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Found 11 results

  1. So for those who got internet, and along with that, web browsers, before 2004 and especially those who got that in the 1990s: Do you believe the impact of the web upon your life has been positive, neutral or negative and if positive or negative, which of the web versions had more impact? I don't know of clear definitions of web versions but I know one example of web 1.0 is personal websites (which were read-only, also see this thread), and an example of web 2.0 is blogs with comments. If any of you know any other examples of both, any of you can (also) go by any other examples you know.
  2. StarlessEclipse

    Was life better without the Internet?

    Just a simple question for those of you old enough to have lived a portion of your adult life without home Internet access. Do you believe that the impact of the Internet upon your life overall has been positive, neutral, or negative? Why?
  3. Dr-David-Banner

    Why are people so annoying?

    Usually I rely on public libraries for access to internet although I have a mobile phone too. To get to the point, though, I am amazed how irritating people are, when they sit next to you. I'm also astonished by the seeming scale of problematic behaviour associated with digital dependency. Also infuriating is the fact signs are put up but mostly ignored. Here are the things that annoy me:.(1) People forcing their mobile phone discussions on you in areas where you prefer less noise. Sure, 2 minutes is OK but one girl pretty much yells out her business over 20 minutes. Usually trivial stuff.(2) People who seem to think everybody should be aware they are watching cartoons. In such cases they laugh endlessly and loudly. There was one jerk who would sit with a dazed, glassy expression laughing repeatedly but clearly not bothered who could hear. (3) Jumping up and down. There were three Koreans who simultaneously used their phones with the computers they all sat around. The youngest would jump in his seat. On one occasion, he lay on the floor on his back, kicked his legs about and stared at the screen. (4) Anti-social vocalisations. This includes heavy breathing, loud gasps, snorting or chomping. (5) Major body odour. One oldish guy is so bad half of the building will be vacated. What annoys me most is most of this stuff has a solution. Block games from access and encourage educational use. Make users agree to a set of basic rules. Fortunately I now learn politicians are being forced to introduce new legislation. It seems there is now clear evidence of mental health risks to children through prolonged mobile phone and internet use.
  4. Nedarb

    Sexism and Society

    Hi to whoever reads this. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about the current state of our society and there are some things that really bother me. For the last year I have been hearing about how sexism towards certain genders is rampant and feminism has been all the rage especially in the last few years. I wrote a note about a similar topic in the fall regarding a former male radio broadcaster in my country. But what I'm going to talk about today is sexism. I was watching the latest episode of Survivor yesterday (yeah I still watch it) and a male contestant made a comment like "Women should be held to a higher standard in life than men." This rubbed many people the wrong way and he was called a misogynist. I do believe that his comment was not exactly the most tactful but I did see some logic behind his comment. For instance I do see that there are some girls who go to bars, whose goal it is is to get hit on by guys. These girls intentionally objectify themselves and seem to enjoy the fact that they are treated as pieces of meat. I don't know if that was what the guy was thinking of when he made this comment, but if it was, how is this not being respectful of women by basically saying that they deserve better than that? After watching the episode I began to think about how society reacts to sexism. In the news you hear about male students in universities allegedly making misogynistic comments and how male students are allegedly sexually assaulting female students. These males are immediately treated as scum and the media does not even appear to question the females who made the accusations. And yet when a female chops off a male's genitals and throws it in the trash, there is hardly a peep. Nor is there a peep from the media when a female gets revenge on a male for breaking up with her by getting someone to murder him! Except from female talk shows laughing it up with their 99% female audience and chanting "Girl power!" And on most commercials involving males and females, it makes the man look as dopey as possible for not knowing simple functions. Why does sexism against women cause a gigantic uproar, but sexism against men is considered "Girl power"? Is this what gender equality passes itself off as today?
  5. AutismUnrestricted

