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Found 8 results

  1. Fayonaise

    Fear of Work

    Does anyone else have a fear of work? I have this intense and irrational fear of going to work. The whole concept of it makes me feel physically sick. I've had two jobs in general shops in which I've left within 2 months. I usually end up going sick a couple of times to avoid it. When people ask me why I'm so scared to work, I find it hard to make sense of the situation and articulate it. I constantly have to tell people that I'm not lazy, I often wonder if people think I'm making the whole thing up just so I can stay home. The only way I can describe my fear is that I feel so awkward when I'm there, it's like being trapped in an unpleasant place and you have no way of getting out. It interrupts my routines which tends to make me really upset and I have no control over the environment. When you are at work, it's in unpredictable; there's no set structure. I often have trouble with the amount of noise and the lighting. I also have trouble using my initiative for tasks if there is nothing else to do - does anyone else have this problem? The only trouble with this fear is that the government will be on your case if you're not working. I'm terrified that they will contact me and force me to go to the job centre and make me attend work related courses. I don't deal well with strangers or unfamiliar situations. I fear that something like this well send me in to a complete meltdown. I'm not an idiot and I am intelligent. I'm waiting on my community mental healthy team to contact me regarding a diagnosis so there is nothing I can do in the meantime. It's frustrating. If anyone else has experienced the same thing I'd love to hear your story.
  2. An Autism/Aspergers alert card for you to carry around. The idea is that if you get a bit overwhelmed or you aren't able to get your point across etc, when you're out and about in public, you can hand this card over and it will just go some way to explain why you're flapping and struggling to breathe! It's also very useful from a safety and security point of view for places like airports/train stations and big cities, and to show to police etc.

    As you can see, it's got the WillowHope colour scheme etc, so it's not dull. I tried to make it a bit more 'funky' etc. than the usual ones.

    The card is the size and thickness of a credit/debit card, made entirely from plastic, with a gloss finish, so will be durable and easy to store in your purse/wallet or even in an ID card lanyard.

    Text reads:


    "I have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder

    Please read the back of this card...

    ...thank you, I really appreciate it!"


    "Please take the time to understand that...

    I might struggle to tell you what I need because I can become easily overwhelmed in a social or public environment.

    It might seem like I am acting strange but the movements I make are probably just part of me trying to cope and stay calm.

    I don't like to be touched, most of all unexpectedly, so whilst it might be your reaction to help calm me down, it will likely make things worse.

    I am a unique human being and deserve the respect you show everyone else.

    Also...don’t take advantage of me. I’m not stupid, I’m just anxious."

    1.50 GBP

  3. so i was talking to my mom and we got into religion and i told that i don't tell her everything because i don't want to bring anyone down with me. outside i am a mostly normal person but on the inside a war is raging for control and defining who i am and who i want to be. i have a big fear of people and meeting, and interacting with them and is what keeps me from a job. i just find myself going off inside my head. i cannot stop going through everything i do and the bad possible outcomes. and a big push from family about religion i get religion and i understand it mostly but i still fear the world that we know so little about after we die. i really just want to get a stupid f#@$king job so others will stop nagging me about and i can get my own place where i can be alone and left to my own devices. i could really use a cigarette right now but my family still dose not know i smoke so that would just create more problems for me but i am stressing the f@#$k out here and the added depression is not helping. i want to run away to a place where i dont have to worrie about this crap but that only exist in my head. i am afraid that this stress and depression will soon lead to my demise or worse.
  4. Fayonaise


    For as long as I can remember, dental work was a big part of my life. Bad teeth is a part of my genetics and due to the extensive work I had to have done, I developed a fear of the dentist when I was very young. I took a trip to the dentist today and despite my ritualistic obsession with dental hygiene, I was told that I had to have a filling. Of course that sent me in to full-blown meltdown in the middle of the room. Having fillings are one of my worst nightmare due to various things of the procedure. I hate the after effects, the feeling of the needle in your gums and worst of all... the drill! My appointment isn't until the 13th of October but I'm already panicking. My dentist is aware of my Aspergers and he's super understanding as he has other patients who are also on the spectrum. He was kind enough to offer me the chance to be sent to Reading to be sedated during the procedure, but I've never been sedated before and I don't know the clinic. (Has anyone been here? If so what was your experience like?) I just wondered if anyone else has a problem with this and what methods you use to cope with having the procedure done? Thanks guys
  5. blacktiger911


