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Found 26 results

  1. I'm doing a scheduled livestream on YouTube - add it to your diaries and don't forget to tune in to ask me questions and chat with me! Wednesday 6th February at 7PM (GMT) You can also post questions here ahead of time for me to answer. The video will be online afterwards in case you miss it. I will answer prepared questions first so that you can easily find them if you watch after
  2. Okay, so my niece is going to turn 9 years old next Sunday, and my sister is throwing a birthday party for her, but the problem is that the party is going to be at the bowling alley, and she's invited a bunch of people to go, and she said that she's only renting a lane for the kids, which means that the adults can't bowl. I mean, I guess technically we can, but we would have to pay for ourselves, which isn't really a big deal, but we'd have to find a different lane, probably away from the party, and no one will want to do that. I don't know if any of the other adults are planning to bowl or not. They're mostly just taking their kids to the party. So, my problem is that if I went to the party, then I would be stuck in a noisy place sitting with a bunch of people I don't know and don't want to talk to, doing absolutely nothing because the bowling is "just for the kids." I would be extremely uncomfortable there, and it would be best if I didn't go. Another problem is that I don't know how to tell my niece that I'm not going to her party without hurting her feelings. She's very sensitive, so I can't just tell her that I'm not going to her party because I don't want to. I'm planning on getting her a present though. My sister keeps sending me facebook invites to the party, and she keeps messaging me talking about the party, saying there will be a good turn-out, but I've been ignoring her messages. My sister is not very understanding of me at all and thinks that I'm selfish just because I avoid doing things that make me uncomfortable or upset, so I'm not going to talk to her about it.
  3. I have a friend/fwb that has Aspergers that had blocked me on every social media and doesn't seem want to talk. It's been about 2 days now and I'm just wondering if I had lost him out of my life or if he's just taking time for himself. Everything was great between us before he had blocked and that's partly why I am here asking for advice and some help to understand what's going on?
  4. Hello, Question: can a Pansexual, Non-Binary, Demi-sexual person change to become a Lesbian? (But without calling themselves a Lesbian, but still in practice not liking men anymore)? Also: if such attraction fluidity is possible, then is it a risk to enter in to a relationship with a person who might then decide they prefer a different gender to you? I am tired and confused, so any help is appreciated. Background: I started loving someone who is also on the spectrum but has wanted to take things slowly, I thought due to worsening health issues. I knew she was Pansexual, Demisexual and non-binary. I am Demisexual and Non-binary (born male) too, and although can feel romantic/deep feelings for men, I don't feel sexually attracted to them. We met in a support group online, the met in person and really liked each other, but live in different countries, so we had some stuff to sort out to make it more practical. Soon after, she got worse in health, from hEDS or HSD. I met her in her country and it was nice, but she was a bit more distant to me emotionally. Some months later, with contact getting less (she being less responsive due to health I thought), I asked her if it's to do with me. She said health issues were a big part of it. She then told me that she can't see us in a relationship due to probably a mixture of things (worsening disability and geographic distance being what I thought was the main obstacles having discussed this). Recently she told me that she would never say never to it working out and that she just doesn't know how things will be in the future. Now she has just told me that in the past 2 years (we've known each other 1.5 years), she has become more interested in women and has been denying those feelings for some reason. Her health is worse and mine too, as I developed HSD too, so it's hard to arrange a time to talk (we live in separate European countries). All this sounds hopeless, I know. And this has happened off the back of another broken heart a couple of years back, when I started loving my friend, who I thought was Bisexual, but eventually told me that she prefers women and became a lesbian. We shared so much in common and that hurt a lot. Then a few months later I met the current person and we shared even more in common and I let myself open up to the possibility as we told each other we liked each other and wanted to see how it developed. We spent hours on phone calls and it all seemed to be going great. Now I'm just heartbroken again.. As you ALL know - it is so hard to meet a potential partner who is also autistic. I am not totally limiting myself to autistic people, but it just felt so much easier being close with those two people, and I just feel so upset as it feels like the same thing is happening again and that I will always be lonely. 9 Years alone now after an engagement (to an NT at the time) went wrong. I decided to get go for diagnosis after that and focus on people who shared interests and then found this person who is also on the spectrum too and I was so happy. I just feel so hopeless and on top of everything, isolated due to my disability too. I guess there's no hope for this to work out. That is what my logical mind is saying. Thanks for reading. *Sorry if I am sounded confused in reference to sexualities or genders, as I am new to this and don't want to upset of offend anyone. I am really grateful if any Pansexuals/Bisexuals/or ANYone can offer their experiences and advice. Yes, I know this is probably over. Like many I have a HUGE difficulty with adjusting to change, so please be kind in considering how hard life changes can be, rather than..."it's over, get over it" etc. Thanks.
  5. I'm thinking of reading a book in the future on how not to be stepped over by others. I feel like I get stepped upon on a daily basis and I'm through with that sh*t. Does someone on here have any advice on preventing this from happening? I will give you an example, to get inside our apartment complex, we need to go through this gate. We were trying to get in, we got there first, but there was another car who I guess saw us and quickly tried to get out to make it seem like they were there first. According to the driving rules, whoever gets there first has the right away right? So I told my boyfriend not to back out and make the other car move. We were there first, and I'm fed up of us having to back out all the time (there's only room for one car to go in/go out). So he listened and we stayed there until the other car moved slightly. Then the car beeped. I don't get people. What's wrong with them? Everyone seems like such an asshole. The question on how to stop getting ran over by assholes is a metaphor or whatever and it's for everything, not just this one scenario.
  6. InternetCreature

