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    This symptom I'm aware of. The great scientist and inventor Tesla actually stated once being antisocial is a positive trait. I have mixed feelings about it. I mean, I'm not too proud of being intolerant which I admit I tend to be. However, I will try and explain what it is that brings about my anti social attitude. That is, my reluctance to take socialising seriously. Well, basically people around are so identical in the way they think that it's like boring repetition. I find it impossible to find an individual who thinks differently or creatively. Any conversation undertaken is going to lead to some down-to-earth topic along the same trodden path. I mean, it's no good asking, "What is your opinion of...." because 98 per cent of those around don't have a real opinion. I think this is what John Lennon was getting at in his "Nowhere Man" song. "Doesn't have a point of view, knows not where he's going to, Nowhere Man do you see me at all?". To be honest, I gave up even attempting genuine communication months ago. I do still talk routinely but to others I'm just someone kind of strange. You appear strange if you show signs of not having been programmed by a shared set of currently accepted values. As to morals for me I don't need to be taught this by society. I respect life and nature through inner awareness. So being anti social hasn't criminalised me. This now leads to relationships. I get a lot of curiosity over this. The answer is simple. Being so totally disconnected from society as I see it, I'm not at all employable. I just don't fit. To fit I would have to be as normal as everyone else. I couldn't even handle a shop job. Now pretty much most women are programmed to ultimately want a home and family. Any close female friends I have couldn't find that stability with me. It would be unfair. So, is there any positive side to such a sad affair? Well, yes. I bear in mind there are people worse off. Lots of people suffer tribulations or misfortune. I just accept myself with my pluses and minuses. The time I am unable to use socialising as normal I will try and use creatively. Not just exist to follow a set washing machine program. Also I learned it's super important to believe in yourself. As Tesla stated isolation triggers creativity. One final point. Years ago when I tried teaching English in Spain I noticed that children in the classes were really creative in their own way. They often showed real ovservation and ability to see things individually. I recall showing a film in English and the kids were commenting on how they interpreted scenes. They seemed at that age to have imagination. Yet, over time, with socialising and conforming that spark dies. What remains is a processed personality manufactured by a drive to be liked and be popular. Opinions are those of the accepted mass view. Those who appear to think their own way are classed as strange. In the seventeenth century they were accused of being witches. Societies have always been primative and prone to mass influence.
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    I am not really accepted in any working environment. Many people just get uneasy. Even friends can get frustrated working with me as so much I do a different way. My life really is very similar to Carnival Of Souls. The difficulty is that being so cut off we aren't geared to get by on our own. Pretty much all people need support or encouragement. Normally when you get really cut off you would then suffer major psychological breakdown but, over time, I learned to adapt. I had to try and develop strong self belief. The irony is no matter how bad my problems may be, other people seem to be paying a big price too. Just one example. Have you noticed how natural it is for people to protest over education and tuition fees. It doesn't occur to them you can learn probably more without being in some institution or faculty. People depend so much upon systems but systems break down. I was in the USSR when the whole economic and social system collapsed. Thousands were left with nothing. We are conditioned to accept the majority must be right.
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    I couldn't have put it better myself. For me, I don't mind the social interaction that I have to be involved in with school (like group projects) but that's because it is at least usually focused on academic subjects. As soon as someone starts going on a tangent about their new favorite barber they found or something like that, I just feel so out of place, at least I used to. Now I just pretend to run with it while at the same time diverting it back to the academics. That way the group project or whatever doesn't get awkward but also stays productive. I just see their chit chat as some kind of automatic response that they so easily can fall into. I sometimes even wonder if there are some people whose whole life is just autopilot. The people who don't go to school anymore, the ones in mindless job from 9 to 5, the ones whose daily routine is almost identical every day of the week then party or hang out with friends all weekend getting their selfies in so that they can post them throughout the next week, those kinds of people. They do almost no critical thinking and live entirely off their automatic social responses. In my perspective being capable of some socializing but not wanting to seek it out is the best. In my over 4 years in college I have only been to 4 parties, 2 of which my roommates threw at our place. I find in my free time I will sometimes open my CAD software and start designing something, or start writing some code for some mundane task. I have this dream build overlanding vehicle idea that I have all the details on a google doc that I sometimes work on, ironing out more details and doing more research into parts, automotive systems, and overlanding gear. and go figure it is 21 pages long, probably the longest document of any kind I have ever written. I too seem to be more creative when I let my mind wonder. It took my mom a while to figure out that I am totally content being alone but my dad has yet to figure that out I think. About the shop job, I actually do have a job working in a restoration shop that I can pick up anytime when I go home. But that is probably because I know a pretty good amount about automotive stuff and I am pretty good with my hands. I love hands on kind of stuff.
