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    I like to be friends with everyone. Even those who have traits which I greatly dislike. That said, I dislike 3 main groups #1 People who believe they are absolutely right and do not consider the possibility of being wrong. I constantly avoid being that kind of person. This is why, even when I *believe* I am totally and completely right, I still try to avoid making comments as "This is the way it is"... I rather go with "I think it is this way" and leave a door open for discussion. #2 People who lie. I can't stand people who constantly lie. If I can't tell the truth, or do not wish to tell the truth, I'll rather don't say anything. #3 People who think they are better than you. I have a friend that, even tho is a good person, mostly, suffers from this. You can't ever tell this person that you bought something. It doesn't matter what you bought, a pair of pants, new car tires, or a cellphone. He will always tell you that either "you paid too much", or "you bought an inferior product" and that "you should have consulted with him first". So annoying.
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    Just wanted to tell you all that, after a very long, hard road, my book is finally complete! It's release date is the 2nd April (World Autism Awareness Day). It's around 70,000 words long (376 pages). The foreword is written by the lovely Liane Holliday Willey, EdD and I am very honored that she was able to do this for me! Also, to run alongside the book, there will be an interactive timeline, which will consist of various videos, photographs, letters and artwork that fit with each chapter. This will be available within the next week. http://www.willowhope.com/products/the-other-side-living-with-aspergers-syndrome I wrote this book to try and help other people with Asperger Syndrome, and their families. I hope that my experiences and the way I have dealt with situations will guide others so that they can further understand themselves, feel less alone, and hopefully go about getting the help they need – whether that’s a diagnosis, or just ways to cope as a person on the spectrum, in a world full of people who see things differently. I talk about my childhood and how that fits into place and makes sense to me now that I am diagnosed. I also speak about my struggles through school and my teenage years, and how this was the most difficult time in my life, but was also when I found out I was on the spectrum. I then go on to talk about my partner and my new life with him; my various projects on raising awareness of the Autistic Spectrum and how I have learnt to cope with being an Aspie living in a normal world. “WillowHope, like many people on the autism spectrum, is a visual thinker. She can peek back to her earliest memories and bring them to life with detail and elaboration as fresh and vivid as a sharply taken photograph. WillowHope’s story is like her name, filled with hope. She expresses her memories with articulate thoughts that bring the reader into the world of Asperger syndrome and autism.” – from the foreword by Liane Holliday Willey Publish Date: 2nd April 2014 (Autism Awareness Day) Category: Self Help | Asperger Syndrome | Autobiography ISBN: 978-0-9927847-5-1 Pages: 376 Author: WillowHope Foreword: Liane Holliday Willey
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    So I was officially diagnosed yesterday My psychologist said I ticked pretty much all of the boxes for Aspergers Syndrome and that they already knew I had it from my initial assessment. She is sending the final report to me and my GP at the end of this week (I've already seen the draft copy though) and she is also writing me a mini report for my boss outlining that I struggle on the phones and stuff. They've referred me to an occupational therapist who is looking forward to meeting me, as she specialises in the sensory side of AS and apparently I am very sensory. I think I'm feeling every emotion at the moment. But mainly I'm happy and relieved that I finally have my diagnosis
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    I guess this is more aimed at those who don't have a diagnosis. And really, my first question would be, how did you come to the conclusion that you have Aspergers? Then from that, are you getting a formal diagnosis? And if so, what will happen if they say you don't have Aspergers? But for those of you with a diagnosis, do you ever worry that it is a mis diagnosis? Either because you just feel it doesn't fit, or because you sometimes look at how other people are and worry that you're coping better so maybe you don't have it? I sometimes think that I've 'grown out' of Aspergers, until I realise that I've just learnt to cope better as I've gotten older. Though, mostly that's due to isolating myself in my home with Chris, or just on my own when he's at work. And as for going out, I rarely get out of my car unless it's somewhere I know won't be busy, or I'm familiar with it.
