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Found 18 results

  1. I've been meaning to post a response to @aspiesw's "Being Introverted vs Aspergers Syndrome" topic, but hadn't had the chance to. I can't reply on there anymore, so I thought I'd start a thread and now I think I've come up with some questions so a thread seems reasonable. I used to think that introverts and people with Asperger's syndrome/people on the spectrum were different in the sense that people with Asperger's syndrome had a lot more difficulties such as sensory issues, hypo/hypersensitiveness, etc. But now I realize that a person with Asperger's syndrome can be an introvert, an extrovert, or something in between. I think introvert and extrovert are words to describe the personality of the person. I did a quick search to refresh my definitions of introvert and extrovert which are, in short, a person who recharges through spending time alone and a person who recharges by spending time with others, respectively. So I consider myself an introverted aspie. In real life, I've never really liked spending time with others, it's always been this way. It's always been puzzling to see others enjoy interacting with others, when personally, I've never really found it fulfilling. What are your thoughts? Do you think it's possible to be an introvert and an aspie/autie (or an extrovert and aspie/autie, aspie/autie and something in between) at the same time? If so, which one do you think you are (an introvert, ambivert, or extrovert) aspie? I don't know much about the term, ambivert, but I think it means you fall somewhere in between introvert and extrovert, or that you are both.
  2. Hello everyone, To "Keep It Simple Silly..." i (hate capitalizing my "I"s) am a time capsule of the 1970s. Pierre Trudeau and Nixon always were and always would be, i thought. School saw me go from Grade 1 through 12 the "accepted oddball" because of my HSP (re Elaine Aron, re Sensory Processing Sensitivity) second brain structure unbullied there because with HSP i got a feeling "read" of people interacting. Though i stood off to the side, i replied in like manner as i read, always speaking up when spoken to -- no reason yet to be afraid. So somehow i was accepted, it being the late 60s to late 70s there weren't many bullies i think. Graduating Grade 12, i sat alone in a window seat in a room where a class might get held, but finals were on and everyone must be somewhere "cramming." i suddenly saw two girls in my class sitting on each side of a tall, narrow window ledge to my left. They may have well been martians, for all the interest i had in them -- i'm virgin aspie remember! They certainly knew me well enough not to be afraid. Then the one facing me began looking at me oddly, like "that guy ain't ready for the real world!" Books and notebooks piled on my desk, ready to work, the "accepted oddball" hoped for a class! My psych and me agreed "a church should be a safe place to work on my social anxiety disorder." For 2 years it was heaven on earth. We 20 or so accepted each other unconditionally and uncondemningly, unjudgingly, unreservedly, for we were all baprized into the same Faith. Our Minister said "we look after our own." That excellent Minister had to leave with a 5-way bypass the doc said "I'd never seen anyone look that bad who was still alive." We were undoubtedly ALL praying and fasting for him. Now he's Minister of his Hometown Maritimes! What GOD fixes HE fixes well. Then that aspie paradise became a torture chamber. A "macho man" joker of a Minister took over, pounding the laws and to heck with mercy. And he didn't know what to do with people like me (thankfully already baptized because he would never ever do it) and my pal aboriginal Al Brooks (failing with kidney failure) who was working to get baptized. This minister stood who he didn't understand in a corner of his "playbook" to rot. And rot we did. He told Al "I'd just be getting you wet" which is not a joking matter to a dying man! Al had a home dialysis machine. Personally i believe he denied himself the dialysis until he died of "natural causes." Then our Macho Minister let a Macho Man covert narcissist into the fold. That ended my honeymoon with the LCG. Always having been in everyone's good books, this Narc saw i am a gentleman and a nice guy. He began with unending public and private insults, put-down, and embarrassments. i thought this was so stupid he was bound to stop. He continued for another 2 1/2 years. AND my pal he turned to his Macho doctrine (which i didn't fit) which turned my pal into calling me "wimp, unworthy, excuses, crutches, afraid, and delusional." What a turn of a coin! But i have the HSP trait of unconsciously absorbing every tidbit of negativity i get, even though i think i am letting it slide off my back. And the aspie/HSP trait of trying to work it out with our persecutors. So he hammered me, and i simply went back for more, from him and my ex-pal. The Narc took me on our "Church Feast" on his own dime to Penticton in 2011. In the second week i attempted suicide. Thank GOD HE intervened and messed up my mind. All the Narc said was "What would that have done to the Church?" A valid concern i should have thought of, but i'm the one in inconceivable pain! Still he dragged me around all day and evening by an invisible nose-ring, insulting me to everyone right to my face. HSPs cannot tolerate confrontation, it is physically painful. When the narc sent me an attack email that my ex-pal agreed with, i forwarded them both to our macho Minister who took them aside for secret "words." My ex-pal fell largely silent. My narc pal said "we will only shake hands at Church because some words were said to me." But the narc needs his food (me), and soon repented of that. One other thing he does is keep people from me. i really don't know how. Once i was talking to a long-timer, and the narc walked slowly over. The guy shut up. i wondered what was going on. Narc put one foot up on the chair in front of my fellow and stared at him a good three minutes, during which time he paid him back no attention at all. Then the narc slowly returned to his chair. The message was "don't be talking to pussy here" as he would call me, IN CHURCH AND NOBODY OBJECTED!!! i was the dependable Doorman at Church. From 2009 to 2014 i was absent more and more until they had to replace me as doorman. That hurt. November 2014 was the first of over a year of absences. The first week absent i had planned to take 120 Methotrimeprazine Maleate sleeping pills during the Sermon, then lay down on the front row (where i was always alone) to die, but i couldn't do that to them. i had been pushing though panic attacks to attend until then, with the help of 4 Valium and 2 Xanax. Then they became no help, and i stayed home. The Narc's abuse reminded me of my youngest older sister's abuse. The two rose together to make attending too painful to endure. Then in January of February 2015 i had a mild breakdown over the thought "i will never attend agan, ever!" It took a month of face-bawling (never tasted tears before) at the slightest provocation before i dared go in outside and be sure not to bawl like a babe. Then a lengthy Depressive Crash (still going) and renewed Agoraphobia about going anywhere but what is 2 blocks away remains. i managed 4 scattered attendances recently, but always followed by failures. When i get off that elevator and turn left at the crowd, it is like a hundred people are talking in my ear at once (HSP). i have to pull a micro-focus around me to keep from getting "reads" off everybody i merely glance at, and pay attention to who i find to talk to first. We aspies have a terrible time shifting focus from one person to another, but it is possible if they give us a few seconds to "take them in" to know how to greet them. Yes, and the HSP read helps with that enormously, i imagine, because i have never been without HSP and only aspie! i must resume attending this church (not the people) a.s.a.p., or i shall go crazy. To the Church i am devoted, some members not so much, and the narc conned his way in like a thief. RETURN i must! If i am not re-attending this summer, i will lose my mind. This is my church more than the narc's. Can anyone please help me? ANY idea, great or tiny is fantastic. Big oak trees grow from one acorn. No idea is too small please? i will answer any questions. Thank you all ! Every one of you is a living breathing MIRACLE.
  3. Juliette