    guitar scales and a lazy pinky ?

    So I'm learning my major patatonic scales and trying to memorize the positions on the fret, but I have a lazy pinky that's causing me frustration. Is there any guitar players here who had a similar problem with a work around or solution for a lazy pinky ?
  7. HEY Dont be afraid of text length. It may not even be interesting but i really promise you that... sometimes helping other people out can be the key to... your own development !!! Its been quite a while since i havent continued with my arc of disgraced stories of frustration in love, but IM BACK [insert ironic/sarcastic tone of voice], YAY !!! Anyways, the problem i still have from this specific situation is one of the most haunting things from all the multiple shitstorms that have been crushing my self-esteem, sanity and relations nowadays. I would really love to make this short and concise but ,as always, ill have to tell it from the beginning : I always thought my greatest passion was going to come out of a cheesy as hell hollywood-esque situation when i was a kid but, apparently, God (if he exists and i really hope he does not) has a pretty fucked up sense of originality and the very first eye contact that i had with her was with with some random OCD ritual of giving panoramic looks around the classroom that i care since 8th grade...And there she was, way back in the last benches: beautifully pale, slightly chubby, with a soft black hair and a pair of cute cheeks...imagine that song Bang Bang but with a Tomahawk missile blast instead. Unfortunately, my lack of social skills led me to making some pretty awkward and unpolite advances through letters that i thought would be "cool" according to 8th grade Lucas's retarded logic. But i still groomed some hopes until some months ago thinking she would just think "Oh, he was just being silly" and that i would have some chances with her but, as everything in my life, it backfired horribly. In a curt and cutting (just as her personality and kind of her gaze, although i always loved it ) whatsapp message she said i was hassling her and that i basically had to give her a LONG time. She also said : "I dont even want friendship with you" and some other little "feel good" things such as : "But dont worry, focus on ther girls" and "its gonna be alright". It all almost seemed as joke since those little words at the end werent even close of soothing the damage. I even tried to face it with the "man up and go on" macho meme but i quickly figured out how bad of a meme it was because it made me realize i just couldnt move on. Each day it grows stronger to me that she is probably the only woman i had any kind of genuine love and the rest are probably going to be like bubblegum that i chew and spit when the relation gets tasteless (if i sound like a grade A asshole, it's because i am. Its natural for frustrated people to be like that ). The thought that i may never find happiness with other girl is really unerving...Whenever i get alone and with nothing on my head, this disgraced thought hits me like a bullet. I even try to practice some sport or something but it always hits back twice as hard. Its like theres no escape for this burden for a crime i never commited... BUT HEY, i may be wrong and thats why im asking for your advices. I can even consider to silence it with licit/illicit drugs since i cant seem to cope with it...
  8. El_Lordee33

    Any tech wizards here ?

