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    I have actually set aside the next 2 weeks to sort the forum out, so here's to many more years of Asperclick! Hopefully all my research and work will pay off and we'll be active again
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    Hi, I'm Heather. I'm 18 years old. I've done hours upon hours of research and watching documentaries on ASD and AS. I'm certain that I fall on the spectrum. I've always known I'm different from others in some way. I have sensory issues, stims, trouble communication, bad eye contact, anxiety when things change, ect. I realized I could very possibly be on the spectrum a year in a half or so ago thanks to my endless research, which I'm still doing. I was going to be formally tested for ASD a few months back, but my family didn't have the money. I hopefully will be tested soon.
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    I have never been very good with friendships either. I was fortunate in school that there were girls who took the initiative to approach me and be my friend. I don't remember there being too much conflict or emotional games, though it has been many years since we were close friends and seeing each other all the time so I might just forget some of the things. Although I think we were NOT very stereotypical for a girls friend group, we were not that girly, none of us dated in high school. We haven't gotten together much in many years. Currently I don't have many friends. I count my partner as my closest friend, and would count our siblings as friends, especially our younger siblings as we have spent more time with them in the past couple years. I find it difficult to make friends at work because I get anxious to be too vulnerable around my coworkers. My coworkers are very nice and I try to let a few personal details out, but I am hesitant to be too vulnerable with them. Also I feel like I don't have enough time outside of work to spend with friends. During the weekdays after work, I eat and spend time with my partner and watch something on Netflix and go to sleep, and on the weekends I either catch up on chores or spend time with family or just relax and recover my energy. Sometimes I wish I had a closer friend group but in reality I don't think I could handle it. Like others here have said, I am an introvert and so it is exhausting to be too social and I need time alone at times. I do have a few friends I have made online over the years, although I haven't kept up with them very well but I still consider them friends for my part. There are a few people from old work places who I have considered friends while we worked together, but I haven't really ever gotten together with a coworker outside of work so I don't know we were really friends.
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    @StarlessEclipse Theyre the kind of people who would pull wings off butterflies, they see something beautiful, fragile, vulnerable and only want to destroy it. Its disgusting I really dont see how someone can look at an autistic person or anyone with a disability and do this, they already suffer enough just being in this damn world.
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    No-one has the right to do that. Its your body, personal rights and boundaries. You can politely decline, and have every right to do so. 'No thank you' is fine. That is so creepy
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    Hi there. I'm new to this website. I'm a 25 year old female, from Canada. I was diagnosed with atypical autism at age 16. I was also diagnosed with Bipolar 1 at age 17, and Fibromyalgia at 25. I am married, unemployed, and have low self esteem. I enjoy dance, music, and pop culture. I also love animals, and have two pets; my cat Lindor, and my gerbil, Jolie. I am quite the uninteresting person. I wish there were more to tell, but there really isn't. I look forward to getting to know everyone here
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    You NEED to be happy on your own before you can commit to a relationship. You can’t place your happiness in another person, because then if they leave, so does your happiness.
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    @Myrtonos We all have rigidity, idiosyncrasies, and 'special interests' in very different areas. There is that saying 'if you have met one person on the spectrum, you have only met one'. I often find myself amazed at ways so many aspies seem way more functional than me. I have way stronger sensory sensitivity. My rigidity is also around people and interpersonal boundaries - as a result I have zero people in my life, as I do not want to change or give up my rigidity/rules which to me feel like my own integrity and values - its hard to explain but most things people do feel like they cross a boundary (of being a decent human being) and I dont want to be around them. Others can hold down jobs. Yesterday I took a short walk to the library, with sunglasses, a big scarf - I still had to spend hours calming down, stimming and with no sensory input with so much stress and overwhelm in my body. But to say others who have it easier from a sensory perspective are neurotypical would be unfair and just as much discrimination as the neurotypicals give to us when we suppossedly seem normal or do manage to function. Just because you dont see something, doesnt mean it isnt there.
