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    hello i am returning after about 8 months. not sure if i will stay but for now hello.
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    Politicians serve politics, their job is to act ideologically. They're not there for professionalism as we think of professionalism. They don't work with facts, truth, honesty, results, past history or quality... Their job is, whether officially or not.. Is to satisfy populism amongst their voter base... In order to get reelected. That is of course corrupt, and that isn't what you'll read in school about politics, but that is however, the nature of politics. And the job of a news crew officially of course.. Is When, where, why and how... But to get their viewers to watch it... They politically spin everything. Maybe I fell for some spin... That is 100% not outside the realm of possibility, let alone probability.. But a few things are also true from historical record. The hippies made themselves an easy target by the way they lived and how they did things. And, I come from Philadelphia... And it is now the murder 1 murder capital in the world, and it has the highest poverty rate for any city in America with a population of 1 plus million people. It has more murders and more violence, than all of Australia put together... And Australia has almost 40 million people. Drugs are the center of everything about Philadelphia... So how subject to the politics and ideologies about drugs do you think that it is or maybe even should be ? I don't have my own life experience with marijuana, objectively or subjectively. I'm sorry. All I have to go on, is negative personalities from addicted people, reports of addicted people doing anything in the world, no matter how crazy, or futile.. To try to get whatever is that they need. My own nephew robbed a fed ex truck to sell its electronics cargo.. To get heroin. Not to mention death from drugs. And the way the current opioid epidemic started, was from legal medications.. And it's prescribers. So here's an open ended question. Where do I get the right information. If I don't already have it. And what Should I think ? What would you like me to think ? What do you think this all sounds like to me ?
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    that looks pretty extensive! I almost wonder if you can get really good with this gear if anyone would even need an ambulance? haha But that's a pretty good thing to use an empty closet for
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    I have Asperger Syndrome, and PTSD and stand out for it... And when people are high on marijuana, they're not thinking.. Current research suggests that chronic marijuana users have lower cognitive function, and lower socioeconomic class.. Both of these create a threat to somebody with Asperger Syndrome. I bought these to protect myself against the social ills that marijuana might have in store for me. Taser Pulse, connected to my cell phone that automatically calls the police when fired. Sabre Police Grade Pepper Spray. Sabre Dog Spray. Monadnock Collapsible police baton. Sabre Personal alarm. Sabre Wireless home security alarm system. Sabre Window Glass Alarm Sabre Motion Detector. Wireless CCTV home surveillance. ADT lifeshield home surveillance system, 14 piece..connected to my smartphone and to the Police. I have all of these as a self Defense Package.
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    The irony here is you could be brought down not by muggers but some illness or other. Or a car accident. A hurricane. People have been killed recently by floods. I've got two female friends who work in a shop and weigh about 150 pounds or less. They physically tackle shoplifters. No guns, rocket launchers or grenades. One of the male staff hid while it was going on. If the women can do it, surely the guys can learn to sprint and take up some basic karate.
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    Hi Peridot, I consider myself a Christian, a follower of Christ. I don't believe God will destroy, or condemn those who don't believe. I think that's a foolish belief of other supposed Christians. I think if people are moral like you say, "have a spotless resume" etc. and even though they don't "accept" Jesus in this life I don't believe they will go to hell. I don't have a spotless resume, I served iin the infantry in the army, and did things I'm not proud of, but I think I'll be ok with God. I think if there is a God, and I like to believe there is, but my faith waivers a bit sometimes, that he is our ultimate dad, and no good parent would condemn their children to hell, or something like that just because of a belief system. That seems completely illogical to me. I think people who are not moral, murderers, rapists etc. will have to answer for that in the afterlife if there is one. I think for me at least that a belief in a God has helped me to be a better person, and if that's all it does than the placebo effect is good enough. Anyway you, and most of the others on this site seem liike pretty cool people. I'd like to know people like you in real life.
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    You're going to look like you came into this world behind the wheel of a big-rig! Nice!
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    I got a job at burger king, saved up $8,000. Got my CDL with Airbrakes endorsement. Went to truck driving school. Bought a business license and got a City, State and local tax ID number.. Bought a Caterpillar work Uniform. Went to ryder transportation services.. Leased a Freightliner 18 wheeler with a sleeper cab. Insurance included in the lease. Maintenance included in the lease. Went to my sister mae, who knows trucking and knows truck drivers and knows how to get business in it.. And just started trucking for myself. My sister started yelling at me.. Saying I have no experience what the he'll are you doing ? I told her.. Ahhh Shaddap!!!! I went to Driving school.. I did what I gotta do. That's what I did... Now get me business... For the most money that you can get for me... and I'll give you a piece of it. She got me a bunch of deliveries.. I made 6 deliveries so far. When I got back home.... My sister asked me what kind of crazy son of a biatch are you..lol I said.. One of a kind. Lmfao !
