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Found 17 results

  1. RiRi

    Classroom Incentives

    In school, sometimes teachers give prizes to students if they behave well or if they're an exceptional student. Were you ever one of those students? What gifts, presents, certificates did your teachers give to their students in your classes?
  2. Nallaa

    crisis period and school

    Hello, I'm not an official Aspie, but I woud like some advises regarding to my new school semester : I'm very very mentally tired since 2 weeks with my exams and other things, and especially now, and my teachers annouced us we have 5 group presentations to manage for this beginning of semester, which is way too much for me to manage at once, specially knowing I'm already on the edge of doing meltdowns. My partner is my friend and I don't want to let him down because he has bad scores and I have good ones, he is really counting on me (which is even more stressfull), but I'm already quite overwhelmed whereas it didn't start yet. Because I'm not diagnosed and never talked about this to my friends (which are not very close friends) I'm not feeling comfortable enough to tell them. I have the feeling that actually I don't have the right to ask anything to anybody.. Teachers don't want to let us working alone because they think it's not fair leting someone having more rights than the others (like not working in pairs). I don't see what I could do ? I really prefer to avoid letting my friend down, I would like him to go in an other group (they would be 3) and me alone, but I can't Do you have any advise for me ?
  3. spymaster08

    I have aspergers

    Hello, I am 12 years old and I have had aspergers my entire life and I would really like to meet some people who are the same age as me with apergers. At my school I am found annoying and that makes me sad. Does anyone feel that way?
  4. Whiteboots20

    How Can I Learn to Cope?

    As someone with Aspergers, I can say that it there are times when it gets to be a bit difficult to manage. Since I was diagnosed as a young child, I'd been able to overcome my issues with eye contact and a few other basic social cues. However, I have at least two problems that I actively face every now and then. For one, my executive functioning skills. When it comes to simple things like doing laundry, making my bed and cleaning my room, it can be a bit of a problem. It usually takes me around a couple weeks until I do the laundry. As for my room, I'll clean up and make it neat until it gets completely disorganzed and messy. And when it comes more important tasks like project and assignment due dates, it's even worse. It's common for me to misplace my things and a lot of my papers that I carry with me usually get crumpled. (This is actually something I've had problems with for the longest time.) Due to all of this, I've suffered greatly in school for the longest time as well as with my personal hygiene. Another problem I'd like to mention has to do with what I feel are shutdowns. Whenever dealing with a stressful situation, I often feel incredibly irritated (which I guess is quite normal for almost anyone), which usually leaves me to cry due to the intense emotions inside of me. If I could describe it, it's as if you're stepping into cold water and your body is reacting to the cold by shivering. With me, once I "step into my own emotions", I can't help but cry, and depending on how bad it is, I could go on and cry for hours. (I guess it's more of a sensitivity thing, I'm not too sure tbh) And one of the biggest issues I have are with language. I absolutely hate when people are vague towards me, because in my head, I have no way of piecing everything together. Example: Person 1: I've gotten both the pink and the yellow sponges for washing the plates/bowls and glass (respectively). Me: What about the utensils? What do I wash those with? It's embarrassing because it seems as if I don't have any common sense, people must think that I'm a complete idiot. And I also struggle with either finding the right words to say or my grammar would be almost completely off. From the entire time I was diagnosed up until now, I was (subtly) told that being myself, as an autistic person, is wrong, and that I should try to act as neurotypical as possible. Right now, I just want to know proper coping mechanisms, things I can do so I don't keep continuing on with life like this. I'm just tired of struggling, missing important school deadlines, doing all of these things and never coming back to them, and just being messy all of the time. I want to find a way to do better but I'm not sure how. Sorry for this long post, but if you've read it, thank you so much.
  5. StormCrow


    Well I just graduated from College, got an AS in Environmental Engineering Technology, and a bunch of Certificates in Sustainable and "Green" things.
  6. I did they where great but I didn't have aid until I was 7yrs old anybody else
  7. DavideC