    Becoming Self-Employed

    Hi guys, How many of you are self-employed, and if you are self-employed, is it something you enjoy, as opposed to working for and with other people? How did you become self-employed in your field, and would you recommend it to other Aspies? Thank you...
  4. The best one can hope to get from this, whatever ‘this’ is, is to identify with me in your own life and know that you don’t have to be useless alone, or it’s an open door invitation to a genuinely nice person (probably a woman of my age living in another country) to be a good samaritan by inspiring hope by reminding you/me of the things you do and yet don’t want to hear (the kind of things that would definitely work, if life played out like a romantic film or you were like the other 99.9% of the population and things just worked…zing) and naturally this or these great advisors wouldn’t look at you/me in a romantic way, oh no, but someone, some day , somewhere will of course…..won’t they??? Love is and always has (so long as I was in a desperate enough position to need it, which I can’t ever see changing ever since a few years back) been too dangerous for me, because it’s dangerous to obsess, fantasize or think excessively about something you have countless reasons to know you’ll never have, the conversations, romance, sex etc- never gonna happen because believe it or not it requires two ‘consenting people’, not one irreversibly deluded idiot and his imaginary lover and who puts off a girl (maybe subliminally or subconsciously) just by looking at her. I am better than this, better than being the unrequited love-slave forced to face the (often internal) humiliation and constant rejection of something that only 50% of me (at most) can and has ever actually genuinely wanted (previous to which I lived in harmony successfully rejecting/supressing love) and now cannot escape. Some people are just so socially defective (such as myself, but not in a way which is immediately obvious, oh no that’d be too easy) that all girls (to one degree or another) immediately or eventually must surely feel uncomfortable around you/me (even though you’re not the weird guy on the bus who tries to talk/flirt with everyone or the moody aspie who frightens people off with his hatred for his rejection or the social recluse who never ever talks to anyone), you can be none of those things but still get overlooked, ignored and rejected. All the potential answers that you hope could open doors for you are never really there or don’t ever happen how you hope (because your hopes are based on fiction, the only true understanding and examples of various situations that you have in your miserably sheltered life). You’d like to imagine that there are aspie social or support groups you could go to and that because you’re somehow so socially inept, that automatically so too are the girls (in their own sexy way) and thus they simply must fall in love with you (the one of a few who actually understands them), but it doesn’t work that way even when such clubs do exist and instead it’s like everything else in your life all over again in that barriers immediately go up and the loosely termed ‘friendships’ within that club (or any type of club that one is suggested to attend if one has hardly any friends and is unlikely to meet someone otherwise) ends at the door just before you leave or maybe doesn’t even make it that far as you discover that apparently there are many different kinds of aspies and aspieness and once again you’re in that minority of the minority. What follows on from this is then obvious because you never really managed to establish any rapport with any women (even though you/I hold conversations which can even draw laughter and can be engaging) and you just pathetically feel alienated and threatened by anyone or almost everyone else who eventually makes the connection you never could (or have) only to gradually form a relationship, or go to each other’s houses to socialise further or pretty much anything that someone such as myself virtually never gets to experience. It’s ironic that some guys complain about never getting beyond their first dates (yes plural, meaning they’ve had a few), well at least you’ve had dates (possibly NT women- WTF, how??) and the fact that you can get to this stage is far more than some others such as myself can or probably will ever succeed in. For someone like me (and the other guys who are nodding and agreeing in silence at home alone by their computers right now) life is (as far as love is concerned) all about seeing beautiful women (and if you’re very lucky, actually getting to talk to them for whatever reason) and perhaps in the space of a short time you imagine what it’d be like to be with someone you actually want to be with (rather than settling for what you’d consider a 4/10, like I did, much to my regret- IDIOT!!). I’ll leave it there for now because if I’m lucky, some people will read and a few might even relate, hell one or two might sympathize and give some good advice if I really pray hard enough.
