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Found 7 results

  1. Y'know, it hasn't been a bad run has it? Asperclick has seen me through at least four different life stages. At 22/23 I was a failed Butlins Red Coat (I kept that one dark to save the embarrassment) and pseudo-nutritionist. Then I went back to college (via MUCH counselling and support) and trained to do a job that lead me into a life of independence - and no, not in the figurative sense, I was literally one man on his own in the middle of nowhere, with a level of responsibility that left no margins for bad days, meltdowns, or even Aspergers. It was all do or die. No one was going to support me through anything. But, it was a life that allowed me to travel the world and surpass any and all expectations I had of myself. I mean, if you'd of told me in 2013 that within two years I'd of travelled Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Europe, America, enjoyed four separate stints in New York (for both business and pleasure) AND every mile travelled was travelled on my own, I'd of said you're crazy. But not only did I do it, I smashed it. Now I'm not flexing here, I'm just saying it's incredible how this once goofy 23 year old dork managed to pull off such amazing things - and y'know, I owe a portion of that to Asperclick. Because I left all of my negative 'Aspie' traits here, on the boards. And was able to walk trough life with all of the good ones on show. With the 2020's approaching, I find myself in yet another transitional phase - and I gotta' tell you, I'm seriously exited. It's going to be an epic decade for all of us. There's just no room for negativity - not now. The world is opening up all sorts of opportunities for people both on and off the spectrum, and we really are in an age where quite literally anything can be obtained with a bit of effort - things, that were once considered unobtainable. I'm glad Asperclick V2 never happened - there, I said it. Believe me, it would have been your worst enemy - I guarantee you'd have never come off it, and with the modules "Mr C" was proposing, you'd of been a slave to it. It's a different age now, and the timing of this forum closure is perfect - because Aspie tailored social media is NOT what we need. We've got our own brilliance to deliver, we don't need to have our asses wiped. (I thought all of this back then to be honest, but I was too polite to say anything - yeah, I know, fake lol.) I'm grateful for each and every one of you - my sarcasm and general dry humour was all an attempt to convey subliminal messaging. When I was called "A-S Warrior" my goal was to help people on the spectrum to better understand certain social cues and to get them used to the dickheads of the world. It was wrong of me looking back, because everyone needs to find out for themselves what works. But my heart was in the right place. So please, forgive me. Anyway, thank you all. It's been a pleasure (I'll still be around until the end, this is just my retirement speech.)
  2. I just don't get it. Really, I can NOT understand why some people are so uncomfortable with change - I mean, sure, as a child, I saw it as the rug being pulled from underneath me, but as an adult, I see change as an eternal well of choices, ideas, creativity and freedom. Change is the evolution of ones character, and an opportunity to adopt a new way of life. It's not the enemy nor should it be feared (this isn't an AS thing by any means - this is society.) To me, routine is oppressive, depressive and dull - very very dull. People will often complain about how unhappy they are, yet they fail to register in their minds that they have kept to the same routine for over a decade and haven't ever really done anything different. The job that they dread, the wife that they can't stand, the area that they hate living in, and life style choices that are killing them (says the guy holding a 18% can of beer in his avatar) are all areas that they allow to creep along the garden path, overgrow, and bury anything along the path that they once enjoyed. Yet, never at any point do they think of ripping up the lawn and reseeding it - and I just don't understand it. How can they be afraid when they're already imprisoned by their own choices? I've reached a stage in life now where my amorous love for abstract art, travel, and my determination to 'make it' with one of these manuscripts has boiled over to the point where I can't deny them any longer. Very soon, I'm going to leave the comfort and the safety of the farm - and all of the financial security it brings, to make it on my own, without a boss and without much help. In short, I'm choosing freedom, authenticity and most importantly CHANGE. Maybe I'll be broke? Maybe I'll be a millionaire? Either way, I just don't care. I've been unhappy and oppressed by my routine, and now I'm fighting back. I won't be bullied by anything. Not money, not comfort. The only thing I want is authenticity and honesty. If one or both of those are missing, then I'm out of there.
  3. It's a given that the forum has helped many people, but how has Asperclick helped you? (e.g. What has it made you realize? What process has it helped you go through? What experience has it given you? How has it helped you grow as a person? etc.)
  4. Whoknows

