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Found 17 results

  1. Aspergolfer


    I stim relatively infrequently. When I do, it's usually flapping my right hand in such a way that my thumb and first two fingers strike together. I find the sound satisfying.
  2. My book is called "Austism in a 21st century America mired in 1920s vices" Here's the highlights of the advice that it gives people with Asperger Syndrome and ASD..Autism Spectrum Disorders. 1.Chronic drug users are social parasitic predators, just like any other negative type of person or people. They feed off of any information that you give them, directly or indirectly. Practice Self defense and home defense only. Do not crusade in any way, shape or form... Practice No form of vigilantism. Self defense and home defense is all the crusading and vigilantism you need, because it has the effect of neutralizing and deterring behaviors associated with heavy marijuana abuse...and over time, the message will be received. Do not talk to drug users because anything that you say, can and will be used against you, twisted and propagandized, in the plotting shark circle of their negative personality and friends. I have experienced people with a negative personality, and no matter what you say, or how you say it or how you go about it, people with a negative personality are going to be negative, and that includes negative about you. So give them nothing to feed off of. 2. Do not try to join their circles, because you are different, and chronic drug users are social sharks, they're not your friends, they are nobody's friends and they won't be your friends. 3. Don't feel sorry or feel bad for anybody who dies from drug abuse no matter who it is. Understand Darwin and grasp the concept of Darwinism. 4.Do not rely on high incomes and nice clothes and classy cars and nice homes as a sole, proprietary means of safety by itself. Because you cannot guarantee anything about people who you don't know, period. No matter where you are or what your neighbors look like.. Always follow survival, safety and security rules and protocols. My book goes into a lot more detail than that, but those are the brief facts that it centers around.
  3. Dr-David-Banner


    So as not to hijack other threads, I figured I'll start a new one with reference to what I was discussing with Sanctuary. Namely, speed of information processing as it's related by popular opinion to intelligence. Not only that, but I think we ought to think a lot more about intelligence as it relates to H.F.A. and A.S. The other night happened to watch a really great DVD film (starring Henry Winkler). It was a film I picked up for 25 pence at a charity shop and it was about air-traffic control and how demanding the job is. As I watched the movie, I really became aware of how hopeless I'd be in such a job and the carnage that would follow were I put in charge of the aircraft runway co-ordination network. There is no way I could think that fast and also I think the time/spatial factor that relates to our condition would render me useless in that job. The truth is, even in a job that doesn't demand anything like that level of skill, I spent most of my life being shown the door. I have a few friends who work in retail and I'm amazed by how easily they scan goods, swipe cards, deal with customers and handle the stress quite naturally. Recently one very good description I found of early childhood autism by Kagan was (it was noted) autistic infants somehow fail to respond to external stimulate (from mother or parents). It was noted that such children didn't react normally so we can assume they sort of contracted inwardly, refusing to make contact with the world. If this condition continues to manifest itself, the result will be obvious educational/formative problems. This is because the usual, communicative system of passing on information is "cut-off". I should add here that not all autistics experience this to the degree their whole school years are disrupted, although it's true to say "all" Hans Asperger's patients were un-teachable at school. Those elite scientists we have suspected of autism (such as Einstein) actually did far better at school that folklore has us believe. Most of these elite but cranky inventors and physicists may have had issues with certain subjects but (unlike Asperger's children), Einstein for example got good grades in subjects like French. To be honest, I haven't yet found a single elite scientist who was totally hopeless at school, with the exception of great musicians like John Lennon who was un-teachable and always fighting and clowning about. Here is what I see tends to happen: Actual high-functioning-autism will be hugely disruptive throughout school but I often hear of people who later in life discovered they could compensate by learning to process information differently. Some autists may remain hopeless at maths and sports but suddenly find they can learn to play piano or guitar in a fraction of the time it would take a "normal" person. This is especially the case with Schizophrenia. What Asperger wanted to do was to create special schools that would use very different teaching methods for autistic kids so they could develop their particular skills. The USSR did develop such schools but I always found the psychiatrists tended to always look down their noses at these children as sort of "limited" to always spotting trains or listing Latin names. Only Asperger concluded there was some connection between elite scientists' thought processes and the children he treated in the clinic. In some ways, to my mind the basis of the Asperger puzzle is kind of obvious. If you add together the negative traits such as physical dexterity, manual skills and co-ordination, motor clumsiness, it becomes clear people with this condition may be better geared for theoretical, abstract sciences. Activities that demand a lot of slow, deep thinking and obsessive levels of concentration. The negative perception of people on the spectrum by some former psychiatrists I think is rooted in the fact that vast amounts of knowledge also requires participation and experience to then be able to show some evidence of your ability. There is this old saying about elite physicists who can carry out complex calculations but can't fix a leaking tap or change a bulb. That doesn't mean, however, that philosophy and maths and theory is useless. I think it does mean it's a good idea to figure out what your strengths are and with many autists it has less to do with navigating aircrafts in a busy, hectic control centre.
  4. EccentricChemist