  5. The man whose name would be used to label our 'condition' may now have passed on - having died in October 1980 - but if you ever had the chance to meet him would you have taken that chance? Hans was an Austrian pediatrician - born in February 18, 1906 on a farm outside Vienna (Austria's capital city). He was a man who, ironically, may have had the very condition his name would be given to. At an early age he showed special talents in language, and already in the first school years he was known for his frequent quotations of the Austrian national poet, Franz Grillparzer. He had difficulty finding friends and was considered to be "remote". In the youth movement of the 1920's, however, he met with some comrades with whom he maintained contact all through his life. He was conferred doctor of medicine in 1931 and assumed directorship of the play-pedagogic station at the university children's clinic in Vienna in 1932. He married in 1935 and had five children. From 1934 he was affiliated with the psychiatric clinic in Leipzig. Asperger published the first definition of Asperger Syndrome in 1944. In four boys, he identified a pattern of behavior and abilities that he called “autistic psychopathy,” meaning autism (self) and psychopathy (personality). The pattern included “a lack of empathy, little ability to form friendships, one-sided conversation, intense absorption in a special interest, and clumsy movements.” Asperger called children with AS “little professors,” because of their ability to talk about their favourite subject in great detail. Asperger showed a positive outlook towards the children - treating them sympathetically and been convinced that, despite their difficulties, many would use their special talents in adulthood. He followed one child, Fritz V., into adulthood. V. became a professor of astronomy and solved an error in Newton’s work he originally noticed as a child. During a time when Austria was occupied by the Nazis - who were intolerant to the disabled and sent such individuals to the concentration camps to be killed - Asperger's positive outlook and passionate defense of the value of autistic individuals was best shown in a paper he wrote, stating "We are convinced, then, that autistic people have their place in the organism of the social community. They fulfill their role well, perhaps better than anyone else could, and we are talking of people who as children had the greatest difficulties and caused untold worries to their care-givers.". Asperger's paper ultimately saved hundreds, if not thousands, of Autistic children from been sent to the camps. His paper was published during wartime and in German, so it was not widely read elsewhere. In the later part of World War II Asperger served as a soldier in Croatia. He was habilitated as a lecturer at the University of Vienna in 1944 and became director of the children's clinic in 1946. He became professor at the university children's clinic – the Universitäts-Kinderklinik – in Innsbruck in 1957, and from 1962 held the same tenure in Vienna. From 1964 he headed the medical station of the SOS-Kinderdörfer (SOS Children's villages) in Hinterbrühl. Asperger was became professor emeritus in 1977. He was working until the last, delivering a lecture six days prior to his death on October 21st. His work was later translated from German and published, with English researcher Lorna Wing (who passed away June 6th 2014) proposing the name 'Asperger Syndrome' for the condition Hans had been studying in her groundbreaking 1981 academic paper Asperger Syndrome: a Clinical Account. The term became popularized and later became a standard diagnosis in 1992 in the World Health Organization Manual - although it wasn't made a standard diagnosis in the American Psychiatric Association's manual (the DSM-IV) until 1994. Today, in the DSM-V, it has been labelled as been a less severe version of Autism but it still exists on its own in the World Health Organization Manual. Hans Asperger's birthday, February 18, was declared International Asperger's Day. --- If Hans Aspergers was alive and if the language barrier wasn't a problem, I would have definitely have loved to have met him, just to see what kind of man he was like. Now, where did I park my TARDIS?
  6. For the most part, do you think you are self-centered? Why? or Why not?
  7. I've seen a few threads around here discussing various aspie YouTubers and I was going to make another thread to name my own favourite when I decided that it might be better to rather start a thread where we can all name our favourites. Also maybe you could be kind enough to post a link to their page on YouTube because we don't all know their names (usernames or real names). Enough of that said, my favourite is by far this guy here: https://www.youtube.com/user/InjuredMinds/featured (InjuredMinds) I can identify with a lot of what he says actually.
  8. I'm trying to do some basic meditation but every time I just start relaxing I find that I need to stim. It's really annoying because how am I supposed to breathe calmly when the passage of air through my nose makes me need to stim with my nose??? I've tried Googling for things related to aspies and meditation but I couldn't find anything. Any ideas? Thanks, invisible
