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Found 5 results

  1. https://inews.co.uk/opinion/columnists/mendip-house-autism-abuse-failings/ https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/mar/10/cqc-rebuked-for-failure-to-prosecute-national-autistic-society-over-mendip-house-care-home-abuse This sets a deeply disturbing precedent. Autistic people in Britain effectively have less of a right to legal recourse than animals.
  2. Shocking abuse from education and law enforcement authorities. This is beyond disgraceful. An innocent young person with developmental disabilities who recorded evidence of extreme harassment at school was charged with felony wiretapping and while this charge was dropped, was later found guilty of disorderly conduct. I cannot believe that authorities which supposedly exist to protect the vulnerable would allow bullshit like this to happen. http://aattp.org/special-ed-student-who-recorded-bullies-tormenting-him-accused-of-felony-wiretapping/ http://www.vocativ.com/culture/society/special-ed-student-recorded-bullies-accused-felony-wiretapping/
  3. I don't know where to start. I'm not even sure that I'm using the right forum. But since it is about my mother, I guess it should be OK. Last time I posted on the site, I was having issues, being overwhelmed with a gazillion things I had to do. I haven't had a break since then, and there's still a lot of things that are waiting for my attention. However, everything in my life came to a hold some weeks ago when my mother called me and said she needed me by her side right away, but refused to tell me why. I took a flight and I arrived at mum's in less than 24h. I had not seen my mother on over a decade. First thing I noticed was that all her hair is now white. It was odd. I mean, she is 82yo and I'm sure she must had white hair for quite some time. But she always went places to get it tinted. I never saw it, till I arrived here. After a greeting and a very long hug, I asked my mom if she had eaten. She said no, it was 3 PM. I headed for the kitchen and I was surprised when I could only find 3 bottles of water, half an orange and a kid's size box of corn flakes. I went out, got some groceries and came back to prepare some food. Then I started looking around and I could only find ONE pot, with a broken handle, and a table spoon. No kitchen utensils, no frying pans, no proper pots, nothing. I took a deep breath, went back out, bought some basic kitchen equipment and came back. After making dinner, one of my sisters showed up. Mom got nervous, very nervous. This was the sister that was currently in-charge of mom's finances. Mom told her "Grey is here, he will be here for some time and while he's here, he will take care of my bills. So please give him my bank account atm and my current bills". My sister started yelling. She left the atm card there and said "if I'm not going to take care of the money, then I won't come again", and left. She came back later, left the bills on the table, and left again. I started asking my mum what the heck is going on, she said "I want you to wait and see". Next day, same sister calls and say that mom has a doctors appointment, and tells me the address, and the time. I told mom but mom say "I can't go". Given that it was a medical thing, I was going to try to convince mom to go. So I went to her closet to pick up some clothes. But all I could find on the closet was 4 sets of pajamas, all of them old and full of holes. Mum then said "that's why, I cant go". She asked me to go to the bank and check her balance. $0.39 was all that was left. I took a pamphlet on how to setup the online banking, got to a wifi hotspot, and started looking through the transactions. A pattern immediately showed up. Every month, her pensions come in (like $3,500) and then comes a series of days in which money gets withdraw daily, up to the $500 max, using ATM teller machines. Same story every month, till account is dry. I went back home, check the bills. Total monthly amount in bills fluctuate, but never exceeds $500 (house is paid off). It was getting dark, and the trash can was a lil full, so I wen to take out the trash. Most of the trash was empty doggy bags from local restaurants. So a sat back and thought for a long long time. I tried putting all the pieces together. It looks like my sister was withdrawing all of mom's money every month. Paid the bills, yes... but pocketed the rest. She kept my mom with no clothes, prolly to make sure mom could not go anywhere. She kept the kitchen empty, prolly to force my mom to depend on her for food. She prolly used mom's money to eat on expensive restaurants daily, and brought mom the doggy bags from those restaurants. For the next few days I was digesting all this information. I could not believe it. I kept looking at all the transactions and stuff that was paid directly with the ATM... beer purchases late at night, on beer stores 4 counties away.. etc. It looked like it wasn't just one sister, but 3 of the 4 ones that live near mom. They seem to take turns on the abuse. One thing didn't add up. For a period of 2 months, around a year ago, only the bills were paid and the account balance went up quickly by a few thousands. By the addresses that appeared on the transactions, I deducted that during this period, the 4th sister took charge. But then it went back to the thieves. I contacted that sister and she is really bad at mom. She told me this has been going on for years, she stepped in, but mom gave control back to the thieves. It didn't made sense. Again, I sat down and I thought. I kept thinking most of the day, for a few days actually. And then I tried something. I called the car rental company and asked them to pick up the car at mom's. Then I lay down on my old room, quiet... no tv, no music, nothing. And I waited for hours. That afternoon, I hear the outside gate being opened, and I hear my sisters voices. They opened the house, went to my mom's room and started arguing with mom about the control of the money. Then they really went overboard, one of them started hitting mom. When I heard the beating, it took me a few seconds to react. I could not believe this. I didn't wanted to believe this. What the heck happened during the years I was away? How come I call each one of them every month, and I never suspected a thing? I stepped in, entered mom's room, threw my sisters out and just sat there, holding my mother like she was a little baby, while she just cried. I have no doubt that when the 4th sister stepped in and started doing some good, same thing happened, and the thieves prolly hit my mom, threaten her and got back the control of the money. At the current time, all the required legal actions are already running. I will be leaving in a few weeks, as soon as some legal stuff gets taken care off. Mom will come with me. We'll now live thousands of miles away from all this. During this days, I've been observing mom, and I have also realized that my aspergers came from her. I never noticed this things before. But she does have every single perk I have. I'm also amazed at how strong she is. Her mood has improved dramatically, and at her 82 years, she is been cooking daily, cleaning, gardening and doing everything she needs to do by herself. I'm not sure where the legal actions against the thieves are gonna end up. And to be honest, at this time I don't really care. I just want to keep my mom with me, everywhere I go. I'm never moving away from my mother again... ever. Probably after we finalize things here and move out, I'll give more thought to the ramifications of all this. But know I just want to stay with mother, and get her as far away from here as possible. I can't describe how I feel right now. I don't know if I have questions. I just felt the need to shootout to the forums and tell the story. Maybe ask for some moral support to stay strong till we are out of here. Wish me luck.
  4. Kuribo [old account]