    Hello World

    I'm new to this forum, I'm a chemist who is waiting evaluation next month for aspergers. Just looking for answers, and need more data here to get help. I posted in the symptoms, and diagnosis section if you are interested in more detail. Sorry for the bad grammer/typiing, I've had a few beers tonight, feeling a bit low. Listening to talking heads this must be the pl;ace, for some reason this song lifts me up.
  5. EccentricChemist

    Is this aspergers

    I'm pretty sure I have aspergers, or some autism, I've always been socially awkward, the weird quiet kid in school etc. Unfortunately I've been pretty oblivious about myself until my wife divorced me a couple of years ago. She thought I was doing things intentionally to piss her off, but I had no idea why I was doing them. In the last year I've been doing a lot of soul searching, and after inputting my behaviors into various search engines I came up with aspergers which sounds almost exactly like me. I've been kind of obsessed with science since second grade, I was actually sent home from school in 5th grade for a couple of days for making sulfuric acid in the boys bathroom as a kid, I remember my mom was not happy, but kind of impressed I think. Needless to say I became a chemist which is a great fit for me. The behaviors that really pushed my ex wifes buttons that I remember were that I wiggle a lot in the car when we would go to town for monthly groceries (I live on a small homestead farm in the country), I also repeat myself a lot, and talk constantly of the same things that seem to only interest me, and I would interrupt her in conversations. I also like to intentionally misuse words, I call it playing with them, kind of makes language more interesting. Also I can never remember birthdays of any of my family, I have them written down to help me, and in my mind I lose names, and sometimes words when talking with people. I really don't seem to be interested in most people, they seem kind of uninteresting to me, just want one or two people in my life who understand me. Next month I have an appointment with a neuropsychologist to get evaluated. What do you guys think?
  6. I came up with this topic based of off someone's post. I thought it would be interesting to see where those on the spectrum fall in the ADHD scale. This could give us an idea of how much both conditions could overlap or if they don't. Maybe some of us just have ADHD in addition to ASD or maybe some of us don't. I think if a lot of us fit the ADHD criteria, it could mean that ASD and ADHD overlap a lot in the symptoms. If only some of us fit the ADHD criteria, it could mean we had ADHD in addition to ASD. Take these tests to see where you fall in the ADHD scale: https://psychcentral.com/quizzes/adhd-quiz/ https://www.additudemag.com/adhd-symptoms-test-adults/ http://totallyadd.com/do-i-have-add/ And post your results here if you'd like. I give credit to the other members who found these tests.
  7. gallerypiece

    Receiving a diagnosis

    Hello everyone! I haven’t posted on here in quite some time. Things with my family have been rough as usual but I have some great news! On March 7th I was officially diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder Level 1. I have been going through mental health evaluations since the beginning of January. This means a lot to me because I’be been struggling with sensory issues, communication issues, and self regulatory issues for as long as I can remember. I struggled all throughout school and now as a 20 year old I’ve been struggling living as an adult with a job and a car and stuff. Now that I’ve received this diagnosis I can apply for disability, which will allow me to have an income and be able to pursue my career choices (tattooing or reptile breeding) and I can do it al out of my own home! Thanks for reading and being here for me, I’m glad I can officially say I’m autistic and can join the community without feeling invalid bc of a lack of a diagnosis. I will make a post going a bit more in depth about getting diagnosed and how everything went for me.
  8. Echo

    Aspie Cymru

    Hi Peeps I've started my own Welsh language YouTube channel; Aspie Cymru. On it I will be discussing Aspergers etc. and my perspective on things which are associated with autism. Any posts I make about this channel will remain in one topic, as to avoid cluttering and confusion. Also, sorry for potentially posting this in the wrong thread, I wasn't sure which one to choose; couldn't find a dedicated thread/topic for posting such content - my bad if there is Anyway, this is my first video And this is the accompanying blurb Cynnig fi ar drio creu adnoddau Cymraeg ar gyfer codi ymwybyddiaeth o awtistiaeth yng Nghymru. Gobeithio fydd hyn o fudd i bobol. Unrhyw cwestiynau neu sylwadau? Gadewch nhw ar waelod y dudalen Diolch am wylio. Parch a heddwch x This is my attempt at creating Welsh language resources to raise awareness about autism in Wales. I hope that this will be of some benefit or comfort etc. to people. Any questions or comments? Leave them at the bottom at the page Thanks for watching. Respect and peace x It is important that resources are available in different languages (when possible) and that's one of the reasons why I have chosen to do this. It is not my intention to take over from anyone else or to "step on anybody's toes". There isn't anybody else "out there" doing this in Welsh, so I thought "why not?". So,I'm giving it a go. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AspieCymru/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/AspieCymru1
  9. A432Hz