  9. I would like to have your opinions on wether or not you think that these are valid reasons why I "can't possibly have Asperger's". I am asking this because these are the reasons that my mother gives whenever I try to discuss Asperger's with her and I'm not sure that they're particularly valid actually. I would like to make it clear that I am not asking for opinions on wether or not I have Asperger's; I am asking if you think that these are valid reasons why one couldn't have Asperger's. Now the main reason is that I like to spontaneously share my ideas, opinions and things that I have made. Apparantly aspies don't do that. That doesn't seem correct to me because if aspies didn't have a desire to share things then they wouldn't infodump as much as they do. As I see it, all they want to do is to share their knowledge, and ideas about their obsessions. The other main reason that I can think of at the moment is that I always used to talk with a lot of expression - both in my voice and in terms of facial expression - when I spoke, particularly but not only if it was about one of my interests at the time. Again she claims that aspies don't do that, although I have read that some aspies do talk quite expressively sometimes. I would like to hear your opinions on wether or not these are valid reasons to say that one does not have Asperger's, and I will add any further reasons that she has given as I remember them. And please remember that I am not asking for opinions on wether you do or don't think that I have Asperger's. Regards, invisible
  10. Well I suppose that this is more of a rant than a debate but I don't really know where else to put this. But anyway I just wanted to say that I don't think that supermarkets are very aspie-friendly given this morning's experiance with doing the grocery shopping. I went first to the one shop but when I got to the checkouts they had changed that whole area! All of the self-service checkouts were nowhere to be seen and so I had to use the manned checkout which I hate using because they damage all of your groceries (and of course there's the whole social things as well but for me I don't like the way that they handle all of your groceries). (And they did damage all of my groceries as well . I spend so long carefully choosing undamaged items and then they go and crush them all at the checkout???) But that wasn't the worst because then I went to the other shop and they had discontinued my favourite ready-meal and the one that I routinely buy! It really insults me how they can just do that. I mean, they know that I buy that meal often because I always get coupons for that meal but they don't even bother to ask me if I would mind if they discontinued it! How on earth can they do that? That is absolutely disgusting! I mean, surely other aspies have this problem as well, and clearly it didn't even cross their mind that maybe just maybe I was an aspie and I would be very upset if they discontinued that meal. What that means is that I'm going to either have to get a different meal or a different brand of the same meal - neither of which is a very acceptable solution as far as I'm concerned. And I doubt that if I went to the customer service desk and said that I was an aspie (assuming that I had a proper diagnoses as well of course...) that they would bring that meal back either. I just don't think that that is acceptable behaviour, as I need the kind of security that comes from having a weekly meal plan and for me it's bad enough when they're out of stock on something but to just discontinue it with absolutely no warning is totaly unbearable!!! Especially seeing as it was my favourite meal as well . I just don't think that that is very aspie friendly and the least that they could do is to offer a service for aspies where they can have the security of knowing that they will always be able to get the same meals. That was a really bad day at the shops!!! Why can't people just be a little more understanding of us??? :angry: Thanks, invisible
  11. So I think Derren Brown is amazing. I went to see him live a couple of years a go and he really does have wow factor. The main reason I really like him is because he never claims supernatural powers or magic, he always states that his tricks and illusions are all through the power of suggestion and other tricks and techniques to do with manipulating the mind. So I wonder...would he find doing tricks on Aspies difficult? We don't have the same body language, so reading us would be hard for him and I doubt manipulating us with his body language would work either being that our brains can't physically read people. However, I did also think that due to our inability to "read between the lines" it might make us quite susceptible, because I don't know about you guys, but I'm quite gullible when people tell me things, so maybe that could be a factor... So do you think Derren Brown would work on you?
  12. TriforceOfPower