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    So what’s new? First and foremost, the site has been reorganized, with less forum sections for topics to fit into, giving it a cleaner and easier to use feel. We used to have: We now have: All topics from the old style have been manually reshuffled into the appropriate new forum sections. As a general rule, all topics from the following old sections, are now in the following new sections: - ‘Introductions’, ‘Back After A Break’, ‘Wait, Who Is That?’ and ‘Meeting In Real Life’ > Introduce Yourself - ‘Help, Support & Advice’ (from Koby’s Clubhouse), ‘Symptoms, Issues & Oddities’, ‘Diagnosis Stories & Progress’ and ‘Meltdowns & Panic Attacks’ > Symptoms & Diagnosis - ‘Tips & Workarounds’, ‘Resources’ and ‘Ask An Aspie’ > Help & Resources - ‘Making & Keeping Friends’, ‘Romantic Relationships’ and ‘Family’ > Friendships & Relationships - ‘Education & Working Life’ and ‘Medication & Therapy’ remain the same - ‘General Asperger’s Talk’ manually dispersed relevantly between all other forum sections. - ‘General Discussion’, ‘News, Articles & Interesting Links’, ‘Movies & TV’, and ‘Gaming’ > General Discussion - ‘Chatter’ (From Koby’s Clubhouse), ‘Random Chit Chat’, ‘Forum Games’, ‘Aspie Related Polls’ and ‘General Nosiness Polls’ > Chit Chat & Games - ‘Debates’ and ‘Ranting’ (from Koby’s Clubhouse) > Debates & Ranting - ‘Updates & Rules’ and ‘WillowHope News’ > Updates & Rules - ‘Feedback’ and ‘Suggestions’ (from Koby’s Clubhouse) > Feedback Reputation Changes The reactions have changed and we now only have: Like > +1 rep point Thanks > +1 rep point Haha > no rep points given Sad > no rep points given And the reputation system now looks like this: Old Name | Newbie | 0 points | New Name | Red Old Name | Neutral | 500 points | New Name | Orange Old Name | Friendly | 1500 points | New Name | Yellow Old Name | Honored | 3000 points | New Name | Green Old Name | Revered | 6000 points | New Name | Blue Old Name | Exalted | 10000 points | New Name | Indigo The new name reflects the colour that gets added to your rainbow when you move up a rank. Member Groups Admin – remains unchanged Founder – remains unchanged Finding My Feet – members with under 100 posts Member – members with over 100 posts Know My Way Around – members with over 1000 posts Asperclicker – paid subscribers We no longer have Koby’s Friend or Honorary Members – the members in those groups have been moved into the relevant groups above. All member accounts have been pruned to remove any spam accounts or accounts that never activated through email. Regular Member Animated profile photo - No Club types they can create - open Number of clubs they can manage - 2 Reactions per day - 50 PM’s they can start per day - 5 PM storage - 20 conversations Edit own content - For 30 mins Asperclicker Animated profile photo - Yes Club types they can create - Open, Private Number of clubs they can manage - 5 Reactions per day - Unlimited PM’s they can start per day - Unlimited PM storage - Unlimited Edit own content - For 2 hours Asperclicker’s can also access the Asperclicker’s Lounge where there is exclusive content and giveaways. They can also send a PM to an unlimited amount of recipients, as oppose to a normal member who is restricted to 5 recipients per PM. Store Feature We now have a store, where you can purchase merchandise, a monthly subscription or make a donation. This is all handled in house, on Asperclick, for the first time ever. You can see at the top of the home page how much we need to make to cover the running costs for the year, this amount will automatically adjust itself when donations are made. The subscription service is £5 per month, and you can subscribe for as little or as long as you like, but you will only enjoy the benefits for as long as you keep your subscription, otherwise you will be returned to your previous member group. Blog/Sister Site You will see the new link in the navigation bar for ‘Blog’. This is a sister site I have set up where I will blog and post articles relevant to the forum, I will also keep it up to date with the top picks and go into a bit more detail about what’s been chosen and why. Email Newsletter I will be publishing a regular newsletter, probably bi-monthly for a while as a trial, where I will look into latest topics, highest posters etc., and highlight the best bits of the forum. Make sure you are opted in to receive emails in your settings. Other Changes to Note There have been many other small changes, here’s a few more obvious ones: - Content with over 10 likes will now be highlighted - There will only be 10 topics/replies shown per page (it was 25 before) - You will be required to choose or create a tag for a new topic - There will be an indepth ‘how to’ video posted within the next week, which will be useful for new members but may also refresh the memories of our existing members, on how to get the best from Asperclick. - Username changes are now unavailable, this is to keep things familiar and help other members. If you do require a name change, I can still do it manually for you. I ask that you try to keep your names simple as it helps the other forum users to recognise and refer to you.
