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Found 24 results

  1. Title says it all! Phideaux - Doomsday Afternoon - Micro Softdeathstar
  2. What a difference a few months can make. 1. Itchycoo Park - Small Faces. 2. I'm Only Sleeping - The Beatles (in fact, the Revolver album was just pure magic in general) 3. Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles (Unlike Revolver, you can keep the rest of The Magical Mystery Tour album - I go straight to Sgt. Pepper after that.) 4. Lazy Sunday - Small Faces (Shit mood? Not after hearing this.) 5. Waterloo Sunset - The Kinks (Pure magic when you actually play this outside Waterloo Station at 9pm on a cool evening in June.) The Beatles and Small Faces dominate most of my top 10 to be honest, and there's a good reason for it - it's music that makes the soul sparkle and gives you life when you thought you were dead. Surprisingly I've left Hendrix out - if we're talking top 5 artists he's certainly in there. It's also funny how favourite albums and favourite songs often don't relate. I mean, I love the White Album as a piece, but I wouldn't rank any of the songs in my top 20. Is that just me?
  3. Ace

    Any audiophiles?

    I've been wanting to get into the audiophile community for a while and finally bought some Sennheiser jubilee 58X from massdrop headphones. They are supposed to arrive Tuesday. I looked around for a while and hope I made a good choice. They were $170 US. The only things I've ever had before were some $20 Skullcandy earbuds you find at Target, Walmart, or even gas stations. But considering I am fairly into music and more recently movies, I decided I should upgrade. Anyone else have experience with these headphones or similar ones? Should I get a DAC or amp? And what do you have and like?
  4. So a short story to get this started: back maybe a year ago I was applying for jobs to sustain myself in college. While applying, there were a couple of the applications that asked how many languages I was fluent in. Of coarse I reluctantly said 1 because I have almost entirely forgot Spanish from high school. But it got me thinking, if I don't limit to spoken language (the type with words and pronounsiations and grammar rules etc) I guess I could say I knew 3ish languages. And what I mean by that is, 1 I know English (one of the languages of meaning?), 2 I know math pretty well (the language of quantitative value and calculation), 3 I know music (both read/write music but also listening to it) (the language of emotion), and I say 3ish because I've picked up a little bit of coding languages over the years but by no means have I become good at any one coding language. My thoughts about the music as the language of emotion can be fairly simply explained. If you take any song with or without lyrics and show it to anyone in the world, weather they understand the language the lyrics are in or not, they will feel the emotion that the music portrays. Now of course actually listening to the lyrics and knowing what they say can add a whole new layer or more depth of emotion but generally the music's emotion and the lyrics emotion line up. Also another layer/depth of emotion is added when it has an accompaning video or album cover. So my conclusion is that music has an associated emotion that people generally feel the same for each song (ie most people will know when they are listening to sad music). Now that doesn't work when the person is annoyed by the genre or whatever but that's a personal preference thing. Just as I might be annoyed at different types of math or that I like the way Japanese sounds even though I can't understand it. What are your thoughts on this? This is an idea I came up with on my own and I'm open to constructive criticism. So have at it
  5. Aspergolfer