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    Willow, I just wanted to say that I am so sorry that there are such horrible people in the world that they would take the wonderful thing you are trying to do and use it to give you abuse... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2pCEh4tOhw&list=UU2OdMVzzL6SaOKyP0dTcllQ&feature=share&index=7 It is absolutely despicable that people say and act in such a rude and nasty manner to their fellow human beings. And now I want to say Thank You for sticking with it as long as you have, it can't be easy letting the whole world in, I spend almost as much effort keeping it out, I learnt a lot about myself from your videos and when you consider you're more than ten years younger than me that is no small feat and I learnt a lot more coming here to this wonderful haven you provide all of us. So please don't be too disheartened by these ignorant people, what you are doing really does make a difference and help people, perhaps we should speak up more often and drown out those others!
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    The Doctor was really wonderful. She said I obviously have Asperger's. She said it sounds like my children do too, and she suggested hippo therapy! She said that our insurance (Tricare) will pay for it, and there's a therapist who lives really close to us. So we'll all get to go meet horses together! Of course it will take some time for the paperwork to go through, but YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so giddy right now. Today's appointment was really helpful.
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    I just did this as a blog post, but I'll paste it here incase it helps. I found all these myself, but please add your suggestions
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    Hi everyone, I'd like to take a few minutes to talk about our future plans for Asperclick. We've been going for over 6 months now, with a lovely, friendly core base of users - things are going well. I've been a lot more active in the past couple of weeks and have really been enjoying it. I've made some great friends (and met a couple in real life ). It's also been great to hear what a difference this place has made for some people - that kind of feedback gives us a feeling we really can't describe, though if I had to try it'd be "warm and fuzzy". It makes everything worthwhile. So, the obvious question seems to us is... how can we help more people - and help those people more? Over the past few weeks, we've been drafting out some ideas on how to develop the site further. I think it only makes sense to share our initial ideas with you, in case anyone has suggestions or things they'd like to request. The Goal I guess this should really be our 'mission statement' - or at least some variation of this: Asperclick aims to be a large, friendly community for anyone with or anyone affected by somebody with Asperger's syndrome, high-functioning autism or similar autistic spectrum disorder. Asperclick also aims to make life easier for those that match the previous description in a number of other ways - in everyday-life, employment, love (should one desire ) and friendship. We're planning to build a number of additional 'modules' as well as to revamp the existing forum - which will all become what we're calling "Asperclick V2". The Plan Some 'features' or points that will apply to the entire site: - The new version will be fully-responsive, so you can interact with all Asperclick has to offer in FULL from desktop's, laptops, tablets, phones, etc. Currently the mobile theme we have leaves a lot to be desired and removes quite a lot of functionality and information from the interface. We don't think mobile-users should be lumbered with a sub-par user experience. - We aim to support internationalization (i18n) with the new version. This won't happen from the start (our English community is still only small), but software will be designed and built to be easily expandable into other languages. - We already take your privacy and data security extremely seriously. With the new version, we'll be taking that a step further. With the recent NSA/PRISM scandal in the US and similar schemes being protested in the UK, it's clear that the majority don't find this acceptable. We plan to host/store all user-data on servers in a country like Sweden or Iceland - both of those countries support internet freedom without censorship. We feel we'd be putting-off new users or doing our current users a disservice by continuing the host Asperclick in a country where the government can just 'take' YOUR personal information from our servers at the drop of a hat. - For those interested in technology, we're planning to use EmberJS for the majority of the frontend for the new version, with NodeJS or Ruby on Rails for the backend. More on that and the rest of the development stack later. The Forum Invision power board (what Asperclick currently runs on) is great forum software, but it's really quite old now - of course it's still in active development and constantly updated, but the format remains the same. I'm not discounting familiarity, but this is 2013 and we can do better. We're planning to build our own platform from scratch that is fully customized to our(your!) needs. I won't go in to too much detail here since I have WAY too many ideas to mention, but to summarize: - A reputation system. Having some way of showing a user's reputation is a good thing - it gives users (new ones in particular) an idea of somebody's status in the community - if someone has a high reputation, they should be someone you can trust. Currently, we have post count and 'reputation' - solely based on how many likes one's posts have accrued. I wouldn't say that was an accurate representation of reputation at all. We plan on having the primary stat next to