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    how much you love them because we don't know when these people might die. After they're dead, it would be too late.
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    I used to have crazy long, natural hair: And then one summer I got it cut. No big deal. But then I got diagnosed with an under active thyroid and fibromyalgia, and that, plus the medication for that, can affect hair quality and hair growth. So after nearly 2 years my hair hasnt grown at all. The latter 6 months of that time I had made a conscious effort and spent a lot of money to try and help my hair grow and be healthy...to absolutely no avail. Each time I was getting a trim it was just getting shorter because it hadn’t grown in between cuts. Now, I’m mostly happy with they way I look. Yes, I’ve put weight on, but with my health working against me there too I feel I’m doing okay, all things considered. And I was too thin a few years ago anyway. But my hair...I missed my long hair so much! I’d had it cut thinking it’d be shorter for a while and then it’d grow back and I’d keep it long again. But no such luck. Knowing that it would pretty much never be long again (the ends were always brittle and breaking anyway, so it would have struggled to stay long even if it grew) I decided to get hair extensions. It’s a huge purchase and something I never normally would have ever thought about. But my hair became a major source of depressions and anxiety for me as the months passed by. Which sounds stupid but it’s true. I missed it SO much it actually would bring me to tears. My extensions have brought my hair almost back to the length it was before and I couldn’t be happier with them. I feel 100% like myself again. I knew it was an issue for me but I hadn’t realized just how much better I would feel with my long hair again. My friend paid over half the cost of getting it done, because he knew how much it meant to me, and I could never afford it by myself. And I’m so grateful to him and the wonderful lady who put the extensions in for me. I just thought I’d share! Over here living my best damn life!!
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    Before and After:
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    A woman was threatened by a few migrants who clearly wanted to assault her. I happened to be around so I made clear to them that if they were to try something they'd have to deal with me. In part because of my action they didn't try anything and quietly left the scene. True story. I'm an alpha male.
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    Very true. Although, even after they’re dead, I believe they still know you love them.
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    Goodnight everybody and have a great day tomorrow
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    My partner and I were out in town and came across a lady who had injured herself and couldn't walk, but everyone was just passing by and nobody was helping. We got her to somewhere where she could sit down and offered to get her to a doctor, but then she called some relatives and managed on her own. In the bank one day it was very busy and crowded with a massive queue, and I had an urgent bill that absolutely had to be paid that day. I started to get stressed out and claustrophobic and panicky. A bank clerk saw me and came to help - she took the bill and paid it so I didn't have to wait. She was very kind and understanding.
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    I always try to work it out myself first. I think NTs, unless they are shy or have social anxiety, tend to ask, but not always. I guess it depends on the person.
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    I can't wait for The Umbrella Academy on Netflix too. I keep meaning to look at the books too.
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    Good morring everybody and have a great day and a happy Valentine's Day
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    @Willow hi I saw on your Facebook page that you were asking for some asmr video ideas here are some of mine a asmr video in a forest or a nice walk in the countryside or a rambler asmr walk video
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    i am 282 pounds and hate every minute of the day i weigh this its so so hard and i am suffering with my feet right now and so much pain its stopping me from doing anything any help i be grateful
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    you should start of small just by a little set and see how you go, i find it so calming i love it and i am a clumsy person thats a hard one there is never enough lego unless you have loads of money and huge amounts of space
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    All time favourites Harry Potter The lord of the rings The millennium trilogy - Steig Larson Kingkiller series (only 2 complete, plus one novella) Patrick Rothfuss Favourites from my teens Wild magic and Alanna series Tamora Pierce Cirque du Freak series -Darren Shan The last vampire series and Remember Me series - Christopher Pike Heaven series - vc Andrews More recent favourites Vango duology- Timothée de Fombelle Throne of Glass series and ACOTAR series Sarah J Maas Shades of Magic series - VE Schwab Arc of Scythe series - Neal Shusterman The Murderbot diaries - Martha Wells Saga - Brian J.Vaughan Twilight series - Stephanie Meyer (I still love it though its widely bashed now) Ive heard of Umbrella Academy but havnt read it, what do you like about it?
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    That's ok. I don't feel completely comfortable answering the first question publicly, which is why I didn't answer that one. I guess a lot of people will probably feel uncomfortable answering one or both, so there may not be many replies!
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    Okay. Thank you for your response @Sofi. For me, 19 for the first question. 25 for the second one.
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    I haven't lost my virginity, so no age for me.
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    snakes rosters and English mastiffs castaworys
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    I'm just at in bed with candles lit, tweaking the forum and thinking of things to do for the week
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    I have a very hard time fogiving and the memory of having been hurt or wronged is very likely to cook up in me again and again even years later. Mostly I broke up most of the relationships after someone has hurt me intentionally or not, even for stuff that is not "serious" - I am just not able to forget how it felt when they did what they did
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    If the said person is making an effort to change their behaviour and it's a sincere effort then you can forgive a lot more, but if they aren't making that effort and are continuing to behave in an abusive manner, then you can't forgive them even if they have apologised because they aren't making the effort to change and just keep repeating the same abusive behaviour. In that instance I would get myself out of the situation and wish them well in life.
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    I say.. first add him on facebook if you haven't already... if he accepts, then spend some time looking at his pictures and info on his page to find out what interests he displays to see if there is anything you have in common. And then maybe if he's online sometime you can casually message him. But don't be disappointed if he isn't interested because that gives a pretty clear sign he isn't right for you. But I believe friends first is a good way to go anyways so my advice would be keep it light, and start taking to him friendly like..asking about his interests, getting to know what kind of person he is. From my experience, it is easier to get to know someone online, as long as both parties are being truthful. My boyfriend and I met online and he messaged me saying 'hi' shortly after and that's how we started talking (now have been talking over 4 1/2 years and dating over 3 1/2 years). And you two have the opportunity to meet up when you get back to school, if not before, but keep it light and casual at first.. don't rush into things because I think if you rush into something you have more of a chance to get your heart broken because he might not be right for you. Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

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