    Alot happened

    Hello everybody! Maybe some of you remember me. I'm sorry for not beeing online the past year. It has been a stressfull time for me and I haven't had the energy. This year I finally got into school again. It's a "small groups" school. Currently there are only 8 people in my class (including me). It has been helping me to concentrate on my work. Unfortunately the teachers don't quite understand me. Although one of them has a daughter who also has Aspergers, but goes to the normal public school. It hasn't been easy in the beginning to stay for lunch. But it got better. I'm working really hard to get an apprenticeship next summer. My psychiatrist found a company, who only hires people with Aspergers. It's called "Asperger Informatics". It's actually not far away from my home. The company was founded by a woman with Aspergers. I'm going to visit that place in the coming weeks. I'm really happy to see my progress. And there's one thing I'm really excited about. I signed up to make my private pilot license reality. Though it's probably going to happen next year. My lifegoal is to become an airline pilot. And no, I'm not afraid of the whole stress in the cockpit with the talking. I just have problems with smalltalk. So this happened this year. What about you guys? Cheers Davide
  8. Kuribo [old account]

    Autistic Children and School PE

    Forcing an Autistic person to participate in competitive sport is a form of discrimination and those who do this should be tried as criminals. Thoughts?
  9. Clockwork Crow


    hello i'm very interested in maths (and science) and i am currently doing my A-Level at college - i was wondering is any one else is doing these subjects and maybe we can post here about things in class we have truble with and help each other out? the one thing i can do is maths and science, and i'm proud of that fact. and i want to help people who struggle a little and also be able to ask/talk about things like this. ithere is another post for science, aswell as another thread in general descution more for asking questions about curiositys eg. how do magnets work? how can geckoes stay stuck to the walls? so i'm looking forward to helping thost that struggle - those struggling with me and i hope that maye there are some university studants/graduates who can go in to great detail about some topics? (i know not perticualy Aspie related but its friendly here and i feel i can talk here SO much easier than to people in my class)
  10. hello i'm very interested in science (and maths) and i am currently doing my A-Level at college - i was wondering is any one else is doing these subjects and maybe we can post here about things in class we have truble with and help each other out? the one thing i can do is maths and science, and i'm proud of that fact. and i want to help people who struggle a little and also be able to ask/talk about things like this. i'll be making another post for maths, aswell as another thread in general descution more for asking questions about curiositys eg. how do magnets work? how can geckoes stay stuck to the walls? (i know not perticualy Aspie related but its friendly here and i feel i can talk here SO much easier than to people in my class)
  11. i want to descuss the difficulty in 'lazyness', fear or fatige. and not leaving the house - wether it be for work or school - does anyone else have this problem? and if they do how do they cope?
  12. i am 13 almost 14 now and have aspergers. this is really embarrassing for me to talk about but i really need help, I have always had really bad gas since i was a baby due to parts of my aspergers but it is really bad now. my tummy hurts really bad, giving me cramps, pressure, and really bad aches and pains. which it has to some extent my whole life but it is worse now. sometimes it hurts so bad it makes me want to cry and i feel like I have to Toot but cant. I will lay down and strain as hard as I can but cant toot any. i usually eventually am able to toot a little bit and make it feel a little better but it is getting in the way of my life where i cant go play with friends or anything because my tummy will start hurting. my mommy has tried changing what i eat and tried giving me some medicines and stuff but it doesnt help any. I am still able to toot some sometimes but i feel like i am full of bubbles and just cant get the toots out. mommy says that alot of other kids like me also have bad gas so i was wondering what everybody else does to get their toots out, how can i make my tummy feel better, what can i do that will make me be able to toot. and what do you do at school if your tummy hurts or if you have to toot because it really embarrasses me to toot around my friends so i try to hold it in. i try going to the bathroom to let out my toots but by the time i get there i cant let them out anymore. please give me advice on how to make my toots come out and make my tummy better thank you
  13. Kuribo [old account]

    An Update On School Situation...

