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I came up with this question the other day I wondered how something worked. I thought to myself, how does a neurotypical think? Do they question how things work? Is their mind filled with many different thoughts? (since at least my aspie mind is always thinking) or do they not have many thoughts? Is their mind mostly empty? Is that how is it for them? I had all these questions and finally today I got around searching it. I skimmed through some questions on Quora and didn't think the responses I found gave the answers I wanted. They didn't explain their experience in this world which is what I'm curious about. I'm curious about how they experience this world, what goes on in their mind?

So I kept looking and I found this article which I found very helpful, but wish it was more elaborate about the thoughts they have or maybe they don't have those thoughts? Like repeating or thinking about a script before saying it, do they experience that? Or is what they experience just the opposite of what non-neurotypical experience?

I wish I could live in the brain of a neurotypical for one day or some time to see how it is. There are videos out there of what it's like to be autistic and sometimes they're closely portrayed to what it is. I wish there was a video out there of what it is like to be normal or some way to figure it out.

Aside from being curious about what it's like to be a neurotypical, I'm also curious about what it's like to be normal too, what it's like for a person who doesn't have anxiety, depression, etc. 
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So I am learning to drive and my main issue is knowing when to break and accelarate.

I find I am breaking way to early because I can't judge how much time I need to stop when I break. I also panic when I see other cars and when I turn due to spatial awareness. I also dont know how to steer. I am sweet if I am on a straight quiet street with no cars. Also if I know where Im going. My partner came to my last lesson and he noticed I was fine once we were heading home. Anyone else have these problems and how did they manage


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What do you want to get out of life? What do you want to do in life?
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Considering everything you've done in life, do you consider yourself a good person?
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Another aspie vlogger from the same country as the owner of this forum. But she only has one video about asperger's, embedded right below.


Most of her others are make-up tutorials. Another aspie who breaks the mould by being into beauty, but I wonder if it is a special interest of hers. Does she go on and on about make-up? It seems likely that only those who know her personally would currently know. She does have a few other psychology related videos, including one about anxiety and even something called emetophobia.

I have sent her an email, using an email address found on her about page, mentioning this site, but so far no reply from her.:(
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Hey guys I am into using Adult colouring books, I find them really useful when taking my mind off stuff and they make me feel happy.

Does anyone here into adult colouring books?  

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I kinda' feel like Red from the Shawshank. On Asperclick, I've seen it all, done it all, said it all, and posted it all. Every friend I ever made on here left years ago, and likewise, every enemy I ever made on here tumbled into the well of obscurity, never to return again. The flame wars we had? I honestly couldn't tell you what either one of us said or why we were arguing. The friends I made? Who knows, they could me making millions or starving to death. I wouldn't know

In 2013 I 'left the forum' - twice. Funny how I managed to be one of the last ones left in the foxhole. I left, but always came back. And to be honest, I'll probably be here until Willow is cashing her pension and I'm making reams of threads were I reply to myself thinking I'm someone else. Yeah... I guess commitment was always a strength of mine. 

The people I've met here have taught me SO much about Autism. The biggest lesson of course, is that every individual case is like a unique serial code. And no two combinations of numbers will ever match. I've come across shy, reserved, and introverted members. I've come across confident, outgoing and extroverted members, as well as every bespoke plethora of traits that they bring to the table, with some rare members falling into just about every category. 

If you're an Autistic worker , you SERIOUSLY missed a trick in not joining us. Because no book, degree, or academic construction will EVER be able to give you as much as we can. Sadly, advances in social media have kind of murdered platforms such as these.  Yet still, I maintain the faith that we will continue on - we just need to be revolutionary. 

The ramblings of a madman, maybe. But there you go. 
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To those of you who have dated/had a girlfriend/boyfriend/etc., do you still talk to your ex? Do you have a good relationship with them? Why? Or do you no longer talk to them? Do you hate them? Why?
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I'm 37 and I have yet to be diagnosed. During the late 70's and early 80's, Aspergers was still not largely understood. Many children went undiagnosed or were improperly diagnosed and suffered because of it. I believe I am one of those kids that "fell through the cracks" and didn't get the help that I so desperately needed.
However, through a lot of research, I'm 99.9999% certain that I have Aspergers and I want to understand how I work...so that I can relate to other people better and manage myself in public.
That said, it is much harder to diagnose an adult than it is a child or even a teen. Adults have created coping mechanisms to hide our peculiarities, although the fallout from so much hiding and cover-up is powerful. And embarrassing.
So, to the question: What should I expect at my interview with the psychologist? How should I prepare, if preparation is even needed? Since I have difficulties talking to someone I've never met before—and sometimes fall apart at the seems when trying to explain myself—I find it's easier to write up a bunch of notes and hand them all of my thoughts beforehand. Do you think this is worthwhile or a proper approach.
Basically, I'd just like to hear your experiences.
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