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    Politicians serve politics, their job is to act ideologically. They're not there for professionalism as we think of professionalism. They don't work with facts, truth, honesty, results, past history or quality... Their job is, whether officially or not.. Is to satisfy populism amongst their voter base... In order to get reelected. That is of course corrupt, and that isn't what you'll read in school about politics, but that is however, the nature of politics. And the job of a news crew officially of course.. Is When, where, why and how... But to get their viewers to watch it... They politically spin everything. Maybe I fell for some spin... That is 100% not outside the realm of possibility, let alone probability.. But a few things are also true from historical record. The hippies made themselves an easy target by the way they lived and how they did things. And, I come from Philadelphia... And it is now the murder 1 murder capital in the world, and it has the highest poverty rate for any city in America with a population of 1 plus million people. It has more murders and more violence, than all of Australia put together... And Australia has almost 40 million people. Drugs are the center of everything about Philadelphia... So how subject to the politics and ideologies about drugs do you think that it is or maybe even should be ? I don't have my own life experience with marijuana, objectively or subjectively. I'm sorry. All I have to go on, is negative personalities from addicted people, reports of addicted people doing anything in the world, no matter how crazy, or futile.. To try to get whatever is that they need. My own nephew robbed a fed ex truck to sell its electronics cargo.. To get heroin. Not to mention death from drugs. And the way the current opioid epidemic started, was from legal medications.. And it's prescribers. So here's an open ended question. Where do I get the right information. If I don't already have it. And what Should I think ? What would you like me to think ? What do you think this all sounds like to me ?
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    I'm talking figuratively, like if so was a cop If I was a cop*
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    To some extent yes, but not all of it. I had a friend have his car stolen (but it was an old Honda civic which is supposedly one of the easiest to steal) but now he uses a steering wheel club thing. maybe if you lived in Chicago the bulletproof glass would make sense. overall, people who use marijuana are not going to be the people breaking in to cars and houses since it is more of a relaxant. It's the people on crack that would worry me. I personally have only tried marijuana once, legally mind you, and it just shut down my brain and I just ended up sitting down on a couch doing absolutely nothing. And I happen to know a couple people who unfortunately got addicted to it. judging based on them and other stories I've heard, the type of people to get addicted to marijuana are the type of people who are chill and not confrontational in the first place. I imagine it wouldn't be any worse than people using alcohol which just dumbs you down without necessarily calming you down like marijuana.
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    that looks pretty extensive! I almost wonder if you can get really good with this gear if anyone would even need an ambulance? haha But that's a pretty good thing to use an empty closet for
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    The irony here is you could be brought down not by muggers but some illness or other. Or a car accident. A hurricane. People have been killed recently by floods. I've got two female friends who work in a shop and weigh about 150 pounds or less. They physically tackle shoplifters. No guns, rocket launchers or grenades. One of the male staff hid while it was going on. If the women can do it, surely the guys can learn to sprint and take up some basic karate.
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    Hi Peridot, I consider myself a Christian, a follower of Christ. I don't believe God will destroy, or condemn those who don't believe. I think that's a foolish belief of other supposed Christians. I think if people are moral like you say, "have a spotless resume" etc. and even though they don't "accept" Jesus in this life I don't believe they will go to hell. I don't have a spotless resume, I served iin the infantry in the army, and did things I'm not proud of, but I think I'll be ok with God. I think if there is a God, and I like to believe there is, but my faith waivers a bit sometimes, that he is our ultimate dad, and no good parent would condemn their children to hell, or something like that just because of a belief system. That seems completely illogical to me. I think people who are not moral, murderers, rapists etc. will have to answer for that in the afterlife if there is one. I think for me at least that a belief in a God has helped me to be a better person, and if that's all it does than the placebo effect is good enough. Anyway you, and most of the others on this site seem liike pretty cool people. I'd like to know people like you in real life.