    I would really like to know and ask the tech savvys here for some advice. I always had some interest in technology and programming but i never could go further because of school/general things to do. I always had interest in knowing how things in my computer ACTUALLY work and on this i even managed to learn Javascript and a bit of Python and HTML. But the thing is: I will never break the simple stuff barrier until i learn how to handle net things like servers and networks. The thing is : sh*t's too vast and i dont know how to start with. I would like to know how to understand a system or a server to its guts and be able to even find possible exploitable failures in systems. I would like some references because everything i find is kind of messy and difuse....I will be very thankful for helpful answers !!!
  9. REMEMBER: Asperclick and AsperChat are separate entities! The mods for both services are different. Neither Willow or Chris are affiliated with the running of AsperChat in any way. Thanks Hi peeps, I was wondering whether it would be a good idea to start a Skype (voice call and IM only) group; for those of us who are unable to attend structured groups; but, desperately want to connect with other Aspies/Auties (where you don't have to leave the house etc...A group which you can attend whatever issues you may have regarding going to face-to-face meetings). How many people would be interested in this? Instant Messages can be sent whenever you want to share or seek advice; subject to the availability of members at the time of messaging.Voice chats will have to be arranged; regular days, times etc that suit users. Topics will be arranged beforehand via diplomatic vote by members; unless a more pressing matter or emergency is brought to our attention. Acting on the premiss of; "What is said on AsperChat, stays on AsperChat!" - unless a user is displaying signs of wanting to hurt themselves or others (provisions are yet to be put in place as this is just a tester message to see how you guys feel about this idea). Privacy will be respected!Rules will have to be put in place to protect users and to provide a "safe" place to talk. Decided by the members. Groups can be set-up for those who share different time zones. Decided/arranged by members. Any comments or advice will be much appreciated as this is just an idea (not quite thought through; I would like to try this out as an experiment sometime in the near future). Thanks. By the way, if you would like to start chatting with me on Skype anyway; please send me a private message x REMEMBER: Asperclick and AsperChat are separate entities! The mods for both services are different. Neither Willow or Chris are affiliated with the running of AsperChat in any way. Thanks
  10. Eli

    Changing Jobs

    The job I have right now I've had for a long time. In a way, it's been very good for me, because it's highly interactive and is major sensory overload. I've come a long way in my ability to deal with situations I once thought were impossible for me to handle. In fact, I've never disclosed that I have Asperger's. The reason I never disclosed it is honestly because I am so private, that I really didn't feel comfortable telling people I would otherwise not associate with something so intimate about me. It seemed unfair, though I've kept the possibility in my back pocket if ever it became too much and I needed my employer to take it easy, and understand why. Lately, I have been really wanting to find another job. It has become so hectic that it's becoming too much. It's crowded all of the time; crowds can really become too much for me to handle. People are stressed and pissy, and it makes me literally livid when someone puts bullshit on me early in the morning. Early in the morning is not a good time for me to be interactive, and I'm a ticking time bomb if someone is rude or demanding with me too early. My anger honestly worries me a little. I actually have violent thoughts towards people if they are confrontational with me, simply because they are entitled and grouchy. My responses have gone from trying to calmly pacify the situation, to barely getting out of the conversation without getting myself fired. In fact about a month ago there was this woman who was acting like a flaming lunatic and being very condescending, and I called her a f-ing bitch (mostly under my breath). She heard and freaked out, asked to speak to my manager. I've never had an incident and am one of the most valuable and veteran employees, so when she told him, he didn't believe her. She left furious, and has never come back. He asked me what happened and I just denied that it happened. Luckily, she was acting crazy and rude to everyone, and I acted perfectly calm and rational, so nothing actually came of it. Everyone just believed me and thought she was crazy. But it was a very close call. My dilemma is that I am feeling trapped by limitations I have. My current job has become so familiar and routine, that to break that routine seems like an impossible feat, sometimes. Every time I get close to it, I think, 'But it could be just as bad or worse. It's such a gamble.' Yet in the present circumstance, I feel utterly drained every day, and I don't even know how I keep doing it. I'm not sure what the best coarse of action is. Where does self-improvement end and destructive environment begin?
  11. RiRi