    For King And Country

    Who likes For King And Country? Their music is AWESOME!
  6. Dr-David-Banner

    George Harrison Slammed Modern Pop

    I had to agree with George. Just it is now much worse than the time when he had a dig. I know it's easy to appear negative or stuck in the past, but modern pop simply all sounds the same. Most of it is dominated by rap where the performers rely on high tech mixing and audio software but can't play a lick. Not even an authentic drum roll. Contrast that with the New Orleans jazz bands even in the fifties who all played great sax, cool guitar and real percussion. What George started to point out was that, even 12 years ago, somehow the public became far less critical, less inclined to see new trends in the pop industry be it punk, flower power or new wave. To put it mildly I find 90 per cent of modern pop and rock boring, repetitive, fake and synthetic. Harrison went further calling modern pop "a pollution". Except to be truthful, modern pop no longer exists and I find DJs keep playing far older bands like The Bee Gees, The Police, M Jackson. Many theories abound and even a book written on the decline of pop. What emerges is (1) Digital I.T. allowed millions of people to produce popular music which sort of drowned out the former elite. You didn't need to be signed by a label and standards fell. Add to that, to the public ear, software streamed digital audio and autotune sounds good enough - no need to learn real lead guitar, piano or bass, sax or percussion. Of course this affected sales and the industry. Bands like Genesis were paid for sales of CD and vinyl but had to compete in terms of quality to sell albums. Now, all you have is free downloads. No paid performances on Top Of The Pops. No all girl dance groups like Pans People. No ranked top 40 topped by talented songwriters like Abba. The huge irony for me is that electronic music peaked and enhanced pop in the 80s with Roland synths being played skillfully. I guess when it finally got to software production, this attracted a larger pool of aspiring musicians who had never been exposed to authentic music. The easy option took over and record labels crashed out, as did the charts and the big rock bands. I wonder if real rock and pop will ever return or are we doomed to mediocrity and conformity for the coming decades.
  7. Dr-David-Banner

    Releasing My Track

    In the middle of the chaos, I finished my track on Sunday. The B part came to me in the pouring rain. It's a fast Country number with lots of guitar called "If I Ever Could Be Someone". Has plenty of bass and slide and me singing mid tenor (as I can't do baritone). What's weird is the incredibly basic way it was done - no microphone, no vocal process, one large synth, 5 mixed tracks and a mere mobile phone audio recorder. This means getting the synth volume just right and the phone pickup in the right position. Quality wise, it is good enough a recording to hear the bass notes.Not that bad. So, I sent the demo to an old friend in The States. I will try and gradually get some feedback. Vocals always worry me of course. We can all learn to sing but the secret is the approach. Any baritone voice would be awful trying to sing high and vice versa. Most country is baritone although many of the female singers are superb. I am experimenting with country as I lack the gutsy vocals for rock and chart pop bands died out years ago.
  8. Mine: 1. Imagine. John Lennon 2. Burning of the Midnight Lamp. Jimi Hendrix 3. Twist and Shout. The Beatles 4. Under Pressure. Queen and David Bowie 5. Back to Black. Amy Winehouse.
  9. Nesf

    Rate the song

    Give the previous poster's song a rating out of 10, then post a song/piece of music for the next person to rate This is just for fun, and I ask that members respect differing tastes in music.
  10. aspiesw


    I was just wondering how people were with nightclubs. Before I really knew what having Aspergers meant, I used to just go along with my friend's suggestions to go clubbing, and I used to go, and pretend I was having fun, even though I wasn't - I was actually pretty good at pretending. Me and my mate with aspergers used to just dance together so we didn't have to socialise or 'pull', looking back, I don't know why I bothered, I would never step foot in a club again (unless it was a rock bar, or with some persuading - a gay bar), the music was shocking, the people were egotistical and vain. Guys used to literally attach the groin to the behind of another woman (often that they didn't know) and try to dance behind them, I don't see the appeal, now I know how my Asperger's affects me, I'd have to say, nightclubs really aren't for me, I'm lucky that my friends are bored of clubbing now, so I never have to go (my friends used to go for their birthdays).
  11. TruthMusic

    Showcasing Interests

    I was looking through the main threads and didn't notice a place where people could share their "art" or interests, like maybe drawings, writings/poems/lyrics, images/photography, or music. Sorry if there is a thread like this already >_< If there is where could I find it? I would love to view another's interests or creations!
  12. Admiral Buzzard

    Ultimate Christmas Playlist

    What are your favourite Christmas songs? We will whittle it down to 20, and then choose an asperclick top 10!
  13. For me it's Abby road and the white album by the Beatles pink Floyd dark side of the moon the colour and the shape by the foo fighters and there's nothing left too lose by the foo fighters and in your honor by the foo fighters and skin and bones by the foo fighters and sonic highways by the foo fighters as you can see I'm a huge foo fighters fan and also ten by pearl jam and also I like Jack johnson and Dave Mathews band albums anybody else
  14. hpar01