    My Mum's Step-Dad is an Abusive Pig.

    The title says it all. I have never known a more self-obsessed, lying, manipulative, controlling, two-faced bastard in my entire life. When my mum was sixteen, my grandmother (not the one who's ill) decided that she'd be moving in with him. Shortly before this, my mum had a serious accident and was therefore unable to sit her exams. She coped fantastically in the school system and was in the most advanced class for almost every subject. Getting those qualifications would have set her on the right track, and she was going to be allowed to sit them at a later date because of her injury. However, her step-dad talked my grandmother into moving in before she was allowed to do this. When she objected, he pinned her against the wall and screamed that she ought to consider herself lucky that she had a home at all, and that she should "stop whining and deal with it". She ended up renting a room with family and eventually everything worked out okay, but this is just one example of his disgusting nature. He lies. To everyone. All the time. If doing so will allow him to get his way, he'll gladly talk utter bullshit at other people's expense. Usually, the goal of his lying is to make himself seem like a completely different person from whom he really is. For example, he spends a large amount of his time boasting about well-paid and exotic jobs he's done, such as being the head chef of a hotel in Canada, being the "depute park keeper" of a park near me in Edinburgh, even though he was apparently a homeless alcoholic from Glasgow at the same time, and many more. I know that he hasn't worked for a single day since my mum met him. He has lied to me a lot about other things too. In spite of everything that happened, he told me that if my mum had listened to him when she was young, she would have been a lot more successful. He also told me that when he was a homeless alcoholic at 19 in Glasgow (while he was also the 'depute park keeper' in Edinburgh), God came to him in a vision and taught him how to live a good life. When I first met him, he couldn't care less about religion, and he only started claiming to be a lifelong Christian five years ago. Considering that he's been banned from several churches and voluntary organisations for being abusive and manipulative, I think I understand his motivation for "becoming" Christian. He constantly manipulates people to get his own way. For example, he tries to appear loud and threatening, often repeating things several times to intimidate people into agreeing with him. He also puts people on the spot by saying things like "I'll have to come over to your place for lunch soon, won't I?" whilst under the impression that people will be too polite to decline. During his latest uninvited visit to my great aunt and uncle who are both lovely, quiet people, he did the same and apparently was pretty annoyed when they declined. My grandmother is a very shy, introverted person who can't really stand up for herself, and he orders her around, forcing her to pay for everything he does, and even dictating word-for-word what she should be saying over the phone. She changes her attitude, beliefs and mannerisms when around him. He has apparently raised his fist to her during a fit of rage too. My mum doesn't even want to contact her own mother anymore, because every time she does, he tries to speak to her even though she hates him, and if he doesn't, he'll be sitting there dictating her words and nagging her to ask certain questions. More disturbingly, he's recently been taking her mobile phone and texting my mum while impersonating my grandmother with the intent of obtaining my contact details so that he can attempt to manipulate my opinions as he has tried to in the past. He assumes that because of my age, I'll believe everything he says and that he can mould my opinions in a way that would be beneficial for his ego. My grandmother's texts are always grammatically-correct and polite. We received one yesterday saying "[my name]'s mb nombre now please" which was obviously from him. A few hours later, we received another one written in a way that was obviously an attempt to mimic (badly) my grandmother's writing style. I hate seeing my mum as upset as she is just now, knowing that every time she sends a private message to her own mother, this sack of shit will be reading them, planning his next move. My dad now needs to answer the phone and make sure he isn't there in the background before giving it to my mum or saying that she's not in just now. He just causes so much unnecessary misery and drama. I'm sick of it.
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