    About our Freedom of Expression

    I'm not looking for a revolution. Willow's no King George nor I'm Thomas Jefferson, either. I dare to say she's better than the Queen. We all share our opinions and ideas here. Maybe, we don't agree in them all, and express our contempt in return. From the likes of Toran (Terry or however he called himself) to the doubts if Sinan. From the scary and shady matters of pornography, to the varyingly meaningful matters of religion, we've all given our opinions. The day a user once asked for our opinions on child pornography, even I bashed him, despite of him not referring to himself, but to the laws and the situation sorrounding it. Yet, some people were comprehensive with him, back then. On the other hand, Sinan asked if it was wrong to love someone younger than him. Seriously! Did nearly everyone had to throw everything they had at him? How the hell is it that for something so simple everyone's going to get so worked up!? The guy didn't hang a rape notice on our faces, nor he was going to have sexual intercourse with an underage anyway (if his words stand tall and true). Who are to judge if a couple consents to it? What has happened to us? We want to get away from society here, not to bring about flame wars or the Apocalypse, Raganarok, or whatever happens when everyone goes: abandon ship. I know my opinions have got me into the heat, and Willow's ready to put me out, once each and everyone of you have kicked me. She's told me to keep away from anything related to suicide. I know my opinion there is of no good to you, and it's my opinion anyway (I just keep it away from you so you won't get mad). You probably have a lot of opinions about sexuality, life and death that you're afraid to express, even better than mine. Why don't you talk about them? Isn't this a safe haven? Aren't we here away from the woes of hate and indeference? Isn't this our meeting place for those who live apart, either by land or sea? Maybe, we'll find love by coincidence, and yet we may find answers to why we are who we are. I'm not looking for ammendments. We the people are we who live. We who use this place. Not because of our condition or our religion. Not because of our age or "maturity". Not because of our opinions or races, but because of what we do. I won't share everyone's opinions, but I'll defend their freedom to express them. My speech is hypocritical. I know I sound like a member of the Parliament or from the House of Representatives, but I wanted to give my opinion on how I felt about this place. I barely know a few you, and we might not even talk or see each other, but it doesn't feel right to be trashed for being different. I do regret bashing that guy, for the anger and animosity I hold for such matter, yet I never took in account he was talking about its legal implications. Maybe, I'll get kicked. Maybe not. At least, I feel better.
  5. iggy

    The A of asperclick

    I was just wondering whether it has any significance, since it has a very interesting design. I like it.
  6. Hello,everyone.My name is Fagetan Bogdan.I'm from Romania,Europe.I'm 15 years old. I'm a youtuber,artist & game developer & I'm also a creative and emotional person (special). Honestly,I don't have a lot of friends,but I'm thinking that I found the best place for me in the social sense to make graciosly people.I'm thinking right now & I realise I'm not alone & without strange persons something in this world maybe beeing a cumplt disaster I guess.I have many things to say,but not in this moment. Well,nice job,Willow,you're the greatest person for me for making this forum for special people like me,I'm honored. I think this is going to be fun,atractive & and the most interesting forum here that I never seen before.
  7. Kuribo [old account]

    Online Multiplayer?

    I was wondering if anyone here would like to play online multiplayer games. Feel free to add your own invitations to different games - these are just my invitations. To start with, two games I could play online are: * Mario Kart 7 - I could create an Asperclick group if anyone else has a 3DS/2DS/3DS XL * Mario Kart Wii * Super Smash Bros. Brawl If anyone would like to play any of these, that'd be great, and please add your own suggestions too.
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