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    Sometimes this is done inadvertently, especially on a forum, so one person may not have picked up that a particular point has been directed at another person to answer. Questions specifically about another person should be left for that person to answer (should they wish to do so). Occasionally the question is asked of a specific person but isn't actually about a personal matter, e.g. it may be asking for information about a service or an answer to a broader, factual question. Another person might know the answer to that and might want to post it, perhaps with the good intention of ensuring the questioner gets a quicker response. All the same though it can seem like "butting-in" and not be appreciated by the person who has been asked or the person who asked the question. Generally it's best to wait and let the intended person answer. Occasionally that person hasn't answered after some time and if the question is not in any way personal, e.g. "where can I find details of autistic help services in my area", answering seems okay, especially if it is responding to someone looking for support. It may even be possible to put the information in a private message rather than a public post to avoid seeming to cut across the person asked. Personal, sensitive questions though should never be answered on someone's behalf, either in public or in private.
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    If an argument starts involving me, I now just say what I have to say or want to say to defend myself or put things straight, then make a statement that I don't intend to continue the argument and leave. I don't have the time, patience or energy for futile arguments and bickering. It takes two people to argue, so if one leaves, it quickly stops. It's not easy to decide to discontinue when the other person is being unfair or accusing you of things that you haven't done or aren't true, or is insulting you, but I'm secure in the knowledge that I am in the right (if I am wrong, I must apologise) and I refuse to play this game of back and forth insulting and arguing, I won't engage in it. I will be in control of my feelings, not the other person. I am responsible for how I feel, not them, I won't let other people try to control or manipulate my emotions, and by continuing the argument I'm doing just that - giving them the control.
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    Read the latest newsletter - January 2019 Newsletter Congratulations to @Ben for being the top contributor of the month! Congratulations to @StormCrow for being our selected user of the month! And congratulations to @Catman2018, @Miss Chief and @brokenOne for winning our pot luck draw! The above members all won a free 1 month Asperclicker subscription Congratulations to @StarlessEclipse for winning the Asperclicker giveaway! Apologies if the email was sent more than once (up to a maximum of 3 times), technical difficulties - won't happen next month!
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    Its a really great documentary
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    I have a lot of these myself as a female on the spectrum. I live a completely solitary life with no social, familial or other kind of support by choice. I have been mocked and bullied about my appearance for most of my life and feeling good about myself even as a mild baseline is difficult for me to achieve. (I wear makeup when I leave the house as false armour against societal rules I dont agree with but it doesnt raise my esteem to be treated better while wearing a mask, it just makes me feel safer when im out). I like the diagram that portrays autism as a colour wheel rather than a linear spectrum, because we all differ in almost every aspect of our presentation. The saying "if you have met one person on the spectrum.. you have met one person" It doesnt generalise well. Even if aspies as share difficulties in understanding social information, there are big differences in whether people still socialise, are extroverted or introverted, etc.. The differences in female and male autistics maybe has less to do with autism and more to do with social conditioning of an aspie child. Males are generally more logically-centered, and action-centered (not necessarily to the mathematics end, but gravitate towards computer-programming and the like) as they are generally encouraged to do what THEY want to do, tantrums/outbursts are treated more permissively ("boys just being boys"), allowed to get their own way more, are allowed to play alone (without the teacher/parent thinking something is wrong), encouraged to choose logical and physical games (like lego, connex, science toys, , bike riding, anything imitating construction or physical activity etc..though children are born equally capable in terms of spacial understanding and maths, and are equally strong). This would show up in Aspies too as having more outward expressions during a meltdown. As males are conditioned to follow themselves, their wants, and put those into action, Aspies maybe pursued their special interests more intensely, spoke only about what they wanted to without reprimand which is a noticeable trait, and were allowed to not engage socially when they didnt want to, so they continue to not do so (if a more introverted aspie). Females are generally more emotionally-centred. More silenced when rowdy, asked to join into groups, play nice, given dolls, given things to comfort and care for - toy animals, toys that imitate the kitchen or parenting, nursing/caretaking or creative things like paint and drawing sets, and given domestic chores, told to "imagine how that person feels" etc. Even if not social/extroverted, in Aspies this might show up as preferring reading, movies, character-centred things (games like sims or more character-centered games), and more easily able to imitate socially expected masks and roles with effort, and more emotionally empathetic/aware/sensitive even if still not cognitively-empathetic (theory of mind/guessing what someone is thinking). Every parent is different in how much they care about norms, also whether they match the general personality of their own child ("called goodness of fit" in psychology) which determines how much they will try to change their child's behaviour and nature. Just my thoughts. Very interesting discussion
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    Hello. It's been a while since I've been active on the forum. I've just been busy with work. I'm also taking a class to renew my teaching certification, which I need to continue substitute teaching. I want to leave the profession though because teaching is too stressful for me, and I can't cope with the environment. I've had tmj problems for the past year or so which causes the joint in my jaw to hurt and it gives me migraines. I've gotten that straightened out for the most part, and it doesn't hurt as often. I've been doing a lot of side projects too. I'm still doing youtube videos; I don't upload them as often as I used to, but I still do them when I find time. I'm also trying to improve my drawing skills because I would like to write my own manga. I learned how to crochet last year, and I've been working on a lot of crochet projects. Right now, I'm trying to make a dragonscale hood. I'm also trying to learn Japanese because I would like to visit Japan one day, and I want to be more familiar with their language.
