to fake your identity or lie. If a site get's a reputation for that kind of thing, it won't work. We were thinking that REQUIRING x reputation on Asperclick to use the dating site might help 'validate' users to be trustworthy to some extend, before they can contact others. Beyond that, it'd be similar to many other dating sites, matching people on their interests, personality traits, etc, etc. Open to suggestions. ----- That's an overview of the modules. There is far too much to write about each of them for me to give a full summary here. I've hopefully give you enough for you to share in our vision and give us your feedback though. Money I'd really love to dedicate myself to developing Asperclick full-time. I know that's not going to be possible until we're a much larger community, but monetization is something to think about. I will ensure the plans I mentioned above happen in some capacity, alongside my regular work, it will just take time. Everyone has been very generous so far in donating towards the cost of hosting for Asperclick. I wish we didn't have to ask - but it's nice to have people contact us WANTING to help (which is why we setup the donation page) - we certainly won't refuse help. As the site grows, so will the costs and we've thought of a few ways to try and cover that outside of relying on donations. - Charging employers for listings on the jobs board. This is common practice in online recruitment. The rates would be reasonable compared to generic job board sites as a sign of our appreciation that employers are willing to reach out to the AS community by building comfortable workplaces. - Allowing users to bypass the reputation requirement to use the dating site. This might seem a bit 'selly-outy' at first, but willingness to pay is a form of validation in itself - which is all the reputation requirement serves in the first place (validation). - Tasteful advertising. By tasteful, I mean INFREQUENT adverts that are designed to match the aesthetics of the site, for products or services relevant to aspies which WE approve of. So for example, weighted blankets, jackets that hug you, genuine things aspies might like. - And finally a user-funded option. We were thinking of allowing users to donate a small amount £1-5 (their choice) monthly, should they want to. The idea being that everyone that finds this place useful could hopefully afford a tiny amount (to them) monthly to support it. Supporters would intentionally get very little (or no) benefit from donating. The site being online is their gratitude. I don't really like how other forums will try to 'sell' subscriptions in return for menial perks like PM box space, avoiding flood control etc - those are things that will be based on reputation. We will be completely open with Asperclick's finances. We will always make Asperclick's 'income' public information. Should the day come where it's possible for me to work on Asperclick full-time, we'll need to draw money from it to live, but that will all be disclosed. In the (hopeful!) scenario that Asperclick could create a substantial income over time, 'excess' income will be put towards the WillowHope Foundation - we've spoken of that briefly in threads before. It will be a charity aimed at helping those with ASD's. More details on that later. Parting Thoughts I just have one last part to add - that is that we PROMISE to you that we will be extremely cautious with any changes we make to Asperclick. For example, when V2 is finished (after extensive testing and beta period), all data will be migrated seamlessly - nothing will be lost. The forum we build will be extremely intuitive so as not to alienate anyone. Also, we really have no idea how long this will take yet. A long time. I'd be most comfortable saying 1-2 years. We refuse to rush and will make sure we get this right. That was a long post. So. Thoughts?
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    100% Agree with what Willow said. I don't think I've ever seen quite such a strong change-of-stance from people who are supposedly close friends (like Willow said, it's happened specifically to us several times in the last year). It really pisses me off, I honestly haven't encountered that kind of behavior since leaving school... When people seem to turn on Willow/us for no reason, it really does add insult to injury when they try and deface what we're doing. Leaving bad reviews on her book, badmouthing the forum, etc is so brutal, not to mention misleading. They're denying whoever they reach the chance at being part of this (in my opinion!) great, friendly community. And negative comments always sound louder than the positives, so that's usually what people will listen to. Whilst it's "just an internet forum" and "just a website, book and some videos", we're still in a position of some responsibility, meaning we probably don't get to say what we'd like a lot of the time for the sake of keeping things running smoothly - so you'll have to afford us the little rant...
  50. 13 points
    Where do I start...let's say...when you often rehearse conversations in your head.

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