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    It's not possible to fit people into one group classed as negative. However it happens a lot. Nero hated Christians. Some Russians hate gays or even Jehovas Witnesses. Some Americans hate Russians. Charlie Manson hated middle classes. When we harbour negative feelings we create an outlet. Some group or other is the cause of it. No such group exists. Drug users are as different from one another as any opposite. John Lennon did drugs and was peaceful. Charlie Manson did drugs and murdered Hollywood actors. Even in the tabloids people struggling on benefits are called scroungers as one group collectively. In the Stalin era it was Trotskyists or anti revolutionaries.
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    Yes, it gives an impression of insecurity. I did pass through this phase myself due to abuse and physical assaults. I developed my body but people were really just wary of me and it made me feel even more a freak. I couldn't talk to girls as I do now as despite my development I was shy. I passed through a period of being angry and bitter. This is understandable if you've suffered abuse and exclusion. Then I finally realised many people were kind of scared by me. I didn't want to be like those who had been abusive. Becoming very bonded with my German Shepherd at the time helped. That taught me patience and how to feel (at least with animals). People will always target those who are different but it isn't just you. Lots of people get targeted even Mike Tyson when he was young. What matters is your own values and self belief. By all means be aware of crime and think ahead but no need to assume the worst.
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    I keep this inside my gun safe for use in the event of a burglary.
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    that sounds awesome! people always want to doubt you for whatever reason and it feels amazing when you show them otherwise
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    Just wondering if anyone else with an android phone uses google routines? I just found it about a month ago for the morning one. Basically, by saying "OK Google, good morning" it will read today's weather, tell you about traffic on your way to work/school, turn on/off lights or set thermostat (if you have compatible devices), tell you about today's calendar, and even play short snippets from news stations. All of these can be turned on or off and arranged in an order. The reason I bring it up is because one of the news stations I have it play is one called "Spectrum Autism Research". It actually has some very interesting information on autism. It doesn't update every day, more like once a week but still cool to stay informed on a lot of stuff. One example of a topic was how Autism and Alexithymia are related but necessarily inherent to each other, or how autistic people do feel empathy like normal people but don't necessarily know how to personally relate or properly show it. It is very interesting stuff if you ask me. Just wanted to let others know
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    I'm wired that way to go off topic but will try to stay on course. The subject of dreams has many ramifications. The bad side for me is OHS. The bright side is I can solve complex maths problems sleeping. Everything slows down. I wake up and jot it down and the formula works. I have a song I dreamed and recorded during the following day. I have it on my audio files, lyrics and all.
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    It was somewhat abstract, which I like. The drawing isn't perfectly realistic, the the message is. Her wide-eyed expression seems both surprised and curious at the same time.
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    In the beginning, everything was perfect & all was peace and joy. Then Lucifer, the covering cherub became proud and coveted the worship and authority that was God's alone (Isaiah 14:12-14. In Ezekiel 28:12-19 also describes his sin as well as his eventual destruction. One day his negative, sinful influence will be permanently ended. With electricity, the positive is where the current starts and the negative is where it ends. It's like life. Birth is the positive and death is the negative. One day, there will be no death for the believer in Christ. The current of the believer's life will flow eternally, energized by the personal presence of God Himself in the New Jerusalem! The new creation will shine will His glory FOREVER, and peace will reign forevermore!
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    I believe much of Daniel is written in Aramaic, as it was the language of the Babylonian Empire at that time. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew, with the aforementioned Aramaic & the New Testament in Greek. Many of the first copies of the Bible were in Greek and Latin, translated from the original languages. I'm glad Bible translatorsare seeking to work from the original languages as much as possible.
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    Aramaic you may know was the aristicratic language of ancient Jewish civilization. Early Christians would speak Greek and Latin. Modern Hebrew was reconstituted from ancient Hebrew. I seem to recall as you say parts of the Bible are in Aramaic and Greek. You could probably find teaching materials on these. I personally find Sumerian interesting as it's the earliest language. Not fully deciphered.
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    Catman, that drawing was very well done, good job.
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    It sounds like a demonic manifestation. Since there are no such thing as ghosts, seein that the dead remain in the grave until either the resurrection of life whe Christ returns in power and glory for those who have put their trust in Him as God the Son and their Savior, or the resurrection of condemnation after the Millennium for those who haven't. Ecclesiastes 9:4-6, 10, John 5:28, 29, Revelation 20:4-15. 2 Corinthians 11:13-15 shows that such events are consistent behavior for Satan and his monstrous minions. I will keep you in my prayers. Remember, Jesus is the only way to Heaven. He died for all mankind so we God may have a loving relationship with us, the pinnacle of His creation. May God bless you and keep you. The message of the end times is this, the Apostle John speaking, And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell upon the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, Saying with a loud voice, fear God, and give glory to him, for the hour of his judgement is come, and worship him who made the heaven, and the earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters. Revelation 14: 6,7. Praise and thank God for your life, for it is a gift from Him. Reverence Him as Creator & accept His only begotten Son as Savior and Lord if you desire everlasting life. I hope you don't have anymore encounters with Satan's scummy sycophants. Trust in God and He will protect you.
