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Found 4 results

  1. I want to draw more and actually write a manga, and I want to crochet more and I want to learn Japanese, but I'm not getting anywhere with my goals. I'm just completely overwhelmed and haven't done anything, and I hate trying to do one of the goals at a time because then I feel like I'm neglecting some of the other things I want to do. I'm on spring break now, and all I've been doing is sitting around in my room and watching tv and playing video games. Which I like to do, but I feel guilty because I'm not getting anything done. It feels impossible to do anything besides eat, sleep, play games, watch tv. I don't really understand how anyone does it.
  2. Hello Alex from the future! This is Alex from a distant past. I have come in peace to show you the goals you set yourself a year ago! So without further ado, here's a list of a few goals that past Alex (that's me!) set for future Alex (that is me reading this in late 2015) so that you (that is me) have something to work ('Work' - Activity directed toward making or doing something) towards... Look! It's complicated, ok? 1. Get more independent. Yes, independent. No, don't just watch Independence Day with Will Smith all day long...2. Go outside more. The fresh air is good for you!3. Receive more education, of some kind. Because even though that Pink Floyd song says that we don't need no education, it is important to be challenged and learn etc.4. Improve your mental health. More therapy! Less anxiety! Less destructive thinking! Huzzah!5. Start playing an instrument again. No matter if it's the guitar, the bass, or the cow bell. I know you have the music in you, and you long to get it out! You even have dreams about it sometimes! You can't run from it.6. Cook more. Yes, you heard me. You're actually pretty decent at it, so why not explore some more recipes and really cook something magnificent?7. Eat more smørrebrød. This one is obvious, and I don't think I have to remind you that you need dat shizzle!8. Beer! You like beer. Try more different beers, since it brings you joy. It's fun to try new things! Drink responsibly. Welp. That's it for this year! See you later, buddy! This was Alex. Beaming out.
  3. RiRi

    Anna’s 2015 List

    A lot of the things I want to get done are connected to each other, but I like to list them so that I can cross them out as I go by. The past year has been one of the most unproductive years, I just hope that this year is a lot more productive and that I can redeem myself. ​Get my insurance sorted: likely to happen, I already started making calls, just need to keep doing it Get an official diagnosis: likely to happen if I get my insurance sorted and make even more calls after that or if I get some sort of income to pay it off on my own Get some form of income: either through benefits, a job, or both Be more productive: can happen if I get rid of some addictions and get some sort of motivation to do things Help my family financially: can happen if I get some sort of income Learn how to drive a car well: either get a instructor or just be more daring to get more practice driving Move to a bigger place: will happen, I can’t live another year here Stop my period completely: I don’t think this will happen. I’m not even sure why I’m writing it down, maybe because I really hate my period. I’ve already started researching it that’s why I think it’s unlikely to happen. Learn how to cook: can happen, would be a way of being more productive Exercise/lose weight: I can see it happen if I get rid of my period, eat healthier Eat healthier: if I can learn how to cook, this is likely to happen Read a book: I would like to read a book and by the time I’m finished know what I just read. Keep my place clean: clean weekly, don’t throw stuff around, pick up after if I do, do a massive clean up and throw all of my college/high school material including textbooks Pay off my college loans: this is a major one, I hope that this can happen Be more independent: likely to happen if I can learn how to drive a car
  4. Kuribo [old account]

    How do I "Live"?

    I feel like there isn't any point to my life. All I do, day after day is either go to some terrible place I despise from the bottom of my heart or stay in the house doing nothing. I feel completely detached from everyone and everything around me. I have nothing to aspire to. No goals or ambitions. I'm just wasting away and no one cares. People say that life shouldn't be defined by a purpose, and that it's all about just "living". Tell me then, what is this "living" thing you speak of? How do I go about doing it? Because I don't understand. How can one enjoy the rich excitement and diversity life can offer without having anyone to share it with? I have no one at all, and most people have no understanding of how difficult that is. I feel like screaming every time I see someone complaining about "only" having five friends or whatever, when they cannot begin to comprehend what four years of TOTAL isolation are like. I'm not exactly sure what I'm asking here. I just want to have something to work towards that's exciting, and that I enjoy. Legally, my childhood is over and I've very little to look back on with fondness. It's all very well for those who've lived longer to say that it "will get better" but this is the entirety of my life, and I look back on most of it with disappointment and regret. I just want ... SOMETHING! What? I haven't a bloody clue.
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