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Found 13 results

  1. Of you as a person and of your diagnosis (or self-diagnosis)
  2. Echo

    Aspie Cymru

    Hi Peeps I've started my own Welsh language YouTube channel; Aspie Cymru. On it I will be discussing Aspergers etc. and my perspective on things which are associated with autism. Any posts I make about this channel will remain in one topic, as to avoid cluttering and confusion. Also, sorry for potentially posting this in the wrong thread, I wasn't sure which one to choose; couldn't find a dedicated thread/topic for posting such content - my bad if there is Anyway, this is my first video And this is the accompanying blurb Cynnig fi ar drio creu adnoddau Cymraeg ar gyfer codi ymwybyddiaeth o awtistiaeth yng Nghymru. Gobeithio fydd hyn o fudd i bobol. Unrhyw cwestiynau neu sylwadau? Gadewch nhw ar waelod y dudalen Diolch am wylio. Parch a heddwch x This is my attempt at creating Welsh language resources to raise awareness about autism in Wales. I hope that this will be of some benefit or comfort etc. to people. Any questions or comments? Leave them at the bottom at the page Thanks for watching. Respect and peace x It is important that resources are available in different languages (when possible) and that's one of the reasons why I have chosen to do this. It is not my intention to take over from anyone else or to "step on anybody's toes". There isn't anybody else "out there" doing this in Welsh, so I thought "why not?". So,I'm giving it a go. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AspieCymru/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/AspieCymru1
  3. Myrtonos

    V.I.P membership

    I've mentioned this before, and it's not clear whether others would like to be V.I.P members if it were introduced. This would be a paid membership where those who pay actually get something in return instead of just donating. In this case, it would be: * Being able to edit posts for longer after creating them. * Upload larger file size avatars. * Being able to start conversations with more people than non-V.I.P members. * Access to a V.I.P lounge. And maybe more. Here's an idea; Those who currently have the Koby's friend status, having donated, would have the option of upgrading for free or being given a free trial.
  4. One of our members has suicidal depression and can't get to a therapist on weekdays, nor find one who works on weekends.
  5. REMEMBER: Asperclick and AsperChat are separate entities! The mods for both services are different. Neither Willow or Chris are affiliated with the running of AsperChat in any way. Thanks Hi peeps, I was wondering whether it would be a good idea to start a Skype (voice call and IM only) group; for those of us who are unable to attend structured groups; but, desperately want to connect with other Aspies/Auties (where you don't have to leave the house etc...A group which you can attend whatever issues you may have regarding going to face-to-face meetings). How many people would be interested in this? Instant Messages can be sent whenever you want to share or seek advice; subject to the availability of members at the time of messaging.Voice chats will have to be arranged; regular days, times etc that suit users. Topics will be arranged beforehand via diplomatic vote by members; unless a more pressing matter or emergency is brought to our attention. Acting on the premiss of; "What is said on AsperChat, stays on AsperChat!" - unless a user is displaying signs of wanting to hurt themselves or others (provisions are yet to be put in place as this is just a tester message to see how you guys feel about this idea). Privacy will be respected!Rules will have to be put in place to protect users and to provide a "safe" place to talk. Decided by the members. Groups can be set-up for those who share different time zones. Decided/arranged by members. Any comments or advice will be much appreciated as this is just an idea (not quite thought through; I would like to try this out as an experiment sometime in the near future). Thanks. By the way, if you would like to start chatting with me on Skype anyway; please send me a private message x REMEMBER: Asperclick and AsperChat are separate entities! The mods for both services are different. Neither Willow or Chris are affiliated with the running of AsperChat in any way. Thanks
  6. It's a given that the forum has helped many people, but how has Asperclick helped you? (e.g. What has it made you realize? What process has it helped you go through? What experience has it given you? How has it helped you grow as a person? etc.)
  7. Sarah

    Miss Sarah Bower

    Myou boyfriend has aspergers I just want help and advice on how best to support him and show him I'm there for him
  8. This thread is probably going to generate huge amounts of controversy (as will anything that relates to gender) but I feel I have to say this. I'm really tired of the way males are expected to just 'keep their chins up' and keep emotions bottled inside. When I say we're expected to do this, I mean by both other males and females. It seems whenever I try to talk to people in person about anything on my mind, they don't want to know or will just try and dismiss the problem as not being important. On the other hand, females always seem to get support from their friends and family no matter what. Two out of four girls I've been out with have called me pathetic for being insecure. One girl who I was very good friends with said the same thing. And yet all of my exes and a lot of the female friends I've had throughout the years have been insecure and always seemed to get support when they needed it. This is one of the reasons why the male suicide rate is so much higher than the female suicide rate - men feel depressed, they reach out for help, they get ignored, they feel like they're a burden to everyone around them so they kill themselves. Also, it seems like whenever the suicide issue is brought up, someone will say 'Women have it so much worse of because of X, Y and Z'. Yes, women do have it worse than men in general. Does that mean that all male-specific issues should just be ignored? This kind of attitude should piss women off too, considering it basically implies men are strong enough to deal with things on their own and women aren't. When will we admit that both men and women are riddled with insecurities? Why are male insecurities considered a joke by so many but female insecurities are something that must be dealt with? The irony of this is that often when I've brought this up I've been essentially told to 'man up'... EDIT: I forgot to mention abusive relationships. Men get abused by women in relationships far more than the media tells us. Those of us who have been in abusive relationships, however, will get laughed at if we tell anyone. So we have to keep it to ourselves. Case in point: my ex actually went on my Facebook when I was with her and blocked all my female friends and said I wasn't allowed to talk to any other women except for her. Now I had about 25 Facebook friends at the time and less than a quarter were female and not relatives of mine. She had over 1,000 Facebook friends and over half were guys who added her to perv over her constant half-naked selfies. When I raised this she said it didn't matter and that she didn't know half of them. Then accused me of not letting her have friends. WHAT??????? To be fair she was absolutely insane but I've heard of similar things happening to other people. I'm not saying it's women as a whole who are to blame for this. I think society just needs to at least try to accommodate the needs of both men and women rather than only being able to do so for one gender at a time.
  9. RiRi