    Self Diagnosis

    How many people on here are self-diagnosed?What do you think of people who self-diagnose?How do you deal with people who disapprove of your self-diagnosis?
  13. epiphanycakes

    i have a problem

    hello all , iv got a problem that is getting very quickly out of hand. my gf is aspie over the past few years iv been trying too say what shes doing ( controlling behavior, extreme hissy fits,constant criticism on how i keep my flat, it being "our" flat when she cant legally stay there) among others. the stress is causing me too have chest pain, black outs eta as she takes it out on me. I don't do shouting as 1 it hurts my ears and 2 i cant deal with the emotion . that plus the braking of boundaries and interference. it keeps happening too the point i get meltdowns in the past and its getting that way again . she hasnt changed and iv got to compromise on everything. i mean everything! what i eat what i wear , when i sleep , when im on my pc , what i buy, how my house is like, who i see when i see them. she almost forced me away from a autistic meeting and she bitched and moaned at me for days afterword for being me. and to " stop over reacting!" with my sensory sensitivity aswell any advise would be good, at this point i dont care about the fall out
  14. I don't know where to start. I'm not even sure that I'm using the right forum. But since it is about my mother, I guess it should be OK. Last time I posted on the site, I was having issues, being overwhelmed with a gazillion things I had to do. I haven't had a break since then, and there's still a lot of things that are waiting for my attention. However, everything in my life came to a hold some weeks ago when my mother called me and said she needed me by her side right away, but refused to tell me why. I took a flight and I arrived at mum's in less than 24h. I had not seen my mother on over a decade. First thing I noticed was that all her hair is now white. It was odd. I mean, she is 82yo and I'm sure she must had white hair for quite some time. But she always went places to get it tinted. I never saw it, till I arrived here. After a greeting and a very long hug, I asked my mom if she had eaten. She said no, it was 3 PM. I headed for the kitchen and I was surprised when I could only find 3 bottles of water, half an orange and a kid's size box of corn flakes. I went out, got some groceries and came back to prepare some food. Then I started looking around and I could only find ONE pot, with a broken handle, and a table spoon. No kitchen utensils, no frying pans, no proper pots, nothing. I took a deep breath, went back out, bought some basic kitchen equipment and came back. After making dinner, one of my sisters showed up. Mom got nervous, very nervous. This was the sister that was currently in-charge of mom's finances. Mom told her "Grey is here, he will be here for some time and while he's here, he will take care of my bills. So please give him my bank account atm and my current bills". My sister started yelling. She left the atm card there and said "if I'm not going to take care of the money, then I won't come again", and left. She came back later, left the bills on the table, and left again. I started asking my mum what the heck is going on, she said "I want you to wait and see". Next day, same sister calls and say that mom has a doctors appointment, and tells me the address, and the time. I told mom but mom say "I can't go". Given that it was a medical thing, I was going to try to convince mom to go. So I went to her closet to pick up some clothes. But all I could find on the closet was 4 sets of pajamas, all of them old and full of holes. Mum then said "that's why, I cant go". She asked me to go to the bank and check her balance. $0.39 was all that was left. I took a pamphlet on how to setup the online banking, got to a wifi hotspot, and started looking through the transactions. A pattern immediately showed up. Every month, her pensions come in (like $3,500) and then comes a series of days in which money gets withdraw daily, up to the $500 max, using ATM teller machines. Same story every month, till account is dry. I went back home, check the bills. Total monthly amount in bills fluctuate, but never exceeds $500 (house is paid off). It was getting dark, and the trash can was a lil full, so I wen to take out the trash. Most of the trash was empty doggy bags from local restaurants. So a sat back and thought for a long long time. I tried putting all the pieces together. It looks like my sister was withdrawing all of mom's money every month. Paid the bills, yes... but pocketed the rest. She kept my mom with no clothes, prolly to make sure mom could not go anywhere. She kept the kitchen empty, prolly to force my mom to depend on her for food. She prolly used mom's money to eat on expensive restaurants daily, and brought mom the doggy bags from those restaurants. For the next few days I was digesting all this information. I could not believe it. I kept looking at all the transactions and stuff that was paid directly with the ATM... beer purchases late at night, on beer stores 4 counties away.. etc. It looked like it wasn't just one sister, but 3 of the 4 ones that live near mom. They seem to take turns on the abuse. One thing didn't add up. For a period of 2 months, around a year ago, only the bills were paid and the account balance went up quickly by a few thousands. By the addresses that appeared on the transactions, I deducted that during this period, the 4th sister took charge. But then it went back to the thieves. I contacted that sister and she is really bad at mom. She told me this has been going on for years, she stepped in, but mom gave control back to the thieves. It didn't made sense. Again, I sat down and I thought. I kept thinking most of the day, for a few days actually. And then I tried something. I called the car rental company and asked them to pick up the car at mom's. Then I lay down on my old room, quiet... no tv, no music, nothing. And I waited for hours. That afternoon, I hear the outside gate being opened, and I hear my sisters voices. They opened the house, went to my mom's room and started arguing with mom about the control of the money. Then they really went overboard, one of them started hitting mom. When I heard the beating, it took me a few seconds to react. I could not believe this. I didn't wanted to believe this. What the heck happened during the years I was away? How come I call each one of them every month, and I never suspected a thing? I stepped in, entered mom's room, threw my sisters out and just sat there, holding my mother like she was a little baby, while she just cried. I have no doubt that when the 4th sister stepped in and started doing some good, same thing happened, and the thieves prolly hit my mom, threaten her and got back the control of the money. At the current time, all the required legal actions are already running. I will be leaving in a few weeks, as soon as some legal stuff gets taken care off. Mom will come with me. We'll now live thousands of miles away from all this. During this days, I've been observing mom, and I have also realized that my aspergers came from her. I never noticed this things before. But she does have every single perk I have. I'm also amazed at how strong she is. Her mood has improved dramatically, and at her 82 years, she is been cooking daily, cleaning, gardening and doing everything she needs to do by herself. I'm not sure where the legal actions against the thieves are gonna end up. And to be honest, at this time I don't really care. I just want to keep my mom with me, everywhere I go. I'm never moving away from my mother again... ever. Probably after we finalize things here and move out, I'll give more thought to the ramifications of all this. But know I just want to stay with mother, and get her as far away from here as possible. I can't describe how I feel right now. I don't know if I have questions. I just felt the need to shootout to the forums and tell the story. Maybe ask for some moral support to stay strong till we are out of here. Wish me luck.
  15. awesomeliza