    Music Therapy

    Hello!Both my brother and I have Asperger's syndrome. As such, it is a topic of interest for me, and so I am doing my final project in a grade 12 course on the effects of Music Therapy and ASD. If anyone could take a few minutes to answer the questions in this survey, if you have participated in music therapy and are on the Autism spectrum or are a parent of a child on the spectrum, I would really appreciate it. The report is due in a couple of weeks and I need more responses. Your responses are anonymous and there is more detail on the survey page. https://docs. google. com/forms/uTNo5j9kDzwOa9wD3 Thank you so much for your time. Also, I have read the rules of the forum and did not see anything about this, but if it is against the rules, please let me know and I will take this down immediately.
  10. I started a petition on Change.org that I think everyone here can get behind. I was motivated to start this petition after reading this blogpost by Amy Sequenzia http://autismwomensnetwork.org/sharisa-joy-kochmeister-give-her-back-the-right-to-communcate/ Sharisa is a non-verbal autistic woman who lives in Colorado, USA. Earlier this year she was admitted to hospital after being unable to hold down food and losing weight. Sharisa communicates by typing and needs her father's assistance as an interpreter. While in hospital Sharisa's father was clearing some vomit from her mouth and Sharisa kicked him. A social worker saw it and assumed he must have been abusing her. She has since been removed from her father's care and denied her ability to communicate. She was then assessed as being incompetent and having an IQ of 47 because of her 'inability to communicate.' Next they put her in a nursing home for people with dementia and now she's in a host home, she's only been allowed to see her Dad once since then. I would like to add that Sharisa is college educated, is the former president of Autcom and is a renowned activist for autistic rights. To declare her incompetent and strip her of her basic human rights is a travesty. That poor young woman must be confused and terrified. Please sign the petition. Let's make Jefferson County listen to us and give Sharisa her voice back. Sharisa's story: http://theautismwars.blogspot.com.au/2015/07/where-is-sharisa-joy-kochmeister-autism.html The petition: https://www.change.org/p/jefferson-county-human-services-department-give-sharisa-joy-kochmeister-her-voice-back
  11. L Lawliet

    Your ASD Survival Kit :P

    This topic is actually in response to a post made by Echo in another thread but I thought it would be a good topic. She listed some things she takes with her. What do you take with you when you leave the house? It can be for any reason, popping in to town, going to a friends house, or just going for a walk. What do you feel you have to have with you to support your ASD? For example, my mum laughs at me because when I go to town I'll take my bag and she goes "what on earth do you have in there it weighs a ton!" and In there will be: Tangle/thumb stone: to help me stimiPod with big earphones: to shut out the world around me and keep me calm. Also stops strangers coming up and trying to make small talkNotepad: in case any writing/drawing inspiration hits Pen : see above Book of contacts : in case I lose my phone Mini torch : anywhere that's dark lol Samsung table t: usually for when I end up in a coffee shop and want to do some writingSunglasses: I'm very light sensitive so I will have these on me even in the winterI also have the essentials of course like phone, keys, wallet, chewing gum, umbrella, paracetamol, hairbrush and body spray. In the summer I'll carry suncream too. I will take these things even if I am just going for a walk somewhere. It's like I need my stuff. I couldn't possibly leave without them because what if I need them? Anyone else do this and want to share what they carry with them everywhere?
  12. Bartowski