users BEING 'reputation' (rep), and having an algorithm that takes more factors into account. Things like how much up/downvotes one's posts have had (more on that later), post count, active membership duration, infractions, etc. This is by no means perfect, but we can tweak it. So the reputation weights might look something like: New Thread +2 New Post +1 Upvote +2 Downvote -5 Visited for the day +5 Love-Post +10 Infract -x (100 default?) - Up/Downvotes for each post. Currently you can 'like' posts to show your support or agreement with what someone has said. It only makes sense to have the opposite be possible too - each post will have a counter with up/down arrows so you can easily and quickly show your (dis)agreement with a post. Up and downvotes will be anonymous. We were also thinking of letting people 'love' a post. Up/downvoting or 'love'ing someone's post would adjust their reputation by different amounts. Loving a post would award more reputation than an update and wouldn't be anonymous, but users would be limited to 'love'ing 2 (or there abouts) posts per day. The idea is, it would be an indication that the user *really* likes, values, supports or agrees with the post in question. - Anonymous posting. Lots of people might not want to create an account or login with facebook to post in the interests of privacy or hiding their identity. We shouldn't stop those individuals from posting, so we'd like to support anonymous/account-less posting. Obviously these users wouldn't benefit from private messaging or anything like that, and it would be policed quite heavily to keep a handle on spam. - New content. Currently, to find new content you can few the 'recent topics' list - works great whilst the forum is still small, but when it's busy (multiple threads/minute) you'll miss a lot - you can receive notifications of activity in threads you're subscribed to or manually go into each forum to look for new threads. We'd like to overhaul that, with more of the main UI being used to help you find both new content and content you're active or interested in. - Reputation-based moderation. This is definitely still at the idea stage, but I'd *really* like to have some kind of system in place where members gain moderating priveleges in line with the amount of reputation they have. The idea being, if you're reputation is high enough, you're probably a valued and respected member of the community - enough so to handle reports and so on. I don't like how 'authoriative' other forums can come across - members vs mods - to the extent where I considered changing the Administrator's group here to just be 'Member', so I didn't stand out. I didn't in the end for a few reasons - everybody already knows who I am, it might be confusing, etc. The point stands though. - No "Information Overload". There's quite a lot of unnecessary information on IPB's interface. We'd aim to massivley reduce that, whilst improving the design aesthetics, maintaing (and improving) functionality and focusing on readability. Here are a couple of examples of what we were thinking (desktop and mobile to show you how it would be responsive, too): - http://postimg.org/image/57nfn057b/ - http://postimg.org/image/pjeg0xbgh/ - Lots more features, user experience improvements, etc. Social Network We're going to build a social network. There, I said it. A social network built with aspies in mind - extremely configurable privacy-settings, away from the information-overload of facebook, fully integrated with the rest of the site and community. I don't have much more to say on this at the moment, just that I'd definitely like it to happen - and so would everyone else I've mentioned it to. Personal Dashboard The idea behind this section is to provide as many software-tools to aid aspies as possible. So for example, at the moment we have plans for; a calendar for aspie's to add appointments to (which they could be reminded about by email and/or SMS), a day-trip planner, budget-planner and other things of that nature. Another idea was an 'obsession-tracker', which pulls obsession-related articles from Google alerts or other sources, straight to your dashboard. Open to suggestions. Jobs Board This is a really important module, in our opinion. A jobs board with jobs that make special accomodation(s) for employees with ASD's. A lot of the unemployed members here aren't in their situation through choice - they just can't find a suitable working environment. We'd actively search for employers that make these accomodations to post their job openings. It's a win/win situation - unemployed aspies might find a job they're comfortable in and employers benefit from the intelligence, attention to detail and focus that (most ) aspies bring to the table. Dating A lot of aspies struggle with (romantic) relationships. I've thought a dating site for aspies would be a good idea for a while - I know Wrongplanet built one, which looks kind of dead/90's. The main problem with dating sites is trust - it's too easy to fake your identity or lie. If a site get's a reputation for that kind of thing, it won't work. We were thinking that REQUIRING x reputation on Asperclick to use the dating site might help 'validate' users to be trustworthy to some extend, before they can contact others. Beyond that, it'd be similar to many other dating sites, matching people on their interests, personality traits, etc, etc. Open to suggestions. ----- That's an overview of the modules. There is far too much to write about each of them for me to give a full summary here. I've hopefully give you enough for you to share in our vision and give us your feedback though. Money I'd really love to dedicate myself to developing Asperclick full-time. I know that's not going to be possible until we're a much larger community, but monetization is something to think about. I will ensure the plans I mentioned above