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Found 6 results

  1. So I just read something on the news about animal cruelty. I'm not putting it up because I don't want to talk about it. My point is that I am VERY sensitive to stories of animals being hurt/abused. I know people get upset about it, but I literally can't forget them. I immediately start crying. It actually physically hurts me like that painful empty feeling you get when you've lost someone and I want to throw up. I can't watch movies of animals being hurt or abused either. I actually can't forget them once I've read/seen them. It's like the thoughts literally bore into my mind and my heart and it's such an overwhelming feeling. I still remember a story I was told when I was a child and I remember every word that was said about it 20 years later. When I worked with animals I thankfully never saw many cases of actual animal abuse. I think I put on this work attitude and I am able to distance myself from my sensitive feelings so I can actually help the animals when it was a job. It just seems to be when someone tells me or when I read/see it that I'm worse. Maybe my imagination just runs a bit wild? Please, PLEASE DON'T put up any actual stories as examples or anything because it will really upset me. I considered not putting up this thread for that reason but I wondered if anyone else felt this way and if sensitivity to things like this are an Aspie trait or not. Please be vague, I don't want to know actual stories, just if people feel the same way as me... Thanks in advance for respecting my feelings (I don't mean to be a pain! lol)
  2. Tylermc

    losing pets

    yesterday I saw Willows lossing pets vlog it's never easy to lose a pet there are best fur buddies sending hugs to Willow last year I had too put my dog down I had her for fifteen years she passed away from cancer and when she was a puppy we ruscuced her from a puppy mill anyone else
  3. Nedarb

    Is This Fair?

    Hi everybody I have a very serious topic I want to discuss with you. Recently in my country there has been news about one of our former broadcasters who is facing legal troubles regarding past relationships. According to a few of his exes, he has been physically/sexually abusive towards them. But the only evidence that has appeared so far, is what these women have said. However many people are dragging him through coals, already assuming that he mistreated these women and won't hear that he even has a side or didn't do anything wrong. I am all for women's rights and seeing heartless assholes get served, but the allegations seem a little sketchy to me. The women went to a newspaper and this man's employers, which he was promptly fired. They never went to the police. Is it really fair for this man to be treated like scum, when there is no evidence or proof of any wrong doing? And no evidence or proof that these women are telling the truth and aren't just scorned lovers who just want revenge? I've read comments where people are claiming that the man is guilty is the success of feminism. But is feminism really about hating the men in the relationship just because he is a man? I don't know what to believe but I wanted to hear some of your opinions on the matter
  4. Ok, so I'm about to open up about my issues, that I never tell anyone. So I haven't seen my little brother for 2 years, he lives with his mom (we have the same dad) and I've been trying to see him for the last few months, through my dad, who doesn't live with him, who keeps saying "I'm speaking to his mom about it, I'll get back to you" which he never does, so I have to keep chasing him, he lives with my little sister as well, who I see occasionally, but I have to keep chasing him and it feels pointless. I'm going into my final month at Uni, my Dissertation's a mess, my grades are dropping, my workload keeps piling up, I'm beginning to doubt whether my career path is the right one, I'm studying web design, but I want to be a train/bus driver, because that's what I'm passionate about, I'm starting to realise I'm gonna be bored out of my brain when I leave. My friends, in that no-one knows about my love for trains and buses, it's something I've kept quiet my whole life, and no-one really knows, that's why I go all the way to Manchester, so I can be myself without being spotted, I feel so pathetic. I'm a transvetite, more secrets in my ever growing closet, I get the urge to crossdress every now and again, but once again, no-one knows, so I can't really do that, instead I suppress it in certain ways, so much so that I think I'm becoming a sex addict. I only do (contracted) 8 hours of work a week, and soon I won't have student finance to help me out or Uni to go to, do I'm gonna be really bored and just feel as depressed as I do now. I could literally go downstairs and grab a knife and start cutting, but I simply don't have the courage, the only reason I haven't done anything drastic is because of my mom, I couldn't bare the thought of hurting her, but I need help and fast. I have Uni in a couple hours, I've never felt this depressed, I'm not really sure what to do, I'm scared of doing something stupid
  5. Saveyourscissors