    Neurotypical disorder

    hi, i came across this article and wanted to share it with you. Based on my experiences, I agree with most if not all of it. What about you? D (Note: The content of this site is a parody. It is not to be taken literally. Help with understanding the humor.) What Is NT? Neurotypical syndrome is a neurobiological disorder characterized by preoccupation with social concerns, delusions of superiority, and obsession with conformity. Neurotypical individuals often assume that their experience of the world is either the only one, or the only correct one. NTs find it difficult to be alone. NTs are often intolerant of seemingly minor differences in others. When in groups NTs are socially and behaviorally rigid, and frequently insist upon the performance of dysfunctional, destructive, and even impossible rituals as a way of maintaining group identity. NTs find it difficult to communicate directly, and have a much higher incidence of lying as compared to persons on the autistic spectrum. NT is believed to be genetic in origin. Autopsies have shown the brain of the neurotypical is typically smaller than that of an autistic individual and may have overdeveloped areas related to social behavior. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Normal Disorders: 666.00 Neurotypic DisorderHow Common Is It? Tragically, as many as 9625 out of every 10,000 individuals may be neurotypical. Are There Any Treatments For NT? There is no known cure for Neurotypical Syndrome. However, many NTs have learned to compensate for their disabilities and interact normally with autistic persons. Could I be NT? Take the Online NT Screening Test. Papers and Abstracts The Theory of Social Delusion NT Social Skills Deficiencies: A Case Study The Sal and Anne Test: Implications, and Theory of Mind Riviera N. The Sal and Annie Test: Implications, and Theory of Mind. Journal of Neurologic Obfuscation. 1998(8):302-987 Pheromone of Social Delusion: Theory, Discovery and Primary Test Results. DSN entry for Staff Personality Disorder (added 30 Aug 2004) DSN entry for Normal Personality Disorder DSN entry for Pseudosimultaneous Awareness Disorder DSN entry for Psychiatry Disorder NT Theory of Mind About This Site This site is an expression of autistic outrage. About a year ago I learned I was on the autistic spectrum. Inspired by this discovery, I read everything I could get my hands on about the autistic spectrum. Much of it makes sense-- for the first time in 41 years, I had a description, albiet an unexpected one, that fit me. But a lot of what I've found out there, mostly written by "experts" and "professionals", has been arrogant, insulting, and just plain wrong. My bête noire of the moment is finding my emotions described as "flat". As someone with considerably greater expertise in my emotions than the "experts", I can state unequivocally that my emotions are not "flat". They are different, yes, but they are most certainly not "flat." Perhaps tomorrow I'll be fired up over being described as "lacking empathy". Or I'll be outraged at an exceptionally clueless "training" method being inflicted upon autistic kids. Or maybe it will be some new paper written by some "expert" from the perspective that neurotypical perception is correct, and my brain is a genetic mistake. My brain is a jewel. I am in awe of the mind that I have. I and my experience of life is not inferior, and may be superior, to the NT experience of life. Hence, this "Institute". Persons on the autistic spectrum and NT supporters are invited to submit papers to the Institute, and to share your observations in "Current Research" (the guestbook). -muskie Copyright © 1998-2002 ISNT@autistics.org. Last updated March 18, 2002. D
  6. Kuribo [old account]

    A New Education System?

    It should be obvious now that I thoroughly despise the conventional education system and it's effects on human behaviour and the whole of Western society. See here and here for more information. I have made my moral objections to public education systems very clear, but I must admit that I'm struggling to think of how an alternative in line with my values would work, and the purpose of this thread is to bring together some ideas for an alternative education system that could be applied across all of Western society. It would have to encompass the following: * Respect for individuality * Equality * Two-way respect as opposed to students being forced to feed some asshat's superiority complex * A focus on learning rather than on mindless, unnecessary conformity that is ultimately harmful to society * Justification for the existence of any and all rules * Respect for the rights to free speech and self expression * Teachers would act as guides, rather than tyrants. * Unreasonably aggressive teachers would be given one warning then fired without notice * Far less of a focus on rote memory If you feel we are on the same track, feel free to elaborate on any of the above or suggest your own. I want ideas on how a comprehensive education system could be structured around these values from infancy to sixteen/eighteen. Additionally, ideas on how society as a whole could change to accommodate your/our hypothetical education system are welcome. I am completely open to any ideas you may have on this subject. Don't worry, I am under no illusions that anything like this would ever become mainstream, at least not in my lifetime. I'm just interested to see what we can come up with. I am open to debate about my views, but I would appreciate it if you kept it to this thread rather than derailing this one. Thanks.
  7. Kuribo [old account]

