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Found 7 results

  1. If you have a YT channel, use this thread to notify of any adimistrative actions you take and the reasons for taking them, and YouTube software does not appear to record them. These actions are: *Removal of videos *Setting videos to private or public, listing or unlisting them. *Enabling and disabling comments on videos. *Blocking and unblocking users. On the topic of blocking people, please block mrcooldude964 and ClearingStoneProphet.
  2. awesomeliza

    Poll: Bullying

    Hello there. Sorry for not posting very frequently. I've been away making an iOS app as part of a group project/competition for the city I live in. The project that our group chose was tackling bullying. The app isn't yet fully completed and will take a little less than a week or so to make it feature complete and then another few days for design and the such. When you open the app, you are able to sign up as either a school, student or teacher and based on your choice, you will be taken to your own dashboard, with all three user dashboards being different. Schools should sign up first and then are given their own randomly generated, unique, 9 character key, which then means both teachers and students from that school will be able to sign up. (I do know that people pretending to be schools can sign up, so I've tried to stop that as much as possible by students being able to see the school information before they are signed up, which includes the email - that should be the main school email eg. school@schoolname.sch.uk and school name.) Schools will get their own dashboards where they are able to verify teachers from their school who want to use this app as well. Now two categories of users are left to explain. Students are led to a dashboard incorporating "REPORT", "HELP", "WHAT IS BULLYING?" and "QUIZ" buttons, each performing different actions. The report function is used to report a case of bullying, anonymously, with the ability to send a message and a screenshot with it to a teacher, who has been verified by the school. The help function is just a list of websites to look at for additional information about bullying. "What is bullying?" is just a section detailing different types of bullying eg. physical, cyber, verbal. Finally, the quiz is just a quiz with different scenarios and the user says whether they think they are cases of bullying or not. (I haven't really started on the quiz yet and I still need to brainstorm some ideas for that.) Teachers don't have as many functions, really. Just an inbox and a reply function to students, for further advice and action. I might think of more ideas for this soon. Any suggestions are welcome! To sum up, the app tries to make it less stressful for students to report cases of bullying to a teacher, without having the fear of going up to a teacher and speaking, which from my experience, is really scary, especially when you are put on the spot and all of the words that you are trying to say, disappear. I know that a lot of aspies will encounter bullying in their life, including me, so I'm hoping this app will make it easier for students to report it and get help. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and if you think you can see any flaws in this app, please let me know! Thanks.
  3. awesomeliza

    What do you class as bullying?

    Hey guys! Still working on my bullying app for my group project and I just wanted to know what you class as being bullying, because when one person feels as though they are being bullied, others might not perceive it as being bullying, so may not exactly take it seriously or may belittle the student for wanting to report the bullying, because they think that what the student wants to report, isn't bullying. For example, some people agreed that leaving a person out of an activity, intentionally, would be bullying, yet some disagreed, saying that it's a person's choice as to whether another person can partake in the activity or not and the person who is left out, shouldn't feel that they have a right to join and should just accept that they are not allowed to join. I just want to know what you would class as bullying (or not class as bullying), that another person would not class as bullying (or would, for that matter) Thank you!
  4. Shocking abuse from education and law enforcement authorities. This is beyond disgraceful. An innocent young person with developmental disabilities who recorded evidence of extreme harassment at school was charged with felony wiretapping and while this charge was dropped, was later found guilty of disorderly conduct. I cannot believe that authorities which supposedly exist to protect the vulnerable would allow bullshit like this to happen. http://aattp.org/special-ed-student-who-recorded-bullies-tormenting-him-accused-of-felony-wiretapping/ http://www.vocativ.com/culture/society/special-ed-student-recorded-bullies-accused-felony-wiretapping/
  5. If an older person posts about their problems online and someone posts "get over it, you're just old" in response, all hell breaks loose. If the same happens with a young person, it's considered acceptable and many others join in. A basic level of respect for other human beings should be expected of everyone, and it is of adults. However, young people are often expected to go above and beyond this level while receiving bugger all in return. I often feel, even when speaking to adults who do have a lot of respect me that I initially had to fight hard for that basic level respect that seems to be the standard among adults, and that an assumption of idiocy and immaturity was made about me before they even got to know me. Young people's opinions on things that effect them are considered irrelevant and worthless in comparison to those of adults, even though they may only be secondary sources of information. People under the age of 25 can be payed less for doing the same amount of work if not more in any given job position. They may soon also be denied benefits anyone over that age is entitled to. If this kind of bullshit were directed at any other group of people, there could potentially (and justifiably) be violence on the streets, but young people who civilly debate this kind of treatment are insulted, intimidated, and told that their actions are morally reprehensible. There are a couple of words that seem to have lost all meaning due to this ridiculous culture: "disrespectful" and "suitable". Many adults simply do not like to be questioned because they're insecure and obviously extremely immature. Simple questions and entirely normal forms of social interaction are labelled as being "disrespectful" when coming from young people. There is no justifiable reason for this, yet it seems to be a universally accepted part of society. I'm sick of listening to arrogant sods who think they know more about me than I do. If I think something is "unsuitable" (i.e. it will have a negative impact on my emotions and/or mental health) then I will decide not to view or listen to whatever the content happens to be. Age restrictions on games and other media are ridiculous. It would seem that the authorities work under the assumption that on one specific birthday, someone's personality will change drastically enough that things that once caused them mental and/or emotional distress will no longer do so. I know what's best for me as an individual, and I really wish they'd all just back off. My question: Why? Why is it seen as being acceptable to judge a young person based exclusively on their age while the opposite is seen as something terrible? If this is all perfectly fine, then why isn't it also okay to judge people and discriminate against them based on their race, sexual orientation, or religious background? Think carefully while you respond, because any and all examples of the above behaviour in this thread will be pointed out immediately.
  6. I am wondering when or if to let my ASD daughter (13) have a Facebook profile. It worries me that it will open her up to online bullying. She already had problems at school where she gets targeted by people looking for someone to pick on or wind up. Have any of you had problems with cyber bullying? Or do you think that the benefits of being able to have online friends outweighs the risk?
  7. Bruce


    From http://www.safe-services.org.uk/ : "What is domestic violence and abuse? Any violent, abusive or controlling behaviour by someone close to you - usually a partner or an ex-partner or a family member – is domestic violence and abuse. The abuse can be physical, emotional, verbal, sexual or financial. It can include bullying, threats, humiliation and isolation – you can experience domestic violence and abuse without having broken bones or bruises." Really? 'Any controlling behaviour is abuse'? But telling somebody else what is abusive/ controlling, etc, is also controlling! If that is 'appropriate' sometimes, the definition needs clarifying. For most of my socialising, for instance, any obvious bullying wouldn't have been tolerated by anybody around for it, so it would have to be more subtle. In face, for my adult social life, nobody can decide if I was bullied or not! I can't be the only Aspie who finds it difficult to tell, if it's not blatantly obvious & this is an issue that won't go away. So, when we aren't dealing with obvious bullying (rude names, blatant threats, violence, etc), how do we even tell, please?
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