    What gender is your brain?

    I just took the BBC Sex ID (Sex as in gender) and got 50 in the male brain section and the average for males is 50 in the male brain section. I tended to be really good at the visual and 3D tasks. The verbal task with emotive language, not so well (I just blanked out with the word grey :/). Although, my synonyms were good. Here is the test: http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/sex/index_cookie.shtml Post your results if you want!
  16. awesomeliza

    Hello! I'm Liza

    Hi there! I'm Liza. I am a female and 13 years old. I have not been given a diagnosis yet, and I am still building up courage to approach someone to open up the possibility of me having Aspergers. My strong interest is computers and programming, so I'll always be ready to talk about that. So yes, that is me.
  17. aspiesw

    Symptoms Of Depression

    I think I may be depressed, what are some symptoms of depression?
  18. Lilly Rose

    New To This...say Hi?

    Hi everyone, My sister showed me a link to willows wonderful videos, and I was so comforted to know there are people out there just like me! Now I'm a member on this site id like to make some new friends:-) Im all the way from Australia- so the time differences might mean im a bit delayed, but add me as a friend- im always up for a chat:-) And I'm single to boys- hey heeeyyyy?? ahahahahahha jokes:-) but seriously- i am. lol Id also like to know how you deal with your aspersgers and just how to feel more comfortable all round. Look forward to hearing from you XXXX Lilly
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