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    I agree with @Sofi, the forum looks like it's going to be a lot more active again. I don't know what happened but looks @Willow had a lot to do with it. @Primeape welcome back!
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    Have not been back on here since 2014. I thought it was dead the forum.
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    Off-topic I know but I'd just like to say how pleased I am Nesf to see you back on Asperclick - one of our best members!
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    A new era has begun...
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    You might also notice that @Rhys is an administrator. I’m going to be showing him the ropes this week so he’ll be a fully trained member of the team. He’s also our first NT moderator/regular poster that we’ve ever had, so that will be interesting for everyone!
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    But God commendeth His love towards us, in that whole we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 6:8 Goodbye and God bless each and every one of you. Eric Benjamin Duncanson, signing off.
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    One thing I heard (and I think it's true) is that there are many beautiful people who's insecurity level is directly proportional to their beauty. So the more beautiful, the more insecure. There's one girl in my local supermarket who is very pretty. She must be amongst the most beautiful women in my hometown and I think she's had a breast enhancement. Totally unneccesary but apparently she didn't feel pretty enough... But then other people don't seem to be insecure like e.g. Kate Beckinsale. It's like she's hot and she knows it. lmao Nothing wrong with that.
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    From what I can discern from the soundtrack of Trapped, the F word is the same in Icelandic. Must have been the pesky Vikings who introduced it to these fair shores. By contrast, Swedish has very few swear words. Unlike us Brits, they don't find bodily functions obscene (evidently); instead they rely on "helvete" [hell] and "fan" [the devil], emphasised with "tusen" [thousand].
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    I feel I am okay at making sense of others' body language although it's hard to judge. My big weakness is in how I communicate non-verbally - my own body language. While I can try to control my words (spoken and even more so in written form) and do my best to create a strong verbal impression I don't feel I make a good impression in terms of body language and am often judged as unconfident, uninterested / unmotivated, lacking enthusiasm, etc. I suspect others with ASD have had similar responses or - try as they might to seem positive, confident and enthusiastic - they are still judged as lacking in those qualities.
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    In the UK, there is new legislation which drastically restricts use of personal data. I run a website where we used to require at least the first name but now not even that. I think transparency is good in some ways but bad in others. I must have joined dozens of sites at one time and it may be a good thing if not all owners know who I am. I did actually make my true identity known to Willow early on because of my website and books, but I see no reason that everyone needs to do it. I think making a one-off suggestion to a site owner is fine, but its for them to decide what to do with their site, and as I say due to the new legislation I'm not sure Willow is even allowed to ask for this information even if she wanted to.
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    Well yes, she could if she wanted to, but doesn't. So it's not a requirement for this site, and therefore not an issue. I have come across an autism site where the owner insisted on the member displaying their real name. The site is now closed.
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    How I cope sometimes when I get negative thoughts when someone's being mean is figuring that this person is probably miserable in their life and because of this, they are subconsciously, maybe, maybe not, making others feel miserable because they are miserable themselves. They are rude to everyone. If a person says something bad about you and they don't like you, it's garbage. Because a person who doesn't like you will always find something to dislike. Basically, I try to come up with an explanation as to why that person is acting this way. Sometimes there are just bad or mean people out there.