    Everybody at Work Hates Me

    I work in a movie theater and yesterday was a horrible day there. I normally act likable and "normal", but yesterday I felt depressed for some reason and acted like my regular self would and my facade cracked immensely. I was ushering/cleaning theaters with 2 other people, Tonya and Jacob, and they had been there for an hour or so before me and had been chatting. So I felt left out and was even more sad, which led to me being even more ostracized, it's was a vicious cycle. I was giving that girl Tonya some attitude because she's prettier and more popular than me and she gave me even more attitude back. And later on I'm pretty sure she was talking shit about me, she was standing with this guy Kyle and they were talking and when I got close they stopped talking, and Kyle kept looking at me awkwardly and Tonya was all quiet. Then I think Kyle and Tonya were talking to everyone else because everyone was like awkward, and as I was leaving my shift, my one ally at work, David, half jokingly and half seriously said that I have to be nice to him since he's the "only one that actually likes me". And I was gonna investigate the matter, but decided not too. I literally felt so outcasted, I felt like crying at that moment because now nobody likes me at work. I only have 2 acquaintances and 1 friend, David, at work, but even he isn't that good of a friend with me since he watched a movie with Tonya and I never did anything outside of work with him, and he has a girlfriend but still hung out with her and not me. I work next tomorrow for 6 hours, and I am not looking forward to it. Hopefully I can get more info tomorrow with some allies because I feel like quitting since nobody likes me, but I'm not gonna give up or surrender. However, I am close to breaking, an hopefully a glorious dawn awaits... P.S. I referenced "Galaxy Quest" and Stephen Hawking in this post
  13. Out of curiosity: *What do you currently have in your area peeps; in regards to autism services in general? *What would you like to see in your area (want or need)? *Or what do you think will be most beneficial to you personally? *Are there any other thoughts or issues you can think of regarding the topic of services? These questions go out to everyone here! Could you please let me know (if you want to) the answers to these questions via PM? Thanks - much love xxx If I can get a project that works, I am happy to share the "model details" with others so that you can do the same (set up an initiative), if you wish to My motto at the moment is; "help one person, help humanity" I will of course; encourage everyone I meet to join Asperclick! The best community on the web I have already received very informative replies; which are brilliant. Thanks to those who have already participated.
  14. Okay, so when I was a kid I used to play by myself, sometimes with dolls, and I would have elaborate situations and characters, but I would be every single character. And my play situations would be crazy weird like I would be blind, deaf, or a drug addict (I would pretend the "smarties" candies were pills) or that I was being mind controlled or switching bodies. Sometimes I would recreate movie or show scenes in my play,and all or most of the dialogue would be in my head. I knew it wasn't real, so I'm not schizophrenic or anything lol. But, I don't really recall playing with that many other kids, other than my siblings and cousins, I think we would play pretend but it would be like cops and robbers or something like that. I got mad when I would play games like tag with other kids since I would always be "it" and be chasing people, and it just stunk. My mom claims she had my play pattern as a kid too, but I don't think she understood what I was describing. Anyways, have any of you played liked this?
  15. I found out through this movie called Dear John. In the movie, the main character's father has AS. I had heard of Autism before, but I didn't really understood it. I didn't know there was a milder version of it either. The way it was defined mainly was broad and one of the main things was "not making eye contact." I didn't connect Autism back to me before because I'm pretty good with eye contact and overall was social. When I first started researching Autism, I came across Aspergers, but the way it was defined in wikipedia didn't really describe or make sense to me. It wasn't until I researched further and read different stories of girls with it that I finally diagnosed myself with Aspergers. How did you find out?
  16. myphoria

    New to this whole concept

    Hi guys, I'm 25, female and from Australia. About 6 months ago, my long-term partner was diagnosed with ASD. Following this, I spent a great deal of time reading about ASD and developed a keen eye for ASD related books, articles, websites, documentaries, etc. Everything ASD-related, I had to read/watch. I eventually stumbled across an article about how eating disorders in women may serve as a red flag for undiagnosed ASD. I suffered from severe anorexia nervosa during my teens/early 20s, and whilst I initially thought nothing of the article (even feeling that it was a bunch of nonsense at first) it planted a seed of thought in my mind. I soon discovered that ASD generally presents differently in males and females, and coming across various lists of female traits made me suspicious about myself. I didn't want to feel like I was encroaching on my partner's diagnosis, but the sensory issues, social anxiety, extreme introversion, chronic depression and other factors really resonated with me. I made an appointment with a specialist in female ASD and underwent a series of tests and interviews; she eventually concluded that based on the results of those tests and my personal history, I have ASD, or Asperger's by old DSM definition. I don't really know how to feel about it all at this stage. In some ways, it explains so much, but in other ways it feels new and confusing/overwhelming. There are some ASD traits that don't fit for me, which has left me with doubt... but when I think about it, my partner doesn't display ALL of the symptoms either (i.e. no real sensory issues), and he is undeniably on the spectrum. It's a weird place to suddenly find myself... everything feels a bit "up in the air", and I don't know whether I have the right to "accept" the diagnosis or not. The specialist has a lot of experience in the field and worked under Tony Attwood for many years... but I am also aware that unintentional bias on either side could affect the test results. I guess I thought it might help me to find an online space to mingle with other people who might be experiencing the same things as I am...so, hello! I'm looking forward to participating in some of the discussions here and hopefully finding some like-minded people.
  17. How are you when showing gratitude when receiving gifts at times like your birthday and at Christmas? Do you always say thank you for the gifts you get? Or is it something you always mean to do but never get round to doing and want to do better this year? And what about those guilt-invoking times when you receive something mega from a friend you only got a small token gesture for, or worst still nothing at all?!? Do you pepper them with kisses flinging your arms round them and thank them to the ends of the Earth or do you disappear for a time while you come up with a plan to pay them back some how? And what about those times someone buys you something you don't like? Do you tell them you hate it? Or do you smile appreciatively and thank them for such a marvellous gift?
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