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Found 76 results

  1. LyssApie


    Hey guys. Was just wondering if there are any Australians here? I am from Melbourne and if anyone is from Australia where abouts are you guys?
  2. Has anybody else had a negative experience with Trifluoperazine? When I was on it I couldn't concentrate or remember things from the short term. I was obsessive and aggressive too. I always wanted to sleep. Stupid drug ruined 6 months of my life
  3. Hello "Rabbits" I have been looking at a lot of videos on a channel called DontTrustTheRabbit, which is mostly about the Germans and their language. But I have found clues that she is on the spectrum, but not diagnosed. See these videos: I decided to bring this channel to the attention of the Aspie community. Actually, she even looks like Rudy Simone.
  4. EccentricChemist

    Hello World

    I'm new to this forum, I'm a chemist who is waiting evaluation next month for aspergers. Just looking for answers, and need more data here to get help. I posted in the symptoms, and diagnosis section if you are interested in more detail. Sorry for the bad grammer/typiing, I've had a few beers tonight, feeling a bit low. Listening to talking heads this must be the pl;ace, for some reason this song lifts me up.
  5. EccentricChemist

    Is this aspergers

    I'm pretty sure I have aspergers, or some autism, I've always been socially awkward, the weird quiet kid in school etc. Unfortunately I've been pretty oblivious about myself until my wife divorced me a couple of years ago. She thought I was doing things intentionally to piss her off, but I had no idea why I was doing them. In the last year I've been doing a lot of soul searching, and after inputting my behaviors into various search engines I came up with aspergers which sounds almost exactly like me. I've been kind of obsessed with science since second grade, I was actually sent home from school in 5th grade for a couple of days for making sulfuric acid in the boys bathroom as a kid, I remember my mom was not happy, but kind of impressed I think. Needless to say I became a chemist which is a great fit for me. The behaviors that really pushed my ex wifes buttons that I remember were that I wiggle a lot in the car when we would go to town for monthly groceries (I live on a small homestead farm in the country), I also repeat myself a lot, and talk constantly of the same things that seem to only interest me, and I would interrupt her in conversations. I also like to intentionally misuse words, I call it playing with them, kind of makes language more interesting. Also I can never remember birthdays of any of my family, I have them written down to help me, and in my mind I lose names, and sometimes words when talking with people. I really don't seem to be interested in most people, they seem kind of uninteresting to me, just want one or two people in my life who understand me. Next month I have an appointment with a neuropsychologist to get evaluated. What do you guys think?
  6. Dr-David-Banner

    Time For More Involvement?

    I can sense lately an increasing risk of what we knew as Asperger Syndrome falling back to the kind of unawareness of the seventies and eighties. That is lack of systematic, organised and well-researched support, diagnosis and awareness. This may leave younger people in limbo and unaware their struggles to survive in school (or at work) have a definite neurological and psychological basis. Accurate information needs to be made available. There needs to be sufficient qualified specialists and also full awareness by GP's. I don't see this happening in the future without more involvement from autistic people. That is formation of helplines, support awareness groups and general pro-activeness. There are still plenty of people around who understand the real struggles that relate to autism and HFA but many of these were helped by the sudden awareness around 2000. In fact that was how I found out Asperger Syndrome existed. It did take me some years to fully understand the condition but, at the time, the basic outline of the main symptoms listed solved a lifelong puzzle. These are: Instinctive communication problems (non-verbal), Low emotional empathy, withdrawel, being bullied or excluded, meltdowns, repetitive behaviour, obsessions with interests, noise sensitivity and skin sensitivity plus information processing and attention issues (communicative). Although the fuller understanding and study of AS and HFA is far more complex, we can at least make people aware of the basic outline. We should also be encouraging more AS people to specialise in psychology at degree level perhaps.
  7. I thought it would be good to make a list of all the good autism videos and documentaries out there. I find them so helpful as I'm a very visual person but also just seeing more people like me has so helpful personally, and it helps me understand the breadth and diversity of the autism spectrum. Its useful when others have insights into their own experience and really good to see those who have managed to find a supportive niche for themselves in the world or some kind of success as per their own definition of success. I personally prefer ones focused on autistic individuals rather than just informational or explanatory ones, Ive also stayed away from personal vlogs, more chatty-style vids and pseudoscience/'cures'. Also these are mostly focused on adults on the 'higher functioning' end of the spectrum but thats just because thats what I watch but feel free to post other kinds just the ones you would recommend. I was looking through my youtube history looking for a specific autism documentary and realised I have seen hundreds - and a lot of them were really good and others might benefit
  8. Some novels I have read with character portrayels of Autism/Aspergers, not always as a main character. Starred are my Favourites. Eleanor Oliphont Is completely Fine - Gail Honeyman Attachments - Rainbow Rowell *Radio Silence - Alice Orseman The Kiss Quotient - Helen Hoang *All Systems Red (and whole Murderbot series - Its about a human-like robot but is very relatable from an Austism perspective) - Martha Wells Lady Midnight (and whole Dark Artifices series) - Cassandra Clare The Rosie Project - Graeme Simsion The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky The curious incident of the Dog in the Nightime - Mark Haddon *The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Steig Larsson I also think: Truly Devious - Maureen Johnson Mary Poppins - P.L Travers (very different from the films) Please share any you have read
  9. I have a friend/fwb that has Aspergers that had blocked me on every social media and doesn't seem want to talk. It's been about 2 days now and I'm just wondering if I had lost him out of my life or if he's just taking time for himself. Everything was great between us before he had blocked and that's partly why I am here asking for advice and some help to understand what's going on?
  10. Ben