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    @RiRI when I see the words recurring and dream artwork. I thought you were talking about me.
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    yesterday I saw Willows lossing pets vlog it's never easy to lose a pet there are best fur buddies sending hugs to Willow last year I had too put my dog down I had her for fifteen years she passed away from cancer and when she was a puppy we ruscuced her from a puppy mill anyone else
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    Hugging is generally only done where there is a closeness of relationship such as family members, friends or romantic partners and even in the first two cases it isn't used by all (and even romantic partners may avoid hugging in public). Therefore to apply it to work colleagues hardly seems appropriate. Physical contact can be positive and supportive but it also has the potential to be invasive and even abusive or threatening. This is even more so when it is tied-up with power and gender differences - a boss or manager hugging a junior member of staff is likely to cause concern and men hugging women the same unless they are already close. So much depends on the relationship of those involved but i would say it is very unwise for any physical contact to occur in these cases except perhaps for a handshake as mentioned below. A junior worker hugging his or her boss or a woman hugging a man or another woman has less potential to cause concern but is still best avoided unless it is clear it will be appreciated by the intended recipient. Even then it can be argue that this kind of public display of affection is not really appropriate to the workplace. Of course there can be exceptions such as when a person is very upset but even then it's often best to leave physical contact to those already close to the person. Handshakes are much more part of a social ritual when strangers meet on a formal occasion such as when being introduced, e.g. at a job interview. These don't come with the connotations of hugging or other forms of touching. However even these can be subject to confusing variations and interpretations. Not all people expect handshakes and while it is generally seen as a friendly gesture - indeed sometimes a necessary one - it can also be disconcerting to others. I'm often anxious about whether to do this and tend only to shake hands if the other person initiates it. Refusing to shake a hand that is offered is the action likely to cause offence and I would always shake hands if invited to do so. I tend to be wary of any physical contact unless it is initiated by the other person but other people are more assertive in this regard. As regards "strength" of handshake this is too much for me to worry about and I just go through the ritual without thinking about it. While a strong handshake is often encouraged by "experts" it can be done wrong and be misinterpreted as odd or even aggressive. I would hope that no person such as an employer would be so shallow as to reject someone because of his or her handshake but maybe it does happen. All these issues make me appreciate even more the benefit of interacting through writing or even on the phone with no physical or body language issues to consider.
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    Yeah it's worked this time. It's quite vague on what his practice was in terms of these 'forced hugs', but in any case, the word 'forced' suggests negative connotations. I actually quite like hugs and pretty much always hug my friends when I see them, and when we say goodbye, but I don't think hugs can translate well to the workplace, in any situation.
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    Very few people admit to bullying others and some of those who do try to make light of it ("just a phase", "didn't mean any harm", etc). Occasionally there is more of an attempt at an apology but it's not truly sincere and may be done just to win the favour of the bullied person, to escape punishment or is otherwise used in a manipulative way. Much less commonly a one-time bully is genuinely ashamed of their actions and makes a sincere, unforced, unmanipulative apology and tries hard to make amends. It's not always easy to work out whether the supposed change in their behaviour / apology is genuine but it can occur. This can apply to other examples of bad behaviour and it takes a truly reflective and principled person to genuinely regret their actions. There can be a benefit from accepting this genuine reform but also the offender needs to realise he or she cannot expect forgiveness or a second chance and if that isn't granted they don't then bear a grudge but simply move on, making sure they don't offend again.
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    I was asking @StarlessEclipse about what he meant? And forums like this are also (on) websites. And the first email systems were not internet based. Before the internet could be used by the general public, it was possible to send email to another client of the same online service provider, such as America Online, CompuServe and Verizon. But the internet also allowed transfer of email between clients of different online services. At that time, all email addresses were non-free, as far as I know, there were all I.S.P based. Free email addresses first arrived in 1996, see here. Is there anyone here who still has a non-free personal email address? Note that none of this was possible in the 1990s, and the web already existed back then.
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    @HalfFull I had a few members on my Hobbit Land forum. It didn't have many members, enough that at the time I felt it was successful. I remember at least 2 others who were active at the time and there were probably others. Far less members than Asperclick! haha! A few, maybe even most, of the members were people I knew from other lord of the rings theme forums. It was a good experience at the time though.
