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Found 8 results

  1. Aspergolfer

    Incontinence and AS

    Is incontinence common in people on the Spectrum?
  2. Juliette

    Becoming Self-Employed

    Hi guys, How many of you are self-employed, and if you are self-employed, is it something you enjoy, as opposed to working for and with other people? How did you become self-employed in your field, and would you recommend it to other Aspies? Thank you...
  3. Marmite

    Gaming forum for autism

    Hi sorry if in wrong place can't find a place to put it.. I've created a forum for autistic gamers a place we can gather and talk games, play online etc. Willow has this forum must be a massive undertaking and not enough time so i thought rather put more pressure on her i thought i'd create a forum just for us aspies to game. If you'd like the address leave a comment. Marmite.
  4. I found out through this movie called Dear John. In the movie, the main character's father has AS. I had heard of Autism before, but I didn't really understood it. I didn't know there was a milder version of it either. The way it was defined mainly was broad and one of the main things was "not making eye contact." I didn't connect Autism back to me before because I'm pretty good with eye contact and overall was social. When I first started researching Autism, I came across Aspergers, but the way it was defined in wikipedia didn't really describe or make sense to me. It wasn't until I researched further and read different stories of girls with it that I finally diagnosed myself with Aspergers. How did you find out?
  5. blacktiger911

    How Did I Get AS?

    so i don't know how it got as and if certain events may have done it to me. so my mom did meth when i was inside her. i was beaten unconscious and hospitalized at the age of 18 months with a brain injury. i want to know if these had anything to do with my as or anything else or is as just genetic?
  6. I'm not planning to tell my employers about my condition. I was just wondering what people thought about this question. Should you disclose your Aspergers to an employer. In my case, I probably should, having Aspergers weakens my ability to do my job in certain aspects, such as communication, social skills and often competency, I have a feeling they're already aware of my disability (or at least know I'm different), but I haven't said anything, and neither have they. Also, when applying for jobs, I tend to fiddle with the 'Do you consider yourself to have a disability' check box, with some applications, I tick it and others, I don't, because I believe I have a higher chance of getting the job if I say I don't. When I say applying for jobs, these are only retail jobs, and I've been in retail for 3 years, so I can handle whatever they may throw at me (I'd like to think I could).
  7. whats the differance between Aspergers and high functioning autism? apparently not that much. atleast acording to the chaps over the see in USA who have recently rulled that from now on no more people will be diagnosed with Aspergers, and instaid simply have High functioning Autism, and are just on the spectrum. - what do you think about this? - glad that the two are seen side by side? or would you rather they be seen as differant? - have others heard about it or have i been misinformed? - do you think there is a clear differance between the two? - or is the only differance people come up with the learning difficulty? (sorry about all the questions i'm just curious)
  8. How are you when showing gratitude when receiving gifts at times like your birthday and at Christmas? Do you always say thank you for the gifts you get? Or is it something you always mean to do but never get round to doing and want to do better this year? And what about those guilt-invoking times when you receive something mega from a friend you only got a small token gesture for, or worst still nothing at all?!? Do you pepper them with kisses flinging your arms round them and thank them to the ends of the Earth or do you disappear for a time while you come up with a plan to pay them back some how? And what about those times someone buys you something you don't like? Do you tell them you hate it? Or do you smile appreciatively and thank them for such a marvellous gift?
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