    Feedback for Makelets

    I've been wanting to start a thread where all the members could give feedback to each other with the purpose of helping each other grow as a person. Before I go any further, I'd like to say that, initially, I had started this thread in the "Debates" section of the forum, but as I was writing this I realized that I don't want it to be a negative thing, but rather a positive thing so that's why I decided to post it in the "Help, Support and Advice" section, instead. Anyway, I asked about posting a thread like this in ranting, but after a while, I realized that other members were right and that the thread could end up becoming something else. Essentially, it sounds a lot better as an idea than as done. As a result, I decided to test it on myself and see how it goes. You can use this thread to give me feedback, tell something that you think might help me improve as a person. However, before you post your feedback, please take into consideration that I'm an aspie and that I'm also depressed. I will also take into consideration all of the feedback you give me and will appreciate your input. So, without further ado. Let's start!
  12. Aimee

    Advice for university?

    Hi guys, I'm going to be starting at university in September, and I'm a bit scared. I was wondering whether you happen to have any advice or tips that may help me out - anything from finding friends to managing my workload. Were there any systems put in place to support you that were particularly useful? Thanks Aimee
  13. slandau


    Whenever I text people I can never tell if they actually want to talk to me. How do I know if people actually want me to respond or keep talking to them? I don't want to be intrusive or bother them if they don't want to talk to me I just cant tell when or if I'm bothering them. I just don't know if they want to talk to me. Here is an example conversation: Me: Hey want me to return the thing I borrowed or keep it and return it later? Her: Eithers fine Me: Alright. Say what days do you work? Her: I come when they call. Me: Ah that must be nice. How long are the your days usually? I know its not much to work with but I cant tell if she actually wants to talk to me. Maybe I'm just being paranoid but then again maybe not.
  14. I think i'm finally gonna tell him, but i need help showing him what it is and how it affects me. I was thinking of sending him one of Willows vids on youtube, the traits in girls... but i'm not sure
  15. Bartowski