    I truly do love caffeine, I wouldn't call it an addiction, but I do feel a need for it. Nicotine? I can give or take. I smoke the occasional cigar, I chew a bit of tobacco and I've even dabbled with snuff. But I can have cigars sitting in my humidor for months at a time, and I won't feel an urge to reach for them unless I'm in the mood. Alcohol - despite my affinity for my whisky collection and craft beer stash, I rarely (if ever) actually drink with the intention of getting drunk. Some of the strong stouts I drink (say 15 to 20% abv) might have me feeling a bit awry, but again, I don't chase the 'buzz'. But caffeine? It just does it for me, and I think I know why. It produces oxytocin - the social hormone. And as someone on the spectrum, I truly do notice an enormous improvement within myself socially after only one can of (pick your brand - just not Red Bull. Yuk) energy drink. This isn't exactly a new thing I've noticed, but until recently I just assumed it was the energy kick, but now I believe differently. I think there's something in this oxytocin thing. Perhaps moderate to high doses may have a long term therapeutic benefit for those on the spectrum? (Just playing the devil's advocate.)
  11. weebo

    DLA change over

    Hello all this may have been talked about already if so i am sorry to repeat, i am on DLA at the moment but i am sure its dew to change over to PIP any time, my question is does everyone applying for PIP get a face to face assessment or is it just random? i am so scared that i am gong to loose mine in the future as anyone not had to have a face to face whats everyone's stories . Nicky.
  12. Befriending Meditations Befriending meditations are, in essence, mindfulness meditations, but with a twist. The goal is to 'trick' or 'con' social anxiety into siding with you and working FOR you. Not against you. (Yes, I want you to embrace that energy because we're going to need it later.) Firstly, it's important to understand exactly what meditation really is. And to do this, you'll need to cross two items off your list. Those are, as follows: The past It's like a tattered old library book - one that you keep rereading and referencing to, and digesting to the point of exhaustion, hoping that those days can return or be altered. But even with all of the desire in the world, you will still NEVER be able to jump into the book and have the power to change things. The book has already been bound and published. Keep it, okay. But shelve it, and ONLY pull it out during times of celebration to rejoice, when reflecting back on how well you have done at a given life stage. The future It just isn't real. It doesn't exist. It has never existed and NEVER will exist. Time will always exist in the here and NOW. You will never escape now, so absorb it and stay with it, because it's the only place you will ever be. So just stop. Breath. And think of a trickling stream that runs through a floral meadow. Imagine the sun sparkling off the reflection of the water, the smell of dew soaked grass and the tweeting of an early morning bird chorus. Take yourself to that place in your mind now, and remind yourself that it's not yesterday, and it is not tomorrow, it is now! Done that? Good, because now you're meditating. (Practise this first before doing anything - switch mind from "active and thinking" to "passive and sensory".) The 'Friending' Okay, with that meditative state of mind nailed on, go into the middle of a major city, a coffee shop, or on a train during rush hour (or whatever) and literally people watch. And when you look at these people, tell yourself, in your minds eye (not out loud, obviously), that the person you're looking it: - Has your best interests - Cares about you - Is your friend - Loves you What we have now is a false reality appearing true, which is precisely what social anxiety IS in the first place! (Hey, it cuts both ways! Why not make it work for us eh?) I'm not saying talk to these people, or even look at them, just connect with them and accept them as part of your environment. Love them back, wish them all the best, and see them as a beautiful spirit, just in the same way as they see you. The mistake anxiety sufferers make is withdrawing from the people, which will only serve to worsen your problems, as you'll become disconnected, and even more aware of how separate and 'different' you are, so stay connected! Even if you're just sitting in a room saying nothing - it doesn't matter, breath in the good, exhale the bad and love these people back! On a Date or with Someone You Like - (Thought I'd add this, just to cover my ass.) Meditate again, and tell yourself the following: "I am going to BE the person that I would be afraid to lose." Don't ever make the mistake of looking for "the one" - you are a sovereign individual who doesn't need 'completing'. And even if they reject you, remember that you get to wake up tomorrow that same person, with infinite potential awaiting you. Don't disrespect yourself by 'chasing' them. Because if someone wants you out of their lives that badly, just let them go. Your hobbies, interests or 'obsessions' have the power to make you a millionaire if you like - so focus on number one and be authentic. (This last passage is a personal befriending, which will tie in beautifully with the above. So worth adding I guess.) Anyway, this isn't gospel or a set in stone proverb, this is intended to be a discussion. Any thoughts, questions, ideas are encouraged .
  13. MellyBelly