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    I personally think that the old hag syndrome/ sleep paralysis is unprocessed trauma of powerlessness, violation, abuse, helplessness, terror/threat, shame etc.. depending on the form, and usually from childhood. The 'freeze' response, in general. Your psyche recreates the automatic bodily feeling of powerlessness/helplessness/frozenness that occurred during whatever kind of trauma it was, in attempt to process/draw your attention to processing this kind of experience that was impossible for the younger self to comprehend. That energy/info stays with you in some way till processed, waiting in darkness/your shadow/the unconscious/the night. Some people suppress it via addictions, others by dissociation from yourself, others by making other beings or people feel powerless or helpless (repeating the cycle of trauma). But thats just my opinion. And if human beings can change the physical reality - light from being a wave to a particle, just based on what we expect to see (in quantum physics), or create real medically observable effects based on receiving placebo drugs, then im sure that unconscious/unprocessed childhood traumas, in our psyche would be likely to expect this experience to occur again in some way, as it happened when young and learning about the way the world works. I know that sounds odd perhaps, but im not a paranormal believer, and prefer a logical, science based explanation, at least for me - and ive experienced sleep paralysis in the past, and this makes most sense to me.
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    Species are always going extinct, in much of the capitalist western world which Extinction Rebellion would like to reduce to the stone age many previously locally extinct species are being reintroduced. One of the best ways for the world to be more environmentally conscious is for the world to be richer. Poor people place the environment very low on their list of priorities. That's how we ended up wiping out so many species in the first place. Hungry unevolved people wipe things out very quickly. I've yet to see a single theory that explains why rising CO2 levels would cause nontrivial global warming. The Greenhouse Effect is the one theory I see, but it is fatally flawed. You see CO2 absorbs a particular band of wavelengths, the sun produces a different band of wavelengths, these hit the planet and rebound back out to space in the form of black body radiation. The theory is CO2 absorbs these and the energy is released as heat. The problem is there is so much atmosphere and CO2 is highly opaque for these wavelengths that it already absorbs to saturation, indeed at 50ppm (we've recently gone past 400ppm) it pretty much maxes out. The only extra absorption you get is at the very edges or shoulders of the band of wavelengths it absorbs - where absorption is much weaker and so having more CO2 actually matters because you're not hitting a saturation point. But this extra absorption is trivial - at the shoulders the dropoff is very sharp, it doesn't taper off gradually. Preempting other arguments - for the whole correlation thing, well that's pretty meaningless because we do know that when the water heats up, it is less soluble to gases such as CO2. So warmer oceans means it can't store as much CO2 - it gets released into the atmosphere. There are also nonsensical things suggested about a feedback loop to cause a catastrophic runaway warming effect. This makes no sense logically given life has been going for hundreds of millions of years with up to 20 times higher levels of CO2 and global temperatures around 10C higher. If things were on such a knife-edge there'd be no life on this planet. There's no feedback loop because higher global temperatures cause more cloud cover - which reflects heat from the sun, so the opposite is true. The planet will receive less radiation from the sun if it's hotter. What is causing global warming? Well other greenhouse gases contribute - such as methane, as they aren't more or less saturated like CO2. But there's a much stronger relationship between global temperatures and the sun - ie total solar irradiance (TSI) & solar activity (magnetic stuff). So TSI is just the wattage from the sun, so it goes up then the planet receives more energy from the sun. Solar activity is more complicated and less understood. The theory is that magnetism from the sun (sunspots cause increases of it, as well as just random fluctuations) protect the planet from cosmic rays. Cosmic rays mean ions in the atmosphere, which can help the growth of aerosols, both of which seed clouds. So more magnetic activity = less cosmic rays which mean less clouds. Less clouds means warming. I've come across no known science which explains why CO2 levels would cause nontrivial warming. I've come across plenty from Extinction Rebellion which suggests their true goal is take down capitalism, that the people behind it are the rich elite, looking to make money off carbon trading or other technology. The politicians are happy to go along with it, because they're always looking for any vaguely justifiable reason to raise taxes. The only threat I see from CO2 is how rapidly it's increasing, this is very much unknown, there doesn't seem to be any evidence that it has caused problems so far. CO2 is also of course critical for plant life. And the world has literally gotten greener with higher levels of CO2 - it promotes higher crop yields, more trees and so on. The greening effect is undeniable and positive. I don't believe CO2 is causing the warming, but even if it were the warming is a good thing - the planet could support much more life if it were warmer.