    Hi all, I have some good news. I had my transition meeting today, and there is now a plan for the next two years: I'll only go to school twice a week and go to college three days a week. At college, I'll likely be doing a Digital Media Computing course, which will then lead on to something more specialised in the years to come. I'll be going on a college visit in a few months, which I look forward to, and I will also be dropping a subject to study web design here for the time being. Next year, I'll start going to a club for Autistic people over the age of sixteen which I've mentioned before, so I may end up meeting a couple of people from Asperclick next year too. I will be doing a course specifically for building confidence and relaxing in social situations at some point, and the new club will undoubtedly help wit this too. So, if everything goes according to plan, I'll only be in high school full-time for another seven months. I don't mind only doing it for two days a week, and I may not be in a proper class for all of the subjects I continue to do here. I'm absolutely delighted about all of this. For the first time in almost a year, I'm feeling something close to happiness. I have changed the background of my avatar today. The last one had a prison cell which signified that I felt trapped with no way out. The new one has a night sky, which signifies that there is a light at the end of all of this. Thank you to everyone who's tried to support me. I know I'm not always the most pleasant person to deal with when I'm depressed.
  14. DavideC

    Hello Everybody!:-)

    I'm new here on this forum. I'm 14 years old and i live in Switzerland. Last year I have been diagnosed with Aspergers. I'm beeing homeschooled for the moment. Also I'm going trough a depression. I'm happy to join this forum! And sorry if my english is bad or something;) Love to all!
  15. Kuribo [old account]

    I'm Anxious About Tomorrow.

    I'm very anxious right now, because tomorrow, my guidance teacher will get back to me about a short meeting I had last week about possible alternatives to mainstream high school, and what other accommodations could be made in school. I'm just worried because I fear I might be getting my hopes up about what form the course on confidence-building will take and it's frequency. I'm worried that it won't be anything particularly beneficial, that none of this will help at all, and that I'll have to tolerate another two years in high school without any significant and beneficial changes being made.
  16. Kuribo [old account]

    School: The Root Of Conformity

    It frustrates me when people ask why so many people in society “follow the herd” rather than thinking for themselves when the answer is so glaringly obvious: Our education systems teach people from a young age that this is the correct way to live their lives. From a very young age, people are told that they are “good” for blindly obeying orders.Now, of course children need guidance, as they lack both the life experience and mental development to make certain decisions wisely. However, my problem is with authority figures such as teachers who give orders for the sake of making young people conform to some totally illogical and meaningless standard that does nothing but make the individual issuing the orders feel powerful or significant. I’ve seen children punished for questioning the actions of their teachers, taught that fearing authority figures and feeling inferior to others, along with obeying nonsensical rules with no valid reason to exist, are all positive things. I noticed this happening throughout my time in primary school. Moving on to high school… By then, the damage is done. Anyone who is differs from the majority is rejected. Regardless of whether the difference is harmless or even inherently positive, it is more often than not treated with hostility, mockery and rejection. As a result, it is often the kindest of people who suffer most of all in school. In classes, I’ve noticed that if a question is asked of a group of people, the majority will mindlessly choose one answer simply because everyone else has, and then proceed to laugh at anyone who chooses a different answer in spite of the fact that they have no idea whether or not they are correct. If told that they’re wrong, they’ll laugh together, because apparently being wrong is perfectly fine if those around you are also wrong. It really is pathetic. It’s pretty damn obvious where this intense pressure to conform comes from. I feel fortunate to have become aware of the psychological poison I’ve been subjected to at such an early stage in life. Many only realise years after they’ve left school. Many never do at all. At the moment, this is the main reason why I never want to have a child. I simply wouldn’t want to subject them to a society that enforces mindless conformity from a young age.
  17. So, to protect the topic of electronics from being overrun, I'll start on school and things here. I go to an ordinary school which does 11-18 year olds. I take the school bus which stops 5 mins walk from my house, so that's ok. My school is slightly supportive about Aspergers, I had some support lessons with some people with dyslexia (they did different things to me) instead of a few English lessons. Some of the teachers aren't so understanding but none have yelled at me about Aspergers. In England when we are 16 (year 11) we take GCSEs, a set of exams then anyone older than me can finish their education but my year and below now do more exams as mandatory. I want to take A levels and I would like to do a course in some sort of animal science or similar, because I want a job with animals in the future. I know most if not all of you have already finished school, so how was it for you? What age did you finish, do you think you did play despite your difficulties and did your school help at all?
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