    Hey 😁

    Sooo I'm Mel. I'm 28, living together with my partner and my 2 sons. I was only recently diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome after years of going back and forth between doctors. They initially thought I was suffering from anxiety and depression. Until Aspergers was mentioned, everything fell into place, all my 'weird' characteristics from when I was younger. Hoping to have found a good place for any question I have now or in the future Thanks guys!
  14. Echo

    Aspie Cymru

    Hi Peeps I've started my own Welsh language YouTube channel; Aspie Cymru. On it I will be discussing Aspergers etc. and my perspective on things which are associated with autism. Any posts I make about this channel will remain in one topic, as to avoid cluttering and confusion. Also, sorry for potentially posting this in the wrong thread, I wasn't sure which one to choose; couldn't find a dedicated thread/topic for posting such content - my bad if there is Anyway, this is my first video And this is the accompanying blurb Cynnig fi ar drio creu adnoddau Cymraeg ar gyfer codi ymwybyddiaeth o awtistiaeth yng Nghymru. Gobeithio fydd hyn o fudd i bobol. Unrhyw cwestiynau neu sylwadau? Gadewch nhw ar waelod y dudalen Diolch am wylio. Parch a heddwch x This is my attempt at creating Welsh language resources to raise awareness about autism in Wales. I hope that this will be of some benefit or comfort etc. to people. Any questions or comments? Leave them at the bottom at the page Thanks for watching. Respect and peace x It is important that resources are available in different languages (when possible) and that's one of the reasons why I have chosen to do this. It is not my intention to take over from anyone else or to "step on anybody's toes". There isn't anybody else "out there" doing this in Welsh, so I thought "why not?". So,I'm giving it a go. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AspieCymru/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/AspieCymru1
  15. Kuribo [old account]

    Smilies/Emoticons on Autism Forums

    This is a bit of a strange topic, but I'm curious to know what people think about the use of smilies/emoticons as a means of communication on Autism forums. I've been told in the past that I over-use them and I've had people misinterpret the reasons for my use of them, but I personally consider them to be a great communication tool. One could sometimes be the difference between my interpretation of a post as friendly or hostile, and while I've gotten over this now, I do feel more at ease with people who use them a lot, and I'm able to understand the intentions behind their posts more quickly than I otherwise would. What do you think about them? Do you find them helpful and informative when it comes to online communication, or are they (as some people have said) an unnecessary annoyance that make posts more difficult to interpret?
  16. Another aspie vlogger from the same country as the owner of this forum. But she only has one video about asperger's, embedded right below. Most of her others are make-up tutorials. Another aspie who breaks the mould by being into beauty, but I wonder if it is a special interest of hers. Does she go on and on about make-up? It seems likely that only those who know her personally would currently know. She does have a few other psychology related videos, including one about anxiety and even something called emetophobia. I have sent her an email, using an email address found on her about page, mentioning this site, but so far no reply from her.:(
  17. AutismUnrestricted

    Dr. Tony Attwood's videos on Aspergers

    Hi, As mentioned in the help, support and advice thread, I have pasted below a series of short videos by Dr. T Attwood on Aspergers syndrome. I related with most if not all of it. I am curious to read what other Aspies on this forum think about these videos. I just want to know if anyone else has experienced these aspects in their lives or is it just me. and finally Thanks for your time. Mish
  18. PerfectlyImperfect

    Wife of an Aspie?