    Feedback for Makelets

    I've been wanting to start a thread where all the members could give feedback to each other with the purpose of helping each other grow as a person. Before I go any further, I'd like to say that, initially, I had started this thread in the "Debates" section of the forum, but as I was writing this I realized that I don't want it to be a negative thing, but rather a positive thing so that's why I decided to post it in the "Help, Support and Advice" section, instead. Anyway, I asked about posting a thread like this in ranting, but after a while, I realized that other members were right and that the thread could end up becoming something else. Essentially, it sounds a lot better as an idea than as done. As a result, I decided to test it on myself and see how it goes. You can use this thread to give me feedback, tell something that you think might help me improve as a person. However, before you post your feedback, please take into consideration that I'm an aspie and that I'm also depressed. I will also take into consideration all of the feedback you give me and will appreciate your input. So, without further ado. Let's start!
  10. Aimee

    Advice for university?

    Hi guys, I'm going to be starting at university in September, and I'm a bit scared. I was wondering whether you happen to have any advice or tips that may help me out - anything from finding friends to managing my workload. Were there any systems put in place to support you that were particularly useful? Thanks Aimee
  11. CharlesK52

    Just Found Out.

    Hello everyone, I am Charles. I recently found out some news about myself that I did not know. I am age 33 and found out that I have had Aspergers Syndrome my whole life. My normal everyday life is hard for me to cope with, recent events have made it all the more difficult. With my daily challenge of Aspergers I have managed to hold down a job, although it only covers my living expenses. I do my best to keep a positive attitude though the separation/divorce I have been able to keep my dog Zoe, she has helped me out tremendously. I recently found out that my wife's brother had cancer at the same time I found out that I have Aspergers Syndrome. I finally found out why I have such a hard time understanding people and people have a hard time understanding me. Very shortly after that my wife’s brother died, due to my Aspergers I did not go with my wife back to her home town to visit her family, her best friend went with her. As a part of Aspergers it is hard for me to deal with unfamiliar areas. When my wife came back she said that she wants to divorce me that she never loved me and was thinking of divorce the day we got married, She is moving back home 8 hours away, I do not know if my Aspergers has anything to do with her leaving me or not. I spent almost 4 years with her thinking she loved me. Now I am heartbroken, traumatized and majorly financially hindered. I loved her with all my heart. I have a hard time coping with day-to-day life before and now with what I thought was the love of my life leaving/divorcing me, my life is extremely difficult for me everyday, however I am making it. That is my story in a nutshell. With my Aspergers that I have is a more mild form however its a daily battle I deal with OCD and Germaphobia and I am super logical and take people for what they say which has more times than not get me into social problems I have a hard time understanding people and people have a hard time understanding me as I am a tech geek and a science nerd very precise and detailed. I deal with thoughts that come into my head every day and I can not let them go until I resolve them I have trouble getting jobs and getting promoted in jobs cause of the way that I am. With my separation/divorce everything is ever so more hard I face nightmares and times or anxiety it has just magnified everything and made it all sooo much more worse I see a counselor regularly which helps. Anyways thank you for reading my story. Looking forward to hearing from you all! - Charles https://funds.gofundme.com/dashboard/maasns
  12. Kuribo [old account]

    I'm Anxious About Tomorrow.

    I'm very anxious right now, because tomorrow, my guidance teacher will get back to me about a short meeting I had last week about possible alternatives to mainstream high school, and what other accommodations could be made in school. I'm just worried because I fear I might be getting my hopes up about what form the course on confidence-building will take and it's frequency. I'm worried that it won't be anything particularly beneficial, that none of this will help at all, and that I'll have to tolerate another two years in high school without any significant and beneficial changes being made.
  13. Kuribo [old account]

    Private Support Forum

    I think a members-only support forum that only registered members can see would be a good idea. There are certain issues people prefer to discuss with a little more privacy, and I've noticed that this has worked well in other Autism forums.
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