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Found 3 results

  1. I approached my GP about getting assessed after having done several recommended online tests and read several books, as well as having been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which often goes hand in hand with autistic spectrum disorders. My GP is waiting to see if he can get funding in my area (Lincolnshire) though I read that I'm legally entitled to an assessment, so I'm confused. I'd just like to get on with it. What could I do? I have a child who is very like me (I think possible EDS and possible AS but have been told to wait and not to worry). Getting myself assessed first seems sensible. How can I speed things along?
  2. What did you do after getting officially diagnosed (e.g. did you join support groups, go out more, etc.)? How did your life change since you got diagnosed?
  3. I never actually thought I would get to this point but my assessment is tomorrow!!! Oh. my. god. I'm not quite sure whether I am anxious/apprehensive or excited/eager or perhaps both. I am trying to distract myself and not have my usual hypothetical "conversation" in my mind before any appointment or meeting with someone. I don't know if I can actually stop myself from doing this or if there is even any point as I have done this many times already (especially at night when I should be sleeping but I can't switch my thoughts off) and it is just something I have always done. It is a weird feeling, on the one hand I am like finally I can explain myself properly and I will understand everything at last but at the same time I think f*ck, what if it goes wrong and I forget something or I don't explain things in the right way or I shut down or I get upset or or or or. Bloody hell, why can't I just let it go and not be stressed??? Well I wouldn't be needing an assessment for AS if I wasn't the person that I am!! Also, I think it is very possible that I will embarrass myself by just bombarding him with a mountain of information about me and that I will interrupt him, talk over him, and get really carried away. Again that is why I am here. I do kind of wish I wasn't so aware of myself and AS. That I won't second guess myself and over-analyse everything I am saying, that I lacked the insight into myself because ignorance surely isn't so stressful. I wouldn't even be here if I was still "blissfully" ignorant of myself and it was more stressful not knowing, not understanding why I am the way I am and I really hate not knowing. I have to know everything. I don't like the unknown, uncertainty. I really can't bear it and it is akin to torture for me. I have to know everything I can and then things won't be so confusing. Hopefully tomorrow I will know, finally and I can stop obsessing about this so much.