    Age Discrimination

    I'm sick of people's attitudes towards young people in society. I am tired of being ordered around, given dirty looks in the street, thought of as inferior, not taken seriously, patronised, and treated like a second class citizen for no reason other than my age. Humans enjoy feeling superior to others for whatever reason they can find, and age just happens to be the most universally accepted reason. The whole "adults are more experienced and mature" thing is utter bullshit. Why on earth would someone so wise and mature feel the need to lord it over someone due to such a totally insignificant factor? Now, please don't think that I have such a low opinion of all adults. I respect my parents because of everything they have done for me. I respected my grandfather because he was the wisest and most intelligent person I've ever met. I respected my old support teacher because she is an amazing human being who made an otherwise awful situation bearable for me, and for four years. However, I most certainly will NOT show any more respect towards an adult stranger than I would towards a young stranger. I believe in starting out by showing a certain amount of respect to every human I meet. If they give me a reason to show them more respect, I will quite happily do so. If they give me a reason to show them less, then I shall also respond accordingly. If an adult is totally disrespectful towards me, why is it that they should be treated with any more respect by me than I'd show towards a young person in the same situation. In what way does the number of years a person has existed excuse disrespectful, abusive behaviour? Allow me to answer that - it simply does not. It does not excuse or justify this behaviour in any way whatsoever. In society, older people often feel discriminated against, both by young people themselves, and by the media. I am in complete agreement with this and feel sorry for adults who feel similarly to myself. However, what most people fail to realise is that society as a whole, including the older generation, perpetuates this situation. I firmly believe that this is all one big never-ending cycle that works very similarly to the way in which the education system perpetuates gang culture and antisocial behaviour. Many young people lash out and deliberately show disrespect to ALL adults because they feel exactly like I do. Yes, this is an immature and immoral reaction, but this kind of behaviour and the large divide between old and young will continue indefinitely if we continue to place so much importance on age. I hope I have been clear. Feel free to ask for clarification if I have not.
  8. InsomniaDreams


    What is equality? If equality is a man made human construct and we agree that nature doesn't make us all equal, is it right to force a man made idea onto human beings?
  9. InsomniaDreams

    Sex Appeal

    You know how some folks are photogenic even though they may not be that physically attractive and some folks are beautiful but are not photogenic...What is photogenic as a thing? It seems mysterious even to photographers and people in media etc. Similarly what is the difference between beauty and sex appeal? Some people can be not beautiful really but have great sex appeal and some people can be stunners but have no sex appeal. There seems to be a subjective idea of beauty along with a wider social media standard of beauty in order for people to strive towards and buy beauty products etc. is sex appeal purely subjective? Everyone knows what I mean when I say sex appeal. Everyone has met someone who has oozed sex. What is sex appeal though? Can it be broken down and marketed? Can it be acquired? Is a body language or chemical thing?
  10. There's this woman out here where I live who does the weather forecast. Here she is: Apparently a large part of the male Dutch audience is infatuated by her as this guy on the radio asked her if she'd ever do a photoshoot for Playboy after which she said that if ten thousand people would say they'd buy that Playboy issue with her in it, she wouldn't consider it but she'd actually do it. So they made this thing that people could sign to show they're interested. That was quite some time ago and I think they didn't reach the ten thousand but I still think plenty of people signed it. Anyway, recently there was this article in which she was quoted saying that she was still actually considering it but she was wondering what kind of impact it would have on her career. She wondered if people would start looking at her in a way that she wouldn't like. I can understand the hesitation to a degree but on the other hand I'm thinking if you'd like to do a photoshoot like that then just do it! She obviously likes the idea seeing that she's been talking about it for a year or so... Anyway, the question is would you do a photoshoot for Playboy? This just popped into my mind just now so I thought I'd start a thread. It's an interesting topic.
  11. Frostborn

    New society structure

    This might not necessarily be connected to aspergers but ive seen there have been some topics and discussions on a better society so i just need to put the link here of this video about 45 minutes, explaining a new approach that goes beyond poverty, politic-games and money-system. I found that videos are the best way of presenting things and this film does very well describe the issues of our society and the solutions of that we can use. This is not theoretical things to debate but already existing technology, so if you interested in societys problems and how humanity can find alternate ways to live and value please check this out. Its called the venus project.
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