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    God often communicates to people through dreams. Look at Daniel chapters 2, 4, 7 and 8. I've had dreams of beasts obstructing my path, amongst others. Pray and ask God to help you understand what they mean and if you have faith in Him, He will reveal it to you.
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    @Catman2018 I think reoccurring dreams have meaning. Your soul/subconscious trying to make you aware of something or express something that needs to be said/felt or changed. If you pay attention to the emotion and feeling of the dream, especially as soon as you wake up, you might find you understand it - though not always. No-one can interpret other peoples dreams (despite what new age nonsense might say) because symbols and objects have different meaning and significance to different people - people relate to themselves and the world differently too, and its the personal feeling behind it that matter more
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    No, I don't really… I think there's one dream that I might have had more than once but that's it. Like, literally I had that dream twice and it's not one that I frequently have... It's kind of hard to remember specifics as I have dreams but then I "forget" them. Usually the dreams I have are eerie and disturbing. Like a ball of awkardness and creepiness and just overall bad feelings. They aren't like spectacular movie scenes or anything. It's just scary things that happen... And like I said, just bad feelings. I can usually "get" them where I feel like I can understand why I'm having them.
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    I have a recurring dream of crashing a car - loosing control of it. Usually happens after a meltdown - I figure the car is my body. Also, getting off the bus at the wrong stop and being lost, at night and walking alone. This happened again last night, it pretty much sums up my life right now
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    @Peridot like @Sanctuary said, if thats the case, comments should be discussing viewpoints, not mocking appearance (its an ad hominem attack in critical thinking) Further, species are going extinct every day due to these effects; Miami is getting further submerged etc.. I dont have too much tolerance for people who refuse to face reality, or refuse to educate themselves - to even the simplest level of what is literally currently occurring and affecting so many, and will affect so many more (and it is really naive to assume everything humans have done to the earth will not cause any adverse effects). Its not a religion - that is the most absurd thing ive ever heard. There are bound to be some inaccuracies when trying to include all factors of predictions involving the entire earth, 7 billion people, and all the other inhabitants and forces that effect climate change - it doesnt mean it isnt happening. Its not such a terrible thing to ask those in power to support/financially endorse renewable energy, plant trees, etc.. to switch funding from supporting the destruction of the earth to things that will help it. I dont even think her viewpoints warrant the level of backlash. This is extremely short, and not fear-mongering at all:
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    "I have come across a few who genuinely do seem to lack this instinct, but my experience suggests that its prevalence is overstated." The most overstated generalisation I hear (even by many psychiatrists) is that those of us with autism only appear smart due to rote-learning. We're supposed to gather lots of facts and data about our pet subjects but have "real understanding" of the subject. Still that's a bit off-topic. Let's specify what literal interpretation is and non-verbal impairment: These days I believe these symptoms tend to vary along the autism spectrum. They do apply to myself on this occasion, I think. Basically it means that, in a group, you struggle to pick up on instinctive behavioural demands which I ought to put in basic terms. For example, the group is speaking along sad lines and you crack a joke. Or you fail to sense a requirement to be serious or sympathise. You may say something and be totally out of synch. Very often too, there's a failure to show empathy when it's expected. Very often I lose friends due to this. They have told me some bad news and I tend to just not respond as normal. I once had a best friend with autism and he was likewise awful at showing sympathy or deeper understanding (a dose of my own medicine). However, directly to the point it seems some autists are indeed sarcastic or exhibit sarcasm so that is something to consider. Many of us tend to be sarcastic and crack jokes with puns. Research I have from the USSR (dated 1980s) I felt maybe cleared a few things up for me. Soviet researchers noticed where there is a delay in speech in early childhood, and if the speech is non-communicative and mumbling, the autism in later life is deeper and more autistic. More acute as well. This refers to symptoms like motor clumsiness, difficulties in interaction, inappropriate and odd behaviour. Yet it was noticed other autists show premature (and communicative) speech in infancy. These "develop" autism around aged two but it's less acute and said group tends to be more intellectual. Maybe there is here a better chance of social integration. And lastly, I won't be posting that much in future due to troublesome issues with the internet. Either my phone is getting old or the internet is just becoming more difficult to use. Most of my posts just get lost and I've no time to retype stuff.
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    I was trying to post that often I don't figure out whether someone is genuinely being nice, for example, or just putting up with me. The inability to tune into emotions leaves me kind of clueless. I read that some groupings of autisics have this emotional blindness worse. As well as face blindness.

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