    Songs about Aspergers

    i was on Facebook when I found this link on an autism awareness site today https://youtu.be/1grlLGfdZ-A It's a song called firefly by Sophie rose and I really like it and it got me thinking is there anymore good songs that capture how one with Aspergers/autism feels if so I would really like to know because for some reason it gives me comfort when I hear about autism and people's viewpoints and struggles as many with Aspergers or autism struggle with a lot I myself find I struggle with a lot on a daily basis and I'm not gonna lie I wish I didn't have to so when I hear others takes on the subject of Aspergers or autism or any one on a spectrum of any kind it brings me great comfort and less anxious so if you know anything feel free to comment the link as I would love to hear your suggestions
  15. I just wanted to ask if anyone else has this issue? I wouldn't say that I exactly have any speech processing difficulties (I mean, I struggle to hear words from background noise but only in a particularly noisey environment or when there are a lot of people talking at the same time) but I generally find that I can't hear the words to songs. To me they just sound like random mubblings most of the time. It's worse in songs with backing singers, harmony singers (i.e. duets) and loud instruments, but most songs are like that for me actually. (In some ways I actually prefer it like that because I can appreciate the sounds of the music and the singer's experssion without being distracted by what they are singing - when I do find the words for songs I usually don't like them anyway, or think that they are inappropriate.) I generally find that the only group where I can make out a word or two is ABBA and I would guess that that is becuase they are not native English speakers (I know that that sounds a bit contradictory - as in how would a non-native English speaker sing clearer? - but I'm thinking that it could actually be that they are more aware of correct pronunciation and so their words come out clearer than those of other singers) but it's still not perfect - like that line in "Ring Ring" where they sing "Here I sit all alone impatiently./nWon't you please understand you're mocking me." but I always used to mishear it as "making me" LOL!!! "What the heck does that even mean???" I used to wonder. Or sometimes I thought that they never finished the line (as in "what are they making her?" - like "Won't you please understand you're making me [upset/anxious/worried/etc.]?" but there were no such words at the end.) Anyway I'm wondering if others also have this issue, and I find it particularly strange that I have that even though I don't really have any speech processing difficulties. Another probably unrelated thing (and I think that this one probably has to do with literal interpretation of things) is that when I was asked to sing a given song I would generally try to imitate the rythem and the guitar as well as the melody line (with no words of course!) - which of course I found rather difficult LOL!!! Anyway I'm just wondering if anyone else has either of these issues... Thanks, invisible
  16. Alex

    Song Lyrics

    I've recently obtained an interest and a sort of appreciation for lyrics in music. I personally find they can be very interesting to look up and interpret and so on. So I've been thinking about making this thread for a while, and now seemed like a good time to me. So basically, this is where we can post about song lyrics, discuss them, interpret, and generally share the love for interesting lyrics! You are also more than welcome to post links to songs with these lyrics, should you wish to do that. Also, remember that this is by all means, not a game. This is simply for those interested in song lyrics and lyrical appreciation. ______________________________________________________ I will personally start by posting some snippets from songs I like, and their song and artist. Since I'm a big fan of progressive metal group Dream Theater, I have chosen to put these in here to start with... Dream Theater - Metropolis PT 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper "As a child, I thought I could live without pain without sorrow As a man I've found it's all caught up with me I'm asleep yet I'm so afraid Somewhere like a scene from a memory There's a picture worth a thousand words Eluding stares from faces before me It hides away and will never be heard of again Deceit is the second without end" Dream Theater - The Bigger Picture "I’ve listened to the stories of resentment and disdain I’ve looked into the empty eyes of anger, fear, and shame I’ve taken blood from every stone And traveled every road When I see the distant lights illuminate the night Then I will know I am home" By the way, I think this thread might look very cluttered with all the text and stuff, so I've tried to make it as readable as possible with itallics and bold.
  17. pianissimo