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    I do like the show and there are plenty of "laugh out loud" moments every episode which doesn't happen in every comedy. I am quite new to it and have reached just into the second season. I checked it out because looking through old posts on this forum it was mentioned quite a few times - particularly the Sheldon character - so I decided to give it a go and I'm glad I did. I got second-hand a small box set with the first six seasons on DVD for a very cheap price so I still have a lot of viewing ahead of me and excellent value for money!
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    I'm looking for a list of symptoms/traits that are more or less exclusive to adult males with an ASD, separate from the general list of symptoms for anyone with an ASD. If possible, can only the male members reply with symptoms to add to the list please, as I would prefer first hand accounts, and not observations. These can possibly be true for some females on the spectrum but I'm more looking for things that would differ from an NT male, where an NT female may reasonably experience these. This list is symptoms my brother has that I don't, that I cross referenced online and found other males to list as symptoms also. trouble having positive feelings about self assumes they aren't good looking so don't care about personal appearance not good at accepting or believing praise or positive comments about self difficulty remembering ever feeling carefree prone to mood swings verbally aggressive at times, if not prompted about mood and tone difficulties with intimacy @Ben @Asgardian @StarlessEclipse @StormCrow @Max000 @Peridot @Harrow - if any of you would be willing to help? Additional list from research so far: tend to lead fairly solitary lives reluctant to seek support Poor short term memory and recall Easily upset and discouraged by rejections from the opposite sex (or the gender of romantic preference) Easily manipulated by the opposite sex (or the gender of romantic preference) Noticeable differences in interests compared to similarly aged same sex counterparts Struggles to accept lack of talent in an area of interest
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    Hi, I don't know the background, but with Aspergers sometimes it only takes one little thing. You may have inadvertently done or said one thing to him that's triggered him in some way. If that's what's happened there's every chance that he is being either paranoid, irrational, over the top or all three. Before trying to contact him again, you should think of anything remotely out of the ordinary that was done or said the last time you met. He may well just be feeling overwhelmed at present.
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    I've been freaked out by Frogs Also Little things going in my skin, like Mosquitoes or needles.
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    It is difficult when a routine changes until I learn how to adapt to it and get used to it. I think it varies from situation to situation unfortunately and time might be the common ingredient to adjusting to a new routine. It takes time to feel like the new routine is the usual routine.
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    I ditched the whole "routine" concept years ago. It's even more important now that it has ever been to keep on moving - what with the ENORMOUS and continuous evolution with technology, and the way in which we live our lives. (2009 wasn't that long ago, and the iPhone4 was still a year away - just think of how far we've travelled since then.) I guarantee you, that Ten years from now, you won't hear anyone say "just popping to the shop dear for a loaf of bread" because that shop would have been taken over by an android app. Don't bother trying to go to that same shop for a pint of standard milk either, because the vegan/environmentalist movement is STRONG. Even as a dairy farmer, I'm aware that what I'm actually doing is an inefficient method of sourcing food in the 21st century. It's all about sustainability, so I suspect to see even more food alternatives through the genetic selection and modification of crop growth - (imagine a plant based milk product with an even greater amino acid profile than animal milk, that has an almost infinite shelf life and is actually cheaper to produce - personally? I can see it happening.) All of that aside though, I'm just quick to get bored. For me, routine IS depression. Living in the moment, though moving with the times is the only way I want to live. I don't want to kill my mind with repetition. I'd rather walk into a new situation terrified than exist in a daily ritual bored out of my mind.
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    Ice cream is my only real comfort food, whether it is hot outside or cold, though maybe slightly less so when it is cold. If I have anxiety, a small serving of ice cream will settle my stomach down. It also leaves a pleasant after taste in my mouth.
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    Sort of related, but I started watching Atypical, and I just found out in season two (S2E4) that the main character lives in my state. Just thought that was nifty and had to share. Anyway, I agree that entertainment always exaggerates everything.