    Everybody at Work Hates Me

    I work in a movie theater and yesterday was a horrible day there. I normally act likable and "normal", but yesterday I felt depressed for some reason and acted like my regular self would and my facade cracked immensely. I was ushering/cleaning theaters with 2 other people, Tonya and Jacob, and they had been there for an hour or so before me and had been chatting. So I felt left out and was even more sad, which led to me being even more ostracized, it's was a vicious cycle. I was giving that girl Tonya some attitude because she's prettier and more popular than me and she gave me even more attitude back. And later on I'm pretty sure she was talking shit about me, she was standing with this guy Kyle and they were talking and when I got close they stopped talking, and Kyle kept looking at me awkwardly and Tonya was all quiet. Then I think Kyle and Tonya were talking to everyone else because everyone was like awkward, and as I was leaving my shift, my one ally at work, David, half jokingly and half seriously said that I have to be nice to him since he's the "only one that actually likes me". And I was gonna investigate the matter, but decided not too. I literally felt so outcasted, I felt like crying at that moment because now nobody likes me at work. I only have 2 acquaintances and 1 friend, David, at work, but even he isn't that good of a friend with me since he watched a movie with Tonya and I never did anything outside of work with him, and he has a girlfriend but still hung out with her and not me. I work next tomorrow for 6 hours, and I am not looking forward to it. Hopefully I can get more info tomorrow with some allies because I feel like quitting since nobody likes me, but I'm not gonna give up or surrender. However, I am close to breaking, an hopefully a glorious dawn awaits... P.S. I referenced "Galaxy Quest" and Stephen Hawking in this post
  16. Hello to all! I am new to this and I am finding it helpful I was diagnoses with Asperger's in July and I told my partner soon after. I love him very much, he means the world to me but I don't think he understands just how much AS impacts on my life. I have printed off leaflets and read them through to him but I still don't think I'm getting through to him. There have been occasions where I have gotten upset and angry (mainly due to sensory overload) and he has done his best to make me feel safe and calm. I have currently been waiting since July to get some help from the NHS in regards to my mental health as it has been slowly deteriorating, my GP says that I will get some therapy sessions. I was wondering what everyone thinks about me taking my partner to one of the sessions? I think it might help if I have a professional who knows how to explain it better than I can. Thoughts? Please!
  17. I was diagnosed with ASD earlier this year, and it has literally been a life saver for me. Everything in my life is improving since the diagnosis and I feel like I'm getting a second chance to live by having this new understanding. I'm married, 26, and live with my husband about 15 hours away from the rest of my family (parents and two siblings). He obviously has been with me throughout the process so he knows everything. I recently confessed the diagnosis to my parents as well, through letter/package, and they took it really well (although we definitely still have some talking to do since they've basically not acknowledged it since then, but that's another issue).I have yet to tell my siblings, parents-in-law, or most of my friends (in real life or online). I know a lot of people will make light of the coming-out decision or say something like "you don't have to tell anyone, just don't worry about it and only mention it if it's relevant", but that's easier said than done for me. I guess I'm the sort of person who has never swallowed my feelings very easily. I keep quiet a lot of the time, yes, but when it comes to straight forward questions about myself or having to interact with someone, I don't lie. I am honest about just about everything, and I am open about just about everything. So this whole "don't mention it unless it comes up" thing is very hard for me sometimes. Of course, I can just not mention anything. BUT most of these people who don't yet know are online, on my social media profiles, following my blog or my IG or my YouTube. Not mentioning this HUGELY life changing event on any of those internet worlds has been very draining to me. I almost feel like I'm sneaking around and being dishonest or just not true to myself... I honestly feel the strongest urge to just sign on to everything and post "Hey everyone I'm on the autism spectrum, in case you didn't know. Have a nice day!"... I'm sort of kidding, but not. I know doing something like that would be hugely inappropriate for some relationships (like my siblings for instance, they should probably know before others, but telling them feels so awkward and potentially disastrous). And I know telling everyone I know could just be hugely inconvenient for the rest of my life (having people either disliking me, being annoyed with me, feeling sorry for me, being scared of me, thinking I'm less than, I can't even fathom all of the different negative reactions I could get by telling any and all).I know full disclosure to everyone in a public way has huge drawbacks, but I feel that nagging tug at me every single day now... How do I decide how to disclose? Who to disclose to? When?Getting this diagnosis, for me, was mostly about getting back in touch with my true self and letting myself breathe free and be me. So holding back SO much from SO many feels like the antithesis of that releasing freeing process I'm trying to nurture within myself... I just don't know what to do about this tug-of-war. Does anyone else understand these kind of strong impulses to expose your ASD? To come out of the closet about it? I can't pretend it's not terrifying, but it's exciting at the same time... It definitely isn't going to be easy for me either way, but what's the best way? Being eaten alive by this secret or opening myself up to vulnerability? Also, I have been considering the advantages and disadvantages to telling my siblings soon and then coming out online on autism awareness day next year (April 2nd in the US). That's 6 months away so it might be just enough time to prepare myself but not so long that I feel I can't handle the wait... Any thoughts? If anyone has any advice, warnings, or personal stories to share that might help me figure this whole thing out, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.
  18. Hi, my names Tamzin and I'm 14 years old. I was wondering if any of you could give me some advice as I'm struggling at the moment. I get very upset and frustrated a lot. I'm easily wound up and it really annoys me. I try to keep it in but when it comes out I just break down and don't recover for days. I cry all night and quite a lot in the day, preventing me from having fun. I just want to be a regular teenager, going to parties etc, but the socialness (don't think that's a word) of a party freaks me out. Even though I'm a loud, outgoing person, I feel swallowed up in a crowd, and I never know where to place myself. I'm quite a sociable person, I will chat to people and I don't feel particularly uncomfortable, its just crowds and trying to concentrate when there is so much going on around you, you can't get your head straight and you can't really deal with it in the correct way. So what do I do? How do I place my self in society as whole really? I'm the odd one out, I'm an outsider who just wants to fit nicely. Please give me some suggestions, and if you have any questions I'm happy to try and answer them, as I like returning advice too. By the way, I only found out about 7 months ago I have aspergers, so I haven't really had time to come round to the idea. If that makes sense.
  19. Fayonaise