    Hello All, I am so happy to have found this forum. I am so confused and heartbroken. My husband of 11 years likely has Asperger's. He has taken 2 online assessments which came back rather high for Asperger's (scored a 36 and a 39). I knew right away when we met that he was different in his communication style. You know how you first meet someone that you are interested in, and you could talk to them on the phone for hours and hours? That isn't the way it was with us, he would call but then just say a couple of words and then silence. The conversation was very disjointed and uncomfortable. He was a bit better in person, so I thought maybe he was just a little shy or something. About 7 months into the relationship we had a fight about how he never shared his feelings with me, and while he would say "I love you" he did not look at me when he said it and did not express any of his other emotions. He was very "Flat". He has always had very little facial expression, and appears to have a difficult time with smiling for photos. It is as if he has to work hard to make his face look happy, it is very unnatural. He also very rarely laughs. He is a wonderful man, he would do just about anything for anyone, and he treats me very well and is physically affectionate often (which I LOVE). His love language is "acts of service", and he says he is happy only when he knows he has made other people happy. He is very clean and tidy, keeps the house spotless and does the laundry. He cleans the cars weekly, and is also meticulous about his own personal care and hygiene. I know all these things sound incredible to most wives out there, but while I am very appreciative of these things, they do not equal love to me. I believe a component of these things is ritualistic and possibly OCD (which he says he does not have because it does not effect his daily living..... well, it effects MY daily living). All the time he spends cleaning, tidying, tinkering etc. is time away from interaction with us. My 10 year old son was diagnosed 3 years ago with ADHD. Going through the testing, my husband says... "oh my gosh, I think I have it too". He was tested and diagnosed with Adult ADD. He is medicated, but the emotional problems are still there. He cannot "connect" with people and admits to lacking empathy. It is as if he just doesn't know what I am talking about at all when I describe the feeling of your heart hurting when you see someone else hurting, especially someone you love. For years, I have said how unhappy I was because it did not seem like he loved me. He is a "Doer" and I desperately needs words. I need to not only be told that I am loved, but also what makes him love me and what that feels like in his heart. He can't do that, and up until the last week I thought this was his choice. I though he was just cold and disconnected and didn't trust me with his feelings. He is famous for the "deer in headlights" look. If I am sad and crying, I do not get the typical reaction of a hug or comforting words, he just stares at me with no expression at all. I have recently started thinking about divorce and trying to discuss it with him. I am not sure if I can or want to live with someone that has no connection with me, a heart connection. It has been 5 years that I have really been struggling to understand all of this, and I am so incredibly lonely. At this point I have severe anxiety when he returns home from work. When it comes time for him to get home, I find myself drinking wine or popping a Xanax just to deal with the tension and anxiety I feel. Being around him is very frustrating because my needs are not being met. I have not talked to many people about this (only therapist, my sister and my 17 year old daughter). I am afraid if we do end up separating or divorcing that no one will understand that it's not just because he doesn't talk to me, it's because there is no intimacy and no connection. I feel like no one would understand. He has not treated me badly or cheated, but I just don't feel loved. Has anyone been married to someone like this? Can they learn to be more socially aware, read faces, respond appropriately? Here are a few of the things that my husband suffers with, does this sound like Asperger's to you? Marked impairments in the use of multiple nonverbal behaviors such as eye-to-eye gaze, facial expression, body posture, and gestures to regulate social interaction lack of social or emotional reciprocity Restricted repetitive & stereotyped patterns of behavior, interests and activities (cleaning, personal hygiene, eyebrow pulling, skin picking, obsession with how he looks-clothing and hair perfect, body perfect-weight trains, cardio, takes fat burners and carb blockers) lacks empathy, and is often accused of being intimidating, selfish, mean, standoffish, unfriendly Extremely loyal, sometimes painfully honest, highly disciplined, productive in his career but feels he has to do everything "right" has difficulties with relationships (especially women, but also male friends-says he feels very different, doesn't fit in) Interrupts frequently Seems unable to understand others feelings and respond to them appropriately Is Asperger's something the person can get over? Is therapy successful or medications? He takes a stimulant for ADD but since he began taking it, I think his other symptoms are MUCH worse. I appreciate any feedback or advice, I am so sad and confused and not sure that our marriage is salvageable because I am so lonely (which ends up looking like frustration and anger) BeWell, Nicole
  19. Myrtonos

    Maja has returned

    The first new TheAnMish video has appeard in nearly a year. Apparently she is now very busy, and that's why she hasn't posted much.
  20. Laurie

    Hey everyone!

