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Found 6 results

  1. TheDefended

    The Undeserving...

    (Somewhat of a trigger warning). I have a 'friend' who goes to University in September, he and I get student finance support. Now, this is where I am angry. I spend £1200 for three months rent while he spend £0 on rent. I get £2100 each three months, he gets £2700. It confused me how he pulls every string to always get more money. Every time he gets money he always spends it on stuff he doesn't need, just stuff he can make MORE profit off or stuff he wants to collect for making money. I'm not greedy and I don't want extra money, I just don't understand how he gets life so easy and yet gets more rewards. Now, I'm annoyed that I live harder; zero social live, poor house (damp infested, poor area) and supporting my disabled father along with my issues (aspergers), paranoid of my surround area, scare of leaving my home because I was robbed years ago, depression to some degree, anxiety, scared of change. He lives with his grand-parents who give him everything. He doesn't do jobs for them unless he gets something in return. Thinking over a conversation I overheard. "Go shop and get me this". "If I go, I want this" (I forgot the item). He replied. And she went along with it... I just don't know how he can get more despite doing nothing. Where I give everything to try and live in solitude and to keep my dad happy. It sounds childish and petty but it annoys me. The Injustice and greedy always end up winning. Fairy tales and happy endings never exist.
  2. blacktiger911

    a friend has died.

    so a good friend of mine died saterday around 11:30 AM in a car accident. he helped me out a lot and helped set me on the right path in life. after job corps he and I graduated together he went to the navy and after boot camp and about a month at sea he went to visit his family when it happened. he was a good person caring and a real rare good person and now he is just..gone. in the end all I can say is rest in peace. he was only in his 20's too.
  3. Clockwork Crow

    Connecting to people

    so here's the thing... i was brousing around when i came across a post about begin touchy feely, and lots of people where saying that they can with people they like/love but... well... does any one else other than me have problems connecting to people. literaly connecting to anyone. cuz it feels like there's something wrong with me that other AS can love, yet i can :/ so is it something not connected with AS? or does some one know what i'm talking about or trying to say? at the moment i just treat everyone equally, and nicely. but i cant seem to get attached or emotionally involved with anyone even my mommy :'( i don't like it
  4. Suppose you had a friend and this friend was you, everything you did, everything you liked, how you responded to things were exactly how you did them. How would you treat yourself? Do you think you would you be best friends with yourself? Why or why not?
  5. Clockwork Crow

    when are they Friends

    This might be a really silly question but how do you know if you're someone's friend? (and vice versa) Have you ever considerd yourself someones friend but they don't think so?
  6. So, this has always gone straight over my head really, but I was wondering about others input. As far as in concerned, once I have met someone then they are an acquaintance. The real confusion comes in once they have got to know me better - because there must be a point that they become a friend, presumably. Some people, such as people at school are very difficult to put into either of these boxes. In school, I see some people on a regular basis, exchange "hi's" and will generally sit nearby, eat with then and if necessary do group work, and none of them have ever been negative towards me, the opposite in fact. However, I'm not sure they are "friends" as such, because I never see them outside of school, which is what I do sometimes with my small number of people I'm sure are friends. So, what are your thoughts? Is there a boundary or guideline for telling how friendly someone is, whether you are barely acquaintances, or actually best friends?
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