    For as long as I can remember, dental work was a big part of my life. Bad teeth is a part of my genetics and due to the extensive work I had to have done, I developed a fear of the dentist when I was very young. I took a trip to the dentist today and despite my ritualistic obsession with dental hygiene, I was told that I had to have a filling. Of course that sent me in to full-blown meltdown in the middle of the room. Having fillings are one of my worst nightmare due to various things of the procedure. I hate the after effects, the feeling of the needle in your gums and worst of all... the drill! My appointment isn't until the 13th of October but I'm already panicking. My dentist is aware of my Aspergers and he's super understanding as he has other patients who are also on the spectrum. He was kind enough to offer me the chance to be sent to Reading to be sedated during the procedure, but I've never been sedated before and I don't know the clinic. (Has anyone been here? If so what was your experience like?) I just wondered if anyone else has a problem with this and what methods you use to cope with having the procedure done? Thanks guys
  20. I'm trying to do some basic meditation but every time I just start relaxing I find that I need to stim. It's really annoying because how am I supposed to breathe calmly when the passage of air through my nose makes me need to stim with my nose??? I've tried Googling for things related to aspies and meditation but I couldn't find anything. Any ideas? Thanks, invisible
  21. Saveyourscissors

    Dog Owners.....

    Hiya guys, Does anybody take their dogs to Agility classes/groups? I'd like to take Poppy but I'm struggling to find out much about it.. I want to give Poppy the best possible life, she gets walked every day without fail some days more than once. At least once a week she goes for a nice long walk too. She is on a raw meat diet (as nature intended) She currently goes to socialising classes as she is very nervous around other dogs but this isn't really helping a great deal and he last session is tomorrow. Poppy has a lot of energy and is very lively (in a good way) She has been walked off her lead from day one and is excellent at coming back waiting ect. (: I just want to know what people think of Agility and how it is benefiting there dogs really? I've been told by someone with the same breed dog (cavachon) that there dog was the same and it completely changed him towards other dogs and he is now playing with them and not scared at all This is my main goal and to make sure she's getting enough chance to use all that energy she's got Any advice welcomed (although don't try and change my mind on raw feeding as nothing can do that.) Thanks doggy lovers
  22. Joshua2811