    :mellow:so Ebola hit the U.S. a day ago and now they are saying there could be up to 100 cases already but no confirmed sickness yet the one person that has it has been quarantined and he only came in contact with 5 kids from a school who are being watched right now to see if they develop any sickness this is serious and really bad. if Ebola starts here it could rip through America into Mexico, Canada, Alaska, and maybe even south America killing thousands.
  6. DominikaCupcake

    I wish i wasn't anxious

    I don't really know where to write it, but it seems like the right place. Many times i feel like i'm afraid of almost everything. I haven't feel like that for a while, but now those thoughts are back. I feel so hopeless. Like there's no future for me. I will probably end up pretty bad after i'm finish with studying. I also worry about everything every day. I'm scared that i will not make it throught the day. I really, really hate it and i wish i could stop feeling this way. Can't sleep at night because i have too many bad thought and i'm so afraid. Especially when i'm alone. I'm really glad that i get a support from my boyfriend, but i still feel like shit. And i'm tired of listening to those who tell me that i have no reasons to worry about anything. They just can't understand it.
  7. Kuribo [old account]

    [Sensitive] Sensing Dead Animals

    Hi everyone, I had aimed to stay away for a while after what happened, but this has been upsetting me a lot and I need to talk about it. My problem is that recently, I have been having trouble at night because for very brief periods of time, I somehow "sense" animal corpses, mostly seagulls, but sometimes small mammals all around me. This will last for about two seconds then stop all of a sudden. This is really difficult to explain because I do NOT actually see them, I just have a picture in my mind but somehow, it feels like something more, like they are physically all around me. Whenever I'm walking and it's too dark to see, I suddenly start panicking that I'll inadvertently injure my cat and I have to reverse and rush to the nearest light switch. This has only been happening for the past three weeks or so. I don't know if any of you can relate to this, but it feels good to talk about it. In terms of my therapy sessions, I haven't a clue what's going on, or how long it'll take. People have made suggestions of quite a few independent ones, but I'd much rather wait for someone who really knows what they're talking about and how to deal with people on the spectrum.
  8. First of all, this is to vent and to see if there anything i can do about the situation. Also as a heads up i am going to be a bit improper with the way i type.. Well.. I live smack in the middle of a city (not even close to a suburb) and I always feel nervous when walking/exercising outside unless i have my music in my ears.. Not always but usually o.e. The cases I do feel most fearful are when usually I wear a t-shirt (especially band and music related shirts) I always feel like I'm going to be called "fake or a poser" for whatever reasons so i try to stay away from crowds as much as i can while venturing outside. The only cases i do feel safe with them on are when I'm outside the state and city or at school if i don't have to wear uniforms. Lately, if i feel like my dad is treating my wrongly by trying to help me with something i already figured out on my own i get really defensive and i don't know why ._... and my parents claim "I'm being aggressive" or "Why are you being so angry ?!" Sometimes i get defensive and raise my voice and i know the reason but at the same time i don't and can't explain myself and when i try to think i feel my eyes trying to tear up and i feel overwhelmed. Then if i don't do anything at home (i haven't had much motivation lately to draw or read) i feel the same way (i feel down and like I'm longing for something i don't have yet). I really don't have much friends outside of the internet.. i do have acquaintances and trustworthy "friends" (not sure if its right calling them friends) but they're much older than me. I don't have anyone my age or talk to too many people with my interest. Which is one of the reasons I'm probably so dissatisfied as of this year and last year. *EDIT* Theres another thing that really concerns me that I forgot to mention... I really want too like start a blog or what not to "let out my demons' i suppose.. but I get so worried because of some of the stuff I've done a few months ago and stuff i'd rather not talk about; its stupid but at the same time i feel like i need to "get myself under control" before i do that. So every awful thing I've done and every violent thing I've attempted makes me feel like I'm not worthy :I.. *EDIT for the 100th time ._.* About the blog.. if it is possible good alternative for me .. How will i explain that to my mom.. she's really clingy and i think i might of inherited some of my problems from her /;. For example when i first started using youtube she got really paranoid when i was 12 afraid someone was going to kidnap me or lure me .____.. so uh, yeah.
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