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Found 2 results

  1. Kuribo [old account]

    Age Discrimination

    I'm sick of people's attitudes towards young people in society. I am tired of being ordered around, given dirty looks in the street, thought of as inferior, not taken seriously, patronised, and treated like a second class citizen for no reason other than my age. Humans enjoy feeling superior to others for whatever reason they can find, and age just happens to be the most universally accepted reason. The whole "adults are more experienced and mature" thing is utter bullshit. Why on earth would someone so wise and mature feel the need to lord it over someone due to such a totally insignificant factor? Now, please don't think that I have such a low opinion of all adults. I respect my parents because of everything they have done for me. I respected my grandfather because he was the wisest and most intelligent person I've ever met. I respected my old support teacher because she is an amazing human being who made an otherwise awful situation bearable for me, and for four years. However, I most certainly will NOT show any more respect towards an adult stranger than I would towards a young stranger. I believe in starting out by showing a certain amount of respect to every human I meet. If they give me a reason to show them more respect, I will quite happily do so. If they give me a reason to show them less, then I shall also respond accordingly. If an adult is totally disrespectful towards me, why is it that they should be treated with any more respect by me than I'd show towards a young person in the same situation. In what way does the number of years a person has existed excuse disrespectful, abusive behaviour? Allow me to answer that - it simply does not. It does not excuse or justify this behaviour in any way whatsoever. In society, older people often feel discriminated against, both by young people themselves, and by the media. I am in complete agreement with this and feel sorry for adults who feel similarly to myself. However, what most people fail to realise is that society as a whole, including the older generation, perpetuates this situation. I firmly believe that this is all one big never-ending cycle that works very similarly to the way in which the education system perpetuates gang culture and antisocial behaviour. Many young people lash out and deliberately show disrespect to ALL adults because they feel exactly like I do. Yes, this is an immature and immoral reaction, but this kind of behaviour and the large divide between old and young will continue indefinitely if we continue to place so much importance on age. I hope I have been clear. Feel free to ask for clarification if I have not.
  2. If an older person posts about their problems online and someone posts "get over it, you're just old" in response, all hell breaks loose. If the same happens with a young person, it's considered acceptable and many others join in. A basic level of respect for other human beings should be expected of everyone, and it is of adults. However, young people are often expected to go above and beyond this level while receiving bugger all in return. I often feel, even when speaking to adults who do have a lot of respect me that I initially had to fight hard for that basic level respect that seems to be the standard among adults, and that an assumption of idiocy and immaturity was made about me before they even got to know me. Young people's opinions on things that effect them are considered irrelevant and worthless in comparison to those of adults, even though they may only be secondary sources of information. People under the age of 25 can be payed less for doing the same amount of work if not more in any given job position. They may soon also be denied benefits anyone over that age is entitled to. If this kind of bullshit were directed at any other group of people, there could potentially (and justifiably) be violence on the streets, but young people who civilly debate this kind of treatment are insulted, intimidated, and told that their actions are morally reprehensible. There are a couple of words that seem to have lost all meaning due to this ridiculous culture: "disrespectful" and "suitable". Many adults simply do not like to be questioned because they're insecure and obviously extremely immature. Simple questions and entirely normal forms of social interaction are labelled as being "disrespectful" when coming from young people. There is no justifiable reason for this, yet it seems to be a universally accepted part of society. I'm sick of listening to arrogant sods who think they know more about me than I do. If I think something is "unsuitable" (i.e. it will have a negative impact on my emotions and/or mental health) then I will decide not to view or listen to whatever the content happens to be. Age restrictions on games and other media are ridiculous. It would seem that the authorities work under the assumption that on one specific birthday, someone's personality will change drastically enough that things that once caused them mental and/or emotional distress will no longer do so. I know what's best for me as an individual, and I really wish they'd all just back off. My question: Why? Why is it seen as being acceptable to judge a young person based exclusively on their age while the opposite is seen as something terrible? If this is all perfectly fine, then why isn't it also okay to judge people and discriminate against them based on their race, sexual orientation, or religious background? Think carefully while you respond, because any and all examples of the above behaviour in this thread will be pointed out immediately.
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