happen in some capacity, alongside my regular work, it will just take time. Everyone has been very generous so far in donating towards the cost of hosting for Asperclick. I wish we didn't have to ask - but it's nice to have people contact us WANTING to help (which is why we setup the donation page) - we certainly won't refuse help. As the site grows, so will the costs and we've thought of a few ways to try and cover that outside of relying on donations. - Charging employers for listings on the jobs board. This is common practice in online recruitment. The rates would be reasonable compared to generic job board sites as a sign of our appreciation that employers are willing to reach out to the AS community by building comfortable workplaces. - Allowing users to bypass the reputation requirement to use the dating site. This might seem a bit 'selly-outy' at first, but willingness to pay is a form of validation in itself - which is all the reputation requirement serves in the first place (validation). - Tasteful advertising. By tasteful, I mean INFREQUENT adverts that are designed to match the aesthetics of the site, for products or services relevant to aspies which WE approve of. So for example, weighted blankets, jackets that hug you, genuine things aspies might like. - And finally a user-funded option. We were thinking of allowing users to donate a small amount £1-5 (their choice) monthly, should they want to. The idea being that everyone that finds this place useful could hopefully afford a tiny amount (to them) monthly to support it. Supporters would intentionally get very little (or no) benefit from donating. The site being online is their gratitude. I don't really like how other forums will try to 'sell' subscriptions in return for menial perks like PM box space, avoiding flood control etc - those are things that will be based on reputation. We will be completely open with Asperclick's finances. We will always make Asperclick's 'income' public information. Should the day come where it's possible for me to work on Asperclick full-time, we'll need to draw money from it to live, but that will all be disclosed. In the (hopeful!) scenario that Asperclick could create a substantial income over time, 'excess' income will be put towards the WillowHope Foundation - we've spoken of that briefly in threads before. It will be a charity aimed at helping those with ASD's. More details on that later. Parting Thoughts I just have one last part to add - that is that we PROMISE to you that we will be extremely cautious with any changes we make to Asperclick. For example, when V2 is finished (after extensive testing and beta period), all data will be migrated seamlessly - nothing will be lost. The forum we build will be extremely intuitive so as not to alienate anyone. Also, we really have no idea how long this will take yet. A long time. I'd be most comfortable saying 1-2 years. We refuse to rush and will make sure we get this right. That was a long post. So. Thoughts?
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    Toran - I'm quite surprised to find just how little you seem to think of Willow (and by extension, me, since there is a little about the forum we don't discuss) and how you think your personal situation excuses you for a lot of your behavior on the forum tonight... I'm not really sure where to begin. I don't want you to think I'm attacking you, (I feel like I've said this to a lot of people lately :/) I just want to try and have you understand. Try and keep that in mind when reading this. These are facts - the definition of a 'fact' being a statement based upon tangible or measurable evidence. You've derailed 2-3 threads in the last couple of days for no good reason. You've attacked other members and Willow.You have mentioned the situation with your daughter... a lot. There's nothing wrong with that and we definitely do care about that kind of stuff, but it doesn't mean you should be treated any differently or excused from the prior points. You've been abusive towards other members, you received warning points for it (details were in the warning note). Sofi has been abusive. She has received warning points. There are no favorites here or anyone that the rules don't apply to. We definitely do root for freedom of speech, provided that the speech in question isn't a direct attack/provocation of another member or posted in the wrong place. A thread where somebody is trying to organize a meet-up and make a few friends is not the right place to start a debate and start throwing accusations of discrimination. Go ahead and start a seperate thread for it (though I think Kuribo beat you to it). I haven't deleted or edited any posts here, despite you bashing Willow and the forum... is that free enough? I'm not sure why you think Willow is 'nasty' or how we've treated you unfairly. You're an honorary member, won the 'Asperclicker Award' (!!!) and we've tried to help you where possible with the forum (changing your profile picture, info, creating your signature, etc). Willow was actually going to post you the painting you ordered a while back tomorrow, just because we knew you were going through a rough time and thought you might as well have it. We're a bit disappointed to be honest. I don't have a lot else to say and am still undecided on whether it's best to nuke this thread from existence (since it's extremely... 'ugly') or leave it as a reminder for days to come of how ridiculously out of hand things can get, but lastly: We are sorry to hear about the situation with your daughter. Even those that you've angered and have lashed out tonight I'm sure don't like to hear about cases of self-harm and what-not. I for one would like to offer you support, in whatever form I can, since it's obviously taking it's toll on you. But that's extremely tough when there's what feels like a 'turf war' going on right now.
