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Found 5 results

  1. Tylermc

    Dogs v cats

    For me I love all animals but I'm a dog lover I have been around dogs all my life and for me dogs are the best they always realaxe me and there always there for me and if I had a service dog I would get a golden retriever ? And I would name her Harley ????????
  2. And other animals they have feelings like anybody else I don't no why people are mean too dog and cats it makes me upset and sad
  3. DominikaCupcake

    Can animals have asperger/autism?

    So what do you think, can animals have asperger? I've been thinking about it the last month. My boyfriend's family often take care of four schnauzers sometimes at the weekends. Three of them are completely normal dogs, but one of them is different. She doesn't like to be touched that much, she doesn't want much contact with humans and other three dogs. She has problems with trusting people. I've seen her for the first time in October 2012, but in December 2013 was the first time i could touch her. It really made me think if animals can be autistic. Probably i'm just misinterprating things, but who knows, there might be possibility. Is there any evidence that animals can't be autistic? I was reading that apes can have autism, but this might be caused by the similarity in human and ape brain and DNA. They can experience angst and many of the same psychological problems as humans do. https://sfari.org/news-and-opinion/blog/2011/an-ape-with-autism If you want, you can read this article about a bonobo ape with autism.
  4. Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been on here for quite some time. I just had to finish things that were school-related before graduation. Now basically, as the title says, you just have to name an animal that would describe you the most and why. For me, it would be the an eagle. The Eagle (Any species, from Bald, to Golden Eagle), is usually a very proud looking specimen and flies through the air with grace, and it is a very skilled hunter. I'm not a skilled hunter, but I am very proud of myself, and I look on with optimism. But of course I can't fly. And it has tremendous eyesight. I can see things from a distance that not many people can see (Well at least no one in my family can see). So yeah, that would be me. Feel free to share your animals.
  5. I found this article just now about a little girl with autism who also has an untrained service cat. It really got me thinking because it is well known that animals are often very instinctive when it comes to knowing what us humans need, which is why they are used in therapy so often. http://www.boredpanda.com/thula-therapy-cat-autistic-artist-iris-grace/ I have three cats and also ride horses at a local riding school. The riding school I go to is amazing and it's the only one that does lessons for those with disabilities or special needs. From what I've heard about those lessons is that the horses they use completely change attitude depending on who rides them. For example, Albert (the biggest horse in the stables at 18hh) is usually lazy and strong, really hard to get anything done with and generally not a nice ride, but is apparently a complete gentleman in the special needs lessons. And as for my cats, one of them has been with us since he was born while the other two were rescue. Llew (the one we've had since birth) and I have a ridiculous bond that nobody can explain. He will follow me around and we seem to always know what each other are thinking, even if he has attacked me many times He will curl up on my lap (as he is now) or sit beside me most of the time and seems to know exactly what I need at different times. Of the three cats we have, Llew is the only one who even knows when he should maybe stay the other side of the room from me because I need to pace or move around. With the other two I often worry that I will hurt them by accident if I'm melting down or freaking out over something, but he knows exactly when he needs to be there or leave. What do people think and does anyone else have the same experience with any pets/animals?
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