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Found 3 results

  1. Clockwork Crow

    Having a child?

    Its a looooong way off for me, but i was wondering what peoples thoughts are on having their own kids, and about raising them in a world where many of us don't understand ourselves? Especially if both parents are AS. But then again everyone has the right to have kids. What about the child though? If it was Neurotypical and growing up with Aspie parents? Would an autistic child with autistic parents be 'better' off?
  2. Kuribo [old account]

    Explaining Autism to Younger Sibling

    For those of you who don't know, my younger sister is Autistic and on the moderate end of the spectrum. She was initially non-verbal, and for many years too shy to even acknowledge most people outside of our family. She has learning difficulties and is also very naive. Sometime last year, she very quickly became a lot more sociable and now has the desire to speak to everyone she encounters. She has pretty much disregarded everything she's learned about the dangers of approaching people she doesn't know. She has made friends with some of the nicer children around here but as can be expected, there are some vile pissants who just want to take advantage of her kind nature. Because of this, my parents have to try and ensure that she stays in the garden and doesn't go out with them, but she is becoming increasingly resistant to this and increasingly bitter towards my mum and dad. We've agreed that she needs to know why she is different and why she needs to be protected more than other people. Also, there have been similar situations in the past where my mum has tried to talk to her but for whatever reason, it hasn't worked out well. She has always listened to me more than anyone else because I can relate to what she's going through. I am very keen to help her understand, but getting her to listen without jumping to negative conclusions or becoming distracted might be difficult. It also often seems like she understands something but forgets soon after. Do you know of any good, simple books (similar to Social Stories or Koby & Friends) that could explain Autism in a positive way? Does anyone have any other tips for me? Thank you.
  3. So, I need some advice. My niece is six years old and I'm pretty certain she is on the spectrum. She also has difficulty listening to people and staying focused (possibly ADD?). My sister has taken her to the doctors one before and her case was referred to CAMHS but the case got rejected. She approached her school and is supposed to be receiving emotional literacy support(?) but nothing has really come from that. My sister has gone back to her GP a couple of times and is awaiting a call from them regarding help for her. I really would like to do something for my niece, as I feel I understand her more than anyone else. My sister often tells me that my niece reminds her of me so much. We share very similar traits. I'm also undergoing assessment regarding Aspergers. Due to her lack of concentration, it's really hard to talk to her, she also can't write well, so asking her to write down her feelings is out of the question. I managed to get some information from her today at a family party after a meltdown regarding another family member and my nieces small teddy bear - she told me she doesn't like people touching her things (I also get like this) and being with lots of people is sometimes 'scary' and makes her upset - which I interpreted as she gets 'overwhelmed' (totally get like this too). My sister said she is easily bored but absolutely loves crafts and it's the only thing that keeps her focused. She also doesn't talk sometimes and communicates by pointing and the 'thumbs up/down' hand gesture. She also 'takes' things from school like small plastic gems and the plastic blocks they use for counting which she has got in to trouble for. I was just wondering if anyone could offer any advice on how I can help her? Is there any other way I can get her to share her feelings? I just feel so helpless, like there is nothing I can do for her. It's heartbreaking because she is such a polite little girl and is so grateful for everything yet she thinks that no one loves her. It's almost like she feels not good enough. I can't afford to take her to any classes and neither can her mother, but I just want to do something to help her as I feel I understand her so well, yet I also feel like there is nothing I can do.
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