    Hey everyone! I really love Willow Hopes website. I'm a twenty something female living in the United States and I received a late diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder when I was 21. I have already thought I had something but I wasn't diagnosed officially until I was olderI heard about how females are commonly under diagnosed as well. I have always had trouble making and keeping friends and am sensitive but it's hard for me to understand some people sometimes. I found this chart online about Asperger traits in females and I have like every one of them. I came on here to talk to people so feel free to message me!
  21. AutismUnrestricted

    Singing to self soothe and feel better

    Hello, As some of you know I'm an adult with Aspergers. I have always loved singing to self soothe. I'm self taught and have not had any singing lessons. I literally fall in love with songs and they get stuck in my head to the point where I can't do much else but hyper focus on the song. It plays in my head 24/7 and the only way to get it out of my head is to learn it and sing it and once I feel satisfied with the recording, it goes away. I love this song from Beauty and the Beast. Hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as I've enjoyed learning and recording it. It would mean a great deal to me if you could spare a few minutes to support me with this hobby by visiting my youtube channel which is very much in its infancy, only started recently to have one place to store all my recordings, like it or share it if you find it any good. Sorry about the funny faces i pull whilst concentrating on the notes Hopefully this link will work for my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPAIYdY6xr0uasCSBkynT3Q Thank you x
  22. spymaster08

    I have aspergers

    Hello, I am 12 years old and I have had aspergers my entire life and I would really like to meet some people who are the same age as me with apergers. At my school I am found annoying and that makes me sad. Does anyone feel that way?
  23. Bronwyn

    Asperger memes / humour

    heyyyo So me personally im able to laugh at myself, I think they are the best kinds of jokes. Sooooo I have looked online and googled Asperger memes and im very disappointed in the lack of new memes there are . There must be someone who is a meme artist that has Aspergers out there who wants to share there works. I love all memes and find none offensive as it is just a joke so if you have any please share or any related funny stuff, jokes, twitter statuses... yah know. For those wondering what is a meme here is the dictionary reference > an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations. < I cant really explain it myself
  24. A432Hz

    Music Therapy

    Hello!Both my brother and I have Asperger's syndrome. As such, it is a topic of interest for me, and so I am doing my final project in a grade 12 course on the effects of Music Therapy and ASD. If anyone could take a few minutes to answer the questions in this survey, if you have participated in music therapy and are on the Autism spectrum or are a parent of a child on the spectrum, I would really appreciate it. The report is due in a couple of weeks and I need more responses. Your responses are anonymous and there is more detail on the survey page. https://docs. google. com/forms/uTNo5j9kDzwOa9wD3 Thank you so much for your time. Also, I have read the rules of the forum and did not see anything about this, but if it is against the rules, please let me know and I will take this down immediately.
  25. Nik H

    Wanna be friends?

    Hi everyone, I'm sort of nervous using this forum for the first time, besides I find a lot of social media stuff a bit daunting. My name is Nicholas. I am going to be honest, I am sort of lonely. I don't think I'm obscenely uninteresting or too annoying, but I am not very good at socializing. I don't really have a lot of "full friends", more just "semi-friends" that I sort of small talk with. I decided that this website would probably be the best place where I can "attempt" to socialize. I feel like I should give a description of myself if anyone wants to know about me: I am an 18 year old male, gay, currently attending college. I would say that I am very left-wing; very friendly with anarchists, Marxists, and the likes. Subjects I enjoy include are computer science, math, physics, philosophy (nihilism is one of my favs), and linguistics. I am not particularly athletic-- I don't really care for most competitive team sports. I prefer more recreational sports like biking and hiking. I also do kickboxing. I love to draw, watch horror movies (I love scary stuff), and I faun all over adorable animals. I'm sorry, I am looking over this and I know that I must look sort of pathetic. If thinks I am worth talking too, thank you.
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