    I seem to be a lot more anxious lately I though going back to work would help as I'd get my routine back but I'm still anxious a lot. I feel like I'm walking on broken glass waiting for the next thing to make me anxious. It seems to be so often /: I've been taking myself out of the situation where possible but well that's not always possible. I'm finding bruises everywhere where I've bitten myself or hit myself or whatever else I've done in whilst in a state of anxiousness. An example which is making me notice this more than ever is on monday night I went to a gig, my favourite artist in the whole world! Dallas Green (city & colour) but I had to really force myself to go the whole time thinking I don't think I will cope I'm not in the right frame of mind, it's going to be really crowded in a small venue I won't be able to breath people will touch me. I'm too anxious already to go. But I know if I didn't try I'd regret it, when I was on the way I started to feel super I'll when we stopped at my mums (great another thing to unsettle me further) I questioned going again and I was already super struggling with noise and had my ear defenders on already at this point. They convinced me to go because the tickets cost like £60. So I got there and the queue was huge :/ we arrived late on purposes as I wanted to avoid crowds as much as I could in the situations. We queued and when it was us at the front they wanted to check my bag the man touched,y stuff which I don't like and he touched my arm as he was looking thought it and he was rude and I didn't him at this point I was ready to run off and phit something I was noting my cheeks wanting to bite my arm or anywhere I could reach I held back as much as I could and bite my hand as soon as I felt I could with out him seeing. He took my water bottle (brand new) and said I couldn't take it in and I got super stressed and questioned it and said well I have a very severe allergy and need access to it at anytime I may need to take a pilland he was all you can buy drinks inside but we had no money to buy drinks and that's another reason I took it but in the middle of a crown if I had a reaction I wouldn't be able to access water quick enough I was getting angry and it showed and he got ruder and more unreasonable. He to,d me to drink it or throw it away. So I had to drink some then throw it away /: he then took my deodorant and said I wasn't allowed that, I said why he said cause its an airosole pathetic it's a gig I don't want to smell and I always have it in my bad anyway! I had enough I'm poor right now why do they not tell you this on the website if it is a problem no other gig has ever done this too me!!!! They have only ever stopped you taking cameras with removable lenses in! I'm angry they didn't put this as a warning on website so that I wouldn't have taken it and lost my belonging. I had no more deodorant at home or money to buy some. Luckily we sorted it. Anyway I got in there and couldn't see a thing when the org act was on and I felt so stressed I was read to have a meltdown right there but held back for Josh's sake and to save myself being embarrassed that people could see me. I was biting and pinching myself fiddling with my hair and pulling and I was getting so anxious then josh suggested we change places and it was better we had a good view and space on he was close enough to touch me I was still on edge though then the inevitable happened support act ended and it was almost time for Dallas and people were getting closer and closer. I thought I could handle it but I was struggling anyway I coped just but then once he started that was is I accidentally touched a girls hand trying to get Josh's to feel safer and I freaked out inside. People were literally touching me from sides and front and josh behind. I kept him as close as possible to cope better but usually I would be in the zone and so distracted by dallas I wouldn't care but not this time I just couldn't stop worrying and thinking about it /: I enjoyed the music but as soon as we left I got to the car andre my ear defenders straight on it didn't help josh was walking really fast and wouldnt wait as he said I needed to speed up but my feet were killing and I couldn't but it was raining and cold and he wanted to get back to the car /: I just wanted to get home and get to bed. I wasn't excited or anything. Dallas green is my favourite thing, I usually completely shut f and calm down etc when I hear his music or am at his gigs I'm usually so happy I just couldn't get into that this time /: but I don't know why? Why am I seeming more anxious still now I have a routine back /: I don't like it and I need to find some calming/avoidance methods! Other thing is I used to have tiny outbursts and build it all up into one huge meltdown now I'm having more and each timer entry much instead of the build up I don't know which is better /: it's having less effect on others but not on me. I'm anxious 80% of the time worrying about almost everything /: If you have any iut or help or ideas or advice I will be really happy to hear from you . Thanks for reading
  6. As the title says, I just want to get this off my chest and into writing somewhere I don't know anyone personally in real life. I took an overdose last night. It wasn't planned, it wasn't necessarily to die, I just couldn't stop myself because I was so far gone into a panic attack. I've come home from university for a few days to recover, my dad came and got me from the hospital. It still hasn't hit me, I'm still off the planet, I don't really know what's going on. But yeah, just wanted to get it out there.
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