    Help any tips for revision

    So my life changing exams are two weeks away and my problem is revision and I cant do it. I get distracted so easily and I am asking if you have any revision tips which can help learn so much knowledge for these exams and help me stay calm Thanks Josh
  23. Happy new year to all I know this is a bit random and I had no idea where else to put this, so I thought I'd stick it in here. I'm off to see the asthma nurse on the 9th because my asthma has got bad again. I wanted to ask to try a Nebuliser instead of an inhaler with a chamber. I've done my research on the nebuliser and I know it's no more effective than an inhaler and chamber, but I have so much anxiety over using my inhalers. I cannot stand to do them around people and often just put them away and ignore them. Obviously this is not healthy because you're supposed to take your inhalers even when you're feeling well. When I was small, I used to hide in the cupboard at school to avoid taking them. Because a nebulizer does not require you to coordinate actions or breathe differently than normal, you know you're getting the appropriate dose during every use as long as you use the nebulizer for the entire **specified time** (yay specifics!!) Getting the appropriate dose may be important to getting the relief you need to help treat the symptoms. To use an Inhaler you must breathe in deeply and slowly, and hold your breath for 10 seconds. It also requires coordinating your breathing with squeezing the device. Unfortunately, most people with asthma (including me - I know I'm guilty of this) do not use their inhaler correctly. If not used correctly, you may not get the full dose of medicine. Anyway - I'm not quite sure on how I'll argue my case. My main concern is my high anxiety over the use of the inhaler. The nebuliser is only used twice a day for a certain period of time which will be really useful for my routine habits and ensure I get the right dose of medication. I'm just scared that the nurse is going to look at me funny and ridicule me over wanting to try this method of treatment. I'm not great at explaining things to people, let alone speaking to them at all, so any help and advice on how I can present my case is greatly appreciated Also if anyone else has experience with a nebuliser I'd love to hear your opinion.
  24. So, I need some advice. My niece is six years old and I'm pretty certain she is on the spectrum. She also has difficulty listening to people and staying focused (possibly ADD?). My sister has taken her to the doctors one before and her case was referred to CAMHS but the case got rejected. She approached her school and is supposed to be receiving emotional literacy support(?) but nothing has really come from that. My sister has gone back to her GP a couple of times and is awaiting a call from them regarding help for her. I really would like to do something for my niece, as I feel I understand her more than anyone else. My sister often tells me that my niece reminds her of me so much. We share very similar traits. I'm also undergoing assessment regarding Aspergers. Due to her lack of concentration, it's really hard to talk to her, she also can't write well, so asking her to write down her feelings is out of the question. I managed to get some information from her today at a family party after a meltdown regarding another family member and my nieces small teddy bear - she told me she doesn't like people touching her things (I also get like this) and being with lots of people is sometimes 'scary' and makes her upset - which I interpreted as she gets 'overwhelmed' (totally get like this too). My sister said she is easily bored but absolutely loves crafts and it's the only thing that keeps her focused. She also doesn't talk sometimes and communicates by pointing and the 'thumbs up/down' hand gesture. She also 'takes' things from school like small plastic gems and the plastic blocks they use for counting which she has got in to trouble for. I was just wondering if anyone could offer any advice on how I can help her? Is there any other way I can get her to share her feelings? I just feel so helpless, like there is nothing I can do for her. It's heartbreaking because she is such a polite little girl and is so grateful for everything yet she thinks that no one loves her. It's almost like she feels not good enough. I can't afford to take her to any classes and neither can her mother, but I just want to do something to help her as I feel I understand her so well, yet I also feel like there is nothing I can do.
  25. i am 13 almost 14 now and have aspergers. this is really embarrassing for me to talk about but i really need help, I have always had really bad gas since i was a baby due to parts of my aspergers but it is really bad now. my tummy hurts really bad, giving me cramps, pressure, and really bad aches and pains. which it has to some extent my whole life but it is worse now. sometimes it hurts so bad it makes me want to cry and i feel like I have to Toot but cant. I will lay down and strain as hard as I can but cant toot any. i usually eventually am able to toot a little bit and make it feel a little better but it is getting in the way of my life where i cant go play with friends or anything because my tummy will start hurting. my mommy has tried changing what i eat and tried giving me some medicines and stuff but it doesnt help any. I am still able to toot some sometimes but i feel like i am full of bubbles and just cant get the toots out. mommy says that alot of other kids like me also have bad gas so i was wondering what everybody else does to get their toots out, how can i make my tummy feel better, what can i do that will make me be able to toot. and what do you do at school if your tummy hurts or if you have to toot because it really embarrasses me to toot around my friends so i try to hold it in. i try going to the bathroom to let out my toots but by the time i get there i cant let them out anymore. please give me advice on how to make my toots come out and make my tummy better thank you
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