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    You're going to look like you came into this world behind the wheel of a big-rig! Nice!
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    It's not possible to fit people into one group classed as negative. However it happens a lot. Nero hated Christians. Some Russians hate gays or even Jehovas Witnesses. Some Americans hate Russians. Charlie Manson hated middle classes. When we harbour negative feelings we create an outlet. Some group or other is the cause of it. No such group exists. Drug users are as different from one another as any opposite. John Lennon did drugs and was peaceful. Charlie Manson did drugs and murdered Hollywood actors. Even in the tabloids people struggling on benefits are called scroungers as one group collectively. In the Stalin era it was Trotskyists or anti revolutionaries.
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    Yes, it gives an impression of insecurity. I did pass through this phase myself due to abuse and physical assaults. I developed my body but people were really just wary of me and it made me feel even more a freak. I couldn't talk to girls as I do now as despite my development I was shy. I passed through a period of being angry and bitter. This is understandable if you've suffered abuse and exclusion. Then I finally realised many people were kind of scared by me. I didn't want to be like those who had been abusive. Becoming very bonded with my German Shepherd at the time helped. That taught me patience and how to feel (at least with animals). People will always target those who are different but it isn't just you. Lots of people get targeted even Mike Tyson when he was young. What matters is your own values and self belief. By all means be aware of crime and think ahead but no need to assume the worst.
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    I keep this inside my gun safe for use in the event of a burglary.
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    that sounds awesome! people always want to doubt you for whatever reason and it feels amazing when you show them otherwise
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    "I have come across a few who genuinely do seem to lack this instinct, but my experience suggests that its prevalence is overstated." The most overstated generalisation I hear (even by many psychiatrists) is that those of us with autism only appear smart due to rote-learning. We're supposed to gather lots of facts and data about our pet subjects but have "real understanding" of the subject. Still that's a bit off-topic. Let's specify what literal interpretation is and non-verbal impairment: These days I believe these symptoms tend to vary along the autism spectrum. They do apply to myself on this occasion, I think. Basically it means that, in a group, you struggle to pick up on instinctive behavioural demands which I ought to put in basic terms. For example, the group is speaking along sad lines and you crack a joke. Or you fail to sense a requirement to be serious or sympathise. You may say something and be totally out of synch. Very often too, there's a failure to show empathy when it's expected. Very often I lose friends due to this. They have told me some bad news and I tend to just not respond as normal. I once had a best friend with autism and he was likewise awful at showing sympathy or deeper understanding (a dose of my own medicine). However, directly to the point it seems some autists are indeed sarcastic or exhibit sarcasm so that is something to consider. Many of us tend to be sarcastic and crack jokes with puns. Research I have from the USSR (dated 1980s) I felt maybe cleared a few things up for me. Soviet researchers noticed where there is a delay in speech in early childhood, and if the speech is non-communicative and mumbling, the autism in later life is deeper and more autistic. More acute as well. This refers to symptoms like motor clumsiness, difficulties in interaction, inappropriate and odd behaviour. Yet it was noticed other autists show premature (and communicative) speech in infancy. These "develop" autism around aged two but it's less acute and said group tends to be more intellectual. Maybe there is here a better chance of social integration. And lastly, I won't be posting that much in future due to troublesome issues with the internet. Either my phone is getting old or the internet is just becoming more difficult to use. Most of my posts just get lost and I've no time to retype stuff.
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    I was trying to post that often I don't figure out whether someone is genuinely being nice, for example, or just putting up with me. The inability to tune into emotions leaves me kind of clueless. I read that some groupings of autisics have this emotional blindness worse. As well as face blindness.

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