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    I also had my wisdom teeth taken out, over a year ago now (November 2017). I had been having tooth pain off and on for a while. Initially, it was only when food got stuck but in summer 2017 I got a more severe episode of pain and about a month before my surgery was scheduled, I also had another incident, where I had pain and couldn't eat very well. It's kind of funny because one day it dawned on me that it was likely my wisdom teeth that were causing the issues. I had not been to the dentist for a few years before I went for a cleaning and they recommended I get all 4 wisdom teeth removed. I got put to sleep for the surgery. It was scary but since I had the pain before, I knew that even if there was any pain due to the surgery, the likelihood was that the pain would eventually go away as my mouth healed and then hopefully it would be good. I haven't had any major tooth pain since. I know I have other teeth issues but I haven't gone to the dentist since because I'm trying to delay the additional cost of the appointments and procedures. And I don't have pain anymore so I feel okay not going right now even though the dentist keeps calling and emailing to get me to make an appointment for a checkup. My partner came with me to the appointment and he called a taxi for us to take home from the dentist office. They prescribed me some medications which my partner picked up for me while I was getting my wisdom teeth out. I had made sure to stock up on soup and soft foods prior to the surgery. I remember initially, I couldn't eat anything and had to keep changing cotton in my mouth until the bleeding stopped. I had done the procedure on a Friday and taken the Monday off in addition to the weekend so that I didn't have to worry about going to work. I would have taken off more time off if I needed to but I was fortunate and didn't have too much pain. I did take some pain medication somewhat preventatively at first because I worried if I didn't take it that I would feel really bad pain but as I healed I didn't take it unless I needed it but I seemed to be okay. I had soups for the next week or so and then softer foods until eventually, I ate regular foods without worry.
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    I recognise this in myself and I'm sure it applies to others with ASD - they are interacting with others and on the surface seem integrated but it doesn't go deeper in the way it does for most group members. Conversations may remain limited to one or two topics and often don't move into personal areas. In many areas such as employment we can identify cliques or insider groups but the autistic or more detached person will rarely find themselves in such a clique. He or she is almost always on the outside - not necessarily the target of hostility or otherwise "frozen out" but certainly not part of the in-group. Members of groups often confide in others but I noticed this rarely happened to me. Maybe it was because I wasn't seen as particularly warm or supportive (though I tried to be) but perhaps it was mainly because I was a very private person who rarely if ever confided in others so that limited my integration with them. One of the key differences between autistic individuals and neurotypicals is that the former are often quite content to keep their distance - to get on with others but not to get close to them.
  47. 2 points
    I have one which I think is related to ASD. When crossing a street with no traffic lights, I am more comfortable crossing when there is no car waiting for me to cross it. Like, I'd prefer to wait for the car to pass rather than cross in front of it. I hate when this happens. Also in lines, I like to keep my distance from people. I keep a gap in front so that I'm not that close to the person in front but behind, usually people don't seem to care how close they are to me. At times my a$$ has been touched by a complete stranger. I don't know if purposely or ... I think not purposely because I'm fat but that is how close people get to me. And it bothers me. I also try to turn away from people when I'm in line, if I'm not directly seeing them, the better. I don't know if NT's are ever preoccupied with these sort of things. I will try to think of more things.
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    @RiRi you're not dumb, sleep deprivation causes mix ups so it's understandable
  49. 2 points
    Kinda like steampunk, but brighter colours and leaning more toward anime in design?
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    i came here to Asperclick almost 6 years ago not new to my diagnosis but coming to terms that im different and i dont see or experience the world in that same way. it was fun being with everyone and making friends from afar, a whole world of people at my finger tips that i can talk with, help and be helped. however the past 2 years have changed the forum with a flux of older members leaving a wave of new people coming in have shown me that this is not the same place that it was its better off but the connection i felt back then has faded. im not mad or upset like many things they change including me i have settled into my ways and became an adult and some of my other reasons are personal. sometimes the best thing you can do is simply let go. in a way this forum holds me back a bit and always stressing over all the going ons here has become tier sum. i see great potential in the forum and @Willow will take you there and the members that are here everyday will in no small amount help with that. i want to thank those who have helped me through tough times mainly @RiRi and @Miss Chief@Asgardian@HalfFull@Ben@Dr-David-Banner@StarlessEclipse@ponz@Davidiss@brokenOne@nichii@Aspergolfer @Fighter101and the others (i cant find probably because of a name change) i am happy that i got to help people through some really hard times in there life and i hope that you guys are doing good. i will check my account rarely from here on out invisible of corse only to check my inbox for a bit but not for too long. i wish you all the best as we all take the next step in our lives and the next step of Asperclick. sincerely Mark A.K.A. @blacktiger911 fairwell @InDubioVeritas
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