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    I want to point out that it is not, and never will be, acceptable to pick on a member here, for any reason that I can think of, but especially not just because you 'don't like them' or they 'don't fit in' or they 'ruin the vibe'. None of those are good reasons. It's not a popularity contest, it's a forum for people on the spectrum and we are not the type of people to push someone out for those reasons. We’re a community and like in any other community, there will be people that don’t get along. Like I've said before, I'm not here to try and patch things up between members that don't get along, I'm just here to sort out things like spam and abuse etc which may happen, and to give the warnings out when needed. I can't be expected to act as a go between when members fall out. I expect that you would be able to come to an amicable agreement via PM, and not on the public forum, because that just leads to a negative atmosphere if it ends up spread across several threads. We have a block function and you can choose to not see anything from a certain member. Please use that rather than PM'ing me telling me that you don't get along with someone. More often than not, it will end in an argument which means that you're both likely going to end up with warning points from taking stabs at each other, and then it really does become my problem, but please, for everyone's sake, just take a step back and think about blocking them before it gets out of hand!
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    I'm sure that people leaving the forum has nothing to do with you. I think that people are just bored, tired, fed up, etc with things happening in their lives, and certain members interact better, are more fun etc. They attract other members, so if they leave then those others they attract leave too.
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    Well I've had a very hard time stopping myself from ringing him and giving him a piece of my mind (but you asked me not to so I won't). I've never come across a man who is so selfish and inconsiderate as him. He will never deserve you as a daughter and will never appreciate you for who you are. You are everything to me and Jason and we wouldn't change you for the world. I love you just as you are and always will and you can always count on the both of us to be there for you and for Chris. Don't let your dad get you down you're far better than he is and have such a caring nature that he takes advantage of. Lots of love Mumma xxx PS He should always ring first, everyone else does!
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    Old stuff only, as despite being a photographer, I always forget to photograph my work (more the case I think of get rid of it as soon as possible as I have taken as much as I have taken as much as I can out of the piece and when it is finished, I always think I could have done better, so get rid fast) But ;
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    Just found this on Liane's Facebook page (not sure why I've not seen it already), and thought I'd share it; it's a really great, in depth interview, which I thought might be useful for people
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    Hi, I feel i'm addicted to this forum. Since I joined I'm spending so much time here. Its really well designed and people are so friendly. I just wanted to post this to say that I'm having a good time here. Thanks Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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    We are getting a puppy!! My mum has breed my dog and is buying me a puppy, I think it may be partly my birthday present too. But if my dog doesn't have puppys then we will buy one once we've saved up for one I'm so excited, we've picked the name out and in a month or so will start looking at them We have to find a house we can have pets in but so far I think we have found one! We just need to sort the deposit out and pay for referencing ) Exciting stuff!!!! One of the other reasons we want a dog, is that they help me massively with anxiety and calming. The phyciatrists recommended this to my mum which is one of the reasons we had Coco although we wanted one it just made it happen sort of thing. Anyway its true, she helps me hugely and I'm more effected and attached to her than anyone else other than Josh. Does anyone else find this? Or have a pet that has this effect on them? I'm super excited to get a puppy! We have been doing some online shopping (browsing) for things we will need! Eeeeek.