    My all consuming obsession/passion is Beethoven so I thought I would start a thread dedicated to him and his music. I'm sure I drive the people on AsperChat crazy sometimes when I talk a lot about Beethoven so here is a place I can talk about Beethoven to my hearts content. (Even if I'm just talking to myself ) So here is a place to post anything about Beethoven- good books, bad books, different recordings/interpretations of his music, little known knowledge, anything and everything. I am currently reading a book about Beethoven. It is really good so far and is very well written. The book is Beethoven. The Music and the Life. By Lewis Lockwood. He approaches Beethoven from a musicians point of view (he is a cellist) and the book was a Pulitzer Prize finalist. I definitely recommend this book.
  18. Which bands/artists will you never stop listening to? Would help if you gave a reason why too. I'll start it off, first of all, Flood of Red, I love this band, simply because they give me hope for better things, things will get better, one day I'll have everything I want, everything will be perfect and I believe that it will, basically, the band makes me dream. I deleted them from my music because they reminded me of my ex, but he can go to hell, I love this band, lol. Mallory Knox, mainly because it reminds me of the summer and good things happening, for some reason it reminds me of Brighton and the sea, summery things, which always makes me feel happy and excited. Lower Than Atlantis, I have all 3 of their albums, they're all very different, which gives me variety, and brings back some memories of last summer, which was the best time of my life so far, there were a lot of changes, some good some bad, and they just overall make me feel young! I know I'm getting older (even though I'm only 21), I'll be working full time soon, eek! And I'll no longer be a student Links to my favourite songs of each band are in their names: Flood of Red - Home, Run (1997) Mallory Knox - Beggars (Chloë will beg to differ) Lower Than Atlantis - Beech Like a Tree
  19. So... which ones would you bring? And for sake of the topic let's assume there's no internet, but you have electricity and a record or cd player or anything like that. Basically, if you have to pick your 5 favorite albums and couldn't listen to any other music, what would you take along? I'm still thinking about my list, but I'll eventually post it here.
  20. I believe mainstream media,especially today's music has too much influence on people.Some people want us to be cool like them by acting like them,dressing like them,and customizing our cars like them.I have had classmates worrying me about the clothes I wore to school,now every time I get a new car,people tell me to put rims on my new cars.Now I don't support today's music anymore,I don't even watch BET TV station anymore either.
  21. I have been told by a musician with perfect pitch that he experiences notes as color. He hears a note and 'sees' it as a particular color, in a way he found difficult to explain. I also remember an interview with Bob Dylan, where he said he experienced shifting colors as he composed a song. I've written my share of music, but never experienced anything like this (to be fair I don't have perfect pitch, and I've never sold millions of records either!). I have visualized keyboards or guitar fretboards as I improvised solos with my eyes closed, but I think that's pretty common and not as interesting as the color thing. I'm curious if any musicians (or avid listeners) experience any unusual visual 'crossovers' associated with music? Thanks- Mike
  22. InsomniaDreams

    Ideal music playlists

    I spend a lot of time making different ideal music playlists. The order of the tracks are very important to me too and I tinker with the order lol. To start off he's probably my main love song playlist. Also the total playtime can't exceed a standard music cd which is around 78mins. 1. Unchained melody by righteous brothers 2. Bridge over troubled water by Simon and garfunkel 3. Stand by me by Ben e king 4. When a man loves a woman by Percy sledge 5. Annie's song by John Denver 6. My girl by the temptations 7. Cathy's clown by everly brothers 8. Waterloo Sunset by the kinks 9. Pretty woman by Roy Orbison 10. Let's stay together by al green 11. Your precious love by Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell 12. Ain't no mountain high enough by Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell 13. Me and mrs jones by billy Paul 14. What becomes of the broken hearted by jimmy Ruffin 15. Late for the sky by Jackson Browne 16. You've lost that lovin feelin by the righteous brothers
  23. InsomniaDreams

    Cyberpunk vs Steampunk

    So based on what has been created in both genres (films, books, music, art , fashion etc.) which do you prefer? What's best? What's your favourite thing from these genres?
  24. InsomniaDreams

    Live Music

    There's a big live music festival and various live music at bars all around Liverpool this weekend. I'm not sure if I want to go. People drink waaaayyyy too much. Plus I just don't like live music. It's too loud, I can't understand the singer in the mix, I don't like the crowds really either. I can't get to the bar for a drink as its so busy and loud... Am I alone in not liking live music and concerts?
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