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    We have a thread elsewhere for this: http://asperclick.com/topic/1550-autism-card/ But I'm starting this one because I wanted to include all the info in one post I've designed an 'alert' card, for those on the Autistic Spectrum to carry around with them. The idea is that if you get a bit overwhelmed or you aren't able to get your point across etc, when you're out and about in public, you can hand this card over and it will just go some way to explain why you're flapping and struggling to breathe! I've written myself, and didn't look at any other cards beforehand, because I didn't want to 'copy' any others. As you can see, it's got the WillowHope/Asperclick colour scheme etc, so it's not dull. I tried to make it a bit more 'funky' etc. than the usual ones, and not as...insulting. I don't mean that in a bad way as such, I just mean that after seeing some since designing mine, and from what I can remember from my old one, they seem to make us look kind of useless, and I just wanted this one to be worded a bit nicer. You can get them from my store here. They cost £1.50 (plus shipping) and once I've made back the money it costs to order them (pretty expensive as it turns out ) then the money will go towards the running of Asperclick and the general expenses that come from all the other things I try to do to help They will be the size and thickness and durability of a credit/debit card, so will fit into your wallet/purse and should last a long time! Front: Back:
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    A build up of stress and negative emotions, or maybe in response to a big change or injustice, coming out in an outburst of maybe crying and physical extremities.
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    Me having read some of these 'suggestions'
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    My local police department got back to me and would like to meet me to learn more about the work I do They said they do have a card, but they didn't say much about it, so we'll see.
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    Morning all, You may or may not have noticed that we had some downtime this morning (8:30am - 9:00am BST). Glad to report we've now moved to our new server. Hopefully that should sort the issue with any database errors you may have been seeing occasionally. Everything appears to be in check, but if you spot any bugs or errors that have appeared since the move, let me know and I'll investigate. Thank you all for your patience.
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    What Will I Get Points For? Cooldown | 1 Point | Temporary Ban (decided by staff) | Removed After 1 Day This is used to prevent or stop arguments or public meltdowns from happening, used to limit the damage you may cause to yourself or others. Signature or Profile Violation | 5 Points |Removed After 2 Days No rude images depicting anything of a sexual nature. No GIFS. General Warning | 3 Points | Removed After 1 Day This can cover any number of small wrong doings. Excessive Advertising | 5 Points | Removed After 2 Days If all or most of your posts are advertising yourself in some way, expect to get this warning. Inappropriate Language | 5 Points | Removed After 1 Day This covers anything from swear words being used in an offensive nature towards others, to language which is purposely meant to insult another member(s). Spamming/Baiting/Arguing | 7 Points | Removed After 2 Days Repeated posting on purpose, backhanded comments, passive aggressiveness, arguing, flaming, etc. Continued Misconduct | 10 Points | Removed After 5 Days If you have been warning already about language, profile or signature violations etc., you will be given this warning. Abusive Behaviour | 15 Points | Removed After 7 Days If you have been previously warned about your behaviour towards another member(s) and you continue, you will be given this warning. Bullying | 20 Points | Never Removed (staff discretion) Extensive and continued abuse toward a member(s) after being warned more than once. What Do The Points Mean? 10 Points | Content Moderated For 1 Day 15 Points | Content Moderated For 2 Days | Restricted from Posting for 1 Day 20 Points | Content Moderated For 3 Days | Temporary Ban for 1 Day 25 Points | Ban Any number of warnings can be given, and can stack up pretty quickly if you’re on some kind of rampage, so just bear that in mind.
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    Hi all I've made a new forum called 'Debates' which will be for 'Anything which will cause a heated, opinionated discussion; religion, politics etc.' I will be gradually moving threads over to this new forum which will hopefully make it more clear what kind of thing I would like to be posted there in future. Posts made in this forum do NOT count towards post count. Reason being that these threads usually get into an out of hand argument and I don't think people should be increasing their post count through an argument! I'll be honest, I do dislike having to moderate the kinds of threads which I've made this forum for; a lot of the time it's about a topic I don't fully understand or am not personally interested in and so it's harder for me to read through everything and decide who's fault the argument is etc. A lot of the time in these threads, people tend to end up launching personal attacks, which is beyond what I would like to see: a healthy debate or discussion, but keeping in mind that opinions differ and that's fine, that's life. You can't then be angry with that person elsewhere on the forum, it's not fair on everyone else for something to be dragged across the forum into unrelated discussions, because you had a different opinion to them about whatever topic you were arguing about. So, this new forum is going to be mostly unmoderated. I expect you to be mature enough to keep what goes on in this forum, in this forum, and if you really want to make it personal and continue arguing/falling out, then there's a place for that too: personal messages. Please, and I'm asking as nice as I can, don't bring unrelated anger into other threads. If something is becoming a debate in a thread elsewhere, then stop and make a thread in here about it to continue. Thank you
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